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April 2004

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Onesome: Goodie– What is your your favorite “goodie” you treat yourself to when you’ve finished a project or maybe even just survived a long day? Ice cream? …a long bath? …a good book? Ice cream. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!
Twosome: Two– Quick! Two things that make you smile! No thinking, just write! Little Kids and Ice Cream. Both pretty much guarentted to put a smile on my face.
Threesome: Shoes– …and how about your favorite pair of shoes? You know, the ones you look for an occasion to wear! (Yes, guys that ratty pair of tennis shoes does count…) I have two favorite pair (actually six), one pair is black dress shoes the other are rebock white tennis shoes (club c). I have three identical pairs of each from brand new (for nice days) to regular to ratty (for rainy yucky days). Actually I probably have four pair of each since I bet I have a pair of each new in a box in my closet. I hate shoe shopping, I have a few brown pair, and I’m not excited about any of them.

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If you had a third eye, where would you put it and why? My forehead would do me no good unless it were able to let me see back in time or into another dimension or something. So I’d have to go with the back of my head so I can see in the other direction. The palm of my hand might be useful, but probably in the way…

From The Tuesday Iffers.

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governor2k3-LAPOINTEOkay of all these “generator thingy” makers, The Cyborg Name Generator is one of my favorites. My biggest complaint is that these usually take too much space but the graphic is a nice size. AND they’ll sell it to you on a shirt or mug!

L.A.P.O.I.N.T.E. = Lifelike Artificial Person Optimized for Intensive Nullification and Terran Exploration. I didn’t like the way that G.A.R.Y. came out so I just went with the last.

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If you like fireworks, mythbusters, hung out with the Berkley High Science Club or just like blowing stuff up. Be sure to check out this guy as his friends launch fireworks at him…

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  1. Fix a flat tire. No problem. I’m even faster than calling the auto club. (Unless it’s raining and my trunk is full of stuff).
  2. Fix a tear or make alterations to clothing. Not a chance.
  3. Unclog a severely plugged up sink or toilet. Semi-severely no problem. Anying worse I’d probably have to call out, but haven’t had to yet (knock on porcelain).
  4. Change the oil in your car. No problem. BUT it’s so much easier to just take it in.
  5. Put together an unassembled toy or piece of furniture out of the box. I’ll take furniture over the toy any day, but I’m sure I can do the toy too!

From Sunday Brunch

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No matter how hard you try to be tolerant and patient, there’s that one thing that gets under your skin every time. There’s that one something other people do that annoys you without fail. What is your pet peeve?

Two things actually (I’m sure I could go longer):
People who don’t know how to say “I don’t know” (and give you the long non-answer) and people who don’t use their blinker (either pissing people off or getting pissed because someone won’t let them change lanes). I think they are both pretty easy things to do and they sure can save a whole lot of time/trouble.

From Saturday Slant.

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I stumbled on http://www.5ives.com/ where Merlin makes up lists of five things related to anything. Such as:

  • Five favorite moments on a given commercial airline flight
  • Five unfortunate Valentine’s Day gifts
  • Five ill-advised giveaway nights at the ballpark

    They’re better if you read them with the items. If you don’t smile/giggle at least one, I’d double your money back.

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    I’m in Kalamazoo today for a conference (MACUL Education Technology Coordinators Conference) which is a very nice conference so far but I knew I should have come out last night. I-94 was a mess and I can’t stand to drive in construction when it’s busy. I’ve really learned to love the train but the times didn’t work out for me. Even the longcuts (longer than shortcuts) aren’t any good since they are doing construction on those roads too…
    I really don’t look forward to heading back home…

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    Guess who’s playing in Chicago this weekend?!?

    Guess where I’m going this weekend?!?

    I think the last time I saw them it was via Evanston also. Heather and I are going, we’ve seen them quite a few times: East Lansing, MI (twice); Rochester, MI; Philadelpia, PA; Ypsilanti, MI; Milwaukee, WI and I’m sure a time or two other than that. (Heather, can you think of any others?)

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    myfirstdnaI’m not kidding this DNA kit is from http://discovery.com/ and is sold as the Discovery DNA Explorer Kit. “Ideal for budding forensic-scientists or secret agents, the working lab and tools are just like the real thing.”

    Be careful of the warning if you live in Canada: “Two of the 10 experiments included in the Kit require the “Lambda DNA,” which does not ship to Canada.”

