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Written By: Gary on March 30, 2009 No Comment

If you’ve ever taken a foreign language, you’ll love this!

Here’s the direct link to the video.

Found at Dean’s World.

Written By: Gary on July 14, 2006 One Comment

Languageweek4Srah has decreed that July 24-28, 2006 is Language Week. This means that once a day for the week you blog at least once a day (at least a few sentences) in a language you usually don’t blog in. Read her blog for the rest of the rules.

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Written By: Gary on January 6, 2006 No Comment

So I was talking about being “obsessive compulsive” or maybe it was “anal retentive” but you have to watch when you mix your metaphors because it sounds a lot worse when you say that you’re “anal compulsive” compared to the other way around…

I’m not sure if this actually “mixing your metaphors”…

Written By: Gary on September 25, 2005 2 Comments

So I was playing with the language translators on-line. I was trying to do a full conversion of my page to french and then back again so you could view the whole thing, but I had technical difficulties. So here’s the original paragraph and next to it that same paragraph converted to french and back to english. The third column is that translation from to spanish and back again.

English So I slept great last night. Lately, a good night’s sleep has been five or six hours, I haven’t even been able to sleep on my days off lately. I’m thinking I got around eleven hours sleep so I’m feeling pretty good today. I actually woke up in a panic around seven that the alarm didn’t go off and I was late for work. But once I realized that wasn’t the case I was able to get back to sleep for another five hours!!! :) English to French to English Thus I slept the great last night. Recently, a sleep of the good night was five or six hours, I could not even sleep my days with far recently. I think that I had around eleven hours sleep thus I smell very good today. I really awoke in a panic around seven that alarm did not go to far and I was late for work. But once that I realized who was not the case I could to obtain again with the sleep during five more hours!!! :) English to Spanish to English I slept yesterday so great at night. Lately, a dream of the good night has been five or six hours, I have not even been able to sleep lately in my days dull. I am thinking that I obtained eleven hours around I sleep so be feeling quite good today. I really woke up in a panic around seven that was not extinguished alarming and was slow for the work. ¡But once he made that it was not the case I could obtain of new to the dream by other five hours!!! :)

Lots of language translators at http://www.humanitas-international.org/newstran/more-trans.htm

The “sleep” paragraph is from a few posts back. It was short and seemed like a good choice.

PS- I slept crummy last night since i got so much sleep the night before…

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