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September 2004

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Wow! What a great show. Thanks to Melissa for pointing it out, I might have missed it otherwise. It’s (she’s) got attitude, tough, cute and it’s all pretty believable (as a TV high school detective goes). veronica marsShe’s kind of a Nancy Drew meets Watts (SKoW) a detective with attitude and a diverse group of friends (with a little bit of Heathers thrown in). Mtv has already picked it up, in addition to UPN so I’m sure you can catch the pilot still. She also is from the Detroit area, Huntington Woods actually so she probably went to my high school too (but I didn’t find that out until after I watched the show).

Here’s the official UPN Veronica Mars site and a short article I found in the Freep

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1. How many people have you dated that were not naturalised citizens of your country?
I can only think of three. But I didn’t ask for papers…
2. Have you ever dated someone that was not of your race? How did that work out?
No problems due to that (just the usual problems).

3. How many different countries have you visited?
Five (Costa Rica, England, Prague, Austria, Canada)
4. If you could go to a specific country of your choice … no expenses spared … where would go visit, and why?
I hear good things about Australia but maybe something more exotic like Antarctica.
5. What is your favourite international flavour?
Chinese/Thai and Italian.
6. I love French and Indian movies. What other countries’ movies do you enjoy?
If they aren’t in english, how am I supposed to know?
7. How many other languages do you speak besides your native language?
None and I wish I was better at the current one :)
8. Do you have international friends, and what countries do they come from?
Not really.
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Sarah B. (at drunkenbee) while commenting on her new design and reflecting on blogging had this to say that made me laugh.

When I began this site I had exactly two committments every day. I had to wake up and go to sleep. In between these committments I had a relatively large amount of time to, say, pick my nose pristine and write a story about it.

She doesn’t post often enough but she’s always pretty funny…

This was pretty funny too.

Things are still being tweaked and jerked around here, and, boyoboy do I wish I was talking about my crazy sex life

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So when I surf I’ll be reading a page and see some interesting links and click them so the appear in a window under the window I’m viewing. I do this so I can continue reading and not have to wait for the page to load. I may not get back to the clicked page for hours. So if I find something interesting once i get there, it’s hard to post and say “hey look at this” and “found via ____” since I don’t have any idea how I got there.

I really noticed this tonight when looking at some pages that were blocked (some memes linked via The Daily Meme. It wasn’t my work filter it wasn’t my cable company, it wasn’t my very very minor home filter, so what was it. It was the filter from the free Internet at Panera which is where I had dinner before the board meeting.

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I love Two and a Half men, but Jake was barely on the last two episodes. He’s really a good part of the show, especially showing how goofy the “adults” really are…

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whynopictureonnetI think the page speaks for itself – http://web.archive.org/web/20040522100943/http://www.smlinks.com/sotw/why/.

This is a repost but the link had been bad for a long time (this is a new link) so I’m reposting it for all of those who have asked me about it.

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I’m really into the first episode of shows so I can get the feel of the show (good or bad) it it gets better to know what ti was supposed to be like. So I taped dr. vegas just to see what it was like. I really enjoyed it. I will admit I wasn’t looking for anything super at the time, so I reserve the right to change my mind, but…

joepantrobloweI really like Joe Pantoliano and Rob Lowe is usually good and they worked well together so it might be a fun show. I know the reviewers weren’t excited, but it was fun. Maybe Las Vegas meets Scrubs. Sarah Lancaster is fun too, but I’m not sure where I know her from (actuallty, lots of stuff). A few other characters, but not sure how they’ll play out yet…

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So I still haven’t posted a review my recently purchased Tempurpedic bed. There’s been one thing I wondered about since the first time I saw one at the store. Since I’ve been tracking my Google searches, I’ve noticed someone else had the same question.

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We must have joked about something like this a half dozen times this weekend. We were also on a quest for helium tank for part of the time so we weren’t so far off…

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jeanne.motionI was going to say we didn’t have the best weather for the wedding yesterday (although it wasn’t bad) but then I saw the latest here and decided to just keep my mouth shut (sorta).