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    1. A geek– Hey, who handles tech support at your place? You? …the six year old? …or someone from outside? …and how about in your web space? No, we’re not looking for techs; we’re just curious . I’m it in my family, I do all my own web space (including my own Movable Type installation stuff). I’m the house that relatives call/visit when upgrading stereo or computer equipment.
    2. in the– computer? Just a curiosity for the designer types: what Operating System are you running? …and which browser? Since sites can show up differently in different browsers it’s more than a casual question. Macintosh OS X mainly (sometimes Windows, sometimes Linux). Mostly using Safari.
    3. Family– Do any family members read your place? Do they care? Do they have a clue? …and how about your ‘off line’ friends? …or do you supply a little bit of separation there? My mom stumbled upon it when visiting a relative, they decided to send me mail (and found my ‘blog). She didn’t say much about it, I have no idea if her and/or other relatives read it. I don’t mention it to friends generally. If they find it they find it… I usually don’t complain and I always avoid talking about dating so how much trouble can I get into?!?

    From Thursday Threesome

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    So I just did a demo of Movable Type for the technology coordinators in our county (Wayne, Michigan). It was focused around the ways that I use it for school (work) for to help our staff. It’s at http://techliterate.net/ if you are interested, there are three categories (Tech Help, Tech Tips and Reference Information). You’ll notice the Tech Support and the Tech Tips are cross-referenced together in the right-hand column (I love how great Movable Type is!). It’s a (very) boring background, but it’s consistent and the colors change as you go from area to area (and it I think it looks mostly the same in all browsers). My point of this isn’t so much the demo as that Movable Type is great software.

    And of course I had to mention how crazy I thought friends (i.e. Heather) were when they first mentioned it to me. And now, here I am looking for a 12 step program to help me…

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    Your total score is 50 (Oprah only got 38 when Dr. Phil gave it to her).

    Others see you as fresh, lively, charming, amusing, practical, and always interesting; someone who’s constantly in the center of attention, but sufficiently well-balanced not to let it go to their head. They also see you as kind, considerate, and understanding; someone who’ll always cheer them up and help them out.

    Hmmm…. What do you think?

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    If you didn’t know it already many of the Panera resturant/stores now have free WiFi!

    Guess where I am right now?!?

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    Did you know that Borders book stores (B&M) will not ship to prisons? I found that out today when I was greeted by a plethora of bright signs behind the checkout counter (okay, it was only a half dozen). When I asked “why?”, I was told it’s a very common request and instead of telling people they thought they’d just post the signs up so they wouldn’t even ask.

    I’m seriously looking for some feedback on this one if anyone has some information to clarify this.

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    I understand ‘Windows for Dummies’ obviously they need help if they bought Windows but I bet the TiVo folks never considered that there would be a need for a dummies book on their product. TiVo will change the way you watch television and it’s super easy to use. But you need to actually have one to hookup so you can understand it.

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    So I’ve been posting to WordPhoto.org. They pick a word every few days (six a week?) and you post a photo related to the word. You can subscribe and they’ll e-mail you the word whenever new ones come out (although I didn’t get today’s). Clicking on WordPhoto.org will take you to my photos there and you can just click on the logo for today’s word.

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    Written By: Gary on April 18, 2004 7 Comments

    Here’s my 100 things about me page. (If you’re looking for my 101 in 1001 days list go here.) To follow the theme that I’ve found on many other sites, partially to see what I come up with and to let others see what I come up with. I’ve broken this down a bit: I like, I dislike, I am, I’ve live in, I wish I understood more about, places I’ve been and before I die…

    It’s interesting how many of these things I’ve blogged about so far…

    UPDATE: December 2004/June 2005. I just came here to update this. I can’t believe how much it has not changed. The only other things are I’ve been liking my iPod (and listening to podcasting), the Scene It? DVD games and maybe some additional music groups (Katy Rose and maybe a few others) and I won’t add them until they’ve been around a bit longer. Probably “Two and a Half Men” (I laugh SO hard) and Liz Phair (added).

