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About Gary

Hello, I’m Gary LaPointe.

I’ve lived in Michigan all my life, I grew up in Berkley (Detroit) and have spent most of my life there, 11 years in Lansing/East Lansing and in Dearborn since ’99. My family and most of my friends are still somewhere around the general area somewhere.

I love rollerblading, movies, music, travel, riding with the roof down, riding the train, Costa Rica and geeky gizmo toys. I like taking photos too and lots are on-line at flickr and at my own on-line gallery.

I blog about everything, but it tends to revolve around traveling, entertainment (music, music, movies, books), my iProducts and photos that I took a liked. You can see most things that blog about by looking at my blog cloud.

I love learning – I went to college for eleven years straight, except for one summer when I worked at a camp, (yes, that’s a long time but I did get degrees). I went to a few different schools but Michigan State University and the East Lansing area were home to me for eleven years (a different but overlapping block of eleven years). I’ve been back in the Detroit area since 1998.

I hope someday to marry a princess, maybe make a few babies and live happily ever after…

I can be reached at

Other Stuff:

  • Wish List
    Remember the old “Wish List” holiday catalogs? This is the new virtual version… (Think of it as a bridal/baby registry or a list for Santa).

  • 100 Things
    As seen on-line! One hunded things such as: likes, dislikes, where I’ve lived, what I want to do, places I’ve been to and more!

  • What I’m Talking about…
    A visual representation of waht I’ve been blogging about.

  • My ReadRoll (BlogRoll)
    A list of what I’m sites reading on-line.

  • Flickr
    Some Flickr photos.

  • Gallery
    Photos on my server.

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