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August 2004

Written By: Gary on August 31, 2004 One Comment

I was just writing something, it said, “I’ve been back in the Detroit area (Dearborn) for around six years now.” and then I realized it was exactly six years today that I started working back this side of Michigan (I had been in the Lansing area for eleven years). I can’t believe it’s been that long. A few homes, a few relationships (broken hearts) and a few jobs later I’m still around here.

My (only) complaint(s) – still single and childless. (I thought that was going to turn into a long list of complaints, but I guess that’s all I’m really missing.) That doesn’t sound too bad but I don’t think was much longer than that when I got here six years ago…

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imacsideIt might look like an iPod but it’s not. It’s really the new G5 iMac. Everyone is talking about it (thanks for all the info…).

Starting with a 1.6GHz G5 and 80GB drive with a 17 inch display (it goes up to 1.8 GHz, 160GB drive and a 20 inch display).

imacangleThe official Apple page is http://apple.com/imac/ .

Did I mention I need one (or two) of these…

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Written By: Gary on August 30, 2004 2 Comments

911toySo what’s your opinion is this just a toy that was found inside a bag of candy? or was there some deeper thought put into it’s creation.

Oh, did I mention the part number of the toy was 9011? Here’s a link to the news story.

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I’m not sure exactly why I bought the Apple Airport Express. That might sound silly but it’s not just one device, it’s not two, it’s not even only three, it’s FOUR (yes four!) devices in one.

  1. It’ll work as a WiFi router. Can I tell you how easy this was to use? I was at my local Burger King and the WiFi was down again but the wired connection was up. So instead of sitting by the noisy TVs I plugged in the express to the wall and a RJ-45 (phone-like cord) into the ethernet jack and my laptop asked if I wanted to join the new network. That was it! I’m now wireless sitting in my comfy corner.
  2. A WiFi Extender. Does your WiFi network start to fade at the far end of the house? Put this somewhere where you still get a signal and it will extend the range farther for you.
  3. A music (i.e. iTunes) streamer. Computer in the other room with all your music on it? Plug in the optional audio cables into the AirPort Express next to your stereo and you can listed to your iTunes ianywhere in the house!
  4. Printer Adapter. Want to share a printer? Plug a USB printer into the port and you can print to it from anywhere in the house!
It works for Windows and Macintosh (but I haven’t tried the printing yet) and it’s great!

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tube_geo_smallSo I’ve always liked the London Tube and I like the maps of it. I mention it a few times on my last trip (see the entries under holidays). I particularly liked a diagram that showed how the lines were really shaped. Well someone took that diagram and superimposed it over a satellite photo and now it’s even more interesting

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katyrose53Went to Chicks with Attitude tonight. Unfortunately we only caught part of Katy Rose on stage, she had already started when we got there, I really enjoyed her singing. She was great and really diverse in the songs that we heard. I did buy her CD Because I Can, got to say HI and had her autograph the CD too. She has that album out, a two track single, she did a song on the Mean Girls soundtrack and one on the Thirteen soundtrack.

Written By: Gary on August 25, 2004 No Comment
1. If you were to nominate a celebrity (or their screen character) to the Presidency, who it would it be and why?
Michael Douglas. He was great as the president. I like Bartlett too, but he’s got too many family issues…

2. If your best talent were an Olympic event, what it would be? Instead of a gold medal, what would first prize be?
My best talent… Thinking? Would be a couple of parallel cray computers (do they still make those?).
3. If you had a warning light on your forehead what would it warn people of if it were flashing?
It would let them know their “3 seconds are up” and they should get to the point.
4. You live in a cage…what are you? Do they ever let you out?
I’m a rare bird, they let me out when the people are gone, they only keep me in the cage to protect me.
5. Scientists have discovered a way to bottle the essence of you. What does it smell like?
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

From the Wednesday Mind Hump

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Written By: Gary on August 25, 2004 One Comment

Did you know the iTunes store gives out one free song every Tuesday? This week it’s Kicking the Heart Out by Rogue Wave.

Plus they’ve got the new Vanessa Carlton single, White Houses, for only 99 cents.

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Anyone planning on going to see Liz Phair and Co. on Friday the 27th in the Detroit area? We’re doing Happy Hour at my place (Dearborn) and then we’re heading on over to the concert in Royal Oak. If you want to stop by beforehand (or meet up when you get there) let me know.

Chicks with Attitude Tour
Chicks with Attitude Tour 08/27/04 Royal Oak Music Theatre

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So yesterday we got everyone together after Heather’s Ordination. Back at Mom’s (hers) to get everyone together, and I mean everyone. Heather knows people from all over and there were people from everywhere in the state, nearby states and even some really far ones. A few kids running around and a ten-month old baby, LaLa (short for Lavender), that I adopted for the weekend.

