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January 2005

Written By: Gary on January 30, 2005 No Comment

In a news article at Yahoo/Reuters they polled brand recognition with branding professionals (it’s an odd url, I’m assuming it won’t last but I’ll put the pertinent info below). It’s interesting that Apple nudged Google out of first place. I’m surprised that Ikea isn’t as high in North America as it is globally and that Al Jazeera is on the global list. Even though I’m a big fan of 80% of the North America list, I’m still surprised that Pixar made the list. Also, Coca-Cola didn’t make the top 5 list anywhere world-wide….

Being an Apple fan, I’m just happy they are ranking this high in recognition.

1. Apple
2. Google
3. Target
4. Starbucks
5. Pixar
1. Apple
2. Google
3. Ikea
4. Starbucks
5. Al Jazeera
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AliensofthedeepAliens of the Deep in 3D was great! IMAX movies are always great especially when in 3D. It’s James Cameron doing a Jacques Cousteau type movie thousands of feet down. They’ve got beautiful footage some interesting background details and some occasional special effects. They spend a lot of time talking about how some of this is like exploring other worlds and how some of what they do on the ocean floor would be used in deep space (especially if looking in water for life). A bit of how the extremes of space and the ocean can be very similar. Did I say the 3D looked great?!?

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Written By: Gary on January 22, 2005 2 Comments

I cannot believe how much snow we’ve gotten today! I actually had to go out in it to get more drugs (medicine, in case you didn’t read the previous post). It’s everywhere and it’s high and it’s cold out. Unfortunately there were several ice festivals today, I’m sure this affected attendance…

Kudos to Land Arc , the property management company, that plows my condos, they’ve been doing a great job this year!

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Written By: Gary on January 22, 2005 2 Comments

So I’ve been sick for the last week (still am a little) so not much (any) blogging the past week. I’ve been home from work for a week, it’s been a long time since I’ve felt that crummy. Feeling a bit better today so I thought I’d say I’m alive :)

Haven’t left the house for the last week other than for food, drugs or the doctor. Can you say bored!?!

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Written By: Gary on January 14, 2005 4 Comments

Jill does a new take on new year’s resolutions, she makes them for others! You might not find it as funny since you don’t read her regularly, but I am finding it pretty hysterical. You can read her all the time at The World of Jill Twiss.

Written By: Gary on January 12, 2005 One Comment

So Srah did this Year in Review thing. Take the first line from the first post of each month and list it out. I liked it. So I did it too! Clicking on the links takes you to all the posts in that month.

Jan) It’s the start of a New Year!
Feb) It’s been so nice outside this weekend.
Mar) Okay, so the Internet has hit rock bottom.

Apr) A quick evaluation on whether a technology is good or not.
May) You’ve been offered a full college/university grant, all expenses paid, for the school and study program of your choice.
Jun) When you wake up: Start the shower. Start breakfast.
Jul) Okay so I’ve heard of Book Crossing before but never got around to doing anything with it.
Aug) Found a new blogging service that I like.
Sep) I know, I never review books enough, even when I mention I’m reading them I forget to post info later…
Oct) I really want to see this movie!
Nov) There are only 55 shopping days left until Christmas!
Dec) So I had a quick (less than 24 hours) trip to Kalamazoo, it was supposed to be longer but it got cut short.

Written By: Gary on January 10, 2005 3 Comments

Misskitty2005I thought the little kids at work (in the daycare) would think it was funny to see Mr. Gary with Miss. Hello Kitty. I just spotted this while digging through my CES photos and decided to share with you all too!

Hmmm… Actually it’s Hello Kitty… Does the kitty have a name? (Sanrio?)

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Written By: Gary on January 10, 2005 One Comment

Free iTunes Sampler Album. Courtesy of The Neurotic Fishbowl and the iPod Lounge. Actually, it’s probably really courtesy of the iTunes store and the artists…

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Smashmouth 2005
So I didn’t say much about Smashmouth (did I say anything?) who we saw a few nights ago. They did a private concert sponsored by RealOne/RealPlayer/RealAudio in The House of Blues which which was a smaller club. They were fun, I knew their hits and they played some older “stuff” (a few Van Halen and I can’t think of what else. The lead singer’s Dad (or older brother) was there, he was having a good old time too :)

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So I’m on my way back to Detroit. I downloaded a bunch of blogs to read on the plane and I’m also listening to my iPod. Right now I’m listening to Toby Lightman which I purchased from the iTunes store a ways back. I also heard Stumblin’ by Powderfinger, Sway by The Perishers and lots of stuff (Live on 8/27/04) from Claudia Jane – who appears to have recently given up blogging :(

I’m also thinking of Anna Nalick’s new song that I just caught the tail end of on the shuttle to the Airport (I think her new album is out in the next two weeks, the one with 2 AM on it).

