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Sleep isn’t my best skill, so I’m generally pretty happy when I get some.

Written By: Gary on April 12, 2011 No Comment

Here I sit outside my bed,
Lots of pressure in my head.
SinuCleanse Nasal Wash System, Plastic Neti Pot With Salt Packets SinuCleanse
I really don’t feel so hot,
mostly due to all the snot.

It makes my head hurt so I can’t sleep,
It hurts my head so bad I want to weep.

I use my little netty pot,
But I’m so full, it’s just stops.

SItting up feels the best,
But that doesn’t help me get any rest.
NeilMed Sinus Rinse Regular Kit 1 kit NeilMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc

I use my high pressure netty pot,
and while it works better, I hurt a lot.

I’ve been up to long, that I feel dead,
Now it’s time to try to go back to bed.

FYI, it’s the one shaped like a bottle that I feel is the higher pressure neti-pot, I usually use the plastic gravy boat version.. While I get no payment for mentioning the neti-pots, I am a firm believer and member of the neti-pot cult of South-Eastern Michigan. It’s just my faith isn’t holding up during this time of crisis. Actually, these are Amazon Affiliate links so I do get a commission if you click and buy anything. But that’s really not what prompted my prose at this time of day.

Written By: Gary on January 17, 2011 3 Comments

This week’s question is What do you use for your alarm clock – an actual alarm clock or your phone (or maybe the sun, your kids, your pet, other)?

Sleep is a complicated issue for me, I like a fan or a white noise machine (fortunately there’s a White Noise app* for that) to help me sleep. whitenoise-app.pngGenerally I sleep with a fan on, that automatically turns itself off about 10 minutes before the alarm clock; if I got enough sleep, sometimes that’s enough to wake me up. Then a few minutes later a bright “natural” light turns itself on. Then the alarms start going off, the alarm clock (with the traffic report), then the phone alarm, then the alarm clock CD player (currently an upbeat Avril song is playing), then the phone again. And my friend Mark will call sometimes to make sure I’m up…

There is (generally) a new Friday Question every Friday.

* The White Noise iPhone app I mentioned is great, it’s got lots of sounds (I like the white noise) and timers (countdown, alarms, etc.). It’s quite possibly the best $2 I’ve spent in the app store.

Written By: Gary on August 6, 2008 No Comment

It might have been longer (an hour or more), I just know it wasn’t any shorter than that. While I really needed the sleep. It’s really cut into my to do list for the day.

And once again I lost the lottery and while it was only a meager $45 million, it certainly would have helped with some of those to do list items…

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Written By: Gary on November 28, 2007 2 Comments

BalcondelmareveningI was SO tired yesterday. I think I managed to sleep at least 10 hours, it might have been more, but I’m sure I went to sleep at least that early. I get confused since I wasn’t sure about the time change and all I kept seeing were my Michigan clocks (it is one hour earlier here than the Detroit Michigan area).

I almost missed breakfast but I get down there a few minutes before they were supposed to close. It’s a beautiful morning nice and sunny and I’m heading down to the beach in a few. This is the view from my hotel room yesterday evening before sunset, it’s a little dark but you can see the Pacific ocean is right there and it’s a great location!

Written By: Gary on November 17, 2007 One Comment

I can’t even tell you how badly that I needed that! It was more like 6 hours and I was up for a few and then 6 hours more, it was wonderful…

I haven’t gotten anywhere near enough sleep lately (even when I’ve been sick). I’ve been shortchanged on sleep too much lately, way too many 5 hour nights; I’ve been pretty happy with the few 7 hours nights and those just aren’t enough to catch up. Work and life has been a little extra cRaZy and stressful lately and I’m sure this will help a little bit. I’m sure a few more days like this every week would really help…

Now if only there was some sunshine outside!

Written By: Gary on September 27, 2007 121 Comments

So you have to spend 47 consecutive days and nights living at the hospital in your own room but it does pay you $9557. I thought it might be interesting, especially if out of a job (or really bored). But here’s the downside:

You will not know what time it is during the 47-day study, and the room has no windows, clocks, TV, and you will not be allowed to bring devices that tell time. You will also not have access to a telephone during the 47-day study.

