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June 2004

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It’s time for the Summer Edition of Burn It! Do you like music? Do you like movies? How about music from movies? If you answered yes to all of the above, sign up to make a mix CD of music (scores and or soundtracks) from movies*. You send out four and you get four from different people from all over (the US or Canada). So you make up an 80 minute CD of stuff you like and you get another 320 minutes (over 5 hours!) of music back.

*Void where prohibited. You must have a blog to participate.

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  1. Lounge:: Relax
  2. Photograph:: Family
  3. Catacomb:: Caves
  4. Crucifix:: Christ
  5. Fire drill:: School
  6. Tube:: Toothpaste
  7. Dropped:: Broken
  8. LTD:: Insurance
  9. Panther:: OS X
  10. Formica:: Kitchen Counter

From unconscious mutterings.

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1. Have you ever blogged something you’ve regretted in the morning? Do you leave it? Delete it? Pray that no one reads it?
If I regret it, I’d delete it. I thinking of it as the Post-its of my life, they can be removed at any time.
2. Last week, RE: Blogs asked about the location from which you blog. This week, RE: Blogs asks for a photo of your favorite blogging environment. If you don’t have a camera ready – or aren’t willing to share a photo – – describe your favorite blogging place to the best of your ability
I blog from everywhere. I use ecto and it lets me save posts while off line, then I can manually post when on-line. I can always hook up my cell phone to connect and a few restaurants (Burger King and Panera) have WiFi.
3. What do you like most in a blog post by another blogger? Personal experiences? Fictional stories? News/Current events? Tech advice? Share some of your favorites from this week (either yours, or someone elses).
Personal experiences – either funny or drama, I wait for the next installment of their life. Tech advice is great, if it weren’t for others, I’d never use Movable Type as well as I do.

From RE: Blogs

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If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Who would you take with you?
I’m thinking it should be a honeymoon with my (imaginary) wife.
What would you do?
Relax, eat, check out the hot springs and get up close to a volcano.

From The Weekly Bit.

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1. If you found out that you had an advanced stage of an illness (say something like cancer) and only had a few months to live, what would be your first thought?
Why of why did I ever bother to contribute to my 401k? Actually I’d think of all the things I never got done: marriage, children, travel.
2. If you had three days to do anything at all you wanted to do what would you do?
Go for a ride on the space shuttle. I’ve always wanted to do that.
3. What do you think of assisted suicide? Is it humane? Should doctors/people who assist people in killing themselves be charged with murder?
It’s never been a big issue that I had to think about; if it’s what someone thinks they need who am I to tell them otherwise. Apparently the people who want it think it is more humane than what they are going through. It’s not murder any more than the person who will sell them a gun that they might use to (messily) do the same thing.

From Weekend Wonderings

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1. What’s the very first thing you do after waking up in the morning?
Start the shower up and start breakfast up…
2. Breakfast – essential energy boost or unnecessary waste of time?
Very essential. At this point it’s even psychologically essential, if I was up at 2 PM I still generally make breakfast.
3. Are you a person of routine, or is each day a unique chaotic adventure?
I have my routines spread out through the chaos.
4. Do you go to bed because you have to or collapse onto the pillow every night?
If it’s before 10 I’m probably collapsing. If it’s after 10 I’m doing it because I have to.
5. Early to bed, early to rise…or I’ll be up by noon?
Early to bed then early to rise (generally).
6. What’s your nightly ritual before going to bed?
Shower, brush, read a little, lights out.

From Friday Foofah

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Written By: Gary on June 24, 2004 One Comment
1. Do you like moving? Why/Why not?
It’s okay, it’s especially nice if it’s an upgrade!
2. Since you’ve moved out of your parents house, how many places have you lived in? Do you like to move from place to place, or do you just like to settle?
I’ve only moved twice after my eleven years schooling. But since I’ve left my parents I’ve moved about thirteen times.
3. What’s the best part of moving? What’s the worst?
The best is the cleaning and purging of ‘stuff’. The worst is that last bunch of stuff (junk drawers, countertops, etc.) that just gets dumped into a box and has to be sorted.
Bonus Question for Comments: If you could hire a mover, would you? Why/why not?
I’ve done the mover the last few times. I still pack they just move. It’s well spent money, especially my last move, from a 3rd floor apartment to a 3rd/4th floor condo. I had three movers their and they were grunting and groaning, it’s an easy check to write and It’s cheaper than you think.

From 3x Thursday.

Speaking of moving, Melissa gets keys to her new place today!

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Capricious: Governed or characterized by impulse or whim, lacking rational basis or likely to change suddenly:

Onesome: Characterized by impulse–Do you you consider yourself impulsive or do you tend to think everything through before you make a move?
I’m pretty impulsive. Except – buying electronic toys and relationships. If I rush into them I tend to not appreciate it enough.
Twosome: lacking rational basis–If you are impulsive, do you rationalize and justify your actions? Like, since that item you bought on a whim was on sale, you really saved money by buying it?
Sometimes. If it’s on “sale” it might make more sense to buy it then run around trying to find a better price.
Threesome: or likely to change suddenly— When you make up your mind, does it stay made up or do you tend to change your mind at the last minute? …or do you waffle back and forth until you’re forced to decide?
I generally make up my mind. Sometimes I waffle and the decision is made for me…

From The Thursday Threesome

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What is the easiest thing to make for breakfast? Alpha-bits would be the easiest, except that there seems to be a shortage in the Detroit area these days (I’m not kidding and I like a bigger breakfast. Generally I make bacon, eggs and cantaloupe and I’ve got the timing down (shower on, bacon on stove, shower, flip bacon, get ready, bacon in oven on plate, egg in pan, cut cantaloupe, get ready a little more, flip egg, pour juice, get napkins & silverware, get egg and eat!) so it’s pretty easy.
What is the easiest thing to make for lunch? Bratwurst (on the grill).
What is the easiest thing to make for dinner? Steak and veggies. One on the grill while the other is in the microwave.
What is the easiset thing to clean? Dishes (dish washer)
What is the easiest errand to run? Grocery shopping, I’m generally pretty quick.
What is the easiest thing to fold? Sheets – they just get rumpled it and shoved in the closet.
From Thursday’s Tattle

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Written By: Gary on June 23, 2004 One Comment

So my plan was to leave the car overnight. But they insisted they could do it in a half-hour. It’s been at least an hour and the phone rings. Guess what!?! You got it! They can’t get it done tonight. So that means I call Mark back up after he followed me out there and have him come back and pick me back up and take me home (like I should have done an hour ago…)