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So when I say “airport” I mean the place with airplanes not WiFi. But I am also going to mention WiFi since this airport (McCarran Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA) has WiFi. For being an electronics conference there appears to be a severe lacking of wireless internet. I really needed a fix and I found a spot with a good signal AND a power outlet. I can catch up on my podcasts with my iPod with all this speed…

Only Terminal one has WiFi BUT there is a free shuttle from terminal two. No configuration hassles at all. There isn’t any information on their web site on this other than a (non-linkable) press release.

Written By: Gary on January 8, 2005 One Comment

Lasvegas05Okay, so the past few days I haven’t felt like I was in Las Vegas. All the routes the cabs took were some odd back way so I had never seen “the strip”. Got my hands on tickets for Rod Stewart tonight (Monster Cable put on the show and David scored me tickets) and it was at the other end of town and I finally saw Las Vegas, you know the part they show on television, I feel much better that those images weren’t just special effects…

I wish I had brought a jacket with me so I could have wandered around a bit down that way but it was a little (a lot) chilly out. Maybe I’ll head down there tomorrow.

Rod was great, he was a little raspy at times, but he was great. Did some older songs* (What a Wonderful Life and Addicted to Love) and those were great too. Managed to get up real close for the second half of the show.

* On the the songs that weren’t his I noticed that he had a karaoke machine tele-prompter for them, which he glanced at a few times, what surprised me was that it appeared to be going during his songs too (although it wasn’t apparent that here was using it). Later: I found out he recently recorded an album of old songs so that explains a little.

Written By: Gary on January 8, 2005 One Comment

Lots of walking today at the CES. Saw lots of new electronic “stuff”. Here’s my complaint: I haven’t seen anything “new”. Of course how can that be true there were 500,000 “new” items. Everything was the next generation of things I’ve seen or had. I’m not saying I won’t buy any of the products, just nothing knocked my socks off. Everything was a little bit smaller, a bit brighter, a bit faster, a few more (mega)pixels, longer battery life and a few more devices integrated into one.

Lots of iPod accessories. Lots of HD stuff. Blu-ray DVD (50 GB of storage). Rio Zen is really trying to take the MP3 market.

Sony may have had the best setup. They made you sit through a short show before getting into their area, nice sound and nice images especially for and info-mercial. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that they probably had the best booth I saw today. A beautiful projector for $3,500. HD movies with Blu-ray. Some nice cellphones that play video and have digital cameras. Some beautiful computer displays.

I’ll have to check out “the best of” area, I think I had to cut outside to do that and it was too rainy and too cold!

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Written By: Gary on January 7, 2005 No Comment

Something is off with these time zones (me, my computer, or my blog) so these times on my posts may (are) not be correct.

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Written By: Gary on January 7, 2005 2 Comments

Startrek.Exp-1So I had an opportunity to go on the Star Trek 4D “experience” today. I made contact with a friend just as I was about to go into the exhibition hall. There are 2 parts: The Borg Invasion and the Klingon Encounter; if you’re a fan at all, spend the $35* and see both. Actually there is a third part included, it’s the (future) history museum. Very cool stuff if you remember some of the details from the movies or some of the significant episodes.

Back to the two main parts: I’m not going to tell you too much… See Borg first and then the Klingon one. If there is action going on look all around not just in front of you, the cool stuff may be behind you. And you can go on any of the rides as much as you want on the day you buy the ticket for it. I wish I had done the Borg one a second time, there was a lot going on.

The (blurry) photo is a shot the shows the part of the upstairs (Museum) and downstairs (Quarks). My digital camera isn’t so good with low light.

*The Jeffs’ had some kind of discount coupon they got south on the strip for 1/2 off, all I know is they got it at the giant coke bottle.

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So my flight today was supposed to take off at 7:00 am. We boarded 7:30-ish. After defrosting the wings, replacing a cockpit part and deicing the wings again, and waiting in a different line to do each thing, we finally took off at 10:45. We ending up arriving 4 hours late. It might have been my longest non-stop flight ever.

Written By: Gary on January 5, 2005 2 Comments

Thursday Thoughts is a new weekly meme. Don’t forget you can always links to all sorts of memes at The Daily Meme

Since this is the first of Thursday Thoughts, let’s start with first-time blogging.

1. When did you start your blog/web site?
Just over a year ago, December 2003.
2. Why did you start it? (Is there any specific reason?)
I had kinda been thinking about it and then one night after watching an episode of Joan of Arcadia, I started one up and rambled a bit about her and I’ve been going ever since.
3. What is your blog/site generally about?
It’s a little bit about everything. Me, my life, lots-o-memes, Joan, technology, blogs, movies, books, music, friends, travels and other stuff. Any day now, I’m going to start a separate tech blog so I can get a little geekier about tech; I’ll still mention tech I just won’t get too detailed, that’ll go in the new one.
Written By: Gary on January 2, 2005 One Comment

Is anyone (any readers) going to Las Vegas for the Consumers Electronics Show this month?