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Sorry for any technical difficulties in viewing the last 24 hours.
PS – Don’t change scripts/code late at night!

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Say Hello to Mr. & Mrs. Mayry! kurtpenny High School friends got married today! It was outside in the park and it was a great day, lots of friends there and lots of food and a wedding too! Extra long day for friends that came into town via Chicago, Boston and India. But it was nice seeing the old gang again…

PS – That’s Gunnar, he married Kurt today too :)

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hurricane_jeanne I think of all the silly things I’ve whined about this week. And the many more (even sillier) things I’ve heard others whine about. Most of us just don’t have anything to complain about. I cannot even tell you ho many evacuations I’ve heard about down there these last few months.

Actually no matter how bad someone else has it, I feel you shouldn’t neglect what it is you need to complain about it, you’ve still got problems too. Unless you’re just an incessant whiner and if so (hurricane or not) please shut up stop it.

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How can it be fall alrady! I was looking for some information on the Equinox, but somehow I found out that “The time of Harvest is in the sign of Virgo and Libra during the pregnancy of Autumn. The Fall is a time when Nature reaches fulfillment with the ripening of her fruits, and is symbolic of the fusion of opposites.” and I decided to keep it! (Here’s some geeky info on it if you want…)

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Written By: Gary on September 23, 2004 One Comment

Just saw the preview for Bridget Jones II – The Edge of Reason. It gave me the feeling it’s not going to be mediocre and while I’m hoping it’s be really good, it does have some potential for disaster. But previews can always be misleading…

Comments and Trackbacks closed due to too much spam. Probably my fault with the title….

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After the great summer finale to SG-1 we got a great season premier for Smallville. Their premiers are generally odd in that it’s all of a sudden there months later. Lots of “stuff” happening: everyone is getting their memory back, coming out of their coma, returning from Kryptonian stasis and Lana grew up over the summer…

And two (yes two!) Lois Lanes. How’s that, you ask? Well we have the actress (Erica Durance) who plays new Lois, plus we had a cameo by Margot Kidder who played Lois in the 70/80’s superman movies. Plus they even gave me a little cliff hanger for next week.

This could be a good season… More (real) spoilers below.

And they broke a (supposed) rule for this show – “no flights, no tights”. Although there have always been hints that he’ll be able to fly. But they did it in such a way that it won’t be happening again.

PS – Did you know that Annette O’Toole (mom) played Lana Lang (as an adult) in Superman IV (the movie).

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I guess after seven seasons they decided they could take the take the show to some points where the couldn’t before. What I mean by that is, you don’t have to worry about using up all the cool possible plot lines too early in the life cycle. Now you just pack as many as you can in an episode and let the watchers enjoy. Friday was the summer finale (they do a few short “seasons” a year) and it had a lot packed into it, it was a great show and it kept moving. What I didn’t understand is why they didn’t end the show 45 seconds earlier and make it a cliffhanger…

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On the classic TB taco, instead of hard shell/meat/lettuce/cheese that it would make more sense to be hard shell/meat/cheese/lettuce? Then the cheese would melt and help hold it all together instead of falling apart all the time?

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Okay do it wasn’t free but it was only $1.68 and I was pretty excited about it. (It’s the little things.)

It was in Melvindale (or Detroit) on Dix/Toledo a few blocks before it dead ends into Schaefer (south of the Rouge plant), one on each side of the road. Just in case you want some too!

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I swear every week I get a few more dents in this thing. It’s work’s and even if I went through one of these things a year they’d get their money’s worth from all the little things I get done a home and weekends ’cause I take it everywhere.

