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Written By: Gary on January 1, 2013 One Comment

I thought this video about the whys of Daylight Savings Time was entertaining. dst-logo.png For those of you from other places that do not practice this, it’s a time in the spring and the fall when we adjust our clocks back (or forward) an hour to pretend to get an extra hour of daylight (by taking away an hour of daylight) or vice-versa depending on your perspective (and the time of year).

Click to view DS video.

I’m not for Daylight Savings TIme, I think it’s chaotic and not needed. Plus, if it really has some of the costs associated as illustrated in the video, it’s totally not worth it.

Written By: Gary on October 31, 2009 One Comment

In the United States Daylight Savings Time (DST) ends today. DST around the world (Picture from wikipedia)So at 2 AM on Sunday November 1st, 2009 set your clocks back one hour in the US (if you’re in the EU, you should have done it last week).

I hate them messing with the clocks, but more importantly, I hate them messing with my internal clock…

But I won’t complain about the extra hour sleep :)

Image courtesy of WikiPedia…

Written By: Gary on October 26, 2005 3 Comments

This weekend, October 30th it’s time to adjust your clocks because of the Daylight Savings Time (DST) again. As always, I’ll express my displeasure with the whole DST thing. My solution – just move it a half hour in-between and leave it alone!! It’s rumored that it’s Ben Franklin’s fault but supposedly that’s not what he was trying to say. Read the WikiPedia entry and you can get a little more background.

At least it’s “fall back” (at 2am set your clocks for 1am) so I can get some extra sleep out of the deal.

PS: Don’t forget to send your DST greeting card.

Written By: Gary on April 3, 2005 5 Comments

Have I told you that I hate Daylight Savings Time lately? No, that’s probably because I only mention it twice a year. I think it’s crazy and not very helpful. That’s my two cents (and I only put in four cents a year on this topic). Does anyone really like DST?

Most importantly, don’t forget to change your clocks or you’ll be late for work tomorrow.

Written By: Gary on October 17, 2004 One Comment

Daylight Savings Time starts in a few weeks (Sunday, October 31st). So be sure to send your DST greeting card.

Written By: Gary on April 4, 2004 No Comment

My body has a natural rhythm or at least it’s supposed to. Messing around with my internal clock doesn’t help. Here I am knowing I need to sleep but my body is really telling me it’s an hour earlier (because it is). I think the daylight savings time thing is just a money making scheme made up by Hallmark and all the other greeting card companies! And it’s the people who have to suffer because of it!

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