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Written By: Gary on February 21, 2006 One Comment

So Panera (which in my opinion is the fastest restaurant ever) has implemented using those little pagers they give you at restaurants when you have to wait to get a table. Usually they are calling my name before I even get to the pickup area so this seems like a total waste. It’s something else to handle while getting change and your drink and napkins and stuff. Plus these pagers are the ones shaped like coasters, you don’t really have anything to “coast”…

This post brought to you via free Wifi at Panera :)

Written By: Gary on January 22, 2006 2 Comments

I got so much stuff done yesterday. Shopped for a new desk (which I never found). Ran countless errands on a beautiful day. Cleaned. Reorganized. Managed to get the last two done with out making the house a disaster. Got gas at a reasonable price. Ate delicious leftovers (my takeout Thai for the day before and some delicious BBQ chicken casadias from the day before.

I’ve been on a cleaning/organizing spree lately. Got rid of a broken desk (it was supported by a file cabinet), moved a bookcase to where that was. Most of my books that are out are actually in bookcases (not in a stack somewhere). Set up a table for the computer I want to move upstairs (this is where I wanted a new desk for). I always want things more organized but I always keep so much crap. Crap is old bills, bank statements, article clippings, computer parts, magazines, software, books, monitors, TVs, electronics, etc. I’ve thrown out more the last few weeks (and most of it clearly trash).

Free stuff: I’ve still got the Martha Stewart Christmas tree to give away for anyone who wants to come pick it up (this will not still be here in a few more weeks).

I’ve also got a few monitors if anyone local has some problems with their computer monitor (I think two 15 inch and one 17 inch). And two VCRs that only play.

Cheap: I’ve also got a variety of stuff that I’ll probably be putting up for sale if you know anyone who needs stuff cheap (TiVos, stereo receivers, speakers, CD changers [5 and 200], 15 inch TV, etc.). It’s all great condition, but I tend to upgrade often. I’ve just got to recoup a little of the cost. So if you know someone moving out / off to college, etc. ask me before they buy new stuff.

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