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Written By: Gary on June 20, 2004 No Comment
1. when was the last time you cooked for friends?
Probably Easter, I had the whole family over, probably about 15 of us?
2. what did you cook?
Ham, but all I really had to do is reheat it.
3. what is the dish/meal/course that you prepare exceptionally well, and what makes it SO good?
People generally like my spaghetti (meat sauce, bread sticks, etc.). Nothing super about it but it’s just that there is generally nothing wrong with it. I make waffles for a good breakfast but that’s always hard to coordinate.
4. the girl who cooked for my sorta-bf brought her sister-in-law over to help her cook. they both wound up burning themselves all over the kitchen. when was the last time you gave yourself a good burn in the kitchen? do you recall what you were preparing?
Probably trying to pull something out of the over I was reheating on a piece of foil instead of on a pan.
5. the s-i-l wound up putting cheddar cheese on a chicken, and calling it the main course. since my sorta-bf and his friends are israeli, they didn’t understand the concept of ruining a bone-in chicken with cheddar. what was the last meal you ate that really confused you – maybe you thought you were ordering one thing, but got something completely different, or a friend/lover cooked something you’d never seen before?
I don’t really cook with recipies, but I just eat the basics so if it’s got more than a few ingredients and someone else cooked it I’m sure I looked at it funny.
6. how old were you when you first began to cook?
Little, I grew up with a single mom so I’m sure I was still in elementary school. Maybe 9?
7. what are your thoughts on cooking? love it? hate it? take it or leave it?
I’m fine with it, it’s cooked exactly the way I like it when I do it!
8. if your SO suddenly developed 5* chef-quality cooking abilities and he/she was to cook you an amazing romantic meal him/herself, what would you love to have them prepare for you?
Something they thought I would like.

From saturday8.

Written By: Gary on May 29, 2004 No Comment
1. Have you ever been in a serious accident? If not, how about any accident?
Yes. Stopped at a light, some guys in the car behind us were ogling a woman on the side of the road and plowed right into us. I saw them coming and grabbed my girlfriend (in the passenger seat). Our car then went forward to hit the car in front of us that had a baby in the back seat (which was okay). Said GF still managed to hit rear-view mirror with head (broke the mirror off) and her glasses flew off which we found in the back of the hatchback compartment. We even had our seat-belts on!
2. Have you ever been ticketed for an accident and if so did you pay it or fight it?
Yeah, a different very minor accident, I lost so I ended up paying it. I thought it was iffy enough to try.
3. What kind of insurance do you have and would you recommend it to your friends?
I like my State Farm, good prices and not too many issues…
4. Did the accident cause you to change the way you drive?
5. Did you need a rental car? If so, did you get a better car or worse one than you had? If not, what did you do for transportation?
THe above accident was the gf’s car, I think she borrowed one from someone else in the extended family.
6. Have any of the mishaps you’ve experienced with your vehicles given you impressions of the quality or safety of certain vehicles?
7. When in an accident were you alone, with someone, with your children, etc. Did that make a difference in the situation?
Oh yeah, it’s one thing to have something happen to me but to someone else, when I’m driving, yuk… The accident with the gf above we were stopped (so not my fault!) but there is definitely the extra sense of panic…
8. Finally if you could drive any vehicle you wanted, what would it be?
Assuming I can’t pick the space shuttle or the Batmobile… Actually I’m not really fussy about cars. I love my convertible. I’d love a hybrid that was a convertible that was still large enough (like my Sebring) to keep all my junk in!

Hopefully everyone drives safely and gets where they are going. Be well and we’ll see you here (Saturday-8) again next week.

Written By: Gary on May 15, 2004 No Comment

These questions are from Laura at the saturday-8.

1. today i am going to see the movie “troy,” as it stars my favourite actor of all time, the british sex god sean bean (says laura). are you planning on seeing it? why or why not?
Not really. It looks really long. I’d like to see the Trojan Horse scene though (duh!).
2. the other day i purchased gas for $2.07 per gallon. i about threw up. what is the current gas price in your area? (please specify grade)
I put in 87 octane. It’s just gone over the $2.00 mark, which just kills me. I’m thinking I was seeing $2.03 and $2.07, this was the Deaborn (Detroit, MI) area.
3. sean bean is my lust, and the german actor thomas kretschmann comes in at a close second. who are your first and second actor/actress “loves”?
Liv Tyler: ever since Stealing Beauty and Mary Louise Parker: ever since Fried Green Tomatoes. I’ll add Julia Stiles (but I don’t know what I first saw her in) to that list too, since #5 just made me think of her too…
4. i am going to canada via syracuse, ny in july, and had to purchase my tickets WAAAAAAY early because we’re afraid the ticket prices will go up dramatically due to the rising oil prices. are you travelling this summer on a vacation?
I keep thinking I need to make some plans. Chicago? Toranto? London?
5. is there any movie this summer that you’re looking to see this summer, or any books you want to read that are going to be printed & released this summer? tell us about them…
I’m looking forward to Spiderman 2, which is funny since I wasn’t looking that forward to the first and it wasn’t that incredible. I’ve been liking Will Smith’s movies so maybe I, Robot will be good. I just saw a preview for The Borne Identity sequel (Borne Supremacy?) looks fun too.
6. what is your favourite vacation destination, and why?
Costa Rica! It’s warm, relaxed and it’s got two oceans! It’s really enjoyable, the not knowing Spanish is a little troublesome sometimes but dealable. The people are friendly and it’s warm.
7. have you heard about netflix.com? if so, have you joined/are you planning to join, and why/why not?
I’ve tried it a few times before. It’s excellent if you watch a lot of movies, I should give it a try again, it’s been a while. I liked it better when it was just individual rentals. (For those who don’t know what it is: $20 a month gets you three DVD rentals as soon as you return one, they send out the next on your list. Postage is included).
8. are you a good flier? i have problems on takeoff, but landing and flying are no problem.
Flying is generally no problem (a little air sick, but rarely). It’s dealing with the airports and security that makes me crazy, showing up two hours early for a ninety minute flight is counter-productive. I love the train, just show up a few minutes before, no parking problems, lots of room, very relaxinf.
Written By: Gary on March 20, 2004 No Comment

I don’t know if I’m going to do this one weekly but I liked it so…

  1. Do you have a specific and unique rule that you or your family follow at the dinner table? I always insist that the food is hot (warmed plates). My step-father always insisted that you wait for the cook. These kinda cancel out each other sometimes. But I think it might be the latter rule that caused me to start the first one!
  2. What is a specific activity, behavior or tradition that occurs in your family during certain holidays or birthdays? If it’s a funeral (or related to) it’s likely that we get Chicken Shack chicken. For some reason we started this with my grandfather and it just stuck. Actually from a small stash of money he had, we used it to buy the chicken. :)
  3. How do the various members of your family greet each other? What about extended family such as cousins, aunts or uncles? Hugs for the women, handshakes for the men.
  4. How do you or your family treat visitors to your house? Are there different treatments for different visitors? If it’s an event of sorts, I’m always in the kitchen getting drinks/food and stuff. Otherwise they know where the ‘fridge is.
  5. What foods are special or unique to your family? Nothing that I can think of, but many of us put syrup on scrambled eggs. It’s really good, you should try it.
  6. What names do you use to call your grandparents or other older relatives? Just the regular grandma/grandpa/aunt/uncle terms.
  7. What values have you learned from your parents? How to save (or I guess not to waste) and how not to treat different people different.
  8. From what countries have your ancestors immigrated? Holland and Germany (not sure on the other side). Grandma was off the boat and I think grandpa was born here.
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