I just went to change the battery and found another dent which made it hard to get the battery out. I de-dented it but it’s just one more thing. FYI it’s a 12 inch Apple Powerbook G4. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything but a faster smaller one. You can keep that 17 inch one, it’s too much to lug around. I do miss the plastic case of my old iBook, this does feel like it’s going to slip out of my hands (no that’s not the cause of any of the dents). Most of them just show up, kinda like that odd bruise on your shin/elbow/etc. that you don’t know how it got there. I just want this one to last at least until the 1.5 GHz ones come out…

“A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.” That’s the original quote, but can you tell me who it’s from from?









 Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper . Crazy, geeky, cool Navy Admiral. Passed away in 92. She’s got lots of quotes I find attributed to her, but I never knew they were all hers…

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Big article last week in the Free Press on Michigan Bloggers. This was the surprise that Melissa spoke of a few weeks ago.

Personally I read two of those every day, comment occasionally. Have read a few of the others. And now plan to read more regularly…. I mean they are the top 6 in the state….

  • The Snowsuit Effort Ryan Keberly, Royal Oak
  • Anything But Ordinary Melissa Schott, Dearborn
  • Dean’s World Dean Esmay, Westland
  • Notes From the Cave Frank McPherson, West Bloomfield
  • Ypsi Dixit* Laura Siebrig Boessenkool Bien, Ypsilanti
  • Locking Thru to the Bahamas Larry and Sharon Duhaime, Harrison Township

    * They posted the incorrect address for Ypsi Dixit. It’s http://ypsidixit.diaryland.com, the WWW (which depreciated) doesn’t word at diaryland.
    FYI – Always test your web addresses (and phone numbers) before sending to friends (or a million newspaper readers). Especially test after letting someone edit them…

    FYI 2– It’s generally better to remove index/default.asp,html,htm, stm, php at the end of the web address (fter testing it!), and here’s why, if they change servers or software (or whatever) they may have to change, but without the extra text they generally/almost always work.

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    Let’s start with a joke:

    I received a sheet of mailing labels (with a request for a donation) and there are no instructions on how to attach them to my e-mail messages.

    Should I scan them in?

    Occasionally the confusion between Veterans or Veterinarians makes it into a sitcom or two. But I’m speaking of it because these have cats & dogs on them. From one of the Veterans groups. I just thought it was kind of humorous (since it wasn’t from the veterinarians). They are nice labels, I just wish I had a use for them. And I know if I send money they are just going to send me more… How to stop/fix they cycle.

    Back to the labels. How many of these do I use a year? Basically none. I bet I don’t send out more than 20 things a year (other than at Christmas) that even require stamps (and most of those other mailings are rebates).

    So the more I give the more I get from other organizations, how can we streamline this to so that they send out useful things (for me)?

  • Labels for floppies? Not so much any more…
  • Small round labels to go around the center of a CD that say “property of” or “Gary made this backup on”?
  • Pens probably cost too much to ship (not flat)?
  • Storage space for photos on-line (and they could even run small ads around the edge). They don’t lose if I don’t use.
  • Free photo prints depending on how much I donate.I understand I shouldn’t have to get to give, but that isn’t the marketing ploy they are adopting and I’m just trying to updated it for the 90s…

    The funny thing is the organizations I do give to (shelter, church, education foundation) usually don’t send out anything but notes and generally don’t give me anything in return so it’s always strange to get stuff from places I’ve never heard of. Although lately what I’m trying is buying tickets when they have fundraisers and have more people there to raise funds (and not have them be surprised when they get solicitations).

    Yes, I do understand at this point I’m totally off the V-squared topic.

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    Tinne was talking about it here. So I started thinking about it, my “before I die” list definitely changes if I know it’s going to be that short. I’ve got stuff I want to do but honestly most of the stuff I want (marriage, kids, etc.) isn’t going to happen in the next six months. So what would I do? This is all assuming I “know” that it’s six months. And that I’m not in excruciating pain or something.

    I’d quit work. Cash out all my savings and retirements. Actually I’d take a leave so I could keep the health and the life insurance (if I’m gonna be crazy for 6 months, mom might as well as benefit if I slip or fall or something). Probably work for free at a day care or something like that (I love kids).

