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They Danced with Fire in the Streets!!!

Written By: Gary on January 3, 2007 One Comment

dancing with fire 3Picture 8So we’re in Montezuma (Costa Rica) now. A great little town on the peninsula (more on that later). We had just kinda given up on the night and were heading back. And there was a group dancing in the street so we started to watch. Then they started using some sticks and some chains with weights and then they lit them on fire. And then they danced around some more. It was very very cool, eventually the crowd was huge. I did run up and get the video camera but I’ll have to put that up later (if it came out).

The pictures are clickable to get larger images.

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One Response to “They Danced with Fire in the Streets!!!”

  1. star1876 says on: 19 January 2009 at 3:39 am

    met these cats also…..was very impressed because i spent a couple of nights on the beach camping and partying with these local gypsy hippy kids and having drum circles. then one night downtown they started fire dancing and it was amazing, very impressive. montezuma is definitely beyond comparison.


  1. Fire Dancing in Montezuma (Gary Said...)

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