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My Sebring Convertible Rear Windshield was peeling from the roof

Written By: Gary on September 13, 2007 5 Comments

So the roof on my 7 year old convertible was starting to peel between the back window and the roof (I purchased it about 5 years ago). This seems to be a problem with many of the Sebrings when they start to hit the sever year mark (I should have taken a before picture). I will admit I am rough on the car and drive it through the car wash which probably has more to do with it than the weather although I’m sure Michigan ice buildup has something to do with it too.

I starting asking people who had Sebrings from the 7+ years range and most of the people I asked had replaced the whole roof since that was what was recommended to them!!! I figured, what do I have to lose if I muck it up if replacing it is the only option? After a while of googling around and asking at car places, I finally purchased some Permatex Black Super Weatherstrip Adhesive which was suggested by my oil change guys (about $5 for a tube). It’s great, I’ve survived many major storms, done a road trip or two and gotten the car washed a few times over the last month since I’ve done it and it still looks great. It could be better but that’s my fault, I’m not so good at that stuff, if I had taken better care I’m sure it would be good as knew. If it starts to peel again I’ll just squirt in some more glue, even if it gets messy it’s better than how it looks when peeling.In case you’re interested in my process – I cleaned the window and the cloth part that I needed to affix to the window (the latter still had some some kind of plastic strip which I assume was attached with some kind of heat welding). I then just did a tiny bit of sanding on both parts (the plastic and the glass) to make sure the glue would had something to stick to. I applied a thin strip to both the glass and the plastic keeping them seperate and letting them dry for about 30-45 minutes (I think). Then I applied another thin strip to where the glass already had glue on it and stuck the two sides together. I then taped it down with vertical strips of gaffer tape (think duct tape but more easily removable) and let it sit for 24 hours. I probably could have driven an hour later but I’d wanted to put the roof down (and I wasn’t willing to do that) so I just walked, rode my bike and made someone else drive when I went out that night.

There’s also 3M Super Weatherstrip Adhesive, but it’s more $$ and Permatex was specifically recommended to me.

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5 Responses to “My Sebring Convertible Rear Windshield was peeling from the roof”

  1. Gary Said... says on: 23 July 2008 at 4:10 pm

    Best fix for my Convertible Rear Windshield

    So last summer my Sebring convertible roof was peeling from my rear window. I didn’t want to replace the roof (the most common suggestion) so I glued it with some Permatex Black Super Weatherstrip Adhesive for a mere $5. I can’t believe how well this h…

  2. Bob Steeb says on: 24 September 2008 at 4:24 pm

    The process worked great.

    I have used it and gave it to two guys at work that bought Sebrings after seeing mine. There windows were peeling now all three of our convertibles look fantastic.

    Every place else wanted us to have new roofs for $1800.00

  3. Angela says on: 5 June 2009 at 9:39 am

    This has just happened to me. We’ve had a few weeks of torrential rain which has caused the top to peel away from the glass leaving a gaping hole. I got the adhesive but I’m having a problem stretching the top to meet the glass where it should. How did you do that? I kept trying to put the top up halfway to create some slack but it didn’t stay halfway up. Any advice on that?

  4. Gary says on: 5 June 2009 at 10:54 am

    Wow, I don’t think I had any problem getting it pulled back up to the correct spot.

    How about putting the top down a little to give a little slack.

    And this weekend I was just noticing how good it still looked on my car after all this time…

    Good Luck (let us know what happens)

  5. Angela says on: 5 June 2009 at 5:58 pm

    Yeah I tried that but the top kept falling back into place.

    I’d need someone to hold it midway up or something. I managed to glue it on by myself by starting at the edges and slowly working my way in, letting bit by by dry 5 mins and then moving on. I pressed down on the glass to push it towards the roof. There are some bubbly spots but it’s good enough that it can wait a few days until I can get someone more skilled to do it well.

    I only noticed it this morning and I have a massive road trip tomorrow so I freaked out. The entire bottom lip of the roof was peeled off and curling away from the glass. We had about 3 weeks of torrential downpour rain and I’m sure that’s the cause.

    Thanks for the blog, I would’ve ended up buying a whole new top if it hadn’t been for your advice!

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