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March 2004

Written By: Gary on March 31, 2004 One Comment

1998 Olympic Gold Gift Set, Alias - The Complete First Season, Alien Quadrilogy, The American President, Analyze This, Animatrix, The, Armageddon -- Criterion Collection, Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker, Batman Beyond - The Movie, Blade Runner Director's Cut, Boys on the Side, Canyon Dreams, Chasing Amy - Criterion Collection, Clerks - Collector's Edition, Cutting Edge, The, Day the Earth Stood Still, The, Desert Vision, Dido - Here With Me/Thankyou (_DVD Single), Diner, Ever After - A Cinderella Story, Flight Of The Navigator , Fools Rush In, High Fidelity, Highlander, Indigo Girls - Live at the Fillmore, Jewel - A Life Uncommon, Jewel - Live at Humphrey's by the Bay, Jumanji (Collectors' Edition), Kim Possible - The Secret Files, Lilith Fair - A Celebration of Women in Music, Mary Chapin Carpenter- Jubilee - Live at Wolf Trap, The Mask , Roswell, Sarah McLachlan - Mirrorball, Sarah McLachlan- Video Collection 1989-1998, Sorta Fairytale -_Dvd Single/Jewelbox, Sports Night - The Complete Series Boxed Set, Standard Deviants - Astronomy 2-pack, The, Stargate, Stargate (Ultimate Edition), Stealing Beauty, Three Colors Trilogy (Blue / White / Red), Titanic, Tori Amos - A Sorta Fairytale (Special Edition EP _DVD Single), VH1 Storytellers - Sarah McLachlan
These are all the DVDs I own, many are music. I’m not a big movie collector but I’ve picked up a few here and there. Most of the movies were really good deals (many were under $10, if not $8) even with shipping but they still show my taste(?). I should have slightly editied since there were a few (Analyze This, The Mask) that I wouldn’t have bought but came free with a player. SO click on the icon to check them out.

FYI – ‘Flight of the Navigator’ is the best movie every (and it’s by Disney). ‘A Christmas Story’ is great too, I’m not sure why it isn’t in the list?!?

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Recent and Favorites…? These were all on TV recently, it’s rare that I watch movies while surfing but I kinda get sucked into them sometimes.

  • Speed
  • The America President
  • Fire in the Sky
  • Terminator

    The last movie I saw at the theater that I liked was Paycheck.

    Question from What’s On… Right Now?

    Actually what came to mind is favorites that I’ve recently purchased but not watched yet: The Cutting Edge, Stealing Beauty, The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Alien Quadrilogy (9 DVDs). Most of these I got a very good deals on-line or on sale.

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    So every time I watch two of my favorite shows I smile when I hear the theme sonngs

    1. I’m With Her – A superstar dating a regular guy with the theme “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” (by Rhett Miller performed by Sugar Ray)
    2. Joan of Arcadia – A girl who meets God embodied in regular people with the theme “(What If God Was) One Of Us(?)” (by Eric Bazilian performed by _Joan Osborne)

    What’s also interesting is the both are questions (kind of). I’ll be paying more attention to the other themes that I like more… I like the opening credit sequences too, which I normally just TiVo past.

    And don’t forget this Friday is a new episode of Joan!

    Written By: Gary on March 30, 2004 One Comment

    sacredplanetI saw Disney’s Sacred Planet today at the IMAX. It was excellent. Beautiful scenery! It was a more natural version of ‘The Lorax’ lots of little clues about nature but not too much in your face with it. From Africa to Utah (and the Arctic?) and stories of culture passed on. Click on the links/images for trailers and other bonuses at http://sacredplanet.com/. It opens April 22nd on Earth Day.

    “Sacred Planet is a 45-minute journey around the world to some of the most exotic and beautiful places that still exist. From the last remaining old growth forests of British Columbia, the snowy peaks and glaciers of Alaska, the red rock canyons of Utah and Arizona, the tropical jungles and underwater mysteries of Borneo, the ancient ruins of Thailand and remote deserts of Namibia to the white sand beaches of New Zealand. Stunning images that include the landscape, the people and the animals indigenous to the land, all serve as visceral reminders of this planet’s infinite variety and biological diversity.
    The tenor of the film is one of hope and beauty. It showcases the natural beauty of our planet’s diverse regions as a testament to what is at stake, and as an inspiration to its audience. Sacred Planet serves as witness to all that remains to be cherished, rather than to all that has been lost.”

