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May 2006

Written By: Gary on May 31, 2006 4 Comments

Clickondetroit.Com.TrainSo yesterday I knew Mark was on a train home from Battle Creek and gave him a ring just to see if he was home yet. He was still in Jackson. Turns out they hit a dump truck crossing the tracks on a private drive (the driver was likely killed instantly). He said a few of them got thrown to the ground as they stopped (which took about a 1/2 mile). They were in the car directly behind the engine (remember that if you watch the videos) and he said the windows turned black with smoke. Fifteen people had minor injuries and went to the hospital. They were then emergency bussed to the train station (city and school busses) and waited for hours to get another bus back home (I think he was supposed to get back around 2 and got back around 6:30…

He’s fine (mostly fine, today he’s complaining about his back) so that’s a good thing. This WLNS news report has 3 different videos (all with a little more info) if you’re interested. I don’t know how long they’ll keep the story/videos (which I never did get to play on my Mac, does yours play it).

I could be wrong but I don’t think they gave any of these people a free train trip or anywhere to call if they had problems after or anything. He did say the Red Croos showed up at the train station to hand out water and check on people.

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Written By: Gary on May 30, 2006 2 Comments

These are things that (to me) save time and money and I don’t understand why people who have the option don’t use them…

Use Mail In Prescriptions
We have a prescription plan at work and it’s a great one. It’s $5 an order of a prescription (generally a month’s worth) but if you mail it in they send you about 3 months worth for $2. $2 vs. $15 and I don’t have to go back to the pharmacy, this isn’t a complicated decision.
Using the ATM Machine
I go to the back, they’ve got two drive through lines backed up and I generally pull right up the the ATM machine (or wait for one person) and get my cash (maybe make a deposit) and go and the same people are still at the back of the line. I’m not sure why all those people are in line, are they getting better cash? Do they really like using the pneumatic tubes that much? It’s pretty much the same issue using the walk up bank vs. walk up ATM, except you don’t get to use the tubes…
Automatic bill payment
Many (most?) utility companies will automatically charge your bill to your checking account, these are generally done the day the bill is due and it’s generally free. Did you get this: you don’t have to use a check, take the time to write it out, use a 39 cent stamp and then mail it (where it’s probably going to get there early or late, not the day it’s due, right?), they’ll just do it automatically for you! My gas, electric, cable and cell phone company will do this. Plus my mortgage, my association fees, car insurance, homeowners insurance and several of my charge cards will do this too (all on the exact day it’s due). This isn’t on-line banking, they just do it (for free). That’s about 8 checks and envelopes a month plus over $3 in stamps.

Use Direct Deposit
All these people I know have to rush out on payday and deposit their paycheck. They could just have work automatically deposit it and it would be there for them, no muss or fuss. It actually gets touched by less humans that way, which to me means less chance of an error. Actually, I know why some people don’t do this, they deposit the check at the bank less some cash for themselves and don’t tell their spouse. If the whole check went in, someone would notice how much cash they took out…
Buy stamps
You can get a ‘buy stamps by mail’ envelope at the post office and send for stamps via postage paid mail and when they mail you the stamps they send you another envelope. This still takes time but if you aren’t in a hurry it beats the line at the post office.

For all this I don’t have to remember to do anything, it’s just done automagically and for free. You can’t beat a deal like that. I hate paying bills and I like my free time, it’s a nice balance.

Written By: Gary on May 29, 2006 One Comment

So with the sales today I bought a few things.

Digtial Picture Frame
I Saw these the other week at Target and said when they go on sale I’m gonna get one. It’s medium quality, it might go back the the store, but for $99 I didn’t really expect much. What I want to see is how it looks if I scale the photos first…
These movies are for my 50 excellent movies item on my 101 in 1001 days list. Frequency is a great and slightly different time travel movie (for everyone, not just geeks). I considered putting this on the list, but when it hit $5.99 (at CC) it was a no brainer.
The Long Kiss Goodnight
Gena Davis as an action heroine.
The Chronicles of Narnia
It’s just plain great, I think anyone would like this even if they don’t know where Narnia is.
Digital Thermometer
This was on the clearance rack at Target for cheap and it’s got the humidity sensor, the outdoor connector (wireless), moon phase and syncs to the atomic clock. All this for only $12.50, I should have got two!

