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Written By: Gary on August 17, 2006 No Comment

I’m sure I’ve mentioned Woot before, they offer a great deal once a day (starting at 1 AM EST) that generally sells out pretty quick. Every so often they have a Woot Off, which means once an item sells out, they offer another one over and over (and repeat for about for 24-48 hours). So if you haven’t Woot-ed yet, now’s the time! It’s $5 for shipping no matter how many items you buy). Sometimes items are refurbished so if you’re fussy (I’m not) be sure to pay attention.

The Bag ‘o Crap is supposedly the best, I’ve never gotten one since they sell out so fast, it’s generally odd lots they need to get rid of. Remember to buy 3 (the limit) since it’s still only $5 no matter how many you get.

Written By: Gary on January 6, 2006 One Comment

Mskeyboardmouse-1I was lying here (not sleeping) and I saw on the clock it was almost one o’clock in the morning (Eastern) which means there’s a Woot item for sale. Woot puts one item for sale clearance a day at this time every day. Whenever I’ve checked it’s either sold out (usually in the first 10-30 minutes) or something I don’t want. But tonight…

I ended up with a Microsoft wireless keyboard and optical mouse for 22.95 (+$5 s & h). And it’s Mac compatible!

Check it out. It’s a different item every day sometimes a $10 item, sometimes and $2000 plasma TV. You never know (although it’s always $5 for shipping) for sure what you’ll see (some times it’s refurbished, which is okay with me).

They even have fun stats like how many people bought how many and how long they’ve been woot-ing….

And they do a podcast too.

UPDATE: They sold out after five hours and fifty eight minutes. They sold one every 7.703 seconds. That was a total of 2796 keyboards/mice…

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