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Written By: Gary on December 12, 2005 8 Comments

So it’s been two years that I’ve been blogging!!! I’m still short three posts from 1,000 but maybe I’ll have something more introspective to post in a few days. I just couldn’t let the day go without a post. Besides, I have a few questions for you…

Blogging facts from Gary Said…

  • This is really my third permutation of my web site title and my fourth URL, but it’s the only dedicated one so I’m thinking I’ll be sticking to it for good (I hope). I got the distinct address to separate it from (more professional?) non-blogging activities. I’ll probably only switch if I got something better, like gary.com.
  • I get block about 500 comment/trackbacks spam hits a day which is about 15,000 hits a month! Thank you MT-Blacklist and SpamLookUp! Blogging would be no fun without both of these tools (details on these tools below).
  • I’m still averaging about 3 posts every two days. And a few memes that I never got to finishing each week.

    My questions to you:

  • How often do you read my blog?
  • Why don’t you comment more?

  • Where are you from?
  • Have you seen The Daily Meme, my index of memes? (These aren’t my memes, just my index. Just a little self/cross-promotion…)

    Geeky spam details (optional reading): This is about MT-Blacklist and SpamLookUp which are spam prevention tools for Movable Type 3.2. MTB kills most spam (the most obvious spam) and marks some for moderation. SLU checks out what MTB passes in and either posts it, labels it as stuff you should look at (moderation: waiting for approval to post or delete) or as junk (waiting for approval, deletion or automatic deletion in 60 days). This means spam (almost) never gets posted and a small percentage of the real stuff gets delayed but makes me confident real stuff doesn’t get deleted.

  • Written By: Gary on December 9, 2005 One Comment
    What first got you started blogging?
    Heather was doing it so I had thought about it a little bit. Then I started watching Joan of Arcadia and used it as my motivation to start blogging.
    How often do you post to your blog?
    I think I average about 10 posts a week.
    Do you have more than one blog and if so, how are they each different?
    I’m working on some more (more techy ones) but just need to do the last little bit. So it’s really just the main one.
    Where did you first hear about memes?
    I probably saw them on someone else site, I’m not really sure.
    Do you remember the first meme you participated in and if so, what was it?
    Either the Scrabble one (I think I first saw it on Heather’s) or The (original) Friday Five (now deceased).
    Do you run any memes yourself and if so what are they?
    I don’t run any memes, but I do run The Daily Meme.
    How did you find this meme?
    It was submitted to The Daily Memee so I had easy access to it.

    From the brand new meme theGhost Works Virtual Hash.

    Written By: Gary on December 5, 2005 One Comment

    I love my Christmas tree! When I get a few more decorations up (and clean up the living room) I’ll do a picture. All the white lights are really bright though.

    Another 26 things got by me and I didn’t get more than one photo taken. I can’t find it (maybe it’s still on the camera).

    I need to finish my 101 things in 1001 days list since I know I’m going to be crossing one off this week.

    It was Cat in the Hat day in the morning and afternoon preschool so they asked me to dress up and come read to the kids! We did “The Cat in the Hat” and “Green Eggs and Ham” They all had paper hats (and big bow/bowties) that looked like the Cat in the Hat. :)

    BlogSpot.com seems to be down tonight (a few blogs and memes I like are up there).

    Written By: Gary on November 27, 2005 2 Comments

    ScientificIntellectualYou’re a Scientific Intellectual!

    Kind of expected but I even changed a few of my answers on the few that I couldn’t decide on to see if it would change, but still scored the same. I guess I pretty much answered enough in that direction so that my poetic or philosophical answers were still out weighed.

    What Sort of Intellectual Are You? brought to you by Quizilla

    Found at UltraBlog.

    Written By: Gary on November 18, 2005 3 Comments
    1. Do you like board games? If so what is your favorite?
    While not actually a board, my favorite is actually Dominoes, which (if you’ve never played) is like playing cards, they’re a million games you can play with one set. As actual board games go Scrabble is probably my favorite regular old board game.

