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Kristen Bell playing a great teen detective.

Written By: Gary on September 19, 2007 2 Comments

So I’m sure many of you know about the student at the Kerry Forum at the University of Florida (here’s one of many videos available). What I don’t seem to understand is why everyone is upset that they tasered him for what he was speaking about. From what I saw, they made him leave for not giving up the mic (which was cut off) and possibly what he was speaking about (and the audience applauded for them making him leave). What they tasered him for was for fighting as they were trying to escort him out. There were four or five police trying to get him to leave and he clearly wasn’t leaving. To me, it looked as if he wanted a scene or had some kind of mental instability.

Am I missing something?!? I’m not saying the tasering was or was not excessive, but let’s be clear as to why they zapped him, it wasn’t for his words (I can’t imagine the zappers were even listening that close) it was for resisting to leave. I will agree the extra zaps were probably too much (it sounded like a few), especially if cuffed already, but it didn’t really slow him down so I can’t imagine it set as a regular taser (it never took Veronica Mars more than one zap to get someone in line). I generally don’t mess with the law, but I do know you don’t mess with security / police / secret service when it deals with senators / presidential candidates and when a bunch of people are escorting you out the building, you’re probably going to lose if you fight with them about it.

Tasersurvey200709191028EstFrom this Blog from the Washington Post I get the feeling this student was familiar with the local police.

Here’s a local Miami news survey and 44% (of over 18,000 votes) say he deserved it, cast your vote! The results really surprised me…Random extra thoughts:

It didn’t even seem like he was listening to Kerry when he was talking to him.

When he was screaming “don’t taser me”, I have to assume they were threatening to taser him if he didn’t calm down. Otherwise why scream it?

It’s possible I’m mistaken and the audience was applauding him just for making the scene, but I don’t think they applauded until he was being escorted out. I don’t think he was considered to be under arrest until he was actually resisting leaving, I don’t think they arrested him for his words.

Watch some of the longer versions of the video that show after they get him out of the room and down the stairs (about 2 minutes in). He keeps acting like the “inciting a riot” charge was due to the talking and not the resisting to leave. He wouldn’t give them his name, or ID and acted like they were “going to give him [me] to the government”. It’s all cRaZy talk at the end.

He has his own web site at theandrewmeyer.com , please note his e-mail address if you visit.

The Bloggerheads do a lot of looking at the different angles and timelines.

Written By: Gary on October 17, 2006 3 Comments

A new season and it’s still a great show! I’m getting used to the new theme song (actually same lyrics but a different band or mix).

"Now maybe other people would say they’d never install a tracking device in their significant other’s car. But I think that’s just because they don’t know how."

— Veronica Mars

I just love Veronica Mars!

Written By: Gary on April 16, 2006 2 Comments

So I just watched this week’s Veronica Mars episode. It was a strange one with the ghosts of the bus crash haunting her as she figures out the clues in her dreams (and following up on them while she’s awake). I think there is only a few more episodes until the end of the season (and until we know who did it).

It seems she came to the conclusion that the bus crash was her fault, she believed that at the beginning of the season but realized/decided that it wasn’t. I’m not sure what happened this episode to make her change her mind.

Written By: Gary on January 7, 2006 2 Comments

Four jobs you’ve had in your life:
Web Programmer
Computer Trainer
Camp Counselor

Four movies you could watch over and over:

The Flight of the Navigator
The American President

The Cutting Edge
A Christmas Story

Four places you’ve lived:
Berkley, MI
East Lansing, MI
Haslett, MI
Dearborn, MI

Four TV shows you love to watch:
Gray’s Anatomy
Two and a half Men
Veronica Mars

Four websites you visit daily:
The Daily Meme

Four of your favorite foods:
Hot Wings
Chicken With Pineapple (Chinese)
Beef With Brocolli (Chinese)

Four places you’d rather be:
Costa Rica
The Moon

Four albums you can’t live without (for the moment):

Avril Lavign
Under My Skin
Anna Nalick
Wreck of the Day

Tori Amos
Little Earthquakes
Indigo Girls
Strange Fire

I’m stopping at four (2 new & 2 old) but I really couldn’t stick to four…

Via Webmiztris via Kimi and Wendy.

Written By: Gary on September 28, 2005 One Comment

So I can’t even tell you how disappointed I was in this weeks episode of Lost (season 2 episode 2). It had two “plots”, don’t worry I’m not going to give much away at all. One was 75% of the show and it was a long elaboration of the last 3 minutes of last week’s episode which offered (pretty much) nothing else and ended at pretty much the same point as last week. The other “plot” was drawn out out on the ocean and you’ll get the gist of it in the intro when you watch it next week. So if you choose Veronica Mars this week (which is probably what they were afraid of) I’m guessing you made the better choice…

FYI, it looks like they are showing encore presentations (reruns) of the Wednesday episodes of Veronica Mars on Sundays at 7 PM.

Written By: Gary on August 29, 2005 No Comment

FYI – Here are MY FALL 2006 descriptions (I see the search engines keep picking up this older page and it’s 2006 now…).

Here’s a grid for the Fall 2005 TV lineup: We’ve got Eastern/Pacific and Central.

    Here’s my issues (because I know you care) with the lineup:

  • Two and a Half Men is still on at the same time as Las Vegas.
  • Commander-in-Chief is on the same time as Sex, Lies, & Secrets (and Supernatural and Bones, but I’m not so sure about these).
  • Veronica Mars is on the same time as Lost.
  • Smallville is on the same time as Alias (and Joey, although I can live without).

There is a lot on there that I don’t know what they are so that may be a few more issues for me. I may have to learn how to set up BitTorrent to download my shows automatically if they are going to have so many conflicts….