Holy cow! I think it’s really a suicide study. Or some kind of reality TV show. I’ve got to assume that means no ‘net access either!!!

You will be told when to go to sleep and when to wake up, when to shower, and when to eat your meals. You will also have to take performance tests on a computer in your room many times each day. In between these study activities you will have free time, but your free time will be interrupted frequently.

Actually, it does say “at no time are you being recorded on video or audiotape” so I guess it’s not a reality show. All the info is in the SlickDeals post if you’re interested…

Written By: Gary on May 27, 2007 No Comment

So I’ve certainly been catching up on sleep the last few days, I think I’ve had about 23 hours since Friday evening. This is excellent since I really haven’t been sleeping all that well these days. I haven’t gotten much accomplished this weekend but that’s okay…

What I did get accomplished was that I went out to the cemetery where my grandparents and great-grandparents (Mom’s side) are buried today. I usually get out there a few times a year (sprint/fall) just to clean up and edge where the grass is growing over the stones, but it’s been so crazy lately (life and the weather) I’m getting out much later than usual. It’s been raining/drizzling all day but it pretty much stopped when I got out there so that worked out nice.

I need to take Mom with me some time because I always come up with questions about dates, middle initials or something else about family history that I don’t know the answer to…

Written By: Gary on May 16, 2007 One Comment

It’s been extra cRaZy lately:

  • We’re nearing the end of the school year and it just plain gets hectic around then (even though I work year-round).
  • The superintendent just retired, he’s been in the district 44 years(!!!), so there has been work to wrap up and a variety of celebratory events (admin building, district-wide, just administrators, etc.). He sure knew a lot of people, many whom came back for some of the celebrations.
  • I just starting teaching a class at a local university and getting everything started always takes time (even though I’ve done this same class before); plus I’m trying to do more on-line with this group.
  • Life in general has been a little busier lately from Mother’s day to days off and other things.
  • I think I’ve missed at least an extra day a week at work for some meeting and/or conference every week since before Easter and had to take a few vacation days here and there too so it’s been busy for those reasons too.
  • I’ve got a new boss, which is great(!), but it’s stressful figuring out how they want things (what things I should ask about and what things to just do) there’s no problems, it’s just I figured all that out with the old boss and had a good grip on these things.
  • I’ve been having sleep problems too, but I bet that’s partially due to the above and the crazy weather changes affecting my allergies.

    Hmm… Putting them all in a list I realize there are more work related items than life in general, have to think about that…

    I go have good stuff going on, most (all?) of the busy personal stuff has been good, it’s just been making life busier. I haven’t spent as much “fun” time on the computer as usual, certainly not much time blogging lately, but I think things will calm down soon, but we are still getting into the end of the year crunches at work. That’s all for now, just a life in general update, not too exciting but you know I’m alive…

  • Written By: Gary on February 7, 2007 No Comment

    I’ve slept great that last two nights!!! Today I got about nine hours and yesterday I only got 6-7 but I had to get up for work so I probably would have slept longer (but it was quality sleep). I just haven’t been able to sleep in on my days off lately and I think I’ve really needed it. I used to do a 12 hour day (or two), now it’s rare if I get an uninterrupted 5 hours…

    I’ve got a few things to do today. Most importantly to mail in my taxes! THey’re done, I just need to get them in a mailbox. This is an item from my 101 in 1001 list to mail them in on time. I always do them late (sometimes years late).

    Speaking of 101 list I got 1/2 an item done this week. I was going to change out all my exterior lights on my car. One of the back lights went so I change out all the bulbs on the back end. It’s really cold out, even in the garage, so I saved the front end until the next bulb goes out (I already have them all purchased so I’m ready to go) and it makes a little sense to wait until one’s bad too. I’m hoping to drive this car a few more years so maybe after that I’ll never have to change another bulb on this one ever again…

    Written By: Gary on May 2, 2006 No Comment

    So I had taken the day off to recover from the flight from Egypt, pick up my mail, go to two doctor’s appointments that would be needed after the trip (allergy shot and to get my neck/back worked on) and other stuff. Since I got trapped in NY I had to move the allergy appointment but the other was later so that was okay. So I set the alarm clock for three hours later and took a nap. I ended up sleeping 11 hours, missing the appointment and now I’ve been wide awake for the last three hours. Although I did get the laundry done and watched a little TiVo, I hadn’t turned a TV on in weeks…

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    Written By: Gary on February 22, 2006 No Comment

    Question of the Week – 2006/02/20. More about how you sleep!