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So I got the car back today, most of it is fixed but now it’s in getting the remote start fixed. It was nice driving it for a little bit today, I missed it, I missed having the roof down, it’s been great weather most of the time I’ve had it in the shop. So now I’m at Border’s checking out the MetroTimes and my mail and such. Hopefully they’ll get it finished or I’ll have to get someone to come get me. I had a ride and the plan was to leave it, but they say they can get it done…

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1. Do you wear your seatbelt?
2. When do / did you graduate high school?
Before there were hard drives in home computers…
3. How often do you get mail?
E-mail? At least one every ten minutes. Most of it’s junk. I get “real” mail every day but most of it’s junk too…

From Wednesday Whatevers

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1. Who’s your favorite action movie star?
These days, Keanu Reeves. Will Smith is getting close though.
2. Which actor do you think best portrays your generation?
D. B. Sweeny
3. What’s your favorite movie adaptation based on real events?
The one about building rockets… October Sky.
~Stunt Double Bonus~ What’s your favorite action movie?
DIe Hard?

From Wednesday Matinee

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igstill200406The Indigo Girls, as usual were excellent, I’m glad I got out there, problems and all. Fun people to chat with on all sides of me. Good sound at the theater (used to be Freedom Hill). Not very busy though and they didn’t play Romeo & Juliet, but they rarely do any more….

Here is a short clip from the concert 8MB. All the stills I tried were really cruddy.

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Me passing guy with snack that made me ask “is that a chocolate chip cookie sandwich? From Melting Moments!?!” (In the Detroit area? This is an East Lansing delicacy.) He said “Yes”! I am a VERY happy camper. Yum!

IG t-minus ten minutes!

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Here I am at the Indigo Girls concert after a wretched car ride in rush hour AND running out of gas near the world’s loooongest exit ramp.

I am now in the the eleventh row dead center!!! Can’t complain too much about that (other than when I called earlier, they had row 2!).

After some pizza and a few large ‘beverages’, I’m relaxed and ready for thls boy band to finish up and for Emily & Amy to come out.

And cross your fingers for me that she’ll play R & J for me…

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I’m am not a horror fan or a gore fan, not by any means. The last movie of that sort I recommended was the Sixth Sense (not much gore) and before that it was probably The Lost Boys, both probably more suspenseful than horror/gore. I couldn’t understand why Rob Lowe would do a movie like this. And it had Samantha Mathis in it (sigh!). Rutger Hauer and Donald Sutherland (who’s probably the only guy whose done a wider range of movies than Keanu Reeves) and a million other people you’d like.

I really enjoyed this movie, I’m sure they are going to re-run it on TNT about 5,000 times in the next month. My heart was pounding a good bit of the second half and I kept noticing it…

It was interesting that it actually started in Detroit. I don’t want to give anything away so I’ll say no more. If you thought it looked interesting then you should go watch Salem’s Lot.

And speaking of Keanu, The Devil’s Advocate was pretty good too. And Constantine will be out soon, it was a great comic, we’ll see how it adapts to the big screen.

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What is your favorite high school Memory? We had a great trip to Toronto in my Junior year. Made a lot of the friends I still have today. Just had a lot of fun, caused a lot of trouble, bounced all around town, played a lot of cards… (No disrespect to any memories to any girls I knew then, I’m just not a guy to kiss and tell…)

From the NEW meme listed at The Daily Meme this is from Monday’s Memories.

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Assume that you have to spend six months in total seclusion, in a room about the size of a one-car garage. You will not be allowed any visitors during these months, but you may take with you any three objects of your choice… provided you can carry them in your arms when you enter the room. Food, drink, and clothing will be provided for you daily. What three objects would you bring along?
I’m assuming a toilet, heat, light, electricty and A/C? Do I get dessert?

Their seems to be some different thoughts as to weather there is Internet/phone/(WiFi?) access…
I suppose either way, I want:

  1. a Macintosh computer loaded with software, MP3, videos, eBooks, etc. (I’d like books to hold but I could deal with e-books if I had to.)
  2. A bunch of Sharpies (all the colors and thicknesses) to draw on the walls (or paper) with.
  3. Printer (with paper and ink).

This was tricky since there weren’t many restrictions listed. I tried to stick into what I understood from the question. Is a box of sharpies one object? Is printer and paper?

If I don’t have 2-way Internet (which I’d trade either other the last two items for) I’d even take one way Internet (retrieve only), I’d even take one way avoiding the news sites (depending on the definition of seclusion).

I’ll have to pay attention to what I do in a day to see what I need… See what others think…

From QOTW.

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1. Do you prefer the beach or a pool?
Beach! Ocean!
2. What kind of tan are you most likely to get during the summer… a beautiful, bronze, laying out in the sun for hours tan; a gradual, few minutes a day tan; a “farmer tan” from working outdoors; or do you just get as red as a lobster and peel the next day?
I usually burn once per per year, the first time out and then I peal a little and then I’m fine after that.
3. Which summertime water activity are you more likely to enjoy the most… boating, jet skiing, waterskiing, swimming or floating down a lazy river on a tube?
Floating down the river. But I’d probably enjoy just sitting by the river and listen to the water rushing by…
4. What is your favorite picnic food?
Brats on the grill. And Coke.
5. Do you know how to cook on a barbeque grill?
You bet! I usually cook my non-breakfast meals on a grill.

From Sunday Brunch.

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  1. Abundance:: Food
  2. Casino:: Vegas Baby!
  3. Shell:: Ocean
  4. Overpriced:: Cars
  5. Cancellation:: Magazine
  6. Eternal:: Youth
  7. Lyrics:: Music
  8. Faith:: Hope
  9. Because:: I said so.
  10. Wimp:: Chicken

From Unconscious Mutterings

This entry has been spammed multiple times, even months later. No major problems anywhere else at all. Very strange. I’m sure it has to do with item two above… I’m closing comments/pings as of 11/2/04

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What are the first four things you think of when I say: Angels

  • Halos
  • Wings
  • White
  • Church

    From the First Four.

