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Colleges and Universities – Sunday Brunch

Written By: Gary on March 13, 2005 No Comment
1) Did you go to college?
Yes! Four of them (only graduated from three of them).
2) Did you live in a dorm or an apartment?
I lived in the dorm for four years and I loved it! I only moved out because I needed more space (I would have stayed if I could have gotten the “apartment” that was in my building).
3) Who was your favorite roommate?
I’ve never had any in the dorm. In an apartment it was probably Wayne and Cheryl, we lived together for about three years (we had such opposite schedules most of my friends didn’t even believe I had roommates).
4) What is your favorite college sport?
Didn’t really do much with sports (watching or playing).
5) Who was your favorite professor and class?
Professor McClure, he taught the impossibly (for me) hard calculus classes I was required to take. I wouldn’t say those were my favorite classes though.

From Sunday Brunch.


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