Then today she did the service at 8am and 10am (most of us went to the 10) and she was wonderful. Then a dozen of us went out to eat and we started our way home…

Heather is off to Evanston, IL to work for Northwestern as a campus minister. She’ll probably be living no farther than a block or three from where she lived when she went to seminary at Seabury. Evanston is one of my favorite towns, I almost always include it in my visits to Chicago (and I don’t always include Chicago into my Evanston visits). And I can take the train most of the way there!

Written By: Gary on August 21, 2004 No Comment

heather04Today I had the pleasure of seeing Heather Marie Voss be ordained and become The Reverend Heather Voss…

More later. Gotta get back inside…

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Written By: Gary on August 20, 2004 No Comment

Lots of comings and goings at school this week. Training new teachers (they’re all super nice). Got to see a few of the kids who will be in daycare in my building, I miss them so much. And lots of meetings that had food which is always a bonus; especially when I don’t actually have to attend the meeting.

And speaking of school (sort of) Heather graduated a few months ago. But now that she’s got a job she gets to be ordained! So it’s off to the ceremony tomorrow and hang out and then performs the service. Yeah! And she moves back to one of my favorite towns to work in.

Written By: Gary on August 18, 2004 One Comment

1. You accidentally enter your password on the microwave.
2. You haven’t played solitaire with real cards in years.
3. You have a list of 15 phone numbers to reach your family of 3.
4. You e-mail the person who works at the desk next to you.

5. Your reason for not staying in touch with friends and family is they don’t have e-mail addresses.
6. You go home after a long day at work you still answer the phone in a business manner.
7. You make phone calls from home, you accidentally dial “9” to get an outside line.
8. You’ve sat at the same desk for four years and worked for three different companies.
10. You learn about your redundancy on the 11 o’clock news.
11. Your boss doesn’t have the ability to do your job.
12. You pull up in your own driveway and use your cell phone to see if anyone is home.
13. Every commercial on television has a website at the bottom of the screen.
14. Leaving the house without your cell phone, which you didn’t have the first 20 or 30 (or 60) years of your life, is now a cause for panic and you turn around to go and get it.
15. You get up in the morning and go online before getting your coffee.
16. You start tilting your head sideways to smile. :)
17. You’re reading this and nodding and laughing.
18. Even worse, you know exactly to whom you are going to forward this message.
19. You are too busy to notice there was no #9 on this list.
20. You actually scrolled back up to check that there wasn’t a #9 on this list.

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I’m not big into politics but I did notice that the iTunes store had the Executive Summary for free! It’s just over an hour itself and I’ve listened to the first bit of it and it’s pretty interesting. I don’t know if I could handle all 20+ hours of it but I’ll definitely listen to the rest of the hour summary.9-11 Final Report: Executive Summary (7/22/04)

Of course you need the free iTunes software to listen to it…

Written By: Gary on August 17, 2004 No Comment

Not that I get that many, but I received more blog comments today than any other day (more than I have in the average week). The odd thing is I don’t think a single one was related to the same post…

Keep ’em coming!!!

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Written By: Gary on August 17, 2004 3 Comments

This started as a comment/reply to Heather’s post but it gained a life of it’s own. She’s reading a book in which part of the story-line is cops killing repeat felons

…there are a lot of people who would support vigilante cops who took out repeat felons. They are not innocent – and hurt innocent people. But it is returning violence with violence. What do you think of this?

Before I go on – for those of you who don’t know me, I pretty much lean towards the pacifist end of the scale. I volunteer for a SA/DV shelter so I see things from repeat offenders and how the courts don’t work some times so I see the appeal of the possibilities.

I think our legal system has enough loopholes many people are not afraid to kill because they think they can get away with it. Fear of being caught by the executioners might discourage some.

Can someone kill them and forgive them? (I’m serious) If the killing is to stop them from killing/hurting again, can they be forgiven for their past transgressions and still killed to be stopped from harming more innocents?

Did you ever see the Star Chamber (Michael Douglas)?