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    1. when was the last time you cooked for friends?
    Probably Easter, I had the whole family over, probably about 15 of us?
    2. what did you cook?
    Ham, but all I really had to do is reheat it.
    3. what is the dish/meal/course that you prepare exceptionally well, and what makes it SO good?
    People generally like my spaghetti (meat sauce, bread sticks, etc.). Nothing super about it but it’s just that there is generally nothing wrong with it. I make waffles for a good breakfast but that’s always hard to coordinate.
    4. the girl who cooked for my sorta-bf brought her sister-in-law over to help her cook. they both wound up burning themselves all over the kitchen. when was the last time you gave yourself a good burn in the kitchen? do you recall what you were preparing?
    Probably trying to pull something out of the over I was reheating on a piece of foil instead of on a pan.
    5. the s-i-l wound up putting cheddar cheese on a chicken, and calling it the main course. since my sorta-bf and his friends are israeli, they didn’t understand the concept of ruining a bone-in chicken with cheddar. what was the last meal you ate that really confused you – maybe you thought you were ordering one thing, but got something completely different, or a friend/lover cooked something you’d never seen before?
    I don’t really cook with recipies, but I just eat the basics so if it’s got more than a few ingredients and someone else cooked it I’m sure I looked at it funny.
    6. how old were you when you first began to cook?
    Little, I grew up with a single mom so I’m sure I was still in elementary school. Maybe 9?
    7. what are your thoughts on cooking? love it? hate it? take it or leave it?
    I’m fine with it, it’s cooked exactly the way I like it when I do it!
    8. if your SO suddenly developed 5* chef-quality cooking abilities and he/she was to cook you an amazing romantic meal him/herself, what would you love to have them prepare for you?
    Something they thought I would like.

    From saturday8.

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    1) Are you taking a summer vacation this year? If so, where are you heading? If you already went on vacation, where did you go?
    London, England!!!!
    2) Planes, trains, or automobiles…what is your preferred mode of transportation to get to your vacation get-away?
    I absolutely love the train. Lots of room, no waiting, no running around (the airport) lots of time to relax and get stuff done.
    3) Any vacation locales you would recommend for those looking for ideas?
    Costa Rica! I like the Jaco area on the Pacific side of the country.
    4) What US city/state have you never been to but would love to visit?
    Hawaii would be a nice trip.
    5) What international city/country have you never been to but would love to visit?
    Paris, France. I’ve always wanted to go.

    From Friday Forum

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    What kind of car do you drive? If you could make an even trade for any other car, what would you want to drive?
    Sebring convertible. I love it. I don’t have anything I’d really rather have that’s practical at all. Maybe one of those cars you can drive into the water and it’s a boat too? Those are convertibles too, right?
    Take your phone number and add each number together separately (example: 8+6+7+5+3+0+9=38) – what’s the total?
    When were you last outside, and what were you doing?
    An hour ago and I was bike riding.
    Main Course
    What is your favorite restaurant, and what do you usually order there?
    No real favorite but I usually have a favorite thing or two from each resturant. I have two Chinese restaurants I eat at every-time I’m in the Lansing Area (Beef with Broccoli and Pineapple Chicken).
    Name 3 things in which you occasionally indulge.
    Cookie Dough ice cream. Cookie sandwiches from Melting Moments in Mid-Michigan. Waffle Toffee Crunch Sundae ( warm Belgian waffle topped with vanilla ice cream, maple syrup and laced with toffee crunch pieces) from Garfunkle’s in England.

    From Friday’s Feast.

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    I’ve started a few memes and never gotten done, so I’m grabbing the answers I’ve done and putting them together as a big mish-mash.

    How often do you go grocery shopping?
    Once a week, maybe every other but it still requires a quick stop somewhere for the perishables (cantelope, eggs, milk, etc.)
    What do you like shopping for most often?
    Electronic Gizmos.
    Are you an impulse shopper?
    Sometimes. Usually not for the expensive toys. Impulse on book purchases on offbeat topics that I might never use.
    There’s a movie being made about your life! Which celebrity will play you? Why?
    Tom Hanks or Michael Keeton. People always tell me I look like them. Casual and curly chair I hear Tom. In a suit I hear Michael (many times specifically referencing Bruce Wayne).
    If you were president what would your top 5 priorities be? What would you like to accomplish?

    1. Education (bigger better smarter)
    2. Information Access Equity (Internet)
    3. Taxes (Push the burden higher up)
    4. Traffic Safety ($400 fine for not using your blinker!)
    5. Make it easier to prosecute people when the evidence is clear.
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    Onesome: Things that go– What’s the strangest contraption you’ve ever had to use to get from point A to point B?
    After thinking about it, probably my legs and feet. A bike is just some wheels and gears but your legs and feet are pretty complicated for actually working and lasting for as long as they do.
    Twosome: Bump– Have you ever hurt yourself doing something you weren’t supposed to be doing?
    In gymnastics in college, I was using the vault without a spotter. I fell and knocked myself silly but I stood up and acted like I was fine or I knew the professor would kill me…
    Threesome: In the night– Do you believe in things that go bump in the night or anything supernatural?
    Yes. But it’s only “super”-natural in that we don’t understand it (yet).

    From The Thursday Threesome

    Written By: Gary on June 17, 2004 No Comment
    1. Have you ever had a roomate? If so, do you like living with other people, or would you rather have your own space?
    I only had long-term roommates once (for 3 years), otherwise it was just a few summers in college. A friend couldn’t decide if to share an apartment with me or a girlfriend. So we all ended up living together. It worked out great. They got the big room, they did everything together so they were gone 2/3 of the time and we have kinda-opposite schedules. Most of my friends didn’t even believe I had roommates! Besides that, they were great too!
    2. If you’ve had roommates, got any horror stories? If not, if you had to, would you get a roommate, or get a 2nd job to pay for rent?
    No horror stories. I’d get one if I had too. It’s fun occasionally.
    3. Describe the ideal roommate.
    Neat, has money to pay the rent, lots of single friends…
    Bonus Question for Comments: What *is* it about having one’s own space that is so appealing?
    I grew up a single child so I always had my own room and space. It’s nice when you want to move/do things that you don’t have to worry if someone else will care or be bothered by it. Very low concern / stress issues.

    From 3x Thursday

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    From JoA – “Everyone has a part of themselves that they don’t like. They carry it around like a weight. But what they have to do is know when to set it down”. Maybe not an exact quote but the idea is there. Just set it down, ignore it, live the other 99.9% of your life. I know it’s a lot easier to say it than to do it. But sometimes we forget it. I know other’s do and I know I do too. I just thought it was an interesting thing to hear. It was a rerun of Joan and about everyone being upset or bothered about something.

    I just really liked the thought. I’ll be thinking about it for a bit…

    Written By: Gary on June 16, 2004 One Comment

    What’s On your ‘vanity license plate’ (otherwise known as personalized license plate) Right Now? (If you were to have one?) SWM 38 :)

    From What’s On Right Now

    Written By: Gary on June 16, 2004 No Comment
    1. Do you think out loud?
    No. But sometimes I need to talk something through with someone, with them nodding and saying “uh-huh” so that I can work the process through (by myself).
    2. What color pen do you prefer to write in?
    Red. It makes it more important and it’s easier to mark things on other documents.
    3. How would you describe your voice?
    Too fast fast for human comprehension.

