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Written By: Gary on April 16, 2010 One Comment

I thought this video of the cat playing with the iPad was pretty funny. Actually it’s pretty slow at the beginning, if you click here it should start a minute in the video.

Here’s the direct link to the Cat iPad video (in case I screwed up the links above trying to start them).

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Written By: Gary on December 26, 2004 2 Comments

Cat cloneSo everyone keeps talking about the lady who cloned her cat at the Genetic Savings and Clone (no I’m not kidding) for $50,000. The strange thing is most articles I’ve read all focus on what she could have better spent her money on. I’m know $50k is a lot, but it’s not fifty million dollars, you could say the same about anyone who spends too much on a house or car or boat. They talk about it being a bit “morally reprehensible” but I’m not going to go there with this post, I’m just waiting for her to clone her ex-boyfriend…

FYI – If your pet dies unexpectedly be sure to just refrigerate it, don’t freeze it. (Once again, I’m not kidding)

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