I just finished The Trigger, they figure out a way to remote detonate gunpowder allowing safety shields. It’s very interesting on how it deals with crime (and the NRA). IT brings up lots of interesting thoughts…

Next two: Not vigilantism, but justice with no courts.
OLD Start Trek: TNG episode. There’s only a few police on the planet, they randomly patrol different areas on the planet. ALL/ANY crimes are punishable by death (they carry the syringes with them). You obey the laws since you don’t know where police will be. Very peaceful planet (if only that damn Wesley hadn’t walked on the grass), everyone knew the rules, they understood the punishment and everyone was good. Interesting concept. I suppose it helps genetically breed out those predisposed to crime/rule breaking. Pretty much you had to be caught to be punished (no courts)

The Hybrid Chronicles (Robert Sawyer) – if guilty of a crime of violence you were sterilized and so were any of your offspring to breed out the undesirable trait (maybe parents/siblings too?), I can’t remember about grandchildren. Very interesting concept. No courts, everyone wore implanted recording PDAs so there was a record to review.

FYI – Heather’s book was Silent Prey by John Sandford (part of the Prey series).

Written By: Gary on August 16, 2004 One Comment

I just saw that the second season of Roswell is coming out in October!!!

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Written By: Gary on August 15, 2004 2 Comments

So I’m trying a three columns layout. It should really work as well as the two did unless I missed something minor. It doesn’t look well in IE on OS X (but not much looks good in it), but I don’t think anything overlaps in any version that you can’t read the content. Any the things that tend to goof up when things do that are the “extra things” which have no necessary content (links, rolls, etc.) even though it’s good content! I’ve tried this on a few OS X, Windows XP and Linux Fedora browsers and it’s pretty consistent.

I’ll be changing the colors and such soon, I just need to make sure that this holds up okay…

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Written By: Gary on August 15, 2004 No Comment

spideysplitFinally saw Spiderman 2! Great special effects. Actually saw him move slow enough to see the costume, which was pretty cool. Lots of action, good effects, lots of little cameos and more. Plus they do a great intro to remind you what happened last movie.

TM and KD were great but KD just isn’t very cute when she doesn’t smile (spoiler: she’s pissed at Peter a lot).

BTW, have you seen the lego version of the movie?

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Written By: Gary on August 14, 2004 No Comment

My shortest post ever. Sung to the turn of American Pie (ala The Day The Music Died)

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Written By: Gary on August 14, 2004 One Comment

So I’m reading Zhaba Zhournal and looked at her about zhaba link and one of the items says:

Married, monogamous, bisexual (no, those aren’t mutually exclusive)

and I just keep chuckling at her parenthetical information. Did she get comments or just put that in in the first place? (I’m pretty big on parenthetical information myself).

Written By: Gary on August 13, 2004 One Comment

I’ve been blogging for nine months. I’ve accomplished part of what I wanted. I’ve got random people reading and finding my ramblings (random wasn’t a big mission, but I need at least a few people to read it). I started the first part as being very nice and never complaining too much. I migrated that to a blog for talking (and occasionally whining) but wondering is anyone listening? and occasionally finding out that they are.

At the same time I needed a 12 step program due to too much meme-img. To feed this addiction I created two small meme-sites (http://thedailymeme.com/ (and a sub-site of lost memes ) that list daily, weekly, monthly and other memes to help people find more. Some of the odd one-short of propagating things and some of the odder memes arein the lost section of the same site. This was a accidental byproduct of memeing.

I have my gizmoboy site and that’s all but ready to go. But just haven’t found the time to finish it and get it on-line.

I did do a London Blog for my recent trip which generated a lot of friend/family interest in that it was just for them. I separated the London info from my regular blog to keep the non-regular-readers from finding it by accident. If they want to read it, go ahead, but I’m not going to accidentally show them my “inner stuff” if they can’t find it…. or at least ask for it.

I’ve had in my head another idea that’s going to need some dollars to make it work, I’ve had it in simple terms in my head at different times. But I’d like to implement it. A site to get people to smile more and wave more to little kids more and be NICE. You”ll see more on this as time goes on.

Need some site to share some advertising with too. Need to be part of some networks for information.


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I sent out my Burn It CDs late (but it was more than a few days ago, so if you didn’t get yours it’ll be there any minute) the theme was songs from movies. I was in two BurnIt groups (so I had six people sending CDs to me (actually I only had packages from five of them) and I had to send to the six of them and the coordinator.

I was nervous at first Alfie sent hers’ out way early and the packaging was beautiful. Great cover, printed CD, artwork for the back and inside (behind the CD). Even her printing on the envelope was great. Very professional and I don’t think it’s related to her major. She set the bar very high, the rest had some nice ones and some plain ones so I was feeling better for mine. Mine might have been in 2nd place for looks but I was still left in her dust.

I do have one complaint about iTunes, until you burn you don’t know how long your disc is, I mean who measures time by saying 1.1 hours?!?