    2. Do you like card games? if so what is your favorite?
    Euchre is probably the only regular card game that I really like. I like Sequence too, but that’s more of a board game.

    3. Do you like computer games? If so what is your favorite?
    Not a big computer gamer. I play Solitaire or Scrabble on my Palm Pilot. I play SameGame on my TiVo (it’s a new option they’re testing) but I can’t find a rendition that playes exactly the same on my computer or Palm.

    4. Do you play role playing games? (EverQuest, MUDs, SIMS, Etc) If so, tell us about the game you are addicted to.
    I used to play the Scott Addam’s text adventure games (not the cartoonist). And I used to play SimCity and get addicted every so often, but not in a long time.

    5. If you do not play games.. how do you pass the time?
    Well, I do. But when I’m not I read, see movies, bike, rollerblade and surf the ‘net.
    Six. Okay, so there wasn’t really a 6 but I didn’t have a category for one of my favorite games.
    It’s trivia, has a board and requires a DVD player: Scene It? It’s the best trivia game out there, games are fast and it’s easy to learn.

    From Tuesday’s Tales via The Daily Meme.

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    Written By: Gary on November 17, 2005 One Comment
    1. What is the URL to your site?

    2. When did you start your site and where was it hosted?
    I use 1and1 web hosting, I’ve been using them since they did a big (free) promotion about two years ago, I’ve since upgraded my service. I’ve been blogging since December of 2003.

    3. Do you have your own domain? What is it called and what is the story behind the domain?
    I have my own domains. The main ones I use are GaryLaPointe.com and GarySaid.com. I started the blog about two years ago but it was originally just a sub-directory of GaryLaPointe.com, I thought it was too long and two complicated and I kept changing the subdirectory as I changed the blog name. I wanted something short and sweet and of the few I tried GarySaid.com was available so I made that my home for blogging. I also wanted to keep my personal blog away from something I might use for my resume and such.

    4. If you are still on a free site… what domain name do you covet?
    Evne though I’m not on a free site, I would like just Gary.com, it’s very short and sweet and it’d fit on a license plate.

    From Tuesday’s Tales via The Daily Meme.

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    Written By: Gary on November 2, 2005 4 Comments

    My blog is worth $34,436.94.
    How much is your blog worth?

    So this seems to be the badge/test/meme all the cool kids are doing this week, so me being the follower that I am (not), I’ll do it too…

    The previous version of this blog (http://garylapointe.com/mypointe/) is worth about the same (so if I redirected all traffic would it be worth double?)

    The Daily Meme is worth $103,310.82! Which is just funny since I put so little time into it, but it’s a resource, a compilation of memes (although not usually badge creators such as this). So I only make changes as the happy and as sites die.

    Click the link and you can find out the value of your blog! It uses Technorati data and Weblogs/AOL deal for value. More than I’m willing to analyze but still fun to check out.

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    Written By: Gary on October 22, 2005 5 Comments

    What are your Top 5, all-time favorite candy bars?

  • Nestle Milk Chocolate Bar, these are hard to find (kinda like the Nestle’s Crunch but with no crispies).
  • Smarties/Lentilky, chocolate not the sour tarts (a European M & M type candy made by Nestle).
  • Nestle’s White Chocolate Bar (maybe I’ve seen them test released here but generally I get them in when I travel, generally in Europe I think).
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • M & Ms
  • And sometimes I’m really in the mood for a Payday.

    Wow, I didn’t realize I had so many Nestle candy issues, but they’re all hard to find. Obviously, I don’t eat many of these since I don’t travel that far very often.

    From Top 5 Friday via The Daily Meme.

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    Written By: Gary on September 25, 2005 One Comment

    Sarah said:
    1. Go into your archive.
    2. Find your 23rd post (or closest to).
    3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
    4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.

    “I’m the guy who still hardcodes his own HTML and I just didn’t get it.”

    “It” was using special software like Movable Type to run a web log. Why would I every want to do that?