I’ll do reviews for the movies when I watch them. It seems like I bought more but I’m not going downstairs to check…

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Unimemorialday1754-1So it’s Memorial Day and Dearborn is having a parade today. Usually I don’t even notice until it’s over and their walking by my place (it ends at the end of my block). So I wandered on by late this morning.
One of the first things I saw was the Redford Township Unicycle club, they were pretty good, I wish I had gotten some better pictures. It was interesting, lots of people, in lots of heat, I wandered around and notice my around the corner bar was open, they’re never open on a holiday, it turns out they were just open for the parade so I got a Coca-Cola, said hello and wandered back outside. Another odd hit was the Downriver Remote Control club, they had cars and they towed a ramp and drove around and jumped the ramp. They seemed to get more daring as they neared the end so there were more jumps and crashes…

I came late so I missed all the military and more memeroial related portions of the parade, it was just all the local groups, I’m not really sure what time it started. Now that’s I’m home I realize how hot it really was outside, 88 degrees with 51% humidity and it’s suppesed to hit 93! I really don’t want to go back out, but I’ve got some errands to run.

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Nonsequitur060528So I really liked today’s edition of Non Sequitor. It really shows what technology should and could do and how people could relate to it better (sarcasm inserted all over the place).

I just thought this cartoon was hysterical and wanted to share it. You can see this comic every day at the Non Sequitor site. (If the above link breaks you can see the comic by clicking on the image).

Plus she uses my word that I’ve found all sorts of uses or lately, “bonehead”….

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Written By: Gary on May 28, 2006 One Comment

It’s such a great day I went up to Michigan State University to wander around. It’s a great day, it was a little hot for rollerblading though. Campus seems pretty covered with WiFi, I like that :)

I’m off to Charlie Kangs for dinner. That would be “beef with broccoli, with no vegetables, but I want the broccoli (just not the other ones)”…

Written By: Gary on May 26, 2006 2 Comments

I read a great book yesterday. Please note I didn’t say I finished it, I read the whole thing! Orbit, by John J. Nance, is a novel about a man who wins a day trip into space. An accident causes the vacation to end abruptly and the adventure begins. After determining the ship will not fly and he has no radio contact with Earth he figures eventually someone will find his body either in the near future or the far future so in-between sleeping and watching sunsets and sunrises he starts to write his life story. From his current (disastrous) marriage to his first love (and first time) he blogs writes about it.

What the heck, he’ll be dead by the time someone sees it, right? And if he’s rescued, he just has to delete it. Here’s the catch: keystrokes are recorded and sent back (one way) to Earth. He’s a hit, in essence it’s the most popular thing (blog?) ever, everyone is reading it and he doesn’t know it, everyone is talking about it (commenting) but he doesn’t know it. Since it’s keystrokes, they even see what he deletes. With nothing to lose he writes about everything: good, bad, regrets, just about everything.

It’s much better than I make it sound. Partially since I’m not going to give the good stuff away and since I’m really tired (I was up late last night). If you’ve every wanted to go into space, write about your life or read about other lives, check out this book…

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The other day Dawn mentioned Pandora Music so I checked it out. You tell it a few things you like (and it seems the fewer the better, just try one or two) and it does some calculations with the Music Genome Project and creates your own radio station and it streams the station to you. It then shows you cover art with links to Amazon and iTunes and you can then give songs a thumbs up or down and it fine tunes it. what are you waiting for? Go try it out!