Some were songs I liked, some were artists and some were movies I liked that I wanted a song from. It was hard since some of the movies just have a great sound track (Some Kind of Wonderful, The Lost Boys, Pretty in Pink, Boys on the Side, Bill and Ted’s, City of Angels, etc.) Here’s the track listing if you’re curious.

1 Oh Yeah Yello Ferris Buehler’s Day Off
2 Extraordinary Liz Phair Raising Helen
3 Kids in America Kim Wilde Clueless
4 Uninvited Alanis Morissette City Of Angels
5 Turn To The Sky March Violets Some Kind Of Wonderful
6 Do Wot You Do INXS Pretty In Pink
7 Do Anything Pete Shelley Some Kind Of Wonderful
8 I Can’t Break Away Big Pig Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
9 Shell-Shock New Order Pretty In Pink
10 Iris Goo Goo Dolls City Of Angels
11 Good Times INXS & Jimmy Barnes The Lost Boys
12 I Still Believe Tim Cappello The Lost Boys
13 Summer Kisses, Winter Tears Julee Cruise Until The End Of The World
14 Turn To The Sky March Violets Some Kind Of Wonderful
15 Losing My Religion Tori Amos Higher Learning
16 Why Can’t I? Liz Phair 13 Going on 30
17 Old Time Rock And Roll Bob Seger Risky Business

1 In Your Eyes Peter Gabriel Say Anything
2 Angel Sarah McLachlan City Of Angels
3 Thank You Dido Sliding Doors
4 Kathy’s Song Eva Cassidy Maid in Manhattan
5 I Go Crazy Flesh For Lulu Some Kind Of Wonderful
6 Can’t Help Falling In Love Lick The Tins Some Kind Of Wonderful
7 Butterfly Tori Amos Higher Learning
8 Ice Cream Sarah McLachlan Anywhere But Here
9 In Time Robbie Robb Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
10 Feelin’ Love Paula Cole City Of Angels
11 Beauty Has Her Way Mummy Calls The Lost Boys
12 I Take You With Me Melissa Etheridge Boys On The Side
13 Wouldn’t It Be Good Danny Hutton Hitters Pretty In Pink
14 Ol’ 55 Sarah McLachlan Boys On The Side
15 Please Please Please
(Let Me Get What I Want)
The Smiths Pretty In Pink
16 I Get Around The Beach Boys Flight of the Navigator
17 Back In Time Huey Lewis & The News Back To The Future
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So the movie of the night was… Kill Bill 2.

Quentin Tarantino is so weird, but we watched it. It was fun with usually enough of a warning that you don’t have to stare at too much of the gore. Spidey probably would have been more clean fun.

Written By: Gary on August 12, 2004 No Comment

spideyWe re-watched Spiderman the other week to be fresh to see Spideman 2, but we still haven’t seen it… I’ve got Kill Bill 2 arriving today (from Blockbuster.com) so we’ll probably watch that tonight, but if it doesn’t arrive in the mail I think I might be in a Spidey mood.

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So I’m in a hotel for an all day meeting. I ask at the hotel if they have a WiFi connection or a room where I can access the Internet. The reply — “We have dial-up”. Like’s it’s something they have, when in reality it’s something they don’t have. She just didn’t get it…

The problem with this is compounded by the fact that the new Mac OS X 10.3.5 update (from two days ago) broke the ability to connect my cell phone to dial out. I feel totally cut off from the world…

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So I know my new layout is kinda dull, but the colors from my London Blog (which is still on-line) never made me happy and since I closed it out yesterday I thought I’d change it and this was easy and I’ve been dying to use this psychedelic image. The scrolling text goes way too slow, at least it does in Safari. I’m sure I’ll change it soon, I just needed a not so colorful change.

Besides, this isn’t as dizzy as the rotating color backgrounds that I like… :)

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So I haven’t really gotten to keep this (my London Blog) as up-to-date as I’d like. I guess I was having too much fun while I was there and trying to catch up with life now that I’m home. I haven’t filled in a lot of the blanks or explained a lot of things. But I think I have most of the photos I’d like to post up (not all of them, I just ran out of disk space on my server, had to delete the Boston photos to find room).

Other stuff:

  • The goofy room key in the slot on the wall is so you have power in the room
  • The bridge with the towers is the Tower Bridge, the flat one is the London bridge.
  • I never got to do the trampoline thing.
  • The weird building from BladeRunner was a Lloyds of London.
  • I only got to eat five Waffle Toffee Crunch Sundaes. I was trying for seven.

    Here’s the last set of photos. This makes four…

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    Written By: Gary on August 11, 2004 No Comment

    england04-24_09-08-52So while I was in England I got to hang out with Monika, Danielle and Alysha. They were a blast and the kids had these accents that were so cute it actually sounded like that they were pretending to have accents. I should have recorded them so I could add an audio clip here.