    FYI, this was over 800 posts ago on January 5, 2004 and the title was Might as well face it… (I’m addicted to blog!)

    Written By: Gary on September 17, 2005 5 Comments

    So I don’t usually take these quizzes but this one looked kinda interesting, so I took it. It’s only 16 questions, so give it a try…

    31.25 %

    My weblog owns 31.25 % of me.
    Does your weblog own you?

    Written By: Gary on September 9, 2005 No Comment
    1] Would you accept $1,000,000 to leave your country and never step foot in it again? Why/why not?
    If I could get a waiver to come back for when my Mom needs me (older/sick/etc.), I’d take the deal! Where do I sign?!? I like it here, but to retire and go live somewhere and the only work I’d have to do is stuff I’d like and live off the rest, I’m already packing the bags and booking my flight to Costa Rica (or wherever).


    2] If your friends and acquaintances were willing to bluntly and honestly tell you what they really thought of you, would you want them to? Why/why not? Do you feel that your friends and family members *already* are pretty honest with you?
    I’m hoping if there is something that would be a shock that I’d have already been told by now, so it wouldn’t be a shock. So I’m assuming they are already, but you never know…

    3] You notice a severe, self-destructive behavior pattern in a friend who is clearly unaware of it. Would you point it out? Why/why not?
    Heck yeah! Why? Because it’s self-desructive, that’s why.


    4] If you could script the basic plot for the dream you will have tonight, what would the story be?
    Sorry, I try to keep this blog rated G (or even PG).


    5] How often do you step back and reflect upon the way you are living and where you are headed? Do you often set goals for yourself? Why/why not?
    Yeah, but they haven’t been being met lately. Most of them revolve around dating or children so some of it’s a little out of my control… But I’m back into looking into adopting again. A co-worker just did it and seems happy with the organization she worked with.

    From the Friday Forum.

    I’m actually doing a Friday Meme on Friday, what are the odds of that?!?

    Written By: Gary on September 9, 2005 One Comment

    So I found this cool meme and the object is to make a list of 101 goals and get them done in 1001 days. I’m going to put something together and see how far I get. This ties in with today’s Friday Forum (goals and reflections) and 9/11 (no, not that 9/11, the other one).

    Actually, I didn’t find it Sarah did.

    Written By: Gary on July 26, 2005 No Comment

    If I were a piece of food caught in your teeth, would you pick me out? What kind of food would I be? Would I be delicious even after I’d been trapped between your molars since lunch?

    Okay so this isn’t a real meme. I stole it from 5ives.com a site that lists all sorts of (generally) humorous lists of “five things” such as: “Five terrible fake LiveJournal memes”.

    Written By: Gary on July 5, 2005 No Comment

    WordPhoto.org appears to have just gone back to a daily format (probably just Monday through Friday). They change the topic everyday and you can upload a photo related to that topic. Pretty simple, eh? Here’s all the photos I’ve submitted are and here is a list of the archived words. PS – Once there’s a new word, you can’t upload an old one any more!

    Written By: Gary on July 3, 2005 2 Comments

    Picture 10This is my name using Egyptian Hieroglyphs (supposedly). Does anyone know if this is really related to anything hieroglyphic? There are no references on the generating page to anything authentic. I’m seriously interested. I’m still thinking Egypt may be my next trip…

    Try your name  

    Stolen from Diane.

    LATER: I see now that these “letters” do have some meaning according to the Hieroglyphic entry in the Wikipedia. Although, even after reading the Wikipedia article, I’m still confused why some letters are stacked and some are side by side (my name doesn’t fit this schema).

