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Written By: Gary on July 7, 2008 One Comment

So the original The Day The Earth Stood Still is one of the quintessential science fiction movies ever made. I can barely remember any old SciFi Black & White movies that I’ve seen (that didn’t have Godzilla in them) but this one has always stuck in my head. Very little action but an excellent story. I never knew it was such a classic, I just thought it was a great movie that I liked, but I’ve seen so many references to “Klaatu barada nikto” throughout my life I realized* I wasn’t the only one who thought so (but as a by-product I also realized I was a nerd).

They’ve decided to remake remake The Day The Earth Stood Still with Keanu Reeves. The trailer looks interesting but I’m not sure if it’ll live up to the original. While I’m a fan of Keanu Reeves, I won’t say he’s the most excellent actor out there but his movies are either great or lame (generally not in the middle). And even though there was only a quick glimpse of Gort, the preview made me feel like it will not be lame. So I’m very hopeful.

Written By: Gary on February 20, 2005 No Comment

ConstantineSo I enjoyed Constantine . They did a pretty good job of moving the story-line from England to the United States. Great special effects. Keanu did a pretty good job with the character. It hard to put such a complex story and backgound into a movie and still explain it to the general public. I was never a huge Hellblazer fan (the John Constantine comic) but I read it on and off. I do recall reading the “Dangerous Habits” story that they stole a few parts from and recognized a few other characters (even with the changes) from other stories. It’s not a typical Keanu Reeves film and if this kind of movie doesn’t interest you then I’m not going to say go see it (because it’s bizarro) but if it does interest you then go see it.

Written By: Gary on October 11, 2004 No Comment
1. Who or what is on your computer’s wallpaper?
Nothing (boring). It’s usually just distracting for me. I’ll set it after/during a vacation. The last was London.
2. Go through your DVD/pre-bought video collection. Which three actors or actresses feature the most in them?
Without looking, I’d say Drew Barrymore (Boys on the Side/Ever After). Now that I look I’d have to add Keanu Reeves (3 Matrix) and Liv Tyler (Armageddon/Stealing Beauty). My collection is pretty diverse. Unless it’s music I usually don’t buy DVDs, unless it’s a really good deal.
3. Go through your book shelves. Which three authors have written the majority of the books?
Diane Duane and Neil Gaiman and Mauve Binchey
4. And what about CDs?
Tori, Indigo Girls and Sarah McLachlan (they probably are who I have the most DVDs of too).
5. Open up the picture folder(s) on your hard drive. Of which actor/actress/movie/tv series/musician do you have the most pictures?
Hmm… Don’t really have a “picture” folder like that. Got a lot of stuff on the desktop I was using for posts: Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell), David Pogue (geek), Joan of Arcadia, Wimbledon…

Found at The Daily Meme.

Written By: Gary on June 23, 2004 No Comment
1. Who’s your favorite action movie star?
These days, Keanu Reeves. Will Smith is getting close though.
2. Which actor do you think best portrays your generation?
D. B. Sweeny
3. What’s your favorite movie adaptation based on real events?
The one about building rockets… October Sky.
~Stunt Double Bonus~ What’s your favorite action movie?
DIe Hard?

From Wednesday Matinee

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Written By: Gary on June 21, 2004 No Comment

I’m am not a horror fan or a gore fan, not by any means. The last movie of that sort I recommended was the Sixth Sense (not much gore) and before that it was probably The Lost Boys, both probably more suspenseful than horror/gore. I couldn’t understand why Rob Lowe would do a movie like this. And it had Samantha Mathis in it (sigh!). Rutger Hauer and Donald Sutherland (who’s probably the only guy whose done a wider range of movies than Keanu Reeves) and a million other people you’d like.

I really enjoyed this movie, I’m sure they are going to re-run it on TNT about 5,000 times in the next month. My heart was pounding a good bit of the second half and I kept noticing it…

It was interesting that it actually started in Detroit. I don’t want to give anything away so I’ll say no more. If you thought it looked interesting then you should go watch Salem’s Lot.

And speaking of Keanu, The Devil’s Advocate was pretty good too. And Constantine will be out soon, it was a great comic, we’ll see how it adapts to the big screen.

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