Things to know:

  • Two thumbs down for an artist and you never hear them again (a little harsh IMHO).
  • You can only skip a few songs per hour before it won’t let you any more.
  • It’s free for now (and has been for a while) but they will eventually start charging or add advertisements.
  • It’s not just genre it really seems to be a bit of a song by song comparison, it’s been pull individual songs off of some soundtracks and I’m liking them (a little bit too much bubble-gum though).
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    Written By: Gary on May 25, 2006 2 Comments

    So I finally did a 26 things scavenger hunt. I just noticed they were offering one for this month (they only do it every few months) and I thought I had a lot of Egypt photos that fit the plan so I used those (a few I had to stretch the definitions a little).

    Here’s the photos of the 26 things that I used…

    FYI – this also completes one of my 101 in 1001 items list!!!

    Here is the 26 things site (these are not my photos)

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    So Dearborn isn’t really the kind of town to have a bar and laundromat all-in-one. But my around-the-corner bar is right across the street from a laundromat and the bar just added WiFi so it works for me. It was time to wash the comforter for my bed, I’ve got a pretty big washer but it’s just too big to fit, hence the laundromat. Plus it’s one of the days they’ve got happy hour food, so I’ve got pizza and wings to go with my Long Island and it’s not too smokey. I’ve got all this and laundry cooking across the street, it couldn’t be much better unless they had outside seating :)

    Written By: Gary on May 24, 2006 6 Comments

    I’ve got this small clinic semi-across the street from my place. I can only assume they do abortions due to the fact that their are always protesters out there. I just think it’s awful that women have to go in there and have these “people” criticize them for a life decision such as this. They hold up these signs and say things (they seems quieter than they used to be) and have these awful posters that they put up on the side of their van. And they’ve got writing on the sidewalks in chalk (I think it’s just the phone number).

    I just just wanted to see if there was anything I could do to help (to get the protesters away from there). Why? Because I don’t think they are doing anything to deter women from their abortions, I think the women have already made their decision. My opinion is that they are just upsetting and stressing these women out and may make them doubt their decision after the fact which they don’t need. It’s got to be a tough enough decision without strangers telling you what to do with your body.

    So I didn’t know if they had any petitions or anything or anywhere I could file a complaint. They said thanks but not really, they did have a court date of some kind pending but a local resident didn’t seem to be what they needed. They seemed appreciative but (at first) I think there was some doubt that I was really there to offer help. I’m glad I went over there, I’ve thought about it a million times but felt funny about it…

    I’m not trying to spark a debate or anything. I’m pro-choice but it’s from more of a “it’s none of your business what I do with my body” standpoint than some deep philosophy of life (and that’s good enough for me).

    On a side note – My Mother had me at a young age and had to drop out of high school, her decision might have resulted in my not being here. I think about that a lot when thinking about these kinds of things but I still think people need to make their own decisions. She did go back to high school part time to get her diploma, I still remember that, I think I was in the first grade when she did that. She managed okay, but I’m sure it was rougher to do than I remember i

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    Written By: Gary on May 20, 2006 No Comment

    CaptchaaudioSo I’ve mentioned CAPTCHAs before, probably in regards to blocking spam. One of the problems is that they prevent blind people from using them since it’s just a picture of the text it needs to decode. I just noticed on Blogger/Blogspot the other day that the sites that do turn on the CAPTCHA spam blocking now have a little accessibility symbol next to it (I just noticed it, maybe it’s been there forever). When you click the symbol it speaks a code for you to decode and type in. Try it that way they next time you post!

    I know some people frown against CAPTCHAs because they are a slight pain to deal with. But if I’ve got a thought to share with others and I’m willing to type it up, another six characters aren’t going to kill me. It certainly levels some of the bumps that it had and I’m happy with that. Clearly it still won’t work if you’re blind and deaf so it’s not perfect yet…

    Also, I don’t have to see spam on the sites I like to read also makes it a bonus for me. It’s certainly better than having to log in on a site to get it approved. Although my problem with this is a lot of MovableType sites say they use the TypeKey verification service but they don’t have it configured properly (which is then a pain and annoying and it doesn’t actually work right); it might just never have been registered.

    What’s interesting about Blogspot/Blogger’s way of doing this is that it speaks a number and not the exact text. But hey, as long as it works.