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    Written By: Gary on March 29, 2004 One Comment

    cat2004It’s still reading month so I got to be the Cat in the Hat a few more times today! I got to read to preschoolers, first graders and fourth graders. I read enough so that I feel that “I speak for the trees”! Green Eggs and Ham is by far the favorite Dr. Seuss book for any age. The flash didn’t go off so none of the pictures came out very well, technology isn’t perfect I guess…

    Plus it was a baby weekend at work, we found out Dan and Patti had a baby boy Friday night and that Kristen had Triplets this morning!

    And even with the weird weather today, there were rainbows on the way home (they didn’t photograph very well though, even with the new camera)!

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    1. Describe what you believe is a “good” driver. Uses their blinker! It doesn’t matter how crazy they are if I know where they are, I can get out of the way.
    2. Describe a “bad” driver (your opinion of course). No blinker. Changes lanes erratically. Hits other others. Displays road rage!
    3. Which category do you fit in? Please back up your answer. Feel free to use examples! I blink! Always! Generally in advance. When stopping at lights I get too close to the car in front of me (for my passengers comfort). It’s be a while since I’ve been in an accident (and it wasn’t my fault). I used to be a little crazier in high school. A ride with me was considered an “E ticket” ride (or initiation)…
    From Monday Madness.

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    Free association from Unconscious Mutterings.

    1. Pitbull::Mean Dog
    2. TD::TB (Too Bad)
    3. Carter::Jimmy
    4. Japan::Flag
    5. 50::Ways
    6. Streak::Blue
    7. Rifle::Skeet
    8. Trap::Bear
    9. Easter::Bunny
    10. Mitt::Baseball

    Okay so it’s the first time I did one of these… Not so sure I feel it’s as insightful as some of the other meme things I’ve done…
    I like some of the previous ones so I’ll give it another try sometime.

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    1. Are you organized or disorganized? Hmm… I keep my life more organized than my office(s) and my computer desktop. I usually have a plan as a move through life although people don’t think so.
    2. How well can you swim? I can tread water long enough (that’s long enough for any reason that I’eve ever had to or expect to).
    3. How often do you fill your gas tank? About once a week. It pleases me to fill it up and reset my little mileage counter. It’s like crossing an item off a list. I never pass up gas if it’s a really good deal (and then I brag about it!).
    4. Where is your favorite vacation spot? Jaco, on the west coast of Costa Rica. It’s nice and out of the way and it’s beautiful and warm. I like to stay at the Balcon Del Mar, it’s right by the water and all the rooms have a view of the ocean.
    5. What is you favorite animal to have as a pet? Fish. They’re quiet, peaceful and you get the nice gurgling and humming sounds from the aquarium :)

    From Sunday Brunch.

    Written By: Gary on March 27, 2004 No Comment

    Whew! Got a lot done today!

    1. Got a new grill. I’ve been looking for one that uses briquets(sp?) but finally gave up and then I was looking for one that wasn’t too huge. I finally found one with the sides that will fold down! I love Target (applied for a charge and got 10% off too!)! Plus it went on sale today (Sunday) and they gave me another $10.00 back!
    2. Got my Apple G4 PowerBook looked at (at the Genius Bar). Some how I put a big dent in the cover(?). So I took it to the Apple Store and I got it looked at. They ran some tests and put it in my file so that if I have problems in the future they’ll know it wasn’t because of the dent.
    3. Got a new digital camera! It’s only 3.2 MP but it’s 1.2 more than my last one. I was looking for one that was small, has a real (not just digital) zoom, had an output to hook directly to the TV, did movie more with sound, had a viewfinder (not just an LCD) and extra bonuses were that it pretends to be a USB drive (haven’t tried this yet), has a audio notation mode. I would have preferred some more mega-pixels, but this will do for now. Does anyone know of a 5 (or 4) MP camera that has all of the above and is small?

    Whenever I think of crossing things off of lists it always makes me think of The West Wing with Laura Dern when she was the Nobel Poet Laurete.

    Written By: Gary on March 25, 2004 2 Comments

    I just finished watching The Screen Savers and found out Leo is is leaving… I guess he’s going to do a lot of segments but it won’t be the same… He comments on it in his blog.

    First Jessica and now Leo…

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    1. Who’s your favorite person in your family? What makes them so cool? Emily and Nathan. They are the babies of the family. Not much is cooler than that!
    2. What’s your favorite meal of the day? Why? Breakfast! Bacon, eggs and cantaloupe. It’s a good start to start the routine of my day. Even if I get up at 2 PM I generally still have breakfast. Waffles are better but they take too much time.
    3. What’s your favorite search engine? Can it cook your meals for you? Google! I hear they are acquiring iHop so it shouldn’t be too long before the cooking starts…

    Bonus: You’re given on day to do any number of favorite things that you choose. What would your day consist of?

