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Written By: Gary on December 17, 2005 No Comment

So we played WhirlyBall again yesterday!!! I love playing this game. If you haven’t seen me mention WhirlyBall before, it’s kinda like basket ball but with a whiffle ball/scoop and you’re driving a bumper car!

We were at WhirlyBall West in West Bloomfield, MI. I didn’t have any problems the few other times I played but I knew I was going to have a few bruises this time and sure enough the two spots where I knew I got bumped while bouncing around the car are looking pretty colorful.

There’s a video on the web site that gives a sample of what a game is like. It makes the game seem pretty slow where it seems quite busy the whole time you play…

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Written By: Gary on September 18, 2005 2 Comments

WhirlyBall birthdayI never really gave any followup on the birthday, even after all the great comments, here’s a little more info: So last weekend a group of us went to play WhirlyBall, picture a playing catch with a whiffle ball and scoops, but you’re shooting for a target at the end of the court and you’re driving bumper cars (no, I’m not kidding). It’s hysterical, we had a blast, friends, relatives and people I work (and worked) with. They have a bar there and we had pizzia, munchies and (of course) cake.

Lot’ of funny cards, gift cards and books. I’m always pretty had to buy for so there were actually lots of gift cards. I’m not good at the whole getting the gifts thing, I was just be pretty happy to have lots of people there. Afterwards some of us, (I’ll define “us” as the ‘kids’ without any aunts/uncles or parents there), went out for some drinks and more conversation. I went out with friend’s and family at other various times: this means meals, drinks and presents :)

I’ll be mentioning books and music and other things as I read and listen to them. I really need to get a better digital camera for low light (FYI, that’s my Mom in front), maybe I’ll consolidate some of my gift cards and take the plunge. We should have done a posed picture out on the court.

My cousin Scott was there, who I just found out blogs and he’s already mentioned playing in his blog. Katie was the rebound queen and one of the high scorers and also has a blog. We only had one little kid there, Thomas, but they wouldn’t even let us take him for a spin while oone else was on the court…

Speaking of blogs, Dave (from eMusings at Chez Goodman) mentioned it was my birthday so I had a few new visitors from his place…

Thanks again for all the nice wishes! :)

Written By: Gary on April 9, 2005 No Comment

Friday was another beautiful day!! It was slightly hampered by a trip to the Apple Store (yes I know it’s normally a treat but my PowerBook was sick). The problem was that the hard drive died but they said the computer just had too many bumps and scratches to be covered by warranty (which was okay by me, it’s seen better days), I couldn’t even pay to have it repaired because they’d want (insist) to replace the pieces that are bumped and scratched (this is pretty much the whole thing since this thing goes everywhere with me; I wish it could get frequent flyer miles). This was annoying plus everyone I talked to said it was pretty hard to open it up. I wasn’t going to do it but I found this guide to opening up your powerbook. So I just ordered a new hard drive for it (hopefully that works). And the new hard drive has a little more storage and runs a little faster!

I also ended up getting to play whirlyball again! Thanks to Mark because this time it was for free (there were free drinks and pizza too)!

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Written By: Gary on March 27, 2005 One Comment

WhirlyballreachingJaialaiThe game is called WhirlyBall. Picture it as Jai Alai (with the the scoops with a whiffle ball) but you ride around in bumper cars and your trying to score by making shots in a flat basket on the wall. I really wish I had taken photos so I could illustrate this. This was hysterical to play, we had about twenty people and we played in shifts (8-10 minute games are more than long enough) and you play in teams. It was great! It was easy for all us to learn and lots of laughter! Thanks to Jenny and Susan for inviting me!!!

What else can I tell you: It was a little pricy, I’m guessing it was about $300 for the court for two hours (but that’s why you bring a bunch of people). The official site is http://whirlyball.com/ but they don’t list all the locations, I’m only listing it since it has some visuals. The scoops and the wiffleball is available as a kids game on it’s own (you basically just play catch) but none of us could think of the name of the game, we found it as a toy called Jai Alai but we thought the sport used much longer scoops (can anyone help me with the name of this kids game?!?)…

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