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Written By: Gary on February 2, 2011 No Comment

So I’ll blog about things I get at restaurants or check-in via FaceBook, Foursquare and/or Twitter so some people think I never eat at home. I’ll start with mentioning that I’m a grazer, I eat all day long.

bacon egg cantaloupe orange juice

I always start off with cooking breakfast at home (pictured) although I usually get the cantaloupe that’s orange in the middle. If it’s a workday it’s generally fast food for lunch (Wendy’s or McDonald’s is the closest) but in the summer I’ll usually pack a lunch and eat at a nearby park. But also during the day I’ll eat a banana, trail mix, chips or a small sandwich (most days, probably 2); sometimes that’ll be a candy bar less healthy or a salad (the one I got with my Wendy’s combo but didn’t eat). I love my Sausage McMuffins, so if I’m running early for work or run an errand for work near McDonald’s, I’ll get one of those (that’s in addition to the breakfast I already had). For dinner, sometimes it’s eating out (not fast food) or cooking dinner (steak or pork chops on the grill) or microwaving something. Also, there’s a bowl of cereal after work or in the evening many days.

FYI, feel free to friend me on any of the above social networks. I’m probably most active on Facebook, but I post stuff to the others also…

Written By: Gary on January 14, 2008 2 Comments

I know everyone keeps their eyes open for good gas prices and will hit one gas station over another since it’s a few pennies different. I’m sure some people sometimes waste gas by driving a little farther. I know I’m always happy when I can save a few pennies per gallon (I usually fill up on Tuesdays since I’m usually over by some cheap stations). Here’s something to keep in mind, 6 cents more a gallon (if it’s around $3) is only a 2% difference (12 cents more a gallon is only 4%).

Normally, when I eat at McDonald’s I get a number 3 meal (Quarter Pounder – no pickle, no mustard which includes a 20 oz soda and medium fry). At the McDonald’s by work (Plymouth/Beech, Redford, MI) it’s $4.77 (tax included); at the McD’s by my house (Michigan/Greenfield in Dearborn) it’s $5.36 (tax included). That’s a 59 cent difference! That’s 12% more at the more expensive McDonald’s. FYI, both the McD’s I’m referring to have been renovated in the last few years and the cheaper one has a playland.

So keep in mind if your $3 gallon of gas was 12% more at a nearby location it would 36 cents more per gallon! Now it’s not cost effective for me to take the time (and gas) to drive home to save 60 cents, but maybe I should check out the other two nearby McDonald’s to see what they charge. Plus Kelly always refers to the Redoford one as an expensive one (that’s the one I say is cheap).

When they talk about fuel price gouging, maybe we should consider all types of fuel…

Written By: Gary on May 19, 2007 No Comment

So I’m at McDonald’s and I want my regular order, a number 3 combo (Quarter Ponder, Fries, Soda); so I order a “number 3, no pickle, no mustard” slow and articulated but as usual they have to ask me again what it is that I want. I don’t understand how they don’t get it the first time, it’s a limited selection of items that I can order even if I slur my voice someone should be able to figure it out, it’s not like I ordered an iPod with a side of onion rings. But that’s actually not my complaint today, she did get it correct and processed that part of the order quickly and accurately.

So they hand me my order, while the QP box has the “no pickle, No mustard” tag on it there is an excessive amount of mustard on the box which lets me know to check before I bite. Sure enough there’s mustard on it (maybe pickle too). So I sent it back. Minutes later I get another one, with pickle and mustard. So I send it back, it’s easily 5 minutes more until I get a correct sandwich. They did give me fresh fries (the first order was better than delicious) and offer me a pie (but they didn’t have apple so I passed). They handed the final order to me in a togo bag, was that a hint?

How much money (food and staff time) did they waste trying to make this sandwich correctly? We’re not even factoring in my time wasted and the fact that this is the most expensive McDonald’s around here.

Written By: Gary on July 8, 2005 2 Comments
Onesome: PremiumHave you tried any of the fast food empire’s ‘Premium’ sandwiches lately? Was it any good?
I just tried the new a Sirloin Steakhouse Cheesesteak Sandwich (sliced beef, cheese, onions peppers and some kind of parmesan sauce on a new bun/roll) at Arby’s but they don’t list it on their web site so it must be a trial of some sort. It was delicious and they sell it as a wrap too.
Twosome: ChickenChicken, beef, fish, tofu… What’s your dietary staple?
Mostly beef and chicken. If it’s fish it’s generally scrimp (or fast food). The Deluxe Chicken at Burger King is delicious too.
Threesome: Sandwich Let’s do lunch! Do we head for that fast food place? …or will noon find us over at your favorite deli noshing down?
Generally at lunch (M-F) is fast food, maybe a Panera (usually if I know I’m working late

From The Thursday Threesome.