    Are you a “sheet next to the skin” person or a “blanket next to the skin” person?
    Do you like a heavy comforter, or just a light blanket?
    Heavy comforter (I like it cold).
    Ceiling fan or no fan?
    I’d like a ceiling fan but I don’t have one. I usually run some kind of fan for the noise.
    Windows open?
    No. Sometimes on vacation when it’s someplace nice…
    Nightlight or complete darkness?
    Complete darkness, like a cave.
    How many hours a night do you sleep (or would you sleep, if given the chance)?
    I’d like about seven-and-a-half, it’s rare that I get it.

    From QOTW.

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    Written By: Gary on November 5, 2005 164 Comments

    sleepingSo I actually clicked on the above ad at Yahoo! today. I usually ignore them but I just couldn’t help myself. I just thought it was interesting enough to share.

    Of course all it really does is do a search for “eating spiders while asleep” at Yahoo. If you want to see the results to find out if it’s true, you’ll have to click on it yourself.

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    Written By: Gary on October 15, 2005 No Comment

    So I woke up all motivated and thought, ‘Hey! I’m up early enough to go to church“, and since I haven’t woken up early enough in a long time to go, so I thought I would. And then I realized it’s not Sunday :(

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    Written By: Gary on October 11, 2005 One Comment

    I knew I had a really long day today: a 2-3 hour meeting, 7 short presentations with travel time in between most of them this was about 12 hours and then I’m on call for the shelter that I volunteer at for another 12 hours (until 8 am). I’ve been having problems sleeping lately, so I went to bed early and took a sleeping pill to ensure some sleep, Ambien is my preference (not much side effect). Now obviously a sleeping pill is going to make you out of it a little, but these don’t do that much or at least if they do, they make you forget. Yeah, that’s the side effect, very short term memory loss. I usually have to read the last few pages of the book I was reading again or something like that. It’s not totally gone, it’s kind of a deja vu when I reread the chapter or think really hard about the events. I’m generally in bed when I take something like this, it’s not like I do it before watching TV or taking a road trip (and I try not to blog or e-mail either). Not a crisis and sometimes interesting results. That was the into, here is the story…

    Today when I woke up I found an empty bowl of ice cream next to the bed; this is rare, I normally wouldn’t have it right before bed, let alone in bed. I really don’t remember getting it (I maybe kinda remember walking back into the room with it) but I guess I was pretty fuzzy when I got it because I put the rest of the back in the fridge and not the freezer. I was pretty sad when I went to go get a bowl of cookie dough ice cream this evening and it wasn’t in the freezer. It was an extra good 1/2 gallon too, lots of chunks of dough :(

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    Written By: Gary on September 24, 2005 One Comment

    So I slept great last night. Lately, a good night’s sleep has been five or six hours, I haven’t even been able to sleep on my days off lately. I’m thinking I got around eleven hours sleep so I’m feeling pretty good today. I actually woke up in a panic around seven that the alarm didn’t go off and I was late for work. But once I realized that wasn’t the case today I was able to get back to sleep for another five hours!!! :)

    That’s 16 hours total!

    Written By: Gary on September 21, 2005 4 Comments

    Ugh. I haven’t slept well in days and days. The big problem is in the getting to sleep. At least I don’t have to work in the morning so I can (hopefully) sleep in and catch up a little…

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    Written By: Gary on July 5, 2005 No Comment

    I slept so poorly last night. I kept waking up and tossing and turning. And I had to get to work on time since everyone else in the technology department is on vacation. After a long weekend, especially with the stormy weather the odds of something acting up are pretty good. Of course everything was fine…

    Then I realized I signed up for the overnight shift for the shelter so there’s not much sleep tonight if I get paged. Ugh…

    Written By: Gary on September 4, 2004 632 Comments

    tempurpedicSo I finally got a new bed. I got one of those squishy Tempurpedic mattresses. It’s also larger, I went from a full to a queen size. I don’t really have a good opinion yet, but I don’t have any complaints yet. Actually I have a minor one, I had to put different rails on my bed frame and besides the fact that they aren’t the right color (I bought them four years ago) they are lower so now I can’t get the under the bed boxes out from under the bed (but that isn’t a Tempurpedic Mattress issue).

