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Written By: Gary on January 27, 2006 One Comment

So I came home and took a nap after all my errands (I feel great now). Since then I’ve watched a bit of TV and now I’m thinking of funerals. This wasn’t weird dreams, it was what was on the TV show (didn’t you hear, someone was going to die on Smallville).

I still remember being freaked out at my first funeral. Here’s why:

It wasn’t why you think, of course I was sad and upset at the idea that Grandma had passed away and all the normal funeral things to get upset about. We did the normal stuff: did the funeral home for one or two days, did mass at the church, drove way the heck out to the cemetery, did a little service in chapel at the cemetery and then we left. That last part was what freaked me out, that we left. I’ve seen this a million times on TV and at the movies the next part is that you go to the grave site and put lower the casket into the ground and throw some dirt and/or flowers on the casket. Come on, everyone knows this stuff that’s just what you do. Needless to say, they thought I was nuts when I asked about it.

I was fifteen or sixteen at the time and to this day this still haunts me. I think about it almost every time I see this happen on a television show or movie. To this day I’ve never experienced a funeral like this. So I think I’ve come to a decision: If it’s possible to still have funerals like that, then this is how I want my funeral to be. That might seem a little weird, but I am (a little weird).

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One Response to “Funerals”

  1. Amy says on: 31 January 2006 at 1:15 pm

    Come to think of it…I don’t recall ever being at a funeral where that was done. Of course I don’t go to many…all funerals freak me out. I’m going to be cremated and dumped in the ocean instead.

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