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I love music, so this could be a new song, band or song that’s stuck in my head!

Written By: Gary on July 26, 2004 No Comment

So we saw the musical "Tonight’s the Night" at the Victoria Palace Theater. A shy man (who wants to impress a girl) makes a pact with the devil to trade his soul with Rod Stewart’s. tonightsthenightIt was really good, some of the songs were solos, duets (ala Grease) or a whole group. It was a story with songs (or song bits) in between. And they gave us all sailor hats for the grand finale of “Sailing”. In the photos are some of the people who sat next to us with their hats on (I e-mailed them the photos).

The best part were the sets — they were amazing how they moved them in and out and had multiple purposes or morphed in into other sets. They were really excellent.

Check out the web site for more info…

Written By: Gary on June 29, 2004 No Comment

It’s time for the Summer Edition of Burn It! Do you like music? Do you like movies? How about music from movies? If you answered yes to all of the above, sign up to make a mix CD of music (scores and or soundtracks) from movies*. You send out four and you get four from different people from all over (the US or Canada). So you make up an 80 minute CD of stuff you like and you get another 320 minutes (over 5 hours!) of music back.

*Void where prohibited. You must have a blog to participate.

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Written By: Gary on June 1, 2004 One Comment

If the theme song you picked were to play, in full, every time you entered a room would you still pick the same song? If not, what would you pick? Something different… (Maybe Darth Vader’s theme?) Probably a few bars from the National Geographic theme song! It’s upbeat and it’ll make everyone crazy wondering where they heard it before.

From The Tuesday Iffers.

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