    Written By: Gary on June 11, 2005 2 Comments

    6. You are given the gift of an original oil painting by any famous artist.  What painting would you choose and why?
    Easy. The Kiss by Gustav Klimt
    5. Last week, the Reader’s Choice question asked you to identify your favorite movie line.  Later this month, the American Film Institute will list the 100 Greatest Movie Lines of all time.  Which one do you expect to win?
    “Frankly Scarlett, I don’t give a damn”
    4. You have the ability to snap your fingers and be instantly transported to one of three places whenever you wish to go there.  Which three places would you select as your destinations?
    Costa Rica (probably Jaco, since I like the ocean there), London, England (I always enjoy England) and Berkley, Michigan (most of my extended family lives there) and work (I hate wasting time driving to and from work). Yes I picked four. I’m assuming you can teleport back to your starting point which would be home. If I had this power I’d probably move to one of the locations (probably Costa Rica) and make that home so I’d only need the three other destinations.

    3. What is the most embarrassing question you’ve ever been asked?
    Hmmm… I don’t embarrass easily so nothing comes to mind. Probably when I was younger when someone would ask me if I liked (insert some girl’s name here) and I’d be embarrassed about it. The bonus about embarrassing questions is you have the bonus of asking the same thing back.
    2. Which business do you have the longest continuous relationship with:  your bank, your auto insurance provider, your home telephone provider, your cellular phone provider, or your cable company?  How long have you been with them?
    My bank (credit union), I’ve probably been with them since 1988(?) and I’ve never seen a back with anything even close to the same services to make me consider changing. They are 100 miles away and with the Internet and a toll free number it’s like there right here.
    1. When was the last time you looked your significant other in the eye and told him or her how much they mean to you?
    Not having one right now I can’t really answer this one.

    From Saturday Six.

    Written By: Gary on June 3, 2005 2 Comments

    So I’ve been tagged with the book meme (list current books and favorite books and tag a few more people) from Dave over at Blogography.

    How Many Books Do You Own? At least five-hundred. A complaint from the last time I moved was “who the hell taught you to read?”. The answer is probably my grandfather, who didn’t teach me to read but taught me to want to read.

    What is the Last Book You Bought? Mindscan by Robert Sawyer. I have yet to read this one, so here’s some background on the author. He’s the canadian Michael Crichton, what does that mean? It means he’s awesome (I hope he likes MC) and he makes complicated science fun. He generally does more with connecting everything (science and religion and the mind and the universe) in a holistic way and making it all tie together. He’s entertaining, humorous and very knowledgeable.

    What is the Last Book You Read? Time’s Eye by Arthur C. Clark and Stephen Baxter. Imagine To Your Scattered Bodies Go (a classic series from way before it’s time where everyone who ever died resurrected all at once) and the Secret Wars comic (pieces of planets carved up and reassembled into one new planet) combined into one new story. The Earth has been cut up into pieces throughout time and a mishmash of the planet has been reassembled, one step to a new piece of the puzzle may take to the ice age or the future. Plus these silver orbs that defy physics and appear to be watching. Throw in Alexander the Great and Ghengis Khan and you’re ready to go.

    Name five books that mean a lot to you. Let’s see if I can keep it to five…

    The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis. This and the rest of the Narnia Series will take you to another world. Don’t let the recent chronological renumbering of the books confuse you, this is the one to start with. Four children who find a passage into another world. A world where they are destined to sit and rule and fight to save the world where “every day is winter, but never Christmas”. This will be a movie this December and I get chills when I see the preview.

    Calculating God by Robert Sawyer. Imagine aliens land on earth (Canada of course) and only want to meet with a paleontologist. Imagine they have record of several disasters in the past of their planet the coincide with ours (such as the dinosaurs being wiped out 65 million years ago). What can the cause of this? Why God of course! Isn’t that the reason for science? To prove the existence of God? He’s got some great humor and science and philosophy that’ll make you want to read all his recent books. I’ve given several of this book away as gifts.

    Lightning by Dean Koontz. This is a book that I cannot believe hasn’t been adapted into a movie. A non-typical Dean Koontz book with a hero (that I can’t reveal too much about) and the woman he loves and has fallen in love with over and over. And in typical Dean Koontz fashion they are being chased by the bad guys. Hmm… i don’t know what else to say without giving away the story. But it’s my favorite book by him.