    I’d be traveling with friends. Probably some busy trips and probably some go to a destination and just relax for a while. Never made it to France so that’s be on the list and maybe a cruise or three. Definitely some time on the beach in Costa Rica. And I’d like to see the pyramids. I usually try to travel conservatively but since it’s not like I’d have to pay the charge cards back or anything, it’d be first class all the way. Of course I’d be traveling with the latest electronic gizmos and such. I’d have to blog my last six months, maybe sell the book rights…

    I’d like to think there’d be lot’s of sex and such, but based on my recent experience, I’m not sure why that would change. But I guess I wouldn’t be looking for commitment and if they know I only got six months, I’m assuming they aren’t either. Besides, that’s such a good line (I’ve only got six months to live…). Besides this would help me to sell the book rights, right?

    I’ve always wanted to go into outer space, do you think the trip would be cheaper if it was only one way?

    I’d probably throw out / sell / give away bunches of stuff so mom wouldn’t have to dig through it later. Or at least use a bunch of post-its so she knows who gets what and what might be worth something and what’s trash.

    I’d buy and give away lots of music and books, I always have stuff that (I think) friends/relatives should read/listen to. I assume they’d do it if it was some final wish…

    If I were ill, I’d party less, do the pyramids and France and rent a big place on the beach in Costa Rica and have everyone come visit and hang out… Maybe still squeeze in a few relaxing cruises…

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    I was nervous asking the question (any question), but it was the only way to find out. “Do you still have the that deluxe chicken sandwich,” I asked the BK lady. She named it without hesitation and said they had it, so my earlier fears were gone and my guard was down. So I said I’ll have that here in a meal (which they always try to force on you anyways) with no mayonnaise and onion rings instead of fries. So we did a few rounds of you wanted a large soda, right?, no, the regular meal, you said to go?, no it’s for here. And I reverify with “regular size, onion rings and no mayo”.

    bk“That’ll be $10.79, is that to go?” It’s for here but that seems a little expensive, (blank stare), “that seems a little expensive for the meal.” Oh! She pulls out the receipt and explains to me she void it later and have to re-ring it. I think she wanted me to agree to this because there was a big pause before she actually did this. We did our little dance, but shorter this time. After she prints the receipt (which they don’t give you so you can double-check your order) I say “no mayo”, and get back “huh?”, “no mayonnaise on that” I repeat, which she says sure and yells it back (since she didn’t get it on the third try).

    So I get my soda/napkins/straw and some other people get in line, so I go wash my hands, they’re still ordering (two ladies for themselves and two kids who are sitting down). So I stand there and wait, I can see the receipt (no mention of mayo) and it says “fries” so as she takes a break from their order (yes, they are still trying to order) she grabs my tray and sandwich and I say three times, “don’t forget I want onion rings” (I’m getting no acknowledgment, which is why I’m repeating). As she hands me my tray (with fries) I say “I wanted onion rings”. “But I rang up fries” she says, and she says this a few more times as I very politely keep repeating I want (and also that I ordered onion rings). When what I really want to say is, “what did you put down on my first two meal orders…?” She was really hung up on this, I’m not sure why, she knows darn well I ordered the rings, but she’s really concerned that she might get fired (or something) for giving me what I ordered. (That’s the least of the reasons they are going to fire her.)

    PS – My sandwich was delicious!!! :)

    FYI – They actually still have the nerve to own Have It Your Way dot com.

    Did I mention that there is road construction out front? I’m the only person in line. No one waiting and very very few cars in the drive thru. The slowest day I’ve ever seen there, i.e. no distractions or chaos…

    And (generally hyper) me? I’m totally relaxed and in no hurry (fortunately), I didn’t even drive up there since it was a nice sunny afternoon.

