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And a child shall lead them…

Written By: Gary on August 30, 2005 One Comment

Last night I watched the season finale of The 4400. It was great, it really wrapped more than a few things up and then turned around but also created a bunch more possibilities in the last five minutes. (I’ve got a few spoilers in the extended entry so don’t read them if you haven’t seen it). The title of this post indicates leans towards one of the (unfortunately) used premises in science fiction (and comics), I was afraid it might be used and it was, we’ll see how it pans out next season. I also predict the title of this post with be the title of an episode next season, probably the first or last episode.

SPOILERS but still slightly vague: The explosion during the cure was excellent. All the little flashbacks at the end worked out for me. The final injection. Maia’s little speech. Richard and his cup of coffee. The person at the lake (this is Kyle’s entity, IMHO, time is relative after all). I wasn’t so keen on the courthouse. Diana (with a different look than usual, yowsa!) and her dinner guest.

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One Response to “And a child shall lead them…”

  1. Gary says on: 4 September 2005 at 2:04 pm

    What even makes this a little stranger as shows like this go is there are actually two children and it seems link they both might be the key to this thing…

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