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    Written By: Gary on May 19, 2006 One Comment

    From Day 3 in Egypt I’ve got 150 more photos up. We travel to Luxor and visit Karnak, a school and the temple of Luxor (at night).

  • Karnak: Lots of photos from Karnak, I think it’s the world’s largest covered (enclosed?) temple. Lots of photos, sorry for the repetition.
  • School: We visited an elementary school. It was an all girls elementary school (700) of them. They had to learn English and as you see they wear uniforms. It’s also an orphanage for a small number of girls. We got to visit a few classrooms while they were waiting for parents to pick them up. I took a lot of pictures of the posters on the walls and other similar items.
  • Around Town: Flowers, buildings, the hotel, the view from the hotel, the McDonald’s with the delivery scooters, the group waiting to go out and Jack dancing.
  • Temple of Luxor: This is a large temple in the middle of town (well, they built the town around it). Some shots in the daylight and a lot of night shots). Notice the Sphinxes in the last few photos, you can see them lined up, they go the whole path back to Karnak with Sphinxes on each side every 20 feet or so for about 2.5 kilometers.

    A key thing to know about monuments (and I’m not sure how they define ‘monuments’) two-thirds of the world’s monuments are in Egypt and one-third are in Luxor.

    More notes: From reading about Karnak in the WikiPedia I guess there are 4 parts and we likely only visted the larger area of Amen-Re, this is the first and hugest place we visited and I’m sure a lot went in (and out) of my head (because this doesn’t sound familiar at all).

    The Sphinxes I pointing out in the last few photos, I thought lined a path between Luxor Temple and Karnak but somewhere else I read they were “ram headed”. So I’m not 100% sure on this.

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    Written By: Gary on May 18, 2006 No Comment

    So Apple finally released a new smaller Intel Core Duo laptop. It’s just called the MacBook (no “pro”) and as far as I can tell be biggest difference is the fact that it doesn’t have separate graphics hardware. My big question is why? Why not just put in the better graphics for $50 more and be done with it? I want a small and powerful machine! I don’t think I’ve heard any rumors of a small pro model yet. Has anyone?

    So let’s compare this to my favorite laptop, the 12 inch powerbook. It’s a all around, but a little thinner (10.9“ wide, 8.6” deep and 1.18“ thin for the PB and 12.78” wide, 8.92“ deep and 1.08” thin) but it’s 5.2 pounds which is 0.6 pounds heavier, which is huge when you consider the 15 inch model is only 5.6 pounds.

    Bonuses on the MacBook: built-in iSight camera, up to 2 GB of memory (compared to 1.25 GB), optical audio in and out, a slightly larger screen, Front Row (with remote) and I’m assuming it’s a lot faster for the native applications (has anyone seen any speed tests comparing it to a 12 inch PowerBook?). But the best part? I like the plastic case better than the metal ones! The metal ones are too slippery…

    It’s only $1099 and Amazon has a $100 rebate right now on it. Oh, it comes in black for $150 more and I can’t figure out why it’s more. It’s actually $200 more but it comes with a larger hard drive which would be $50 more anyways.

    Anyone know if there are plans for a 13 inch MacBook PRO?

    Written By: Gary on May 16, 2006 2 Comments

    So it appears these days you can be sexual predator and no one cares. But if you use MySpace to do it you can make the 11 o’clock “news”.

    All this MySpace crap junk on TV makes it sound as if as long as you can keep your kids away from MySpace they’re a-okay. That’s like saying if you keep your kids away from the one hoodlum that you know about they won’t get into trouble (and you’re so busy watching for that you’re missing the rest). Teach them some common sense and keep an eye on them. I’m not saying it’ll fix everything, but it’s a lot more sense than this MySpace sewage that’s on the air all the time.

    Look at these pre-MySpace Rochester U and RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) Sexual Assault Statistics.

