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Finally (Smallville)

Written By: Gary on February 24, 2005 No Comment

So if you don’t watch Smallville you probably don’t care and if you haven’t watched last night’s episode you probably don’t want to read this. So it’s been bugging me that Lana Lang and Clark Kent haven’t been interacting much (if at all) and it’s been annoying that if they aren’t going to interact then get her off the show.

Previous to this season Lana was kinda like Clark’s (future) Lois Lane; now that they’ve brought a young Lois onto the show there is too much going on. Lois has this weird mystical story-line about an ancestor of hers and ties to her Jason’s (her boyfriend) family (her ancestor threated to kill the decedents of his ancestors, but I’m not sure if she knows this yet). It’s really been the drawn-out story-line from hell and since it’s mystical anything can happen: anyone can be possessed by anyone and anyone could manifest random powers (and I already don’t like the random kryptonite effects around Smallville) plus this has something to with Clark’s past also (some of the mystical symbols are also kryptonian). So what I’ve been waiting for is for Lana to ask Clark for help! She doesn’t know what’s going on, who’s truthful or not so she finally confided this to Clark as she’s packing to go to Shang-hi. To which Clark said “I’m going to come with you”, so I’m guessing we’re going to get some more interaction between them.

PS – At this point I’ve only seen the first 20 minutes so I’m guessing I haven’t given too much away…


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