  • Breakfast
  • Rollerblading (around MSU)
  • A picnic
  • Shopping (successfully) at Best Buy
  • Eat Chinese (at one of my favorite places in Lansing)
  • Some time at Borders and their Cafe
  • Stopping by the Apple store (have you been there, it’s the coolest store)
  • Finding a really good deal (or something free) on-line
  • Being with friends for all of the above
  • From 3x Thursday
    Written By: Gary on March 25, 2004 No Comment

    Remember a few days ago I mentioned the downloadable paper (cardboard) cradles for the Clie’s? Well, here is an example of one!

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    Written By: Gary on March 24, 2004 No Comment

    joy376If she was reading the latest issue of Scientific American at the beach in the topics paying attention to my feelings and and proposing. No doubt, I’d be the brain in the vat.

    I was thinking more of the scientific pleasure scenario. I give them “smart” information and they stimulate my pleasure points thus making me want to store and calculate more information for them. I wasn’t thinking so much about the psychological debate about these things (would I rather be IN or OUT of the matrix?).

    I also just bought The Day the Earth Stood Still so the old campy image of the brain in a vat is in my mind… Well, either way I thought it was a good cartoon.

    This cartoon is from Joy of Tech (.com).

    Written By: Gary on March 24, 2004 No Comment

    I have two (2) thoughts off the top of my head:

    1. Some kind of magical wireless interactive communication system. For data and voice that reaches everywhere at a high speed and a cost effective price (for the data and the receiving hardware) for EVERYONE.
    2. Self-repairing roads! I think more places would build roads if they knew that nanotechnology (or something) could keep it repaired (and de-iced).

    Sorry, I know it’s not world peace or something like that, but I was trying to be realistic!

    From Blogideas!

    Written By: Gary on March 22, 2004 No Comment

    carboardcradle2carboardcradleSome PDA’s do not come with a cradle to syncronize, just a cable. The solution for one magazine? Paper cradles for the cradleless Clies. “You need the cable that came with your CLIE, some cardboard paper, scissors, tape (and of course) a PDF that will be published in the Spring Mobile Press Magazine (Japan only) later this week.

    Written By: Gary on March 22, 2004 3 Comments

    So this topic has been bugging me. So I’ll whine for my longest time ever here (have I ever whined here?). If insanity is ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’ and ‘those who don’t pay attention to history are doomed to repeat it’. Aren’t the people against this going to lose against the couples fighting for their rights? Are they insane expecting different results!?!

    I’ve read a few times that Michigan already has a law that bans gay marriage (here and here) but I personally don’t understand why Michigan was/is also trying to add it to the constitution. I’m not sure if I’ve read this in a reliable news source though, I’ve been obsessed with blogs lately so it might have been there. FYI: Michigan does allow public universities and other entities to provide benefits for same-sex couples that are the same as if the couple was married. (I’ve modified this paragraph a few times since the original post).

    Same-sex couples are going to get married in non-official weddings regardless of the law, right? They’ve been doing it for years, even on the steps of the state capitol. So as far as they are concerned, they are married and others will continue to do so. If same-sex couples are getting the same benefits at work (even state/public universities) then what is the difference?!?

    I have a real question. If a couple goes and gets married somewhere legal and comes back to Michigan, does their job have to give both members benefits?

    This final thought:
    “A heterosexual woman who abuses her infant in the womb with drugs and alcohol, and who later fails to provide food or shelter, is granted greater privilege before the law than a lesbian couple who wishes to adopt and properly care for that same child.” This caught my eye while I was looking for a Monday meme and led me to this article which (re)started this thought process while I was in the middle of blogging, hence this entry.

    Please feel free to polietly correct me on any incorrect legalisms.

    Written By: Gary on March 21, 2004 No Comment

    So I’ve been working on changing my blog look. It’s not significant but I want to take some baby steps since I’m always worried about breaking it. I’ll be doing a few more changes, but I’m not sure how much. I’ll have to see how it turns out and how it looks on other browsers. If this looks funny to anyone please leave a comment about “funny how” and what browser/computer you are using. My biggest concern is the text from the left column running under the right column.

    I know the ‘leave a comment’ areas look a little goofy, I’ll clean them up later.