  • Every two and a half minutes, somewhere in America, someone is sexually assaulted.
  • One in six American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape, and 10% of sexual assault victims are men.
  • About 44% of rape victims are under age 18, and 80% are under age 30.
  • And the really amazing part is that “Since 1993, rape/sexual assault has fallen by over 64%”, imagine how high the numbers were previously. (These stats are from the RAINN site)

    I’m sorry I’ve gone on a rant here. I just started with being annoyed at the news covering MySpace from a new angle every day. But once I started looking things up I got on a roll (or maybe it’s a soapbox).

    The problem is not the Internet. The problem is people. And according to the Rochester statistics rape appears to be more prevalent in the US, 13 time higher than England (4 times that in Germany and 20 times that of Japan). Of course people are using the Internet for this, they’re using it for everything (good and evil) these days.

    All these numbers vary slightly from report to report but even if you decreased the numbers by a factor of ten (or even 100) it’s still obscene what happens in the US or the world. And no matter what the news tells you it’s not the fault of the Internet or even MySpace.

    SexualassaultgraphContrary to the belief that rapists are hiding in the bushes or in the shadows of the parking garage, almost two-thirds of all rapes were committed by someone who is known to the victim. 67% of sexual assaults were perpetrated by a non-stranger – 47% of perpetrators were a friend or acquaintance of the victim, 17% were an intimate and 3% were another relative.
    National Crime Victimization Survey, 2004

    In the above mentioned 12 page “2004 National Crime Victimization Survey” from the Bureau of Justice Statistics I was curious to how much they attributed to the Internet. I was pretty surprised that they don’t mention the ‘net even once. Going to Bureau of Justice Statistics web site I was surprised how much they also didn’t mention the Internet.

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    Written By: Gary on May 16, 2006 4 Comments

    So I’m sure you’ve heard of Skype, right? You can use it to make “phone calls” from computer to computer for free. I used it to make phone calls from Egypt to the US while I was there, it cost me about 2.1 cents per minute to make a call to any telephone in the US (I could have called another Skype computer for free).

    They’ve just made it more free. Yes, I said free, to call the US and Canada for the rest of the year (2006). It shouldn’t matter where you are in the world, to call me would be free for the rest of the year. So download Skype now and give it a try.

    FYI, I’ve ditched my landline phone at home and have just my cellular phone. So I programmed Skype with my local police/fire number so if I ever have a crisis I can at least use my computer for an emergency phone call (if needed). I just called up and said, I’ve just got a cell phone what’s the best non-911 number to call when I have an emergency.

    Here’s how it normally works, they lease a bunch of phone lines around the world, it’s your job (using the Internet) to place the call using the Internet. Depending on the location they set the price, Egypt for example is 18.5 cents a minute, they don’t care where you are calling from (the USA, Egypt or from the same house you are calling to) it still costs 18.5 cents for them to make that call to Egypt. Except for now, calling to the USA and Canada is FREE.

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    Written By: Gary on May 15, 2006 4 Comments

    So the spam comments and pings/trackbacks have gone cRaZy again, they aren’t getting posted but they get shunted over for approval (in case they are real) so you haven’t seen them but I sure have. I had to make a few changes, I’m not sure if it’ll really help. If you have any problems leaving a comment please let me know via e-mail. The thing is it’s not really spam, it points to other sites (not generally spam sites) like they are just trying to annoy me or wear me down (or poison my filters)…

    You know, I haven’t gotten many “real” comments at all lately so feel free to leave a comment on a recent post.

    LATER: So I’ve changed the MovableType filenames for the CommentScript and TrackbackScript in mt.cfg and it didn’t see to put a dent in it at all. They’re still flooding me with comment spam (yesterday it was trackback spam). Any suggestions on some other file I should change the name of? I’m wondering if they’re routing it through some other procedure or are they just scraping it from my pages…?

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    Written By: Gary on May 14, 2006 No Comment

    Mom xmas 2002So my Mom doesn’t read my blog since she doesn’t compute at all so she won’t care that I used this 4 year old picture of her. Although it’s probably better than what I used last year

    I’m off to take her to dinner somewhere, probably somewhere with a short line since it is Mother’s Day and we’re still not connecting for a few more hours (we’re not organized nor fussy enough to make reservations in advance). She just got back from vacation last night so I had already dropped some loot off at her house in case I didn’t see her today (as of yesterday noon, we still didn’t know).

