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Written By: Gary on February 2, 2008 No Comment

Who cares!?! Unless you own stock in Yahoo, of course :)

Microsoft has nothing to offer Yahoo, IMHO, they’ve never been great with the internet (search, MSN, webTV, etc.) and that’s okay. Really, Bill, it’s okay. It really is.

I’m assuming Yahoo! will take the money and run, unless they’ve got a lot of debt, this is a nice chunk of change (and if they’ve got a lot of debt, this’ll pay it off).

I do worry about Flickr, Del.icio.us, the nice mobile web portals and whatever other sites that Yahoo owns. But at the end of the day, I think the ‘net will be okay and not have anything to worry about…I don’t really understand the concept of business at 44 billion dollars, so maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about but I promise I’d be a fast learner if anyone ever put me into into a situation where I would need to learn about it…

I just think about Guy Kawasaki and he must be really kicking himself for not taking Yahoo’s offer to be president way back in the day. Several years ago I saw him speak and he mentioned that tidbit after mentioning other people’s famous mistakes like “640k is all anyone will ever need”.

Written By: Gary on December 7, 2005 2 Comments

SpisearchresultsSo I can’t believe how many search hits I get I get on this blog as a result of this “eating spiders” ad campaign from Yahoo! It’s bringing more visitors to this site than I can imagine. And I’m getting the weirdest comments to it. Some of it’s just some people screwing around but it’s still unbelievable as to how many results I’m getting from it. I’m not scoring as high on the search results (I was in the top 5-10 on many variations, but now I don’t even make the first pages for most of the searches that make it here) but I’m still getting massive hits.

All I can say is this Yahoo ad is getting people to click around and that’s for sure. I’m not sure what such a massive campaign would cost but it seems effective from my end.

Comments related to “spiders” and “eating” should be placed on my earlier post. This post’s comments should be about searches, advertising, etc.

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