    From Wednesday Whatevers

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    Written By: Gary on June 14, 2004 No Comment
  • So on Saturday I was thinking about one friend and I hadn’t gotten in touch for a while and that I had been (extra) remiss in keeping in touch. That night I get an e-mail from his wife (with a techie question), what are the odds?
  • Same day I was thinking about a friend who I hadn’t heard from in a while. Health problems for her and her husband, I’ve called every so often and gotten different answering machine messages so I assumed the messages were getting through. Sunday morning I noticed on my caller ID a call from their number. I didn’t really want to play it since I was pretty sure it wasn’t good news. But what are the odds of a phone call from them? And the last time she called late at night in crisis mode was the same night my step-father took a turn for the worse before he passed away. Just odd coincidences. (Finally caved and played the message, not good news, but not horrible either. But her comments about not calling back were very similar to my thoughts about not keeping in touch with the other friend.)
  • Saturday night on the way home (a very nice ride by the way) I drove by a nice park, I’m sure I’ve driven that way at least once (maybe twice before) but somehow not noticed it (but it’s huge). Saw a nice church made a notation of the times but didn’t get up in time. Was thinking about the other stuff during the day on Sunday went over to the park to relax and decided to go to church instead. The only one I’ve every gone to around here. The one with the super-friendly Father with the accent so strong you aren’t surprised when you find out her does sermons at another parish completely in Polish. I come out afterwards get inside and the radio is playing (odd) and they I realize the steering column is broken from when they tried to steal it while I was inside. A very odd anti-coincidence. Maybe more of an odd series of circumstances that let to me getting some negative feedback for going to church instead of rollerblading. :)

    Just odd how things happen. I know there is a reason they call them coincidences but it’s just odd.

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    If you could wake up tomorrow morning and have an extraordinary talent that you currently do not have (within human capabilities… no x-ray vision, or super-strength*), what would that extraordinary talent be?
    Probably something artsy: like painting or something musical. I’ve just never been able to grasp those things to well (kind of like languages)

    From the Question of the Week.

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    Written By: Gary on June 14, 2004 46 Comments

    It’s gotta be the most sitcom-ish show I’ve ever been hooked on and I generally laugh out loud at it. I was very pleased to see that my TiVo taped an episode I hadn’t seen before on Saturday (it’s a Monday show). It wasn’t as polished as some of the episodes but I still laughed.

    Here’s the question! Do you like the short-sleeve shirts (with the odd patters or strips) that Charlie Sheen wears? I’m not sure, I saw some at the store the other day and just couldn’t decide if I liked them…

    Written By: Gary on June 13, 2004 One Comment

    So I found this Ecological Footprint survey which (kind of) lets you figure out how much of the Earth’s resources you consume (waste). Actually what it lets you calculate is if everyone on Earth was like you, how many Earths would be need to supply them all. Not knowing enough, I left 0% room for other species and if everyone were like me it would take somewhere around six Earths to support everyone. Actually I did it a few times and got answers between 5.3 and 7 depending on how I answered some of the borderline questions. Either way, I’m a pig in the world ecology (my low score is just that above the average american). If I gave other species 1/3 of the planet my number jumps up to somewhere between 7 and 10.

    Now some of this would change if we had good public transportation in Detroit (the motor city) and if I knew how “local” my food was produced. I.E. If I lived in Battle Creek I’m thinking my eggs, bacon, beef(?) and cereal would all be considered more local. I got nailed for air travel (10 hours a year), living alone and home square footage (but I live in a condo, not taking up any more space than the person below me, no yard and I walk a lot of stairs to get up to the third floor).

    The funny thing is that it appears that I scored (lost) lots of points for living alone which (likely) means I’m not increasing the world’s population. And I’d gladly give it all up to increase that number by one or three…

    (The survey was originally linked to www.lead.org/leadnet/footprint/default.htm but doesn’t appear to be there any more so I’ve updated the link).

    Written By: Gary on June 13, 2004 One Comment
    1. When is your birthday?
    September 11th.
    2. As a child, how did you celebrate your birthday? How do you celebrate it now?
    I’d have to say totally different every year. Some times a big deal, sometimes not.
    3. Do you dread your b-day or do you still love having them?
    They’re okay, don’t like them so much when I’m single.
    4. What was your best birthday?
    I’m not at liberty to reveal that in a public forum. But I do recall a birthday party with all the kids in the neighborhood when I was little (probably about five or six).
    5. Did you ever get a gift that you didn’t like?
    Sure, usually when people are over-compensating. I’m pretty happy with the little things. I just want to have a nice time.

    From The Weekly Bit

    Sunday Brunch is about birthday’s too, how odd…

    Written By: Gary on June 13, 2004 No Comment

    I say … and you think … ?

    1. Colorblind:: Black & White
    2. Shallow:: Deep
    3. Erotica:: Sex
    4. Figment:: Imagination
    5. Eviction:: Notice
    6. Composed:: Stern
    7. Chill:: Rain
    8. Girl:: Friend
    9. California:: Sun
    10. Bond:: James

    From Unconscious Mutterings

    Written By: Gary on June 12, 2004 No Comment

    Today was a nice day, I’ve been working on my To Do list and adding things almost as fast as I can cross them off. But I’ve been getting lots done. The one annoying thing was buying an additional bathroom rug (which I thought I did a week or two ago but searched the house/car/house/car many times for) and after being home 5 minutes I found the one I already bought… Back to Kohls!

    One of the High School teachers was having a barbecue and I got an invite which was nice, sometimes things like that just go out to the specific buildings and I don’t hear about them. I’m on that odd borderline of Administrator or Person, depends who you talk to, what their mood is and how upset people are with other administrators. It was a lot of fun, we grilled, played croquet ate and played with the kids. There were some babies, one that finally warmed up to me and let me carry here around, and some older kids. Got to meet some spouses and that’s always interesting. I felt bad taking off as some others were showing up but the allergies had been starting to kick in and and then the neighbor started mowing (cut grass is my kryptonite).

    On the way home, talked to some older gentleman at Borders who was looking at the O’Reiley’s Essential Blogging book and hopefully I gave him some good info, he want to get into it but wasn’t sure where to start. I pushed Movable Type but suggested TypePad if he just wanted to try it out. I found a few winners myself: Two 2004 O’Reiley’s books PHP & MySQL and and Pocket Linux guide.