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    Written By: Gary on August 10, 2004 No Comment

    Nothing super significant: I’m using the columnize plug-in to save some space for my archives and categories, I’m using the more javascript to make the extended entry accessible on the main page, hmm… (I did a third thing too, something I found on Girlie’s site while looking for something else…) Oh, at the bottom of the my main page, how I did the recent additional entries was an idea from Girlie. Of course this was all done with Movable Type from Six Apart.

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    Written By: Gary on August 10, 2004 No Comment

    Something has had been up with my e-mail the last few (Friday, Aug 6th-Tuesday, Aug 10th) days. If you sent anything important the last few days (or even not important) please resend it if you haven’t gotten a response (or at least don’t complain).

    Technical support makes me crazy sometimes… If they read the problem the first time it’d really help solve the issue. I list the ten things I know they’ll ask, I bold the bizzaro answers that should point them in the right direction and I feel like they turn around and ask me to try the ten things I already told them the results.

    Written By: Gary on August 7, 2004 No Comment

    Today’s the first day I’ve felt way more than Half-Human since I’ve been back from vacation. Hopefully I can get a few things done this weekend: mail some CDs (sorry, BurnIt folks, they’re done I just need to print everything out), post my last few London photos, make my donation to to blog-a-thon, e-mail some people, play some BurnIt CDs (just got a bunch so at least I know everyone else was behind too), propane for the grill (I just threw out steaks that have been sitting in the fridge for the last week), go to the bank and I’m sure a few other things. As I’m writing this I can see I’m still a little fuzzy in the brain, I’ve just corrected a lot of synonyms (I do that when I’m not feeling well and/or on medications) in this post.

    TUESDAY UPDATE: So far, I’ve got the propane, made the donation, got a new printer, got the car washed, got to the bank, got the BurnIt CDs mailed and didn’t get much e-mail done due to the e-mail problems but it’s better now!

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    Written By: Gary on August 3, 2004 One Comment

    So while I was in London I had a chance to have lunch with Nick of ‘only so much writing in the air’. He had lots of insight on London/American differences which I always find interesting. It was great to chat with someone who worked in the area and in similar IT areas. He’s a very ‘open source’ person and we chatted about that that a bit and one thing that sticks (and while it may be more obvious there than here) is ‘it’s easy to use open-source software when the industry standard doesn’t support languages you need’ (such as Welsh). I suppose I wouldn’t have a hard time convincing my school district to switch to open source if MS didn’t let us type in the language we needed. It was a lot more interesting lunch than I make it out to be here but it’s not like I took notes or anything. :)

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    So I’ve been fighting some kind of cold/infection since I got back. So I still don’t have all the pictures and info up nor some other projects I need to get done. I’m feeling better from the cold but the decongestants and such are still inspiring typos (easily correctable) and grammer issues.

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    epsoncarThis is the cool Epson taxi.

    Written By: Gary on August 2, 2004 No Comment

    To add your blog to this experiment, copy this entire posting to your blog, and then answer the questions below, substituting your own information, below, where appropriate. Other than answering the questions below, please do not alter the information, layout or format of this post in order to preserve the integrity of the data in this experiment (this will make it easier for searchers and automated bots to find and analyze the results later). (Note: Replace the answers below with your own answers)

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    (5) I posted this at time (24 hour time): 13:05
    (6) My posting location is (city, state, country): Dearborn, MI


    (7) My blog is hosted by: 1and1.com
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    (12) I use the following software to post to my blog: Ecto http://ecto.kung-foo.tv/
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    Written By: Gary on August 1, 2004 No Comment

    Found new blogging service that I like. It’s called IlohaBlog and it’s at http://ilohablog.com/ (no longer in service). It’s got comments, links and trackbacks, categories*, archives, RSS, links (with different categories), extended entries and support the MT posting API (so if you use a client like Ecto, it works). Includes a “recently updated blogs” list on the front page. Oh and did I say it’s free!

    Why was I looking for this? Because I was poking around looking at Expression Engine (because I like the way they do categories) and wanted to see if Ecto supported posting to it and found a list of items it did support and started geeking around with it.

    Back to IlohaBlog — It’s easy to use, free, and it seemed nice enough for me to post about it. I think it might get my next few recommendations that I give to people for a place to start… It’s really got everything you need to get going. The web interface might even be basic enough to use from a cell phone.

    * I am slightly confused if a post can go into two categories or not. The web doesn’t support it, but it sure seems like my Ecto click wants to (sorta).

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