    So You Want to Be a Wizard by Diane Duane. Forget Harry Potter, if you want wizardary this is the series to read. There are rules to spells, you calculate them, they take time, they have a price and in the long run they slow down the death of the universe. Join Kit and Nita as they learn about wizardry and save the world (several times). Diane Duane has written seven of these books and several other fantasy series, Star Trek books and some SpiderMan books. Another book I’ve given away multiple copies of…

    Alas Babylon by Pat Frank. The 1959 classic end of the world novel on how a small courageous Florida town survives after the bombs drop. This is probably the only required fiction I ever had in high school that ever made an impact on me. It’s about people and the basic needs they have after an attack. I can’t imagine how the pampered world of today would be impacted if the same thing happened now.

    I’ll mention The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy but won’t use it since Dave did. And an Honorable Mention to The Watchmen (which to me) was the backstory to The Incredibles (yes, this dark comic is the reason those cartoon characters retired) and resposible for the resurgence of Batman (The Dark Knight Returns) in the mid-1980’s.

    Now “tag” five individuals to provide their own lists. Okay lets see. Heather, who got me into blogging. Allison who actually has a Douglas Adams quote at the top of her blog right now. Dave at A Product of the 80’s who comments often but I can’t think of him ever mentioning any books. Diane at Arcadian Expressions who’s another Michiganian. Alfie at Noiblata who’s also local. Jenni at Kitten Kiss with whom I share a birthday. And Kelly who doesn’t post often enough but I bet has some interesting reads. So maybe that’s more than five but at least I stuck to five books…

    Feel free to tag yourself (no, that’s not dirty) and post a link in the comments.

    And I’ve already thought of a few other books I should add… Sigh…

    Written By: Gary on April 17, 2005 No Comment

    So I’m reading this book review (by Martey Rich Keenan in the Detroit News) for a book called Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Now when I read the description it sounded like a blog, alphabetical but a blog nonetheless. So of course I had to check it out.

    When I saw the book it made me think blog in so many ways. Timelines, lists of things (like smells) and memes (yes, I said memes!). There is at least one meme in the book that hasn’t been done yet (like we won’t be using that one in the near future)! I’m going to spend some time Wednesday and read this one, you should too! I’m not going to say much more – the review and the Amazon info (which is more than usual) should be enough to get you interested if this is your kind of thing.

    I just remembered this part of the story – So when I saw the review (see above) I tore out the article with the intent of adding it to my amazon wishlist, but I forgot. But then I noticed it in my pocket when I was at Borders so that’s when I looked for it (with the educator discount this weekend). When I grabbed it I noticed there was a gap like another copy or two had been recently purchased (since the review yesterday). When I was back in Border’s tonight (did I say I liked books?) I heard a woman asking about it (I took the last copy earlier) so we started chatting, I think she’s really sure she wants it now, but I think she wanted the educator discount this weekend…

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    Written By: Gary on March 30, 2005 No Comment
  • TODAY- Had to run around for work and do a bunch of errands, it was a beautiful day out so it was a great day to do it.
  • WFD- Grilled steak and teriyaki vegetables (carrots, broccoli and cauliflower).
  • QOTD-You are taking an evening course and have a student identification card. A small movie house gives $2.00 reductions to students. You have a good full time job. Do you ask for the student rate? You bet. The best things in life are free (or discounted).

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    Written By: Gary on March 26, 2005 No Comment

    Jane says:

    I amaze myself sometimes. I lie to my mother about like, what time I woke up yesterday morning yet I’ll tell the complete, absolute truth on a two page internet quiz about Which Harry Potter House Do You Belong In?

    That’s over at Girls in the Bag. A few different women post to the blog, but it seems like Jane does the most of them…

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    Written By: Gary on March 23, 2005 No Comment

    What piece of music have you listened to just because someone you respect or admire – but don’t actually know in person – recommended it?