    Plus I found out a person I dated was getting married soon. For some reason I always find that interesting when I find it out about someone…

    Written By: Gary on June 11, 2004 No Comment

    I’ve talked about this before (but it was BB*). Last fall I was in England and no one cares about how many minutes they get, just how many text messages they get. It completely blew my mind. Now it was nice, it was quieter on the trains, busses and restaurants. But for not much more they could have actually talked and interacted a little more. It was kind of odd.

    If you assume you can count smilies ” :) ” and abbreviations “IMHO” as symbols we’re at stage 8. Maybe symbols should be earlier since they’ve been around a while with e-mail, but it still puts us at 8. While we might have 9 as an option it isn’t completely common yet (if we’ve talking phone photos). I don’t agree with stage 10 but I thought it was very interesting.

    So here’s the list (pretty much lifted this from A Blog’s Life.)

    Stage 1 The birth of language
    Stage 2 Communicating with smoke signals
    Stage 3 Communicating with symbols
    Stage 4 The written word
    Stage 5 Telecommunications
    Stage 6 Mobile telecommunications
    Stage 7 The texted word
    Stage 8 Communicating with symbols
    Stage 9 Photo smoke signals
    Stage 10 The death of language!

    * BB=Before Blogging.

    Written By: Gary on June 11, 2004 One Comment

    Prom Dresses and Tuxes made from Duck Tape (actually it’s Duck brand Duct Tape). They offer a $2,500 prize too. These are a few of my favorites, but you have to check out the Stuck@Prom Scholorship Contest.


    And don’t forget next week is the Annual Duct Tape Festival!

    Written By: Gary on June 11, 2004 7 Comments

    It looks like You’ve Got Post is giving away free accounts with more storage than gMail. My account with just a few small messages says I have 976 GB of storage. No promises but that’s what it looks like. If nothing else it it’s another account where you can still get a “good” e-mail address.

    NOTE: This post is from months ago and if the link doesn’t work they probably don’t exist anymore (it worked when I posted it). I have no affiliation with the site. There is nothing I can do to fix the link…

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    1. Where were you went you heard that Ronald Reagan died?
    I was at home, and I remember thinking it was odd since I had just been surfing the ‘net (for a ehile) and hadn’t seen a thing…
    2. Where were you on September 11, 2001?
    In the teacher center at work setting up for a meeting and one of the principals came in (for the meeting) and said he heard it on the radio, I had expected a tiny propeller plane had knocked over an antenna or something and then we saw the next one hit the other tower..
    3. Where were you when you heard that Princess Diana died?
    I was in Boston for vacation, I think I was actually in Salem when I heard it.
    4. Do you remember where you were when you heard Kurt Cobain had died?
    5. Take one for The Gipper: What’s your favorite flavor of jelly bean?

    From the The Friday Fiver.

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    Written By: Gary on June 10, 2004 No Comment

    Schools Out. My babies are gone. I’ve got tomorrow off. I’m just about to get into bed. Okay, (since you asked) I’ll elaborate.

    The last day of school for the teachers was today! My phone should ring a lot less with all the things that they’ve thought of the last 9 months that they want to remind me of as they run out the door. It’s still busy, our fiscal year ends in 3 weeks so lots of wrap up and then the new one starts and that takes time and then it’s mid-july and everyone is back in a month…

    I want to go to England for a week in July, anyone have suggestions on where to get the best price from Detroit?

    Okay, so they aren’t my babies. Day care for the district is in my building so I get to see all the little kids when they go for walks or play outside etc. But they are all wonderful and I already miss them. Whatever it is in the drinking fountains at school that causes the staff to get so pregnant so often also causes the children to be beautiful and smart and to generally like me. They are great kids and the department that takes care of them does an excellent job. It’s great to see them and they all know who Mr. Gary is. Speaking of the water in the district, one of my favorites’ became a big sister today as her mom had twins!

    I’m all tuckered out from the last few weeks, so I took a vacation day tomorrow, made a list that maybe I’ll cross a few things off of. I’ve got the new Lee Child and Dean Koontz books from the library. The forecast isn’t great, maybe I can cross a few items off. And play outside on Saturday. Maybe I’ll rollerblade, I got my bike out the other day and it was great to ride around.

    Bonuses today: Lots of end of the year/retirement food. Very few voice mails. Visiting teachers on maternity leave, which really means I got to see/hold/play with a few babies. Lots of hugs and handshakes from people leaving for the summer or forever.

    Written By: Gary on June 10, 2004 No Comment
    Onesome: School— Since the school year seems to be over (your mileage may vary: some of you are already in summer sessions!): what was your favorite year in school? Yeah, the one you had the best time in or learned something special or had that learning breakthrough?
    I loved the year I spent in my master’s program. Projects I liked, classes, I liked, profs I liked, I think I even got in a lot of dating and socializing in that year!
    Twosome: Bus— Hey, how did you get to school in the early years? Walk? Bike? Mommy van? Bus? …and for those still attending, how are you getting to and fro these days?
    Walked, when I got older I biked. When I got to middle school, I was pretty good on my bike in the snow (falling on the ice is way better than falling on cement).
    Threesome: Stop— …and when did you stop going to school? …or did you? Are you still at it? Any plans to go back for those who are out of the system?
    I went for 11 years straight. One summer I worked at a camp but every other summer I took classes. 4 Associate’s, 1 Bachelor’s, 1 Master’s and a lot of assorted credits. I loved college, I loved my assistantships too. I only left because they kept complaining about ‘academic progress’ or something like that… I didn’t really like the Ph.D. classes so much. I miss it, I miss the East Lansing area. What I really miss is that every 10 weeks class was over and you got to start over, you could only fall so far behind before you ‘reset’ back to the starting line again. it was kind of refreshing.

    From The Thursday Threesome

    Written By: Gary on June 10, 2004 One Comment

    I used to be a HUGE comic, sci-fi, etc. collector. Huge as in comics, posters, matchbook covers, trading cards, glasses from taco bell, etc. Still probably have 15,000 of them here and there (I’m really looking to sell if you know someone who buys in large quantities).

    Here’s the point, every so often in comics, real people make an appearance. Including presidents. You’d never believe how many times President Regan showed up (sometimes as Gov.) to speak to the nation, make a request or be saved from an accident or assassination.

