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I thought it was funny, you might not :)

Written By: Gary on October 23, 2004 No Comment

Found a great site (DontForward.com) with a few humorous lists:

  • How men & women think differently.
  • Things you’d like to say at work (but can’t).
  • If Bush was running against Jesus.
  • Relationship Jokes.
  • The gender of everyday objects.
    At least I thought they were funny.

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    Written By: Gary on February 26, 2004 No Comment

    Do you read Joy of Tech? The do funny up to date computer cartoons. You should be sure to look at the archives or check it out occasionally, they update two or three times a week.

    Today’s was about if cats and dogs could blog so it’s relevant to what we are doing here (writing or reading). It definitely speaks for itself. I think it’s way funnier than the old “On the Internet no one knows you’re a dog.” cartoon.

    Written By: Gary on January 22, 2004 No Comment

    Little Kids are so funny. I’m not just talking about the normal little kid stuff. I’m talking about when you say “good-bye”.

    You can be walking away saying “good-bye” waving at little kids and and they’ll watch (generally very intently) and sometimes wave BUT it’s not until you disappear or close the door that they’ll start yelling “bye”. I saw some day care kids today and the twins* did this to me and it totally cracks me up. It’s even cracking me up as I write this. :)

    I can understand to them that saying “bye” after you disappear might make some sense. BUT if we always say “bye” when the can see us, why would they even understand the bye means “gone” and wait until we are gone?

    *The twins are not mine, nor are they twins, they are just two little girls that I think could be twins when I see them together.

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