    The Lacivious Biddies. They do an interesting mix of music and harmony. Adam Curry, (the father of podcasting (and former Mtv VJ), loves them and plays them on his show and I really liked the songs he plays. I jsut got the CDs last week and a few tracks have grown on me (a few others I’m not sure of yet). Here’s a few samples: You don’t know me, (I Wanna be) Famous, Coney Island and they do a great cover (of the Go Go’s) Head Over Heels too!

    They also do a podcast – The BiddyCast.

    From the Midweek Music Meme

    Written By: Gary on March 20, 2005 No Comment

    It’s time for this week’s free association meme from Unconscious Mutterings.

    1. Stink:: Skunk
    2. Renewal:: License
    3. I remember…:: when I…
    4. Loneliness:: Boredom
    5. Ooooh::  Ahhhh
    6. For real:: ________ (not a thing pops into my mind)
    7. Titanium:: Powerbook
    8. Get down:: Make Love (Queen song, right?)
    9. Rupture:: Burst
    10. Dramatic:: Prose

    From Unconscious Mutterings.

    Written By: Gary on March 8, 2005 No Comment

    Gary LaPointe Highway

    Wealthville 9
    Lake Love 22
    Valley of Depression 53
    TravelWorld 144
    Bog of Eternal Marriage 359
    Please Drive Carefully

    Written By: Gary on March 5, 2005 One Comment

    So it’s been a little crazy lately. While I seems like I spent all my time in February talking about books and music, it seems all I’ve been doing lately is some of the memes that are out there (but they’re so much easier than doing a meaningful post).

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    Written By: Gary on February 27, 2005 No Comment

    Orson Welles said that or at least according to Sunday Brunch he did.

    1) Do you take your lunch hour at work?
    Yes, I need that time to get out for a few…
    2) What is your favorite place to eat lunch at?
    I usually just rotate through the fast food resturants. I probably go to Arby’s or Wendy’s the most.
    3) What do you usually eat for lunch?
    Generally just a Coca-Cola and a sandwich.
    4) Do you have anyone that you eat lunch with on a regular basis?
    On a random-semi-irregular basis I get lunch with Sarah (who works in my building) or Kelly (who works in a different building) somewhere. Most of the time I’ll get lunch when I need to go between buildings (I work in a school district).
    5) If not eating, what do you usually do on your lunch hour?
    I always eat but I’ll usually read a book (sometimes a magazine) while I’m eating.
    Written By: Gary on February 21, 2005 One Comment

    So there has been complaints of product placement in television shows. It came up a few days ago in a meme question and I’ve seen it mentioned somewhere else since then plus I’ve been thinking about it a bit since Friday. I’m not sure what the problem is? We see product placement in sports all the time, in the background, on the uniforms, sponsorships of the show and who knows what else. I’m not sure what it matters when the hosts are drinking Coca-Cola on American Idol or someone on a fiction show is eating some brand name candy. Someone is going to start drinking Coke because Paula drank it on TV? What about when someone famous is drinking it on an ad? I’m thinking I’m not going to be any more motivated to buy Red Zone deodorant just because I saw Clark Kent with some in his locker on Smallville a few weeks ago. Although the ad stuck in my head (so I guess it worked on some level), but that’s just because they paused on it a bit too long the few times they showed it (it was on a banner at the Smallville High football game too).

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    Written By: Gary on February 19, 2005 One Comment

    Was thinking I’d do a meme or two before bed. I’ll do this one from Four for Friday

    Q1: Which is a bigger waste of time in your life… being stuck in traffic or being placed on hold during telephone calls? Which do you find more annoying?
    Probably being stuck in traffic for two reasons. I’m probably not getting anything done and now I’m probably late… On the phone on hold I can at least get other stuff done (if you want them to answer quick, just start brushing your teeth).

