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A Bit On Birthdays – The Weekly Bit

Written By: Gary on June 13, 2004 One Comment
1. When is your birthday?
September 11th.
2. As a child, how did you celebrate your birthday? How do you celebrate it now?
I’d have to say totally different every year. Some times a big deal, sometimes not.
3. Do you dread your b-day or do you still love having them?
They’re okay, don’t like them so much when I’m single.
4. What was your best birthday?
I’m not at liberty to reveal that in a public forum. But I do recall a birthday party with all the kids in the neighborhood when I was little (probably about five or six).
5. Did you ever get a gift that you didn’t like?
Sure, usually when people are over-compensating. I’m pretty happy with the little things. I just want to have a nice time.

From The Weekly Bit

Sunday Brunch is about birthday’s too, how odd…

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One Response to “A Bit On Birthdays – The Weekly Bit”

  1. naida says on: 14 June 2004 at 7:58 pm

    Hi Gary, thanks for playing the weekly bit, have a great day :)

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