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Saturday Drivers – Saturday-8

Written By: Gary on May 29, 2004 No Comment
1. Have you ever been in a serious accident? If not, how about any accident?
Yes. Stopped at a light, some guys in the car behind us were ogling a woman on the side of the road and plowed right into us. I saw them coming and grabbed my girlfriend (in the passenger seat). Our car then went forward to hit the car in front of us that had a baby in the back seat (which was okay). Said GF still managed to hit rear-view mirror with head (broke the mirror off) and her glasses flew off which we found in the back of the hatchback compartment. We even had our seat-belts on!
2. Have you ever been ticketed for an accident and if so did you pay it or fight it?
Yeah, a different very minor accident, I lost so I ended up paying it. I thought it was iffy enough to try.
3. What kind of insurance do you have and would you recommend it to your friends?
I like my State Farm, good prices and not too many issues…
4. Did the accident cause you to change the way you drive?
5. Did you need a rental car? If so, did you get a better car or worse one than you had? If not, what did you do for transportation?
THe above accident was the gf’s car, I think she borrowed one from someone else in the extended family.
6. Have any of the mishaps you’ve experienced with your vehicles given you impressions of the quality or safety of certain vehicles?
7. When in an accident were you alone, with someone, with your children, etc. Did that make a difference in the situation?
Oh yeah, it’s one thing to have something happen to me but to someone else, when I’m driving, yuk… The accident with the gf above we were stopped (so not my fault!) but there is definitely the extra sense of panic…
8. Finally if you could drive any vehicle you wanted, what would it be?
Assuming I can’t pick the space shuttle or the Batmobile… Actually I’m not really fussy about cars. I love my convertible. I’d love a hybrid that was a convertible that was still large enough (like my Sebring) to keep all my junk in!

Hopefully everyone drives safely and gets where they are going. Be well and we’ll see you here (Saturday-8) again next week.

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