    She did the single Mom thing in raising me, which had to be rough, and she did a great job!! Thanks Mom!

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    NohonkingSo as I mentioned before all the drivers did as they went around was honk, honk, honk. I thought it was funny when I saw this sign that said they shouldn’t honk.

    At least that’s what I thought it meant, I don’t recall any less honking.

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    Go to walgreens.com and use coupon code PRINT4MOM for a free 8×10 print! I had a problem at first but I waited an hour and then it worked. Plus if you’ve never used them before they give you 20 free 4×6 prints. Only a limited number of stores have the 8×10 printing ability, but I suppose you could pay for shipping (I’ve been happy with my 5×7 and 4×6 prints I’ve done in the past).

    *PRINT4MOM coupon valid Saturday, May 13, 2006 only. Offer limited to one print per customer and does not apply toward shipping charges. Order must be placed by logged-in customer by 11:59 p.m. Central Time. Timing will be determined by Walgreens server clock.

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    RainforecastI am not looking forward to the next week around here at all…



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    Written By: Gary on May 12, 2006 No Comment

    DawnasteroidSo you can join the Dawn Mission on a ride out the the asteroid belt. Just submit your name and they’ll give you a certificate and sent your name on the mission to the asteroid belt…

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    Written By: Gary on May 12, 2006 One Comment

    So I’ve always known I’d do a website with photos and video whenever I get around to having or adopting a baby. I even already own the website name for it. But the more I watch Erika-Renee post pictures (and video and stories) of her new little Sammy on her blog it just makes my gears turn or my future options.

    Remember I’m the guy who’s posted a few hundred photos of a few week trip to Egypt and I’m nowhere near done at this point. Imagine the opportunity to having a baby who’s there all the time, if their going to keep me awake I might as well as take photos! S/he is going to think that a camera click is just background noise all the time. The podcasts, photocasts and videocast options are just limitless….

    Written By: Gary on May 10, 2006 One Comment

    ExitheiroglyphicsSo when I was in one of the hotels in Egypt I saw this “hieroglyphic” sign and it struck me as funny so I took a photo of it.

    Written By: Gary on May 10, 2006 2 Comments

    I’m glad I don’t feel the need to talk about sex or drugs much because I get so much spam (comments/pings/trackbacks) related to it I’ve had to block any words related to such topics and no one would be able to comment on such things. It’s gotten worse lately (the last 4 weeks) and I’m not sure why…

    Written By: Gary on May 10, 2006 No Comment

    This batch of 40+ photos from my second day of the trip consists of one album that jumps around a bit. Be sure to look back at the third week of April to see the original comments about the trip, I’ll try not to repeat myself too much.

  • Everything in Cairo seemed far away so we got to see lots of the town as we drove around: the homes (with laundry drying on the ledge and satellite dishes galore) and the awful traffic.
  • We also travel to the museum in Cairo which while it had wonderful artifacts was dusty, dirty and in need a major repair (I believe they are currently building a new one). In the museum no photos were allowed but outside was okay so I took a few of the outside and of Marilyn + Thelma (who were on our trip) and Asmaa (whom I met and chatted with at the museum).
  • Some more photos from around town as we traveled around and other odd places. Some sheep under the overpass, a few shots at the mall, a view of the pyramids as the sun sets and some kids with their camel and then back to the hotel for the night.
  • Remember: In any of the photos, if it’s water, it’s probably the Nile.
  • Written By: Gary on May 7, 2006 One Comment

    So I’m putting together collections of photos from the trip. In an attempt to not overwhelm you (and myself) I’ll do one of these every few days highlighting a day (or maybe just a portion of the day depending on how many photos I took that day).

    This first day consists of two albums.