      I like:

    1. Riding on the train
    2. Driving with the top down
    3. The Internet
    4. MSU
    5. Ice cream (Cookie Dough from QD)
    6. Rollerblading
    7. Sunshine
    8. My family
    9. Kids
    10. Babies
    11. Picnics
    12. Coca-Cola
    13. Gadgets and gizmos
    14. Taking pictures
    15. Tori
    16. Sarah
    17. Indigo Girls
    18. Liz Phair
    19. Jewel
    20. 80’s music
    21. _Joan of Arcadia
    22. Sports Night
    23. Roswell
    24. The American President
    25. The Cutting Edge
    26. A Christmas Story
    27. Flight of the Navigator
    28. Narnia
    29. Time Travel
    30. Reading
    31. Movies
    32. Dominoes
    33. Scrabble
    34. Euchre
    35. Sitting by the river
    36. Learning
    37. Volunteering
    38. M & M’s
    39. Smarties (the chocolate kind)
    40. Prizes in Cereal
    41. Soda Pop in a bottle
    42. Fun Size Candy
    43. Macintosh
    44. My i500 Palm Phone
    45. Tivo
    46. WiFi
    47. The Ocean
    48. Maps
    49. Luggage
    50. Books
    51. Ice Skating
    52. Sleeping
    53. Building a fire
    54. The Moon
    55. Stars
    56. Laughing
    57. Holding hands
    58. Crushes
    59. Traveling
    60. Smiles
    61. Showers
    62. Clean sheets
    63. Surprises

      I dislike:

    64. Pickles
    65. Mayo
    66. Mean people
    67. Sauces on my sandwiches
    68. Country
    69. Being stuck at airports
    70. Traffic

      I am:

    71. An only child
    72. Smart
    73. Tall
    74. Curly
    75. Goofy
    76. A night owl
    77. Was born on September 11th

      I’ve lived in:

    78. Royal Oak
    79. Berkley (21 years)
    80. Southfield (a 1/2 year)
    81. East Lansing (7 years)
    82. Haslett (4 years)
    83. Southgate (1 year)
    84. Dearborn (4 years)

      I wish I understood more about:

    85. Astronomy
    86. Women
    87. Art

      Places I’ve been:

    88. United States (all over)
    89. Canada (Toronto 5 times; all over several)
    90. England (3 times)
    91. Prague
    92. Costa Rica (2 times)

      Before I die I want to:

    93. Have kids
    94. See Paris
    95. Take a cruise across the ocean
    96. Find out what is out there
    97. See the pyramids
    98. Write a computer book
    99. Live happily ever after
    100. Find out “Why?”
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    So I’m looking at a new condo, I put a small deposit down to hold the one I want, I have to cough up more on saturday if I want to keep it. easton I was just in looking at it today (again) and I asked about the windows because my unit is mirrored and flipped around onto the other end and the windows that would be on the end have a building against it. She’ll check the blueprints, but I’m afraid they are just going to say that wall will be bare (which means I will not purchase it). I took a few photos, but none outside (oops), I’ll get one to post next time. Here’s a drawing from the web site (my place is only one-fourth of this)…

    UPDATE: Wasn’t set up like I imagined so I canceled… Sigh…

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    1. Which television series do you think had the best final episode? Hmm… Have I ever been happy with a final episode…? Maybe Roswell, it tied up a lot of loose ends and left some options for the future (books).
    2. Do you own something that you really should throw away but can’t part with? Thousands of things: old computers, comics and other collectables from years ago, and …
    3. Would you be willing to spend a night alone in a house that is supposedly haunted? Sure. Especially if there were a prize or even better if it were truly haunted.
    4. Go back to your childhood … What did you want to be when you grew up? Mailman, Magician, Policeman. Astronaut (the only reason I didn’t follow this was that I thought I could do it as a passenger). The best was a Magician first and then a Policeman so I could use the magic to catch the criminals. As an older child I considered Chef and Photographer before finally orbiting around computers and training and video “stuff”.
    5. What do you need to make your favorite pizza?
    From Sunday Brunch.
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    So I’ve been messing with a new look again. New colors and a slightly new format. I like it better than the oddly-pinkish colors that I had before…

    On the front page I do the date differently. I did not implement this on the other pages yet because I was having some formatting problems on some browsers (i.e. IE) and if I still have problems, I don’t want a bunch of broken pages.

    I’m looking for some tiles for the background with a more digital/geeky look. Any suggestions?

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    There is a new episode of Joan of Arcadia on tonight, it you watched last weeks, you need to try again, it was one of my least favorite episodes so give Joan a chance if you haven’t seen it yet. Eight PM on CBS.