    Action Comics # 524 (behind the scenes), 526, 547, 574, 609-610
    Adventure Comics Presents Dial “H” For Hero # 485
    Adventures of Superman # 431
    Adventures of Superman Annual # 1
    All-Star Squadron Annual # 3
    Anima # 11
    Batman # 420
    Batman and the Outsiders # 14-15
    Batman: Son of The Demon
    Blue Beetle # 9
    Booster Gold # 8-9
    Brother Power, the Geek # 2
    Captain Atom # 1-2, 8, 14, 25, 26 (behind the scenes)
    Checkmate! # 9 (behind the scenes)
    Chronos # 9 (variant)
    Cosmic Odyssey # 1 (voice)
    DC Comics Presents # 62
    DC Comics Presents Annual # 4
    Detective Comics # 582
    Doctor Fate (mini-series) # 3
    Doom Patrol # 12, 18 (behind the scenes)
    Doom Patrol/Suicide Squad Special # 1
    Firestorm Annual # 5 (behind the scenes)
    Firestorm, the Nuclear Man # 65 (behind the scenes)
    Flash (current) # 4
    The Fury of Firestorm # 7 (behind the scenes), 15, 62-64
    Green Lantern Corps # 208 (behind the scenes), 209-210
    Invasion! # 1 (behind the scenes)
    Justice League # 1
    Justice League International (1) # 7, 13-14
    Justice League of America # 228-230
    Legends # 2-3, 5-6
    Millennium # 3, 5
    Miss Beverly Hills of Hollywood # 8
    The New Teen Titans (2) # 9
    The Outsiders (first series) # 23 (behind the scenes), 24
    Peacemaker (second series) # 4
    The Phantom Stranger (third series) # 1, 3
    Secret Origins # 14, 35
    Shazam: The New Beginning # 4
    Suicide Squad # 14
    Superman (first series) # 387
    Superman (current) # 26 (behind the scenes)
    The Superman Family # 213 (behind the scenes)
    Superman Special (first series) # 1 (behind the scenes)
    Warlord Annual # 5
    Wonder Woman (first series) # 286, 290
    Wonder Woman (current) # 6 (behind the scenes), 8
    World’s Finest Comics # 270 (behind the scenes)
    Young All-Stars # 4

    This list from Monitor Duty.

    Written By: Gary on June 9, 2004 One Comment
    1. What is the coolest movie gadget / prop you’d like to have in real life?
    The prop works!?! Just like in the movie?!? All sorts of sci-fi gizmos, gadgetry and starships flash before my eyes. Let’s be more practical… Maybe a Stepford Wife? The DeLorean from Back to the Future? A magic lamp with three wishes? Oh! I know! The gizmo Arnold and Danny used to make Arnold have a baby in Junior. Or I guess I could just use the lamp…
    2. What movie has your favorite / most passionate kiss scene?
    All I can keep thinking of is the scene from that thing you do When Faye (Liv Tyler) says, somekind

    I have wasted thousands and thousands of kisses on you–kisses that I thought were special because of your lips and your smile and all your color and life. I used to think that was the real you, when you smiled. But now I know you don’t mean any of it. You just save it for all your songs. Shame on me for kissing you with my eyes closed so tight.

    But that’s really kind of a non-kissing scene. Maybe when Craig Stoltz finally kisses the Mary Stuart Masterson character (Watts) in Some Kind of Wonderful. (I need to think a little more on this one.) The first time Max kisses Liz on Roswell (but that’s not a movie…)

    3. What movie had the most impact on how you view life and why?
    flightnavI’ll give two answers.

    1. Flight of the Navigator (the best Disney movie ever, which finally just came out on DVD last week): Because it always makes me feel like a little kid. Every time I’ve seen it. and that’s worth something.
    2. Sabrina (the remake): I’ve always wanted to go to Paris after I saw that movie I kept thinking about it and a day (or two) later I realized “hey! I can go to Paris”, so I signed up for a French class and realized if I really wanted to do it I could, it really changed my perspective on things.

    From Wednesday Matinee.

    FYI, I never made it to Paris, got fed up learning the language, went to Prague instead. I’ve been to Costa Rica twice and England since, but still no Paris…

    Written By: Gary on June 9, 2004 No Comment

    Take a good look around you. What’s the most pressing disaster brewing in your house? A mammoth pile of laundry? A Leaning Tower of Dishes? A junk closet about to explode? Do you have any immediate plans for dealing with it, or is it hidden enough that you can ignore it a while longer? My place is beautiful! I picked up yesterday, tomorrow is garbage day so that and the recycling are all out and the cleaning lady came today. I need to finish rewiring the new stereo/TV cabinet. Nothing is connect, the TiVo is hooked up but I can’t hear it or see it. But it’s very neat!

    From HomeWork. (I like these ’cause they’re short!)

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    Written By: Gary on June 8, 2004 No Comment
    1. Do you prefer happy or sad endings, and why?
    Happy! Umm.. because they are not sad. I’m assuming we’re talking about movies (and not my life). Movies as an escape, I need the happy ending, it can me sad along the way but I need a good ending. If it’s my life we’re talking about, we definitely need a happy (ever after) ending…
    2. What is the most annoying thing about computers?
    People! 99% of the time they work fine and give the right messages but only 1% of the time people use them correctly and pay attention to the messages. But hey, it keeps me employed.
    3. Who has the biggest influence on the world now?
    Bill Gates (unfortunately), not directly but it’s there. Office is great, but it’s cross platform (and some of the open source ones are just as good). It’s that Window’s thing that’s holding the world back.

    From Wednesday Whatevers

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    Written By: Gary on June 8, 2004 One Comment

    Summer’s here, and that means road trips, driving with your window open, and hot and heavy traffic. I’m from California, and almost every time I’m on the road I’ve got a gripe about someone or something…What annoys you the most when you’re on the road?

    1. People not using their blinkers .
    2. People getting upset when people don’t move in the first 2.3 seconds when the light changes
    3. Streets magically changing direction (but if you go straight your on a different street) without good sign-age. This Allen Park street allenparkroadschanges by several 30 degree angles over a few mile span…
    4. Not labeled intersections
    5. Streets with more than one name but only shows one.
    6. Multiple streets with the same name (in Lansing we had three streets same name, I don’t think the Drive/Lane/Street was different, and a few were one direction and and the other in another.
    7. Construction
    8. People chatting on the phones when their kids are in the cars.
    9. People honking when you don’t turn on a ‘no right on red sign’ (heck, I don’t need to turn even if there isn’t a sign)
    10. People not using their blinkers.

