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Written By: Gary on August 8, 2006 2 Comments

57422 Pe163006 S3So I’ve replaced my old tables at my place. They were old ones when I moved in 8 years ago. It was about time and it was an item on my 101 in 1001 list. Here’s the smaller one, the other one is just longer. The glass top is interchangeable with the wood, which I’ll never do, but I like the feature :)

Plus I put in this looonnngg cabinet along the front of the room, it’s pretty much exactly what I’ve been looking for DVDs and CDs and “stuff”. It’s 77 inches long so it’s got room for a lots of items.

Also, I finally put some curtains up in the living room (this is also on my 101 in 1001 list)

It’s resulted in some movement and rearranging around the house. It’s never exactly what I want so I’m still thinking about the layout.

I’ll need to get some photos on-line.

Oh, and I got a hutch for the dining room. I’m trying to keep the laptop in there when I come home and I’m keeping the chargers for all my gadgets in there so that I’m not always digging them up and having them on the dining room table and then misplacing them :)

I need to add an item to my list: No more shopping at Ikea!!!

Written By: Gary on April 8, 2004 No Comment

Home for geeky toys and some sleep.

  1. Onesome: Home- What’s the one thing your dream home must have? Every room, closet and porch wired for networking, speakers, audio, video, satellite, cable, phone and (of course) electricity.
  2. Twosome: improvement- What’s the one thing you would change about your current home? New bed, couch? New carpet or wallpaper? Or something major like an addition? I live in a condo on the 3/4 floor, if I thought I could get away with a hot tub on the balcony, that would be it. But I think it’s probably going to be a new bed, actually the bed isn’t old but I need a new mattress, maybe one of the spongy memory foam ones.
  3. Threesome: shows – Do you ever watch home improvement shows? Which one(s)? Do you actually learn anything, or is it simply entertaining? Not really into the home improvement shows. They are kind of bizarro, IMHO.

From the Thursday Threesome.

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