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Searches for Movie Characters

Written By: Gary on July 20, 2008 3 Comments

So I’ve gotten a few searches here lately for “favorite movie characters” so I went and checked out the old post. Now I think it’s time to watch a few f those old movies again:

  • Stealing Beauty with Liv Tyler
  • Leon The Professional with Natalie Portman + Jean Reno.

    Yes, I realize they are completely different types of movies. But those happen to be a few from that list that I own…

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    3 Responses to “Searches for Movie Characters”

    1. kilax says on: 20 July 2008 at 4:38 pm

      I LOVE The Professional. Why don’t I own it? ;) It’s been on my “to-buy” list forever.

    2. ajooja says on: 20 July 2008 at 6:02 pm

      I couldn’t agree more. All three of those characters, plus maybe Gary Oldman in The Professional, are awesome.

      I think you’d have to say the same thing about most of the characters in “Midnight Run,” from the bumbling gangsters to Eddie Moscone (Joe Pantoliano) to Jimmy Serrano (Dennis Farrina) to the incomparable Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin.

      Midnight Run is my favorite film because the casting is absolutely perfect.

    3. Gary Said... says on: 31 July 2008 at 9:54 pm

      Stealing Beauty – Review

      As I mentioned last week I was going to watch Stealing Beauty with Liv Tyler. I’m pretty sure that was the first thing I ever saw her in and she was so enchanting in it. She’s plays this sweet 19 year-old name Lucy (and Liv was 19 at the time)…

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