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Written By: Gary on November 4, 2007 No Comment

It’s just been a bit of a cRaZy week: car troubles, busy at work, being sick, an out of town guest and few other things I can’t remember. It’s just kept me from blogging and even reading the blogs I read.

I’m back at work at 110% time while I’ve previously I’ve only been there about 70% time the past year or so (that’s how I’ve managed to find time to teach other classes and try a few other things). But I can really see the difference in being at work that much. I’ll get used to it in a few weeks, I guess…

So the car was acting up earlier this week, it’s an automatic and it wasn’t shifting (stuck in first) this was due to the speedometer not working so it was a relatively cheap fix ($187) compared to needed a whole new transmission.

I’ve been fighting some kind of cold and not even realizing it, I just been sleeping a lot but I thought I was just tired. On Friday, I really started being hoarse and coughing so I broke down and went to the doctor. He gave me drugs so we’ll see…

I had an old friend from college come into town and while that was excellent, it certainly would have been better if I was feeling better and didn’t need naps. We spent most of the time eating, chatting or watching movies (Becoming Jane and Martian Child).

The latter movie raised a few issues for me because I’ve thought so much about adopting in the past, it’s mostly been this last year or so that I haven’t been thinking so much about it, but I have been recently thinking about it again so this movie hit home…

So coming up soon – I’ll probably have some postings on keeping in touch with old friends, adoption and two movie reviews.

Written By: Gary on November 23, 2005 No Comment

So my car has been making some funny noises up front lately. Guess where I am? I’m waiting at Belle Tire to see what’s wrong with it. It’s something up front and with the tires or alignment or steering or something

We’ll see how it goes. It’s a little busy here, probably some people who want to get their car fixed before they travel for the holiday. I’ve spent $700-ish each of the last two times I had service so I’m hoping it’s not too bad. It’s only a 2000 so it’s not that old, it’s at 56,000 miles and I take pretty good care of it (oil, tires, brakes, etc.).

FYI – Michael Moore is on the television in the waiting room (it’s like a hospital, we’re all just waiting to hear how bad the news is). IT’s some C-Span broadcast from Mott Community College in Flint, Michigan from last Sunday. He’s such a dork. I’m not talking about his views (I wasn’t listening that much) just that he’s a goof (very gracious though).

So as I’m writing the previous sentence he’s started talking with the sign interpreter on the stage making her do “tricks” showing different signs and such. Not really appropriate, it’s not why she’s there. At least it’s not in my experiences with deaf culture. Maybe it’s different since she’s doing the television show but I’m thinking it’s not.

So my ears just picked up a bit. He’s talking about the auto companies and how foreign cars last so much longer and how/why the american car companies are closing things down (lots of closing and layoffs in the Detroit/Flint area lately, with more soon). My car is not foreign although I’ve had to do very little service on foreign cars I’ve owned.

Written By: Gary on June 23, 2004 One Comment

So my plan was to leave the car overnight. But they insisted they could do it in a half-hour. It’s been at least an hour and the phone rings. Guess what!?! You got it! They can’t get it done tonight. So that means I call Mark back up after he followed me out there and have him come back and pick me back up and take me home (like I should have done an hour ago…)

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