Written By: Gary on January 2, 2005 One Comment

Everyone – I love your shows, when I can find them on my music player. The is a request for some naming consistency in your files and the Song Name*. You may have the show name in the Artist or Album, but sometimes if listing by song name all I see is a bunch of numbers with tracks mixed with others tracks. I have the iPod Photo which has more information (a few more lines and a few more characters) in the display, I can’t imagine what others are seeing (or not seeing).

When the file name or song title starts with a number it just sorts with all the others with the same numbers. Then we can’t ever find anything. Starting by month is confusing too, for example: my November “ESC Radio” just mixes in with my November “Gilmore Gang”.

When this is really an issue is when I’m trying to show someone else “something cool” but end up not finding it. They aren’t very impress or encouraged to buy anything (or buy in to podcasting) at that time. I want more people to be geeked and excited about this!!! I’m certain you feel the same.

My suggestion (which is really only pointing out how others are already doing it): Something short to designate your show and then the date or episode number and then the title of the episode if you have one.

  • Adam does DSC-YYYY-MM-DD for the Daily Source Code.
  • Coverville does Coverville-YYYY-MO-DD.
  • East Detroit Radio does EDR_Epi_YYYMMDD (I’m assuming the 3 digits I labeled Epi are the episode number).
  • Today’s Podcast probably does it my favorite way tp_YYYYMMDD_word_of_the_day he’s got the podcast name abberviated, the date and the subject of today’s ‘cast all in one short line.
    I like these they are easy to file and sort through.
  • Just ABBR-YYMMDD (abbreviation, and 2 digits each for year month and day) would probably be enough (we’ll worry about the Y2100 problem later…) and then anything extra could be appended.

    Some of these may just be iPod issues. Maybe even more so of an issue when viewing the AAC files in the AudioBook mode (since it lumps all the files together, hopefully Apple will address this). But even some of the sites that offer the feed in a AAC (mp4) format are some of the more difficult ones to find due to nameing. Some sites have no system, NASA names everything story.mp3 and then something nicer (sometimes) in the song name but sometimes just “NASA story”, Adam has mentioned this over at the Daily SOurce Code.

    I’ll take feedback on this, maybe I’m missing something… I do know I see everyone is doing it different, maybe for no reason, maybe there is a reason.

    FYI – I’m trying to work the bugs out in the naming myself before I start my podcast later this month. :)

    * I say the Song Name because that seems to be the way my iPod/iTunes (and we are “podcasting”) seems to list by default. Especially in Audiobook mode (so I can bookmark my place), all I can see is the song name.

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    A before and after photo of a residential area about a mile inland. This is totally unbelievable, I just don’t have any sort of frame of reference for this sort of disaster…

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    Written By: Gary on January 2, 2005 One Comment

    So I just saw Spanglish and Adam Sandler can really act. This is definitely a drama, not a comedy (although I laughed a lot). I had a few edit issues that seemed out of place but there was nothing else to complain about. A lot happened in the two hour movie that probably took place over six(?) months. If you think you’d enjoy it, you probably will. Just remember it’s not a slapstick Adam Sandler movie.

    Spanglish James L. BrooksBut I’m not even writing this to give you the review that you see above, I’m writing this because I like one line that Adam Sandler says. I’m intentionally not quoting it exactly but it was something like “but if that happens then I’ll have to work more and not get to do the stuff I like”. Okay so that makes it sound more selfish when it was really more sappy (but it really wasn’t because I changed the words to not give too much away)t. Here’s the point, it made me think more about my recent post and me not getting to do the things I want to do in life. We’re not even talking about stuff like getting married or having kids, just stuff that I enjoy. I need to figure out a way to do more of that stuff.

    What else is interesting is that one of the storylines is about one of the character’s being ignored. But there is another character that IS ignored so what right does the first character have to complain about? (You’ll see what I mean, ’cause I know you’ll go see this). This will ring a bell once you’ve seen it.

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    Written By: Gary on January 1, 2005 No Comment

    I’ve always got to many things on want to work on: creating web sites, learning, reading, new electronic toys to learn about, organizing stuff, volunteering, traveling and I don’t seem to find the time for any of them. Then there are relationships but that requires me to find a person and then the time; I guess in some ways having the extra time is a bonus (although, I’d rather have it the other way around).

    Maybe what I need is a different kind of job, six months on, six months off. That’d stick in some deadlines for those never ending projects and stop things from being put off until next week.

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    NiceguynewyearSo if you don’t read The Nice Guy, you should check it out. This episode deals with resolutions for the new year. It generally deals with this guy Jeff (the nice guy) and the girl he’s crazy about, and their two friends (here’s the cast).

    I’m probably more like the guy than I’d like to admit and the girl is any of a dozen different women I’ve fawned over in my life (who never even noticed).

    The archives, which has many comics even funnier than today’s, are located here.

    They’ve got background downloads with characters themed as Star Wars, The Matrix, Halloween, Christmas, Star Trek, Lost World and more.

    Subscribe to the e-mail to get alerted for when the new ones come out. To give you more of an idea on their sense of humor, to unsubscribe, instead of putting “remove” in the unsubscribe message, you put “I just don’t feel that way about you”.

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