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What is this blogging thing all about?!?

Written By: Gary on September 25, 2005 No Comment

John Dvorak does an article called “Dvorak’s Blogging Primer” in the October 18, 2005 issue of PC Magazine. It’s just over two pages and it’s not bad. He breaks it down pretty concisely and does a huge sidebar (2/3 of the page) called “Anatomy of a Blog”. It’s interesting so check it out or I can send you a free digital issue (see below).

The article, which starts of page 60, also has some followups by others: One on RSS Feeds and another on creating podcasts.

I use Zinio for some of my magazine subscriptions (including PC Magazine). It’s a digital reader (kind like Adobe Acrobat) for magazines. I get a half dozen magazine subs this way (mostly free from offers on-line). They allow you to send some free issues to people. I’m sure they want you to see how easy it is and have you subscribe. But if you want to try it out leave a comments and say you’d like a free issue and I’ll send an invite, I’m not sure if I have a limit, we’ll see…

FYI on Zinio, some subscriptions are a lot cheaper, some aren’t it just depends. Sometimes you can find free subscriptions on-line. They have a variety of free samples if you poke around. A lot of free trade magazines too. It looks like they have a new feature with different free magazines from different ends of the globe.

They’re starting to offer textbooks, I don’t think I’d like that. Here’s three free samples of the textbooks (genetics, psych and business) too.

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