    In the morning I felt like I didn’t feel like I tossed and turned, I’ll see more after a few more days….

    UPDATE: This post has a huge amount of comments (400+) so feel free to read through them for more info. They definitely start with negative comments but I think it evens out as you read on. People talk about their sheets sliding (I have no problems) and other temperpedic models (like the rhapsody).

    I’ve also added various comments through the years.

    I do not know what model I have, I’m not sure if there were more than one or two available at the time. Anyone know how to check?

    2010 update: I’ve checked and it appears there was only one model available at the time of MY purchase, they say that it is now designated the Classic (now there are 11 versions). I purchased the mattress and the foundation directly from Tempurpedic over five years ago and I’m still very happy with it.

    Written By: Gary on July 22, 2004 No Comment

    london04-642london04-643Hotel is nice, room is tiny. WiFi in lobby!!! Checked out out the neighborhood, got some food, got a waffle toffee crunch ice cream thing for dessert (much more on that later!). Here is a couple of photos from the hotel window (click to enlarge).

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    Written By: Gary on July 8, 2004 No Comment
    1. On average, how many hours of sleep do you get a night? Is it enough, or do you need more?
    7 if I’m lucky. I usally catch up 1 or 2 nights a week (with 10-12 hours).
    2. Do you normally sleep pretty well at night, or are you a toss & turner, insomniac, etc?
    I have a hard time getting to sleep, can lay for hours sometimes.
    3. Do you sleep alone, or with someone? If you sleep alone normally, how do you fair when you sleep next to someone, or vice versa if it’s the opposite?
    It depends. Sometimes I sleep better and sometimes not… “Excercise” before bed helps sometimes.
    Bonus Question for Comments: What’s your ideal sleep schedule?
    About 2am to 10am. That’s what it seems like my body really seems to like….

    From 3x Thursday

    Written By: Gary on June 26, 2004 No Comment
    1. What’s the very first thing you do after waking up in the morning?
    Start the shower up and start breakfast up…
    2. Breakfast – essential energy boost or unnecessary waste of time?
    Very essential. At this point it’s even psychologically essential, if I was up at 2 PM I still generally make breakfast.
    3. Are you a person of routine, or is each day a unique chaotic adventure?
    I have my routines spread out through the chaos.
    4. Do you go to bed because you have to or collapse onto the pillow every night?
    If it’s before 10 I’m probably collapsing. If it’s after 10 I’m doing it because I have to.
    5. Early to bed, early to rise…or I’ll be up by noon?
    Early to bed then early to rise (generally).
    6. What’s your nightly ritual before going to bed?
    Shower, brush, read a little, lights out.

    From Friday Foofah

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    Written By: Gary on June 4, 2004 No Comment

    I fell asleep on the couch., I probably missed the dinner at the end of the year get together for work, but I still wanted to check out the entertainment/dance. So I ran upstairs to shower and must have lain down for just a minute… Well it’s way too late now (that was a few hours ago). Rats…

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    Written By: Gary on May 5, 2004 No Comment

    I think that is a record for me for the amount of continuous sleep. Usually when I sleep for an extended amount I wake up for a few hours in the middle of the night. The most I managed here was to get a glass of water and the five minutes I needed to call into work, fortunately I knew I wasn’t feeling good last night so I had everything set up for today (just in case). Now I just need to figure out if I need to go to the doctor or not. I’ve been sleeping pretty good lately, including a 14 hour night this weekend. I’ve still got that heavy fuzzy feeling in my brain so I can’t tell if it’s leftover sleep, allergies or something else…

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