Stolen from Melissa.

Written By: Gary on May 16, 2005 One Comment

Testing a slight problem concern with posts and dynamic templates in Movable Type 3.16. They don’t seem to be resetting the cache properly. Actually it’s working to some extent, but it does take a while (close to an hour) for some of the pages to update; see below for more information.

There is something odd with cached dynamic pages in Movable Type 3.16, I’m not sure exactly what it is yet. When dynamic pages are created they are supposed to remain in the cache so they don’t need to be created again. But when I view the pages after rebuilding (reposting/updating) a page it seems there is a delay (minutes?) before it rebuilds them. This isn’t a problem (for me) if there is a delay (even if it’s minutes) it’s just hard to see what’s going on with them. For my test it took just over an hour and I don’t know why they finally changed (no pings, comments or attempted spamming in the logs).

I created this post at 6:47 pm and I later modified it (at 8:40 pm and also 8:55 and 9:15) and the changes are not showing up (immediately) on the category or date archives. I even tried changing the timestamp (to 9:18) but it didn’t seem to speed anything up. Eventually they all changed (9:42, 9:47 and 10:07 were when the 9:15 changes propagated through; but that doesn’t mean the other changes propagated around before then).

It didn’t seem to make a difference when I did a new post (I did one 15 minutes ago and it still doesn’t show up on the same date archive pages listed above). Still a delay before those changes propagate around. Last night when I noticed this I did delete the cache and templates_c directories, it didn’t seem to help anything (other than everything rebuilding automatically the next request). This last update is posted around 10:40 pm…

So it’s hard to test when pages rebuild. I’m not sure if it’s with every new post or just with posts relevant to those pages being modified. Anyone know?!?

Another interesting (but unrelated) point with the cached dynamic pages is my pages (used to) say what your search terms were, like “It looks like you came here searching for Veronica Mars” but it wrote it to the cache so even when someone came to the page looking for something else or even by directly clicking it still reported that “fact”. Very interesting. Now all my pages say at the bottom when it was created so if it’s not the current time, I can see how long it’s been cached. This is probably affecting my search results record keeping. But it should still give me a good idea of how people find my site.

Hmm… It just hit me that I do some PHP to make sure non-content related stuff doesn’t go into the search engines (ads, comments and my sidebars) I bet that doesn’t run live anymore (actually if a search engine grabs a page first it’ll look all mucky for everyone else, I’ll probably remove that code). This is not to cheat the search engines, it’s to get them to get the data that this page was published for.

Written By: Gary on May 10, 2005 6 Comments

Very exciting season ending!!! I liked!

I never suspected who the killer really was.

I want to know what happened on the bridge?

And I’m wondering who was there at the end…

WARNING: Some spoilers are in the comments (I tried to be vague above).

Written By: Gary on April 19, 2005 No Comment

"Would it be weird for me to start my own drinking game? Like, I have to do a shot every time someone asks for my help… "

— Veronica Mars

She’s just so funny!!!

Written By: Gary on October 22, 2004 No Comment

KristenbellSo I’m refining my review of Veronica Mars. The last episode was more of a Alias meets Nancy Drew. In addition to the flashbacks, prom and memorial there were outfit changes, hidden microphones, security systems and computers broken into and data exchanged (or destroyed). Very Cool..

Written By: Gary on October 11, 2004 No Comment
1. Who or what is on your computer’s wallpaper?
Nothing (boring). It’s usually just distracting for me. I’ll set it after/during a vacation. The last was London.
2. Go through your DVD/pre-bought video collection. Which three actors or actresses feature the most in them?
Without looking, I’d say Drew Barrymore (Boys on the Side/Ever After). Now that I look I’d have to add Keanu Reeves (3 Matrix) and Liv Tyler (Armageddon/Stealing Beauty). My collection is pretty diverse. Unless it’s music I usually don’t buy DVDs, unless it’s a really good deal.
3. Go through your book shelves. Which three authors have written the majority of the books?
Diane Duane and Neil Gaiman and Mauve Binchey
4. And what about CDs?
Tori, Indigo Girls and Sarah McLachlan (they probably are who I have the most DVDs of too).
5. Open up the picture folder(s) on your hard drive. Of which actor/actress/movie/tv series/musician do you have the most pictures?
Hmm… Don’t really have a “picture” folder like that. Got a lot of stuff on the desktop I was using for posts: Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell), David Pogue (geek), Joan of Arcadia, Wimbledon…

Found at The Daily Meme.

Written By: Gary on October 5, 2004 One Comment

I’d kinda not been excited about getting back into Joan this season. I didn’t remember liking the season finale. So tonight I sat down to watch Veronica Mars and they decided to play a rerun. So I gave Joan a chance.

I really liked the season finale! So now I’m all geeked about catching up on the others. I guess by the time the weekend rolls around I’ll even have another episode to watch…

This might not seem like a very big deal it’s just a silly show, right?!? NO! It’s a great show and if you go all the way back in the archives (to entry number 000001) you’ll see she’s what got me blogging in the first place.

Written By: Gary on September 30, 2004 No Comment

Wow! What a great show. Thanks to Melissa for pointing it out, I might have missed it otherwise. It’s (she’s) got attitude, tough, cute and it’s all pretty believable (as a TV high school detective goes). veronica marsShe’s kind of a Nancy Drew meets Watts (SKoW) a detective with attitude and a diverse group of friends (with a little bit of Heathers thrown in). Mtv has already picked it up, in addition to UPN so I’m sure you can catch the pilot still. She also is from the Detroit area, Huntington Woods actually so she probably went to my high school too (but I didn’t find that out until after I watched the show).

Here’s the official UPN Veronica Mars site and a short article I found in the Freep

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