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Written By: Gary on November 4, 2007 No Comment

It’s just been a bit of a cRaZy week: car troubles, busy at work, being sick, an out of town guest and few other things I can’t remember. It’s just kept me from blogging and even reading the blogs I read.

I’m back at work at 110% time while I’ve previously I’ve only been there about 70% time the past year or so (that’s how I’ve managed to find time to teach other classes and try a few other things). But I can really see the difference in being at work that much. I’ll get used to it in a few weeks, I guess…

So the car was acting up earlier this week, it’s an automatic and it wasn’t shifting (stuck in first) this was due to the speedometer not working so it was a relatively cheap fix ($187) compared to needed a whole new transmission.

I’ve been fighting some kind of cold and not even realizing it, I just been sleeping a lot but I thought I was just tired. On Friday, I really started being hoarse and coughing so I broke down and went to the doctor. He gave me drugs so we’ll see…

I had an old friend from college come into town and while that was excellent, it certainly would have been better if I was feeling better and didn’t need naps. We spent most of the time eating, chatting or watching movies (Becoming Jane and Martian Child).

The latter movie raised a few issues for me because I’ve thought so much about adopting in the past, it’s mostly been this last year or so that I haven’t been thinking so much about it, but I have been recently thinking about it again so this movie hit home…

So coming up soon – I’ll probably have some postings on keeping in touch with old friends, adoption and two movie reviews.

Written By: Gary on November 23, 2005 No Comment

End results:

  • Cost: $400 ($40 less than expected).
  • Time: I called them at two hours fifteen minutes and it was ready. Slightly disappointed that they didn’t call to let me know.
  • Car: Much quieter than when I took it in.
  • Car Bonus: He printed out a list of all my previous car repairs so I can put them in one spot.
  • Weather: Much colder and wetter and snowier than earlier. Although the snow that’s sticking looks beautiful.
  • Caffine Levels: Off the chart. Remember, free Coca-Cola refills for the two hours I was at BK.
  • Written By: Gary on July 13, 2005 One Comment

    So I went to leave the house and I had another flat tire, not a crisis I just wished I had noticed it earlier. It had a nail (maybe it was a screw) in it. I’m thinking that was a new tire from a few weeks ago (I had a flat on a different tire, but they rotated so I think this is a the new one). I didn’t wimp out and call the Auto Club (but isn’t that what I pay them for?).  So much for the productive day I had planned. So now I’m getting fast food and waiting at the shop for the tire to be replaced….

    This just ties into the kind of day I had so far:

  • Spilled on my clothes twice (so I changed twice).
  • Knocked a jar of medicine into the toilet (at least it was empty, so into the trash with it).
  • They call me and tell me it’s going to be longer before the auto club gets there so I go back inside and start grilling up some food. Guess who shows up as I start that? Now I’m eating fast food…
  • And they just scrubbed the Shuttle Launch. Very disappointing day so far…

    UPDATE: Shuttle rescheduled for Saturday.

    UPDATE 2: Tire was covered under the road hazard warranty (I love Belle Tire). Plus they fixed a rim leak in another that was running low. Was still a hassle and wasted a bit of time but at least it was free. :)

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