    From Ten on Tuesday

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    Written By: Gary on June 7, 2004 No Comment

    And the Question of the Week is…

    If you were a contestant on a trivia-style game show, what category would you most want to see displayed when it came down to the million-dollar question?
    Alex, I’ll take “20th Century Computers” for a million dollars.
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    Written By: Gary on June 7, 2004 No Comment
    1. Most of us pay for hosting our domains in which to blog on – – however, under what circumstances would you shell out hard earned cash so that you can use the blogging platform (i.e. your blogging application). Considering Movable Type’s recent license fees – – would you? If yes, why – – If no, why not?
    For the right tool, I’ll pay! I love Ecto (paid) for managing my blogs off-line and Transmit for FTP/textediting but I need to see if I need to pay for that one (or if I have).
    2. RE: Linkage – – I’ve seen many a trick to increase traffic and ratings in certain ecosystem offerings. For example – a few I’ve seen have one or two domains as a mirror to their main one and register all domains with TTLB – – so every post that you make is mirrored on the ’secondary domain’ – and each post is linked to the ‘primary domain’ which is recorded by the ecosystem as an inbound link….which could, for examle, bring your inbound links from 100 to 400 – depending. Do you have methods you use to ‘trick’ the ecosystem to skew your results to give you a higher rating? Care to share them? What tricks do you use?
    No but I’m making notes… Actually i guess I’m doing something similar (but it’s to keep what little I’ve got, not generate more), I decided to modify my url so I started changing it previously to start moving some traffic and now that I’m using it I’ve slowing been changing the blocks of links (images, archives, main root, etc.) it hopes to have my traffic move with (I just don’t want to disappear from the blogosphere). From your logic maybe I’ll stretch out the process a little longer… I don’t want a higher rating, I want more visitors….
    3. RE: Templates – – show off some of your extra add-ons you’ve been working on with your templates. What’cha been up to, huh? huh?
    My image (as of this post) on the background is a live ariel view of Dearborn, MI (everytime you refresh it’s updated). The colors match the blue and green of the Earth. At dawn and sunset and other times during the day you can see the dividing line between light and dark (it must have a name?). I was doing the moon, but it was tooooo sloooooww.
    4. RE: Other blogs – – Show us some of the newer blogs you’ve linked to recently, in the past week, or so. We all like seeing new blogs and fresh material. Who are they – and why’d ya link ‘em?
    Okay, clearly this is going to be a regular thing and I need to get prepared for it. On my blog I’ve been running a scrolling sidebar (well it might not scroll in all browsers, but it should atlease be there) for “Interesting Recent Sites” (so check it out), I did just change the date format, so it’s not consistent but it’ll be oklay in a day or three (I only keep the last 30 or so). I’ve got a script to grab the URL and title or highlighted text and add the date and ftp it up (it get’s included via PHP).

    From RE: Blogs .

    Written By: Gary on June 6, 2004 No Comment

    I say and you think:

    1. Charity:: Faith
    2. Scale:: Weight
    3. Jennifer Lopez::
    4. Coercion:: Force
    5. Meter:: Yard
    6. Pressure:: Water
    7. June:: July
    8. Infestation:: Bugs
    9. Serial killer:: Neil Gaiman*
    10. Anguish:: Grief

    From Unconscious Mutterings

    *In a story Neil has a Cereal Convention which is really a Serial (Killer) Convention.

    Written By: Gary on June 6, 2004 No Comment

    chasing liberty movie posterSo I finally saw Chasing Liberty, not a big Mandy Moore fan, not really sure what she sings (actually wasn’t 100% she didn’t do any songs in the movie until I saw the credits). I just always thought the previews looked cute. It was fun, pretty much exactly what you’d expect. Nice scenery since it takes place in several countries and getting lost and separated is always what makes up part of these movies. I just kept looking at Ms. Moore and those huge dimples and thinking how much she made me think of Julia Stiles. Of course I can’t find two photos that illustrate that but if you see it you’ll know.

    A lot of people you’ll recognize and it’s always fun figuring out who they are…

    Written By: Gary on June 6, 2004 No Comment
    1. Who taught you how to drive?
    My step-father taught me how to drive a motorcycle when I was younger (8?) that with I suppose with watching and sitting on someone’s lap when I was little, it was pretty simple to learn to drive. I took driver’s education classes but pretty much had it figured out before then. But all the extra stuff like merging politely and parking were from the class.
    2. How old were you when you got your driver’s license?
    Sixteen and a half.
    3. What kind of vehicle(s) do you own?
    Sebring convertible. I love it! I don’t ever want to have to own a non-convertible car again.
    4. Is it an automatic or stick shift?
    Automatic. Stick is way more fun, but it’s only fun when you’re not stuck in trtaffic…
    5. Do you keep the inside of your vehicle sparkly clean, fairly clean or pretty much messy?
    Mostly messy. In the summer I keep it a little cleaner for two reasons: Stuff tends to blow out (self-cleaning car) and if I keep it clean I know what’s in it so I can leave the roof down when I run into a store (etc.).

    From Sunday Brunch

    Written By: Gary on June 6, 2004 One Comment

    I finally saw a copy of ‘Teach Yourself Movable Type in 24 Hours’ at the store and it’s mine! Mine! Mine! I’ll do a short review later. But I’m notoriously bad at doing book followups….

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    Written By: Gary on June 6, 2004 No Comment

    Why are so many Chinese and Thai type restaurants closed on Sunday? I’m at Red Robin instead…. :(

    Do you think they just call them “Restaurants” in China?

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    Written By: Gary on June 4, 2004 No Comment

    I fell asleep on the couch., I probably missed the dinner at the end of the year get together for work, but I still wanted to check out the entertainment/dance. So I ran upstairs to shower and must have lain down for just a minute… Well it’s way too late now (that was a few hours ago). Rats…

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    Written By: Gary on June 4, 2004 No Comment

    It’s been crazy the last few weeks. Lot’s of late nights at work, I’ve been doing 6-8 sessions with teachers, graduation and the end of the year get together is tonight and tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment and then I had a 12-2 session with more teachers. Most of the staff will be gone for the summer in a week but it’ll still be busy. Lots of end of the year stuff (our fiscal year starts July 1) and then stuff to start the new year. Hopefully a vacation in July! :)

    The get together tonight will be nice, it’s like a wedding reception but instead of a Bride & Groom, we have retiree’s. And we’ve got a great band, L’usa whom I normally go to see when they play at the local restaurants/bars/clubs.