    Oops! My mistake it wasn’t a new one. But you still should have watched it…

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  • Onesome: Insomnia– Ever have it? Some do and some don’t, but have you ever been hounded awake for that endless hour after hour with no hope of sleep? …or does the very act of touching head to pillow put you out for the count? Usually it’s a fight to get to sleep, I’d much rather be a night owl. Sometimes I start to doze off while reading or watching video, but I fight it like a little kid who doesn’t want to go to sleep. Sometimes I’ll doze off in bed and find a book or laptop next to me, maybe not the best but it’s better than tossing and turning. Lately it hasn’t been a problem, maybe the spring change kicking up the allergies?
  • Twosome: the cure– Hey, if you do have the occasional bout or chronic insomnia, what do you do about it? Work? Read? Try cures? Hmmm… Did you ever find one that worked? I can count on Ambien but I really ned a good nights sleep (8+ hours) to go with it. Sex works too, but it’s not an option often enough.
  • Threesome: for sleep– Female/male, young/not so young, we all need varying amounts of sleep. What’s your personal sleep cycle? Five hours? Ten hours? …and if you had a choice, what would be your personal sleep cycle? …and yes, “All day long” is a valid answer I usually get five or six a night and catch up on the weekends ten to sixteen (rarely). Preference would be to need none, but otherwise seven to eight every night would be great.

    From the Thursday Threesome.

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    I’ve combined these earlier entries into one big entry.

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    My name is Gary, I mean gÄ®ý , no I mean GÅ®Ý.

    Here is a very detailed analysis of how words can be spelled differently and yet still convey the same word to the reader…

    This is part of why it’s SO hard to stop spam (or at least one of many reasons). Just something to consider…

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    I’ve combined “I dislike” +”I am”+ “I’ve Lived in” Part 3 into one big entry called 100 Things About ME .

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    Written By: Gary on April 13, 2004 One Comment

    So I’m not liking these new colors on the blog. But I’ve been fussing with them for a while so they are staying for a few days, I’ve been liking this red so I thought I’d like the look. I know the background isn’t the most masculine but I didn’t think trying to contrast the colors was going to look so non-masculine. It was either too pink or too pukey…

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    1. “Eek, I owe” or “Show me the money!” Show me!! Actually it’s not very much this year…
    2. “Finished already” or “It isn’t the 15th yet, so why rush?!” Why rush?!? I suppose I should get those done soon, eh?
    3. “Taxes suck” or “I don’t mind because some of it goes to social causes” I’m not keen on them but I know they help out. I’d pay more if I knew it’d go to education!
    4. “1040EZ” or “How the heck does anybody understand all this crap?” It’s not that bad, but I wouldn’t say it’s EZ either.
    5. “Receipts? What are those?” or “I keep everything just in case *knock on wood*” I keep ’em all. They could be sorted a little better…

    From Tuesday Twosome.

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    I’ve combined “I Like” Part 2 into one big entry called 100 Things About ME .

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    Written By: Gary on April 13, 2004 5 Comments

    The story goes –

    A few years ago, I was chatting with a stranger in a bar. When I told him I was an economist, he said, “Ah. So… what are the Two Things about economics?”

    “Huh?” I cleverly replied.

    “You know, the Two Things. For every subject, there are really only two things you really need to know. Everything else is the application of those two things, or just not important.”

    “Oh,” I said. “Okay, here are the Two Things about economics. One: Incentives matter. Two: There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

    For computers I’d say:

    1. Reboot if it acts up.
    2. Backup your files.

    From http://www.kegz.net/blog/eggz/ who got it from here.

    To save readers some money I’ll include two bonus items:

    1. Don’t buy the best unless you have cash to burn (or really intense games to play / processes to run). In another 12-18 months that machine will be 25%-%50 less or the new model will be 50% faster.
    2. Make sure it’s got a good return policy (unless you know it’s exactly what you want).

    What’s your two things?

    Written By: Gary on April 13, 2004 No Comment
      Would you rather:

    1. live in a place with the constant threat of volcano eruptions OR the constant threat of tidal waves? Whew… I’m thinking the tidal waves. I’d rather be soggy thatn have 4th degree burns.
    2. go through an operation that would make you absolutely gorgeous, able to win any beauty contest OR one that would make you able to run faster than anybody on the planet? The running is pretty cool, but if it’s not fast enough to run on water I’ll go for the operation (because we all know how vain I am).
    3. have warts on your face OR on your genitals? No.
    4. scream in pain everytime you comb your hair OR cry like a baby when you brush your teeth? When I brush my hair. I don’t do much with my hair, but I brush my teeth all the time.

    From tuesday is chooseday

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    I’ve combined “I Like” Part 1 into one big entry called 100 Things About ME .

