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Written By: Gary on March 31, 2010 No Comment

It’s a beautiful day out. So instead of sitting in the house on this great day, I went for a bike ride and I’m sitting outside the library. They’ve got WiFi and it actually reaches outside pretty good.

The problem is the sun is really making it hard to see my screen. I could sit in the shade but then I’m not in the sun (I might as well as be at home). My XO laptop had this great LCD display that actually worked better in direct sunlight than it did in indirect sunlight. It has a color display but in the direct sunlight it washed out all the color leaving a very clear greyscale image. (I think it might have two different types of LCD displays sandwiched together.)

I’d like some kind of a high contrast display for my laptop that worked like that one (that wouldn’t get washed out in the sun). It’s just to get information typed in, it doesn’t need to be pretty ,have a fast refresh or anything. It’s got a clip at the top theat just rests on my current laptop display (the top edge of it could be a spall solar panel to help with power) and it’d plug into the video port on my laptop and the USB for some power.

Here’s a quick video to show you the quality of the display of the XO Laptop. It’s a little out of focus at times because I’ve got macro on and I keep moving the camera.

Watch a larger version of this video in YouTube.

If the XO didn’t have such a crappy keyboard, I’d be tempted to use it outside and use VNC to remotely access the display on my MacBook. But then I’d have to haul to computers around with me.

Anyone have any suggestions for something like this?

Written By: Gary on October 28, 2007 No Comment

It’s so so so bright and sunny out! If it’d just get a little warmer I’d go play outside (bike or blade). I’m just going to go run some errands though and see if I can get me some Vitamin D at the same time…

And give my car a badly needed cleaning, both inside and out.

Written By: Gary on April 13, 2007 No Comment

It’s a great sunny day out!!! I’ve got to run around to all the buildings in the school district for work today and it’s just perfect for those kinds of errands. I’m not sure what the rest of the weekend will be like but today is awesome! I wish I had solar panels on my head to store up the sunshine for the cloudy days…

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Written By: Gary on March 31, 2006 No Comment

Ah yes, sunshine is my favorite drug!


From Grand Ave.

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Written By: Gary on January 15, 2006 One Comment

They promised me lots of sunshine today. I saw it peeking through the blinds while I was trying to sleep but in the few hours I’ve been up I’ve only seen about five minutes worth!

It’s just not acceptable :(

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Written By: Gary on March 29, 2005 No Comment

So for the second day in a row I got to eat lunch outside! It was so great outside with the sunshine and barely any clouds. I wish it could be like this on a weekend…

It’s been really quiet at work this week. Most of the staff have the week off since they are teachers or principals. Most of the rest of them took the week off anyway for a trip or because their kids have the week off (or just because).

This has got to be one of my most boring posts ever.

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Written By: Gary on March 10, 2005 No Comment

It’s been cold lately but at least it’s been sunny. There’s even been a few unseasonably warm days (or small portions of days) here and there. I bring this up because so many people complain about the cold but it’s very bearable to me if I have the sunshine. I suppose it’s a bonus that I do get to park inside at my house so that I don’t have to get in a cold car or scrape it or anything like that… But still…

I might have talked about this before but I’m not on-line as I write this so I can’t actually check. But if you never read that post it doesn’t really matter, right?

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Written By: Gary on February 5, 2005 No Comment

I’m out and about running errands (free WiFi at Panera and a lemonade) and it’s gotten sunny out. After the fog weather advisories a few hours ago this is a very welcome change. I’ve been to the doctor (allergy shots), Target (good deals and some normal stuff), Kohls (some awesome clearance items) and the Sprint PCS store (they seem the think that Sprint is still going to release the ultra-geeky Samsung i-550 Palm OS phone!) all before I’m normally even done eating breakfast!

Later: Plus I got to go to the Apple Store (fyi, they just did a speed bump on the powerbooks) and I got to visit my mom at work and I washed my car…

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Written By: Gary on February 1, 2004 No Comment

It’s been so nice outside this weekend. It was a little warmer but it’s the sunshine that made it extra nice.

During the week it’s dark when I leave for work and dark when I come home, I feel like a vampire. I’ll take 20 degrees colder in trade if I can get some sunlight to go along with it!

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