    I was bouncing around looking at other blogs and noticed how similar mine still looks to some others. One I went to was a simliar duplicate…. Well, the fun is in the doing.

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    Written By: Gary on March 21, 2004 No Comment

    The calendar says it’s officially spring –

    1. Do you get a spring break? No. But most of the teachers and staff leave so it’s a nice time at work to get things done.
    2. Some of us are pretty casual about spring cleaning. Others go to it with a lot of gusto. Which are you? I’m due. My house is the absolute worst it’s every been! (It’s messy not dirty)
    3. Is planting flowers or a vegetable garden on the agenda? I’ll hang some on the railing of my condo (maybe). They better not need any water!
    4. Do you suffer from allergies and do they get worse in the spring? Yes I do. They generally do, but the seasons in Michigan haven’t been very cut and dry lately which doesn’t help any.
    5. How will you celebrate Easter this year? The family will get together most likely, generally a smaller gathering but many will be there. Maybe kidnap some kids to color some eggs and do the regular “stuff”.

    These questions are from Sunday Brunch.

    If you really want to know what happens at the equinox

    Written By: Gary on March 20, 2004 No Comment

    I don’t know if I’m going to do this one weekly but I liked it so…

    1. Do you have a specific and unique rule that you or your family follow at the dinner table? I always insist that the food is hot (warmed plates). My step-father always insisted that you wait for the cook. These kinda cancel out each other sometimes. But I think it might be the latter rule that caused me to start the first one!
    2. What is a specific activity, behavior or tradition that occurs in your family during certain holidays or birthdays? If it’s a funeral (or related to) it’s likely that we get Chicken Shack chicken. For some reason we started this with my grandfather and it just stuck. Actually from a small stash of money he had, we used it to buy the chicken. :)
    3. How do the various members of your family greet each other? What about extended family such as cousins, aunts or uncles? Hugs for the women, handshakes for the men.
    4. How do you or your family treat visitors to your house? Are there different treatments for different visitors? If it’s an event of sorts, I’m always in the kitchen getting drinks/food and stuff. Otherwise they know where the ‘fridge is.
    5. What foods are special or unique to your family? Nothing that I can think of, but many of us put syrup on scrambled eggs. It’s really good, you should try it.
    6. What names do you use to call your grandparents or other older relatives? Just the regular grandma/grandpa/aunt/uncle terms.
    7. What values have you learned from your parents? How to save (or I guess not to waste) and how not to treat different people different.
    8. From what countries have your ancestors immigrated? Holland and Germany (not sure on the other side). Grandma was off the boat and I think grandpa was born here.
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    So I’m getting a snack at BK and some sun, I’ve got a spot I like where the sun shines in the window. And a bunch of little girls who are celebrating a birthday came in. I’m not sure how many of them were the Mom’s that was with them but they were a handful. They sure ate a lot too. Mom kept threatening them with no ice cream if they didn’t shape up! It’s pretty much a disaster where they were although it’s the spot that faces the televisions (closed captioned) so all the kids always want to sit there.

    They just redid our BK in Dearborn and now it has WiFi. Isn’t technology great!

    I tried the new checken tender sandwich (lettuce, tomato and no mayo), it’s better than the old one but Wendy’s spicy is way better. Oh, and I won free french fries too!

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    Just an update since I mentioned her a few weeks ago
    Unfortunately Rachel didn’t make it to the next phase on Nashville Star. But I keep seeing her on the advertisements for the show. She’s great so be sure to check out her web site.

    Written By: Gary on March 19, 2004 No Comment

    For those of you who don’t know, the Friday Five is a list of five questions posted weekly for people to answer/discuss/etc. in their blogs. I’m going to try and start doing this weekly.

      If you…

    1. …owned a restaurant, what kind of food would you serve? Breakfast all day. It’s my favorite meal. Besides that I always thought I’d change the theme each month. Of course it would have Coca-Cola and WiFi too.

    2. …owned a small store, what kind of merchandise would you sell? Books (with a cafe) or computers. The computers would either be highly specialized treatment with training for the big bucks or something on the opposite end where I’d be offering training to the community.

    3. ..wrote a book, what genre would it be? Computers/technology. Probably a general understanding one, not a real geeky one although I’d like to do that too.

    4. …ran a school, what would you teach? Advanced computers or kindergarten. It’s two different ends of the spectrum, but my dream job would be a 1/2 day of kindergarten and then teaching advanced computers in high school the other half (or maybe 5th grade computers in the same building).