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    The idea is to come up with twelve thoughts and one pic to describe your weekend. easter04b

    1. Chocolate.
    2. “Yes Mom, I have the ham”
    3. Lots of stairs (I’m on the third and fourth floors).
    4. “Gary! Watch me Gary!”
    5. Lots of Ordevores and Desserts.
    6. “Why do you have so many remotes?”
    7. ’13 Going on 30′ was really fun.
    8. Lots of Cleaning needed to be done. (Now I need to sort the piles I hid in the closet.)
    9. Four kids and eleven adults at my condo. That might be a new record.
    10. Lots of Coca-Cola
    11. Spilt Milk, down a flight of carpeted stairs and all over the wall.
    12. Chocolate.

    From Baker’s Dozen.

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    Written By: Gary on April 12, 2004 No Comment
    1. Vegetable: Yellow – Corn on the Cob.
    2. Beverage: Coca-Cola colored.
    3. Room: Off-White(?!?)
    4. Outfit: Faded Blue with a burnt red pullover of some sort.
    5. Mood: Bright yellow (like on a Happy Face).
    6. Season: Sunny Season, I guess that’d be green.
    7. Fruit: Orange on the inside. (Cantaloupe, every morning.)
    8. Dessert: Off white – it’s a crisp waffle with vanilla ice-cream, honey and toffee crunch stuff on it. Some chain resturant all over england, but I can’t think of what it’s called…
    9. Pair of shoes: White
    10. Color: Red(?)

    From Monday Madness

    Written By: Gary on April 11, 2004 One Comment

    It was a blast today, I had everyone over for Easter Dinner. Seven households from one to four people in each, fifteen total, four were kids. They were a blast and they liked all my computerized toys and remotes and such.easter04

    After we ate, I took the kids down the street by city hall and they went nutty with me taking pictures. What a bunch of hams. Speaking of… we had a really good ham from the Dearborn Meat Company (or something like that).

    No incidents, no broken bones, scrapes, fights, etc. Until they were leaving and one of the kids had a cup (with a lid and straw) of milk and dropped it down the stairs. I had splash marks 6 feet up the walls! My ‘little green machine’ wasn’t enough to have it, I dug out the rug shampoo machine I bought a few months back (but never used) and clean the stairs (and the walls) that probably needed it anyways. Can’t complain too much, last time they were over I accidentally rolled Kendall’s head up in the electric window in the car. I still feel pretty bad about that one.

    Written By: Gary on April 11, 2004 One Comment
  • How often do you go grocery shopping? Once a week, maybe every other but it still requires a quick stop somewhere for the perishables (cantelope, eggs, milk, etc.)
  • What is the last thing you bought for yourself? Some wire and mounting stuff for my speakers, I’m rearranging the living room and want thinks set up differently. Oops, item 4 made me remember this. I forgot I bought the Guide to Mastering Regular Expressions. I’ll actually use this as long as I don’t forget where I put it.
  • What do you like shopping for most often? Electronic Gizmos.
  • Are you an impulse shopper? Sometimes. Usually not for the expensive toys. Impulse on book purchases on offbeat topics that I might never use.
  • What is the last item you purchased? Easter Napkins and an Easter Tablecloth.
    From Sunday Brunch.

  • Written By: Gary on April 10, 2004 No Comment
    1. Boxing:: Joe Louis
    2. Lewis:: and Clark
    3. Bodyguard:: POTUS
    4. Burnout:: Smoker
    5. Cruising:: Woodward
    6. Easter:: Egg
    7. AA:: Alcoholics Anonymous
    8. Research:: Paper
    9. Redemption:: Hero
    10. Snickers:: Caramel

    From Unconscious Mutterings.

    I had problems with ‘redemption’, I think of a movie when the main character screws up and either fixes it before the end of the movie (or goes back in time and it never happened).

    Written By: Gary on April 10, 2004 No Comment

    I’ve seen this one everywhere but never found the original source, but I’ll try it anyways… (Can anyone tell me the original source?)