    Written By: Gary on June 3, 2004 2 Comments

    Today was graduation. I get to sit on the stage since I’m an administrator for the district. I was just going to comment on the class quote but now that I’m thinking about it I’ll tell you why this was extra emotional for graduation. I started this job three and a half years ago, just a few months before there was an accident in front of the school and one of the students died while crossing the street. That was shortly after they all just started a new high school. There were lots of speeches that mentioned her and a poem read by three of the women who then presented her father with a degree for her. Lots of tears and smeared mascara. I was very glad to be there tonight.

    But back to the class quote, it was something like:

    Your life isn’t measured by the number of breaths you take.
    It’s measured by the number of times your breath is taken away.

    I do wonder how my life will be measured by others in the future and I really liked how this made me think about how I measure my life.

    There was one graduate walking across the stage, she just had this earthy quality about her. And then I noticed her (lack of) shoes. She’ll be remembered for that and many other things I’m sure…

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    Written By: Gary on June 3, 2004 One Comment

    Two little girls (and mom) are in front of me in line at the store. They were probably 4 and 5 (and mom was holding a little one) and they were bouncing and I chatted with them a little bit. Then when they were checking out mom said they were going to Grandma’s and one of the girls said “which one?” Mom responded with “Regular Grandma” . What made the answer extra funny was the kids knew exactly who she was talking about…

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    Written By: Gary on June 2, 2004 No Comment

    Macintosh specific google search page! With a fancy Google logo. Very nice.

    Speaking of Apple, have you seen Steve Jobs’ web log? And speaking of Google and blogs they have a blog too!

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    Written By: Gary on June 2, 2004 No Comment

    So I’m reading along enjoying LoveLeLisa’s LiveJournal and she’s talking about a song. hoobastankWhich as I’m reading it sounds like a Dido song and I’ve practically got the music in my head to go with it. But (of course) I can’t find anything about it on-line anywhere, because if I did there really wouldn’t be much of a story here now would there?

    So I finally figure out that Hoobastank is the group so I go to the iTunes store (do you shop there? it’s way fun and they have weekly free songs now!) and immediately get distracted (there is a point here, I promise) because I see Avril’s new album, I’m not a big fan but she’s been making a big deal about “not being so angry” since she eats less fast food (and junk) now, so I figure I’ll listen to some of the 30 second clips. And in the sidebar where they list ‘people who bought this album also bought…’ it says (you got it) Hoobastank – The Reason. What are the odds? Accidentally finding it before I actually searched for it?!?

    So needless to say, Apple got 99 cents from me and I’m downloading it as I write you this message.

    (Oh, and now I see it’s on their top 10 list, so maybe not such a coincidence, but I never listen to the radio so what do I know…? Besides, now I have this nice hotlinked message and it’s be a bit since I posted more than a sentence unless it was a meme.)

    Written By: Gary on June 2, 2004 One Comment

    The phone rings. You’ve got unexpected company coming over in an hour! Look around your house. Is it company-ready? What can you do in an hour to get it up to the level that would make you comfortable? Pickup newspapers, magazines and dirty dishes. Close (shove) the laundry room door shut. Clean the mail (etc.) off the dining room table. Get the junk off the bathroom counter and I’m done (enough).

    From HomeWork

    Written By: Gary on June 1, 2004 One Comment
    1. Fav. Author?:
    Neil Gaiman? Peter David? Jonathan Kellerman? Patricia Cornwell?
    2. Fav. Book?:
    So You Want to be a Wizard by Diane Duane or Lightning by Dean Koonz…
    3. Fav. Blog?:
    Sarah who is definitely a SassyPants and Melissa who is Anything but Ordinary.
    4. Fav. Website?:
    SlickDeals and DealMac.
    5. Fav. Magazine?:
    I really like my two science magazines: Scientific American and M.I.T.’s Technology Review. Both of which are expiring but I thought I renewed with airline miles…

    From Chick Chat which asked questions that didn’t require me to expose too much of my feminine side this week…

    Written By: Gary on June 1, 2004 No Comment

    New month! New name! New colors! New Background!

    The background is what the Earth looks like at this time above Dearborn, Michigan, USA.

    Written By: Gary on June 1, 2004 No Comment
    1. What is the lowest grade that you consider acceptable?
    It’s all relative. In school for history, government, etc. a C was fine. But in Chemistry (which I had problems with) I studied hard so I liked getting As since I put in the work. Computer classes I liked, I wanted an A, the dumb ones, didn’t care so much.
    2. Does the universe have an end?
    Yes, I cannot fathom anything that started with a bang that doesn’t have some kind of end. So while it may, I can’t conceptualize it, so therefore — it must not be…
    3. Are you superstitious? Explain.
    Not so much. But when I have a lot of coincidences I do notice… A week or two ago the movie Some Kind of Wonderful came up in a bunch of different conversations, web sites, blogs some about movies and some about music and none of them had any connection to each other. Otherwise it’s probably been a year since I’ve heard anyone mention it. (Great movie BTW).

    From Wednesday Whatevers

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    Written By: Gary on June 1, 2004 No Comment

    And sunlight can suppress it then (according to this) we should just “sit in the dark picking our noses”.

    Saw this in a magazine and found it on my first google attempt (“children eat boogers to increase immunity”).

    The only concern is that too much Mucophagy may lead to Rhinotillectomania.

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    Written By: Gary on June 1, 2004 One Comment

    If the theme song you picked were to play, in full, every time you entered a room would you still pick the same song? If not, what would you pick? Something different… (Maybe Darth Vader’s theme?) Probably a few bars from the National Geographic theme song! It’s upbeat and it’ll make everyone crazy wondering where they heard it before.

    From The Tuesday Iffers.

    Written By: Gary on June 1, 2004 No Comment

    Summer is coming up and the heat can really make you thirsty. So this week’s theme is your favorite drinks, whether it’s alcoholic, frozen, or something you can only find at your favorite restaurant…

    1. Coca-Cola
    2. Coke in a glass bottle
    3. Creme soda
    4. Orange Crush in a bottle
    5. Long Island
    6. Captian and Coke
    7. Segrams Twisters
    8. A & W root boor float
    9. Margarita
    10. Orange Creme Cooler from Olga’s

    From Ten on Tuesday

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    Written By: Gary on June 1, 2004 No Comment
    1. When you wake up:
    Start the shower. Start breakfast.
    2. When you get out of the shower:
    Go flip breakfast. Find some clothers.
    3. When you get to work/school:
    Plug in the laptop. FInd my keys/ID card.
    4. When you get into the car:
    Seat belt. Start it/Turn on lights.
    5. When you get home:
    Check Mail. Leave keys/shoes on stairs.

    From Tuesday Twosome.

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