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    It only happens a few times a year! Upload 26 photographs of their 26 Things and make a link from their site! I’ll post again when I get mine together…

    1. frame
    2. glass
    3. arrow
    4. numbers
    5. small
    6. open
    7. fruit
    8. wheel
    9. plastic
    10. cover
    11. natural
    12. saturday
    13. multi-coloured
    14. home
    15. shadow
    16. sticky
    17. clean
    18. foot
    19. sport
    20. round
    21. group
    22. man made
    23. half
    24. path
    25. full
    26. the end

    Find more at The Daily Meme.

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    I finally got a few comment spams. It’s probably the only place I’ve ever mentioned the word c_sino (and I’m not going to say it again, it’s that place where you go g_mbl_ng).

    THis isn’t any kind of an invite, but it’s just weird how long it took and the fact that I make people type in that little code (like at ticketmaster) before they can post…

    The confirmation comment post that movable type sends you should have a delete option built in! RIght?

    (I’ve since removed the CAPTCHA requirement to post)

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    Written By: Gary on September 15, 2004 One Comment

    I liked this quote. I don’t have kids, but I hope someday I’ll help them to carry (or be) a message that is a good one.

    It was someone’s signature on SlickDeals.net but no link to anything that I can attribute it to…

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    Written By: Gary on September 14, 2004 4 Comments

    If anyone needs a garyMail Google gMail account, leave me a comment and I’ll hook you up. I’ve got 65… 4…

    UPDATE: Late Feb 2005 – I have more (lots) invites…

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    Written By: Gary on September 13, 2004 One Comment

    So do you remember A Christmas Story? Do you remember when Darren McGaven (aka the Night Stalker) won “a major award”? Well I got one for my birthday this weekend! It’s excellent! Mark bought it for me and he doesn’t even remember that part of the movie. He had it shipped to his work and everyone saw it (there’s a photo on the box) and everyone came over to ask about it (I used to work there so they all know me). The box was even marked FRAGILE. If you haven’t seen this movie it’s a must see. WGN usually runs it for 24 hours straight the day before Christmas (or is it Thanksgiving?).

    And did I tell you than it lights up the leg too!?!

    A very cool lamp. Although it’s not like it matches any of my stuff. I better be careful or I’ll poke my eye out….

    Written By: Gary on September 12, 2004 2 Comments

    PlanetDan collected a bunch of senior photos (altered to protect the innocent) and put them together.

    Especially interesting to me who I think only printed one (yes, I said only one) of my (limited) senior photos…

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    So I know you’ve all heard me mention my Waffle Toffee Crunch Ice Cream Sundae from the last few times I was in England. So at work yesterday (for my birthday, which is actually today/Saturday) we always have cake for the birthday-boys (and girls) and Kim had made me a Waffle Toffee Crunch Cake with Whipped Creme on top. I thought it was kinda silly at first but it was delicious!!!

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    1. If you won the lottery, and could win as much as you wanted, how much would you take? What would you do with it?
    A hundred million would probably be enough. Take care of family and friends. Some of the schools I’ve worked at (toss a couple of mill’ where I always would have put some tech dollars. The shelters and the crisis hotline where I’ve worked. I don’t know if I’d want to do some outreach here or in another country. Probably set up some institute to further technology use/adoption, if it was in another county (Costa Rica?) I’d probably need 200 million they have a lot less infrastructure. A very low number of students have technology and even less have Internet (and those are mostly around San Jose). I was just reading something on this today so it sticks extra in my mind. Oh! And I’d blow 20 million on a trip into outer space! Is Russia still selling rides?

    2. If you could have any car/truck/environmental killing machine that you wanted, what would it be?
    Actually I’d like an environmentally sound convertible (that I don’t have to refill every hundred miles).
    3. If you could, would you want to be a professional student? Why/why not? If so, what would you study?
    Definitely! Everything! Art, astronomy, a language or two, cutting edge technologies, did I say everything?
    Bonus Question for Comments: Does it take a lot of money and goods to make you happy? How much/little? Why/Why not
    Yes and no. I can live pretty simple, but I do like my techie toys (and my convertible). I could have cardboard furniture and a rusty car as long as I have my cool powerbook, iMac and home theater (and mp3 jukebox in the car).