Written By: Gary on April 28, 2005 No Comment

So Sarah and I are out to lunch today, we work in the same building and get lunch occasionally (and she calls with computer problems occasionally). We’re at Subway, where I usually don’t go, if it were a place I usually go, I’d know what I wanted before we even got there. So were in line chatting while I’m trying to figure out what to get and the subway lady (SL) is waiting for us. After we order and the SL is making our subs we had something we were talking/disagreeing/bantering about, so I said to the SL, “So… How long do you think we’ve been going out?” Sarah managed to keep a straight face and we proceeded to pressured her into giving an answer. Her answer was something like, “Not very long, since there wasn’t any yelling”. But she never asked us how long, which was good since we would have had to lie or fess up that we aren’t dating.

That brought a smile to my face multiple times today, “since there wasn’t any yelling”…

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Written By: Gary on April 16, 2005 No Comment

BkomeletI know I mentioned it before but I finally had an Enormous Omelet Sandwich at Burger King. It’s delicious!!! I ate the whole thing, I almost always never finish a whole huge burger. Two sausage patties, cheese, egg, bacon all on a huge sub-like bun. I had to rush to get out of the house because it was 10:30 and I was afraid they were about to stop serving but I made it and it was delicious!!!

My BK whine of the week is that the combo prices are listed next to the sandwich. But that’s not the price if you get coffee or juice; the logical choice for breakfast.

BK whine #2, the WiFi is down again, but the wired ports are working so with my handy dandy Airport Express I’m good to go!

Written By: Gary on April 3, 2005 4 Comments

BkomeletA lot of people on-line are complaining about the Enormous Omelet Sandwich at Burger King. It’s unhealthy and people are obese already and it shouldn’t be allowed, etc.

I gotta say, it does look yummy. I could never eat a whole one or if I did, it would take a long time (I’m a slow eater). I’d think we need to outlaw the companies that make deserts first, the whole “purpose” of desserts is to be unhealthy.

I figure as long as we allow:

  • The gun companies sell to people without hunting licenses.
  • Stores to sell cigarettes to the healthy (or the un-healthy).
  • We let bars and restaurants serve (and let people leave) after clearly drinking too much.
  • We should probably let Burger King sell huge (enormous) omelet sandwiches.

    Okay, I had breakfast (bacon, egg, cantaloupe and orange juice) and I just had a bowl of cereal. I’m starving after seeing pictures of this sandwich. I’d go get one right now if they were still serving breakfast.

    Written By: Gary on September 22, 2004 One Comment

    On the classic TB taco, instead of hard shell/meat/lettuce/cheese that it would make more sense to be hard shell/meat/cheese/lettuce? Then the cheese would melt and help hold it all together instead of falling apart all the time?

    Written By: Gary on September 18, 2004 One Comment

    I was nervous asking the question (any question), but it was the only way to find out. “Do you still have the that deluxe chicken sandwich,” I asked the BK lady. She named it without hesitation and said they had it, so my earlier fears were gone and my guard was down. So I said I’ll have that here in a meal (which they always try to force on you anyways) with no mayonnaise and onion rings instead of fries. So we did a few rounds of you wanted a large soda, right?, no, the regular meal, you said to go?, no it’s for here. And I reverify with “regular size, onion rings and no mayo”.

    bk“That’ll be $10.79, is that to go?” It’s for here but that seems a little expensive, (blank stare), “that seems a little expensive for the meal.” Oh! She pulls out the receipt and explains to me she void it later and have to re-ring it. I think she wanted me to agree to this because there was a big pause before she actually did this. We did our little dance, but shorter this time. After she prints the receipt (which they don’t give you so you can double-check your order) I say “no mayo”, and get back “huh?”, “no mayonnaise on that” I repeat, which she says sure and yells it back (since she didn’t get it on the third try).

    So I get my soda/napkins/straw and some other people get in line, so I go wash my hands, they’re still ordering (two ladies for themselves and two kids who are sitting down). So I stand there and wait, I can see the receipt (no mention of mayo) and it says “fries” so as she takes a break from their order (yes, they are still trying to order) she grabs my tray and sandwich and I say three times, “don’t forget I want onion rings” (I’m getting no acknowledgment, which is why I’m repeating). As she hands me my tray (with fries) I say “I wanted onion rings”. “But I rang up fries” she says, and she says this a few more times as I very politely keep repeating I want (and also that I ordered onion rings). When what I really want to say is, “what did you put down on my first two meal orders…?” She was really hung up on this, I’m not sure why, she knows darn well I ordered the rings, but she’s really concerned that she might get fired (or something) for giving me what I ordered. (That’s the least of the reasons they are going to fire her.)

    PS – My sandwich was delicious!!! :)

    FYI – They actually still have the nerve to own Have It Your Way dot com.

    Did I mention that there is road construction out front? I’m the only person in line. No one waiting and very very few cars in the drive thru. The slowest day I’ve ever seen there, i.e. no distractions or chaos…

    And (generally hyper) me? I’m totally relaxed and in no hurry (fortunately), I didn’t even drive up there since it was a nice sunny afternoon.

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