    1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. Write down what it says: “But our role is to be cautious. We have the welfare of”
    2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What do you touch first? A coffee table with 5 remotes (DVD, TV, a non-so-Universal, TiVo and one for the lights) and the book I just grabbed.
    3. What is the last thing you watched on TV? Kim Possible, she’s way cool.
    4. WITHOUT LOOKING, guess what time it is: 3:30 PM
    5. Now look at the clock, what is the actual time? 4:40 PM
    6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear? My Tivo and a (different) computer that runs my CD changers as a jukebox.
    7. When did you last step outside? what were you doing? An hour ago. Checking the (snail) mail. Just a bunch of spam.
    8. Before you came to this website, what did you look at? My E-mail. Sigh, nothing new. Somehow I liked it better before I filtered my spam. It was never empty!
    9. What are you wearing? While t-shirt and boxers (blue-ish plaid).
    10. Did you dream last night? Not that I recall.
    11. When did you last laugh? Today at Target (store), laughing at some teenage girls trying to convince a little girl/sister that she didn’t need both toys. The older girls lost.
    12. What is on the walls of the room you are in? East (the way I’m facing) – is four windows and a bookcase (with photos, CDs, DVDs, college degrees and a shelf for remotes) . South – some photos I took in Praha (Prague) and a mirror (housewarming gift) and a staircase. West – I I don’t really have a wall there, it’s kinda open and eventually you hit the sliding glass door to the balcony/porch. North – a book case and about a bjillion post-it notes of various colors as I was trying to kind of map out a history of technology and implementation.
    13. Seen anything weird lately? A lot of weird web sites dedicated to marshmallow Peeps…
    14. What do you think of this quiz? Pretty good so far…
    15. What is the last film you saw? "Butterfly Effect"! I thought it was excellent. Off to see "13 going on 30" tonite.
    16. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy first? Cruise tickets for friends and family. FYI, this would be two separate cruises! I might be slightly mean and make it educational – buy them all PowerBooks and digital cameras and make it be a MacMania cruise.
    17. Tell me something about you that I don’t know: I’ve got a birthmark that my mom thought was dirt when I was little and she says she used to scrub it and scrub it..
    18. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do? Make everyone the same shade of blue and all speak the same language (Esperanto?) with no accent. I’m also thinking about a book I bought (but haven’t read) about an invention that makes all gunpowder on the planet turn inert. Or maybe just turn the top 10% of “bad” people on the planet inert…
    19. Do you like to dance? Yes, when I get enough encouragement.
    20. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her? a boy? Nothing that I’m concerned about about at this point.
    21. Would you ever consider living abroad? Yes! Every time I go to another country I mull it around for a while. The one that really sticks is Costa Rica, I couldn’t tell you how often I think “sell it all, pack up and move”.
    Written By: Gary on April 9, 2004 No Comment

    How are your map reading skills? My map reading skills are pretty good. I really like finding different ways to go places. I love maps, I always am looking at the nice plastic fold up maps. I bought a really cool map of Manhattan the other day just because it was such an interesting map (I keep meaning to do a little write up of that..)

    From Blogger Seeds.

    Written By: Gary on April 9, 2004 No Comment
    1. What do you do for a living? I’m the Director of Technology for a school district, which means if it plugs in (unless it cooks food or heats/cools the building) it’s the problem of my department.
    2. What do you like most about your job? Getting people excited about using tech in their day. Getting some tool put together for someone to use that makes their life easier.
    3. What do you like least about your job? When I tell someone “I don’t know” and they reword the question a dozen different ways because the seem to thin I don’t. Telling someone the right answer (“I do know”) and them not believing that it is the way to go.
    4. When you have a bad day at work it’s usually because _____… There just isn’t enough time to get everything fixed.
    5. What other career(s) are you interested in? I love seeing the kids at school. I’d love to just do day care but I don’t think that would a good job to help me with my technology habit. Dream job would be to teach kindergarten in the morning and advance computers at the high school in the afternoon or be an astronaut.

    From the Friday Five.

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    Written By: Gary on April 8, 2004 No Comment

    1. Do you keep in touch with most of your family (internal and external) members? Why/why not? Here and there, I think I keep in touch less now that I moved back to the Detroit area.
    2. If you’ve lost touch with some of your family and friends, is it time to call them up and find out how they are, or do you even care? I haven’t seen them much lately but I’m doing Easter at my place this year so that’ll be fun. Many of them haven’t even seen my place.
    3. Are you afraid to contact someone that you haven’t had communications with in a long time? Do you think they’ll be pissed that you haven’t called in 5 years? Or do you think, “better late than never”? Better late than never. Sometimes it’s hard when you wonder what they are expecting, or vice versa…

    Bonus Question: How do you react when someone (friend or family) that you haven’t spoken with (for whatever reason) in years contacts you? I always like it, it’s fun to catch up and see what people have been up to when you haven’t talked to them for a while.

    From 3x Thursday.