    From 3x Thursday.

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    01. Can you remember where you were in life ten years ago? If you could travel back in time and whisper something to yourself ten years ago, what would it be?
    I do regret not being married and not having kids. So it would probably be to work on marriage and/or adoption. I was pretty happy at the time so I might not listen to me…
    02. You inherit a large piece of land and decide to build a theme park a la “Disneyland, Sea World, etc.) What would you name your theme park and what would your mascot be?
    GeekWorld and the mascot would be Techie the Turtle.
    03. Okay, let’s have it! What’s the craziest, most impulsive thing you’ve ever done. Remember, we have insane youngsters amongst us so if it’s risque, clean it up.. *wink*
    Climbing on the windowsill from one room to another on the 10th floor of the dorms at the U of British Columbia, I was probably 15 at the time.
    04. We all have them … bad days. If you were having a bad day what or whom would you turn to for comfort?
    A female friend or ex-girlfriend, they’d probably fix me food and make me dessert.
    05. According to the song White Rabbit, “one pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small”. If you were offered these pills today, which pill would you take and why?
    Larger. Why not? Bigger is better isn’t it?

    From Wednesday Mind Hump – Week 35

    Written By: Gary on September 8, 2004 3 Comments

    So my friends know so much about the people whose blogs I read, I’m sure they sometimes forget these aren’t people that I run into daily (ever).

    These aren’t the only ones I read, they’re just they ones I think my friends have enough info about to recall who they are when I bring them up.

  • Sarah – Srah in Texas AA.
  • Melissa – Detroit area, extra funny and whom I (and others) was afraid might give up blogging.
  • Dean – Also local and who I mention every time I pass the Kitty Chop Suey sign (and it was really a post by his better half!).
  • Alfie – From AA who sent me a BurnIt and is coincidentally the sister of Sarah
  • Lisa – With the Audrey Hepburn photo on the blog (who coincidentally also sent me a BurnIt CD)
  • Sarah – Sassypants, a Texas ex-blogger (where it seems like most female bloggers are from)

    These folks are WAY more than this little definitions that I have here, but these are the key phrases that make my friends realize who I mean…

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    tss.g4So it’s the return of The Screen Savers! I haven’t been paying attention much since it’s been reruns. But they’re in the new studio in LA and raring to go. Patrick’s gone, and I’m sure the new guy, Alex, will grow on me. But Sarah :) and Kevin and Foo (Dan) and Yoshi are all back. I’ll miss Patrick, but he’s supposed to still have some kind of connection and he is in some of the promo photos still. Supposedly a few guest appearences from the old staff and other visitors…

    I’m excited about getting my daily dose of tech news, that’ll be nice to have, I usually like the stories that they pick as being the good ones to share.

    FYI, it’s Thank God For TiVo. Since it was yesterday’s episode that I didn’t watch.

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    A new adventure game, coming out for just about every platform (Windows, Macintosh, Linux/X11, BeOS, Palm OS and Pocket PC). Be sure to check out the site and the trailer.

    This won’t be out until September, what really excites me is the multi-platform deployment all at the same time. If we start seeing more of this in the future it’ll really level out the playing field in computer OSes

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    I generally don’t post about dating, I assume all my past and present girlfriends read my entries. No my Ego is not that big, I just post with such an assumption so that I can stay out of trouble. I won’t leave out if/when I get engaged/married. And once I’m married I’m assuming I’ll post more about the relationship. I will not complain about the wedding planning process publicly until after the wedding (assuming I do go through with the process). They were talking about this at SpiralInSpiral but my thoughts got too long for the comments.