  • The trip from the airport which shows a lot of the city (Cairo is a city of 20 million people), some billboards and roads. The murals were along the walls of a military academy which was one of the first places we passed. This also contains my first glimpses of the pyramids and the Nile (if it’s wet it’s probably the Nile).
  • This has some shots of the grounds of the Mena House Oberoi hotel, my room, the view of the pyramids during the day and night and my first can of Coca-Cola in Egypt.

    You can view these photos here.

  • Written By: Gary on May 7, 2006 No Comment

    So my photos from Egypt have the wrong time in them (embedded in the EXIF data) because I didn’t set the date/time on my cameras. I was going to try to fix them but it was going to be a little harder since there was a time change when I was there. So I spent some time today fixing that up and renaming the photos. The photos now have the date and time as part of the filename plus the imbedded EXIF data (the part of a digital photo that has info about the picture like time, exposure, what kind of camera, etc.) has the correct date/time also. All new photos posted should have the correct date/time information posted in them.

    Written By: Gary on May 6, 2006 2 Comments

    So I was playing with Yahoo! Photos and put up about 100 random Egypt photos of mine.

    You can view Yahoo! Photos on TiVo and I wanted to see how they worked out…

    Written By: Gary on May 5, 2006 3 Comments

    ShipsideoarShipstonepitSo as they were excavating around the pyramids they found a pit. The pit was covered with a row of cover stones that they say kept it hermetically sealed. Inside it they found 1024 pieces of wood and rope. After examining it they decided it was a ship and it was marked reasonably well on how to assemble it. So they did!

    They built a museum around the location of the pit’s original location so that you can see how and where it was originally found. They then proceeded to build an elevated museum around it and the full ship is assembled inside. It’s absolutely ginormous, the pictures do not do it justice at all. While they did use rope from the current day and age to assemble it, the original rope was in incredible shape.

    ShipwholeWhile they found two other pits, they decided to leave them as they were, the boat was deteriorating and the left the others to be “taken care of by the gods”.

    Plus, they made us wear goofy slippers over our shoes when we came in to cut down on the dust and dirt in the museum. We all felt like we were wearing clown shoes.

    Written By: Gary on May 3, 2006 2 Comments

    So on the flight home I watched What the Bleep Do We Know!? which was semi-hosted by Marlee Matlin (it’s part story and part interview). It was an odd different show about thought and reality (with a little quantum thought/mechanics thrown in). When I say “and” it’s night really the right term since it’s pretty much the same thing as far as the show is concerned. The show appeared to be something that might have been for PBS but someone decided it might make a good movie instead. I think around here it just got released at the arts theaters.

    It’s very interesting. Especially if you like to think about how things (reality) are put together or have ever wondered if we are in a (the) matrix or what you might be doing in a parallel universe right now.

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    Egypt map from wikipediaDid you know that Egypt is actually on two different continents. If you look on a map it makes sense but I never really thought about it being in both Africa and Asia. I was in the Africa part, we pretty much traveled between Cairo and Aswan along the Nile.

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    Written By: Gary on May 2, 2006 No Comment

    So I had taken the day off to recover from the flight from Egypt, pick up my mail, go to two doctor’s appointments that would be needed after the trip (allergy shot and to get my neck/back worked on) and other stuff. Since I got trapped in NY I had to move the allergy appointment but the other was later so that was okay. So I set the alarm clock for three hours later and took a nap. I ended up sleeping 11 hours, missing the appointment and now I’ve been wide awake for the last three hours. Although I did get the laundry done and watched a little TiVo, I hadn’t turned a TV on in weeks…

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    Written By: Gary on May 1, 2006 One Comment

    So I’m finally back in Michigan! I will be posting more entries and photos over the next few weeks as I think of more things, finish thoughts I’ve started and mange to sort some photos.

    I didn’t sleep well last night, so I made it to the airport on time. Although they did hit me with a $25 fee since my luggage weighed too much, I tried to sweet talk them out of that with the all the flight problems but no such luck. It was a tiny little plane and had a lot of tired familiar faces on it from last night.

    I’m off to take a nap…

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