    Written By: Gary on April 8, 2004 No Comment

    Home for geeky toys and some sleep.

    1. Onesome: Home- What’s the one thing your dream home must have? Every room, closet and porch wired for networking, speakers, audio, video, satellite, cable, phone and (of course) electricity.
    2. Twosome: improvement- What’s the one thing you would change about your current home? New bed, couch? New carpet or wallpaper? Or something major like an addition? I live in a condo on the 3/4 floor, if I thought I could get away with a hot tub on the balcony, that would be it. But I think it’s probably going to be a new bed, actually the bed isn’t old but I need a new mattress, maybe one of the spongy memory foam ones.
    3. Threesome: shows – Do you ever watch home improvement shows? Which one(s)? Do you actually learn anything, or is it simply entertaining? Not really into the home improvement shows. They are kind of bizarro, IMHO.

    From the Thursday Threesome.

    Written By: Gary on April 7, 2004 No Comment

    “When the 40,000 subscribers to Reason, the monthly libertarian magazine, receive a copy of the June issue, they will see on the cover a satellite photo of a neighborhood – their own neighborhood. And their house will be graphically circled.”reasoncover
    How cool is that?!? I wonder how many people will notice it right off the bat? FYI Nick Gillespie is the editor of Reason, so his name is on the sample. They focus a lot on custimization of magazines ads and catalogs.

    “What if you received a magazine that only had stories and ads that you were interested in and pertained to you?” he asked. “That would be a magazine that everyone would want to read.”

    FYI – If you subscribe by Friday, April 9th, you’ll get the personalized issue with your subscription. (A least that’s what their web site says)

    From the New York Times:

    On one level, the project, sort of the ultimate in customized publishing, is unsurprising: of course a magazine knows where its subscribers live. But it is still a remarkable demonstration of the growing number of ways databases can be harnessed. Apart from the cover image, several advertisements are customized to reflect the recipient’s particulars.

    Nick Gillespie, editor in chief of Reason, said the magazine, with an editorial mission of “Free Minds, Free Markets,” used the stunt to illustrate the cover article about the power and importance of databases.

    The original article http://www.nytimes.com/2004/04/05/business/05reason.html

    Written By: Gary on April 7, 2004 No Comment

    I now have a new item in my Today section on my links column. So with the Sun, the Moon, “my” weather, word of the day there is now the Quote of the Day. As with everything else it gets updated automatically, so if it doesn’t change, it’s not my fault…

    You can click the links to go to the main page of the site or click on the author to see other quotes by the Author. Today’s quote was
    “Time cools, time clarifies; no mood can be maintained quite unaltered through the course of hours.” – Mark Twain

    PS – I’m always looking for more additions to my “today” section.

    Written By: Gary on April 6, 2004 No Comment
    1. What are the last two movies you saw? Butterfly Effect (excellent!). Paycheck (pretty good).
    2. What are the last two TV shows you saw? Keen Eddie (always fun). West Wing rerun (always good).
    3. What are the last two items you purchased? A computer projector to use as a TV (still debating if I like it). Some new tennis shoes.
    4. What are the last two beverages you drank? Water and OJ.
    5. What are the last two sites you surfed (before coming here)? Heck, I don’t know I went to the Movable Type page and was checking out the new posts somehow found a link to the TT…

    From Tuesday Twosome.

    Written By: Gary on April 6, 2004 No Comment

    Trying out some backgrounds to fill in that old grey space. Trying to make it so it’s easy to change the colors to make ‘skinning it’ easier. Background tiles are from Citrus Moon Patterns.

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    Written By: Gary on April 5, 2004 No Comment
      If time and money were infinite, what are the five things you’d love to learn how to do?

    1. Learn how to raise a child (via doing it).
    2. Travel into outer space.
    3. Write a book.
    4. Program my own computer operating system.
    5. Learn to Paint.
      Which of these do you think you’ll do anyway, no matter what the economic and temporal restraints are?

    1. Raise a child.
    2. Write a book.
    3. Travel to outer space (if they ever open up public travel.)

    I’m not sure if this is my ‘regular’ Friday Five or a different one. It’s delayed since I couldn’t find it on Friday.

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    Written By: Gary on April 4, 2004 No Comment

    My body has a natural rhythm or at least it’s supposed to. Messing around with my internal clock doesn’t help. Here I am knowing I need to sleep but my body is really telling me it’s an hour earlier (because it is). I think the daylight savings time thing is just a money making scheme made up by Hallmark and all the other greeting card companies! And it’s the people who have to suffer because of it!