    Q2: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently rejected a petition from a consumer group asking that product placements on TV be clearly labeled as such. The FTC said that the use of products by characters in fictional television shows or contestants on reality TV shows like American Idol or The Apprentice does not constitute an objective claim to the quality of the product being shown on screen. What do you think… have the lines become blurred on this one? Should television shows be barred from using overt product placements, or should they at least be made to disclose these sorts of practices before, during, or after (in the credits) the shows in question?
    Reject away. Sheep People can decide for themselves or choose not to watch.
    Q3: With just about every business under the sun now accepting bank check cards and debit cards, do you find that you carry more, less, or the same amount of cash as you did 5 or 10 years ago?
    I’ve never been a big cash person. I charge just about everything. It really gives me some thought at the end of the month when I can see how much I spent and where… That’s the best way to curb my spending.
    Q4: What’s the last song you downloaded from the Internet? If you’ve never downloaded music, what’s the last CD you bought at a store or received as a gift?
    Technically it’s not a song, but the last thing I downloaded was The Neil Gaiman Audio Collection (The Day I Swapped my Dad for Two Goldfish, Wolves in the Walls, Cinnamon and Crazy Hair) which I bought from the iTunes store. The last song I bought was probably Breathe (2 AM) by Anna Nalick; I’m sure I’ve downloaded other songs from the itunes store but they’d be the free song of the week so I’m not really counting those.
    Written By: Gary on January 5, 2005 2 Comments

    Thursday Thoughts is a new weekly meme. Don’t forget you can always links to all sorts of memes at The Daily Meme

    Since this is the first of Thursday Thoughts, let’s start with first-time blogging.

    1. When did you start your blog/web site?
    Just over a year ago, December 2003.
    2. Why did you start it? (Is there any specific reason?)
    I had kinda been thinking about it and then one night after watching an episode of Joan of Arcadia, I started one up and rambled a bit about her and I’ve been going ever since.
    3. What is your blog/site generally about?
    It’s a little bit about everything. Me, my life, lots-o-memes, Joan, technology, blogs, movies, books, music, friends, travels and other stuff. Any day now, I’m going to start a separate tech blog so I can get a little geekier about tech; I’ll still mention tech I just won’t get too detailed, that’ll go in the new one.
    Written By: Gary on December 12, 2004 One Comment

    So it’s been a year since I started this blog. I’ve typed hundreds of entries (I don’t think I made the 500 mark yet). I’ve changed many parts of it:

  • the title several times (Something Nice Happened Today [dropped the nice for a while], If I blog in a Forest and No One Reads It, Do I Make Any Noise [a few variations of that, but it was to darn long, but it was kinda my favorite] and Let Me Make My Point(e) [with the E emphasizing my my name] and it was temporarily Do you See My Point(e)?)
  • Changed the background a few times and had a few psychedelic rotating ones, it’s still a little busy but I work really hard to make it compatible in all browsers (and all screen resolutions) and if not there’s a nice PDA version you can use.
  • My blog ReadRoll has grown and I’ve redone that a few different ways.
  • Added and changed some categories but it’s still pretty close to the original.
  • Added the whole about section with lists stuff about me and what tools/plug-ins I use.
  • Redone the internals quite a bit, switched to PHP and a few other things.
  • Added some advertising to the sides and some ads here and there and maybe that’ll pay off someday…
  • I’m passing over 5 GB of data a month. And I’m still not sure where it’s going, I’ve disabled my photo albums so it’s mostly just my content. I’ve even reduced the number of entries on my main page and it’s still growing so at least I’ve got readers (and occasionally some commenters). Some people get really bent when they don’t get comments, I’m okay without them, but it sure makes me happy when I get them…

    I’ve tried to stay away from whining and complaining too much, but sometimes cars get broken into and sometimes people die and sometimes BK screws up my order so I need to vent a little. I’m about in the same place in life as a I was last year: single, childless and still looking to make those changes. (As much as people complain about it I’d rather be spending time this month assembling bicycles or cribs or whatever.)