    5. …recorded an album, what kind of music would be on it? Really bad music. I don’t think this would ever happen.
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    Written By: Gary on March 16, 2004 No Comment

    sednaIt looks like we’ve got another new planet! And it’s way out there. It’s three times farther from Earth than Pluto. This is an artists rendition, please note the bright dot on the right is our Sun.

    Check out CNN, NASA and most importantly the Spitzer Telescope at Caltech where it looks like it was discovered. I should have been an astronomer or an astronaut…

    Written By: Gary on March 16, 2004 No Comment

    Just click the link, need I say more?

    Actually I do… Be sure to check out Maniac Mode!

    You can access this directly here.

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    Written By: Gary on March 15, 2004 No Comment

    So I’ve been working on my blog here and there. The display format is going to change soon but I’m not there yet.

    The fun part is that I’m working on a “today” part of my sidebar. Be sure to scroll down and check it out. It’s got the word of the day, the phase of the moon, the sky, what Dearborn, Michigan, USA, Earth looks like at this moment (it shows the sunlight, but since it’s zoomed in the US it’s hard to tell how it works exactly, keep an eye on it around sunrise/set) and the temperature/time. All the graphics are clickable for more detailed looks/infomation. I’m looking for more of these little gizmos so please send me any if you have some ideas (or post in the comments). Looking for a today in history or Detroit/Michigan news one in particular.

    With additions of these graphics and being more conscientious of adding graphics to my entries I’ve got quite a few images on the page. This breaks one of my cardinal rules only 4 (or 6) graphics per page (especially start pages). As connections get faster this is less of a problem and I’m really good at defining the size of my images, which helps pages load better/faster. Now if I did entries more often, I’d have less graphics, but when I don’t do them as often I feel like I have to make them better. So I’ve been using a not often used tag called “lowsrc” what this does is load a lower resolution image first so the page gets formatted faster. Here’s my question. Where the images load, before they appear does anyone see the word “loading” appear (in a blocky font) before the actual image? Please post in the comments and let me know if you do (don’t bother if you don’t). Thanks!

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    I don’t know where the time has gone… I’ve been working on a few projects and things but not my blog (actually a little, just not stuff you’ve seen yet. I’ve been at one of my favorite conferences MACUL did a presentation (that I’ve never done before) that went well. Missed two Liz Phair concerts (wasn’t feeling well so I couldn’t do to the drive to Chicago and back), she did a regular concert and played at the Apple Store the next day.

    So since I didn’t go there I didn’t get to see Heather either… But she’s in England with Nan for the so she might have some extra interesting posts this week. Finally bought an Xbox to play / hack around with, trying to install Linux, no success yet, but it’s been fun (anyone in the Detroit/Dearborn area who can offer me some help…?). Reading some books which I never seem to remember to comment on. The EXTRA nice part is it’s been sunny the last few days and that’s always nice in the winter!

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    These surveys are always a little bizzaro but I saw this one on someone else’s blog and decided to take the test…
    This one is titled “Which Historical Lunatic Are You?” What I don’t like about these “tests” is that after you take it there is a long description (sometimes) but you don’t get that info unless you take the test again. Click the continue link to get the biographical information…

    You are Nicola Tesla, inventor of the Tesla Coil! (Survey results).

    A minister’s son from Simljan in Austria-Hungary, you were precocious from an early age. At three you could multiply three-digit numbers in your head and calculate how many seconds visitors to your home had lived. In awe of your older brother Dane, you shot a pea-shooter at his horse, causing it to throw him and inflict injuries from which he later died. This tragedy haunted you ever after. You frequently suffered bouts of illness with hallucinations throughout your life. During one affliction of cholera, you encountered the writing of Mark Twain, with whom you were later to be close friends. Later, another, this time mystery, illness inexplicably heightened your senses to a painful extent, only relenting when you hit upon the idea of the alternating current motor.

    You developed an aversion to human contact, particularly involving hair, and a fear of pearls; when one would-be lover kissed you, you ran away in agony. Later, you insisted that any repeated actions in your day-to-day life had to be divisible by three, or, better yet, twenty-seven. You would, for example, continue walking until you had executed the required number of footsteps. You refused to eat anything until you had calculated its exact volume. Saltine crackers were a favourite for their uniformity in this respect. In the midst of important work, you forgot trivial details such as eating, sleeping or, on one memorable occasion, who you were.

