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  • About Me
    A little bit of information about ME, Gary LaPointe.

  • What I’m Talking about…
    A visual representation of what I’ve been blogging about.

  • My ReadRoll (BlogRoll)
    A list of what I’m sites reading on-line.

  • Wish List
    Remember the old “Wish List” holiday catalogs? This is the new virtual version… (Think of it as a bridal/baby registry or a list for Santa).

  • 100 Things
    As seen on-line! One hunded things such as: likes, dislikes, where I’ve lived, what I want to do, places I’ve been to and more!

  • Flickr
    Some Flickr photos.

  • Gallery
    Photos on my server.

  • About This Site
    Background on the Software and Tools I use to build this site.

    Read my feeds or look at me on a PDA or cell phone…

  • Recent Search Referrers
    This is the last bunch of searches that people put into Google/Yahoo!/etc. that led them to this site.

  • What I’m Talking about…
    A visual representation of topics I’ve been blogging about.

    Contact Info

  • Contact me!
    Send me an e-mail (be sure to use a good subject line).

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