    Watch out when I have kids though, I’ll give you every little detail. (Can they sue for embarrassment when they get older?) Not today’s laws, but with the laws of the future…

    I also try not to complain to much (although many times when I post facts people think I’m complaining), I want the complaining to be a very small percentage of my posts, I think my (few) readers prefer it that way.

    I also work mildly under the assumption that work-type people (or future people) read my blog too. So that probably makes me appear more restrained than I actually am. It probably prevents me from answering some on-line questions or even some memes (such as Sexy Saturday). I think I’ve only answered one (or two) mild SS questions and still kept my answers relatively restrained.

    If you’ve never been to Archive.org be sure to check it out, specifically try the Wayback Machine on some sites you read (or yours).

    Written By: Gary on September 4, 2004 No Comment

    If you spend half of your time complaining aren’t you just wasting half of your life (and the time of those you are complaining to)? I’m assuming the other half of your life isn’t so great either (if you’re complaining so much). Wouldn’t time be better spent doing some things to fix the other half? Or ignoring it? At least go get a ‘blog! :)

    FYI – I’m not talking about the people who have had disaster upon disaster happen to them, mugged, been in the hospital and been to more funerals in the last year than all other years combined. I’m talking about your “average life” over-the-top complainers.

    Written By: Gary on September 4, 2004 632 Comments

    tempurpedicSo I finally got a new bed. I got one of those squishy Tempurpedic mattresses. It’s also larger, I went from a full to a queen size. I don’t really have a good opinion yet, but I don’t have any complaints yet. Actually I have a minor one, I had to put different rails on my bed frame and besides the fact that they aren’t the right color (I bought them four years ago) they are lower so now I can’t get the under the bed boxes out from under the bed (but that isn’t a Tempurpedic Mattress issue).

    In the morning I felt like I didn’t feel like I tossed and turned, I’ll see more after a few more days….

    UPDATE: This post has a huge amount of comments (400+) so feel free to read through them for more info. They definitely start with negative comments but I think it evens out as you read on. People talk about their sheets sliding (I have no problems) and other temperpedic models (like the rhapsody).

    I’ve also added various comments through the years.

    I do not know what model I have, I’m not sure if there were more than one or two available at the time. Anyone know how to check?

    2010 update: I’ve checked and it appears there was only one model available at the time of MY purchase, they say that it is now designated the Classic (now there are 11 versions). I purchased the mattress and the foundation directly from Tempurpedic over five years ago and I’m still very happy with it.

    Written By: Gary on September 3, 2004 No Comment

    And people complain like that have real problems (I only got a three day weekend, it’s too humid, etc.). spec_trop6_277x187 I thank God that those are the only things we have to complain about. I hope things go well for families that have to go through such disasters as hurricane Francis.

    Written By: Gary on September 3, 2004 No Comment

    Finally a purpose for Spiderman (besides catching bad guys), he provides a hysterical review of a 96 count package of Crayola crayons! Found at Jodiferous.

    Written By: Gary on September 2, 2004 One Comment

    I know, I never review books enough, even when I mention I’m reading them I forget to post info later…

    I know the folks who wrote this one so I was a little more motivated. It takes place on Drummond Island off the east coast of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The authors grew up there and one of them still lives there. I was at D. Ann’s place this weekend and noticed the framed picture in the living room (which has been there for at least a year) was a larger landscape version of picture that they had commissioned for the cover of the book. I’ve seen this a bunch of times and I just finally made the connection. But I digress…

    My biggest problem (in talking about books) is telling enough but not giving the story away. It’s an historically accurate portrayal of life on the Island, life is different there than it is on the mainland. It’s a small-town people story, with some romance, a mystery and even a UFO all wrapped up into one story. It spans 60 years with several families stories intertwined as they try to figure out al the connections…

    Actually, I totally digressed here (it’s ages later and I didn’t really review the book, but it’s too late for that now).

    This is the first in a series of novels that take place in Michigan with the main character of Jill Traynor who will eventually become the lead character in future books. The books get better and better so if you like this one, keep reading the others…

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