    Your inventions, always eccentric, began on a suitably bizarre note. The first was a frog-catching device that was so successful, and hence so emulated by your fellow children, that local frogs were almost eradicated. You also created a turbine powered by gluing sixteen May bugs to a tiny windmill. The insects panicked and flapped their wings furiously, powering the contraption for hours on end. This worked admirably until a small child came along and ate all the creatures alive, after which you never again touched another insect.

    Prompted by dreams of attaining the then-ridiculed goal of achieving an alternating-current motor, you went to America in the hope of teaming up with Thomas Edison. Edison snubbed you, but promised fifty thousand dollars if you could improve his own direct-current motor by 20% efficiency. You succeeded. Edison did not pay up. It was not long until you created an AC motor by yourself.

    Now successful, you set up a small laboratory, with a few assistants and almost no written records whatsoever. Despite it being destroyed by fire, you invented the Tesla Coil, impressing even the least astute observer with man-made lightning and lights lit seemingly by magic. Moving to Colorado Springs, you created a machine capable of sending ten million volts into the Earth’s surface, which even while being started up caused lightning to shoot from fire hydrants and sparks to singe feet through shoes all over the town. When calibrated to be in tune with the planet’s resonance, it created what is still the largest man-made electrical surge ever, an arc over 130 feet long. Unfortunately, it set the local power plant aflame.

    You returned to New York, incidentally toying with the nascent idea of something eerily like today’s internet. Although the wealthiest man in America withdrew funding for a larger, more powerful resonator in short order, it did not stop you announcing the ability to split the world in two. You grew ever more diverse in your inventions: remote-controlled boats and submarines, bladeless turbines, and, finally, a death ray.

    While whether the ray ever existed is still doubtful, it is said that you notified the Peary polar expedition to report anything strange in the tundra, and turned on the ray. First, nothing happened; then it disintegrated an owl; finally, reports reached you of the mysterious Tunguska explosion, upon which news you dismantled the apparatus immediately. An offer during WWII to recreate it was, thankfully, never acted upon by then-President Wilson. Turning to other matters, you investigated the forerunner of radar, to widespread derision.

    Your inventions grew stranger. One oscillator caused earthquakes in Manhattan. You adapted this for medical purposes, claiming various health benefits for your devices. You found they let you work for days without sleep; Mark Twain enjoyed the experience until the sudden onset of diarrhoea. You claimed to receive signals in quasi-Morse Code from Mars, explored the initial stages of quantum physics; proposed a “wall of light”, using carefully-calibrated electromagnetic radiation, that would allegedly enable teleportation, anti-gravity airships and time travel; and proposed a basic design for a machine for photographing thoughts. You died aged 87 in New York, sharing an apartment with the flock of pigeons who were by then your only friends.

    Ridiculed throughout your life (Superman fought the evil Dr. Tesla in 1940s comics), you were posthumously declared the father of the fluorescent bulb, the vacuum tube amplifier and the X-ray machine, and the Supreme Court named you as the legal inventor of the radio in place of Marconi. Wardenclyffe, the tower once housing your death ray, was dynamited several times to stop it falling into the hands of spies. It was strangely hard to topple, and even then could not be broken up.

    Written By: Gary on March 6, 2004 No Comment

    Rachel Williams was on Nashville Star tonight. It was pretty great to watch, her mom (who I work with) had given me a CD to listen to before and she’s great (they are from Belleville, Michigan). Rachel has more information on her web site. They’ll be showing that episode a few more times this week.

    They go back next week to see who won the voting to go onto Nashville Star 2 (on USA). Be sure to watch!

    Written By: Gary on March 5, 2004 One Comment

    So I found another cool site. it visually maps out how your site is related to others. The site is http://touchgraph.com/TGGoogleBrowser.html

    It links me to _Heather’s Blog, some sites related to things I’ve mentioned (Kalamazoo), some sites that I use their plug-ins and more. You can zoom in and out or limit the links, It’s very interesting.

    UPDATE: Clicking the image takes you to an image I snapped when I wrote this post (when the site had a different address) click here to see sites related to Gary Said as of today; I don’t think it’s as useful as it used to be, at least not for my site…

    Written By: Gary on March 3, 2004 No Comment

    Okay, so the Internet has hit rock bottom. On eBay if you “are you tired of being alone and your friends and family thinking that you are gay or just can’t get a girlfriend” you can bid on this 27 year-old and she’ll send you love letters sprayed with perfume, etc. And just in case you aren’t sure, Keri clarifies that “I do however want to be clear that in no way does this auction make me your REAL girlfriend.” FYI – she went for $52.66.

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