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Written By: Gary on September 7, 2005 No Comment

So I’ve been getting some promos from Talk America for their DSL which is only $25 a month (first month free and free modem) and they claim 4MB service. They also offer free dial-up for travel (but the guy on the phone referred to is as a backup plan). I love Talk America. I use them for my phone service: my local calling area is much larger (most of metro Detroit), unlimited minutes and unlimited member to member calling for 22.95.

I thought I’d try it, it’s free, right? But the computer at their end was dead so I have to wait. But then I called my cable company (Comcast) and hassled them (generally it’s best to call the disconnect / cancel service departments for these calls. I got them to drop my cable modem costs $10 a month (for the next 12 months) with no problem. A little more haggling and I got them down $15 a month, so I’m not as cheap as the DSL but I’m definitely in the range of where I want to be and it’s been good service so I’m happy with it (I did this about 8 months ago and they gave me a similar, but not as good as this, discount for six months).

Back to Talk phone service: Call Waiting, Repeat Dialing, Speed Calling 8, 3-Way Calling, Call Return and Caller ID are $5.00 more a month for all (not each). Statewide or Nationwide unlimited calling are $12 or $18. And I don’t know what they charge now (but it used to be cheap) for a second number, same line just a second number than rings differently (so if it’s not for you you don’t bother to get it!), this is always a cool feature to have especially with roommates or kids.

I’m not selling this I just think it’s a good deal for people with land lines.
Talk DSL: 1-866-714-9883
Talk Phone service: 1-800-608-0577


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