    Even though I created The Daily Meme I’ve become less of a meme-a-holic which I’ve been missing so I think I’ll go back to those silly quizzes as a way to express things about myself…

  • Written By: Gary on November 12, 2004 2 Comments

    Push each letter of the alphabet in your browser and pick the first web site (blog) that comes up. A-Z…

    Angle Rants
    Bye Blog
    Colby and Beyond
    Design by Fire
    Earth Observatory (blue marble)
    Forever Immortalized
    Green Desire
    Haiku of the Day
    Lorna girl
    Mutated Monkeys
    Neil Gaiman
    One Girl’s life
    Purple Stars
    QBQrat (Ioblata)
    Random Fate
    Self Taught Girl
    Tenth Muse
    Unix Wix
    Via Jeans
    Web Mistris
    Xbox Linux
    Yamaha (the confused corporation)
    Zongrilia (swirl)

    FYI – I tried to pick blogs if they came up. If they hadn’t posted in months and I had another option, I picked that. If not I picked the closest interesting one that’d I’d recommend.

    Written By: Gary on October 16, 2004 No Comment

    List 3 of each:
    Pet Peeves: irresponsible cell phone use, people yelling at their kids for every little thing, honking
    Favorite Sounds: babbling brooks, ocean waves, (white noise from my sleep/sound machine)
    Favorite Candy: smarties a.k.a. lentilky (m&m-like things from overseas), m & m’s and receeses peanut butter cups.
    Biggest Fears: no wife, no kids, drowning
    Biggest Challenges: talking slower, listening longer
    Favorite Department Stores: target, best buy, compusa
    Most Used Words: but, also, if
    Favorite Pizza Toppings: pepperoni, ham & pineapple, meat lover’s
    Favorite Cartoon Characters: kim possible, speed racer,
    Movies Recently Watched: garden state, wimbledon, spiderman 2
    Favorite Fruits: cantelope, strwberries, banannas
    Favorite Vegetables: corn (canned or cob), brocolli, potatoes (baked)
    You can find this at The Daily Meme.

    Written By: Gary on October 11, 2004 No Comment
    1. Who or what is on your computer’s wallpaper?
    Nothing (boring). It’s usually just distracting for me. I’ll set it after/during a vacation. The last was London.
    2. Go through your DVD/pre-bought video collection. Which three actors or actresses feature the most in them?
    Without looking, I’d say Drew Barrymore (Boys on the Side/Ever After). Now that I look I’d have to add Keanu Reeves (3 Matrix) and Liv Tyler (Armageddon/Stealing Beauty). My collection is pretty diverse. Unless it’s music I usually don’t buy DVDs, unless it’s a really good deal.
    3. Go through your book shelves. Which three authors have written the majority of the books?
    Diane Duane and Neil Gaiman and Mauve Binchey
    4. And what about CDs?
    Tori, Indigo Girls and Sarah McLachlan (they probably are who I have the most DVDs of too).
    5. Open up the picture folder(s) on your hard drive. Of which actor/actress/movie/tv series/musician do you have the most pictures?
    Hmm… Don’t really have a “picture” folder like that. Got a lot of stuff on the desktop I was using for posts: Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell), David Pogue (geek), Joan of Arcadia, Wimbledon…

    Found at The Daily Meme.

    Written By: Gary on October 9, 2004 2 Comments

    So if you haven’t noticed it yet I’ve got a search results referrer page set up (in the About section) so you can see many (but not necessarily all) of the search criteria people typed into google/yahoo/etc. and got a link to one of my pages and click on it. Of course they are clickable so you can then see the same results and click on me (or somewhere else) and once I list the top ten you want to go and click on them…

    Common searches (and even stranger that they clicked on me):

  • tempur-pedic (or tempurpedic or even temperpedic) – this is the type of mattress I bought for my bed.
  • boogers immune (or other variations)- this is a funny post be sure to search for it.
  • senior quotes – I listed a quote they did at graduation last year.
  • national geographic theme song – I mentioned this in a meme or two.
  • lots of joan of arcadia references – THE best show on TV.
  • sex flash – another meme question
  • lots to do with duct tape prom outfits – another interesting post.
  • oleana david mamet – lots of people looking for information on David Mamet’s play Oleana (or movie)
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