    Written By: Gary on April 4, 2004 No Comment

    I wish I hadn’t gone to see this. I wish I had waited for the DVD. Why? buterflyeffect Because if I had waited for the DVD I could replay the few scenes I had questions about over and over again. And more importantly I could see the deleted scenes; I’m certain there are at least two and they would answer my other few questions. Why? Becuase the movie takes care of all the little details and I’m sure they didn’t forget these few, I figure they were editied out and I have to know the rest because I enjoyed this movie so much. BUT it’s not even out on DVD yet! This was a great flick.

    You need to understand two things: Chaos Theory and Time Travel (both relativly simple concepts, not).

    1. Time travel – If you travel into the past don’t interfere with anything you may screw up the future. I.E. don’t go to watch your parents meet for the first time since just being there to observe you may do something to influence the outcome. (Almost a Heisenberg/Schroding dilemma which is you will influence the outcome).
    2. Chaos Theory – It is said that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in Chicago can create a hurricane in Peking. I.E. If you stop and buy gum on the way to watch your parents meet, it may be the last pack of gum that your mother-to-be can’t buy and now when she meets your dad-to-be she has bad breath and he doesn’t ask her out and you vanish in a puff of smoke.

    It’s a great movie, it’s my favorite movie concept, time-travel, and as such it offers many what ifs. The only downside, it was kind of violent and I almost want to say it was in an unnecessary way, but I’m sure that without it, it might have changed how I viewed the movie.

    I have to also say I laughed the absolute hardest I’ve ever laughed in a movie in my life. One scene was so ironic it hit me all the way to my funny bone. I hope I used ironic correctly (I think it’s ironic that most people use the word ironic incorrectly, I hope I used it right the third time too).

    Written By: Gary on April 3, 2004 No Comment

    So you can visually see the Google! news now. You can break it down by types of news, location or even older news. It’s pretty neat (or at least neat enough to blog about).

    “Newsmap is an application that visually reflects the constantly changing landscape of the Google News news aggregator. A treemap visualization algorithm helps display the enormous amount of information gathered by the aggregator. Treemaps are traditionally space-constrained visualizations of information. Newsmap’s objective takes that goal a step further and provides a tool to divide information into quickly recognizable bands which, when presented together, reveal underlying patterns in news reporting across cultures and within news segments in constant change around the globe.” For more information go to http://www.marumushi.com/apps/newsmap/ and they do some other cool stuff if you go to their home page.

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    Written By: Gary on April 1, 2004 No Comment
    1. Is the world a better place today than it was 5 years ago? Support your answer. No. I feel the September 11 tragedy and the war and the finances of the country has really hurt us the last few years. Plus we’ve lost a shuttle our schools are suffering which means so are our children and I’m sure there are more than a few other things that I haven’t listed. I know this answer focused on the country and not the world but I don’t think they’ve been making tremendous strides the last five years in the rest of the world. Most five year blocks previously I’d say have gotten better.
    2. If you knew what the future held 25 years from now, would you want to continue life to that point even if you knew the outcome wasn’t pretty? Why/Why not? Yes! If I had the ability to see the future, I’d have the ability to change it. Heck, even without that power we have the ability to change it.
    3. Do you think our elders (we’ll put a cap on it and say 65 and older) ever thought the world would be like it is today? What will you tell your grandkids (or your friends’ grandkids) about your first 25-30 years on this planet? No, they never imagined it would be like today. It’s changed too fast for most of the masses before that time to have guessed. Many of them do not understand the world today. The futurists might have, but they’d be wrong too, we didn’t get as far as they thought we would.

      My first 25-30 years? I got to learn as much as I could, I was there when the first computers start coming into peoples homes, we didn’t blow up the world, the cold war ended, I remember when no one had cell phones, answering machines or e-mail, I was able to travel when you could show up fifteen minutes before your flight and you didn’t have to take your shoes off, I was building web sites before people Yahoo!ed and Googled, we all learned what AIDs was, what computer viruses were and how fast things could really change.

    From 3x Thursday

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    Written By: Gary on April 1, 2004 3 Comments

    A quick evaluation on whether a technology is good or not. That is a pretty short evaluation and I like it (it’s short, it’s powerful and it meets my 3 second attention span requirement). I got this from a Mike Rohde blog entry that was referring to a Howard Rheingold article quoting an Amish person as to why cell phones are okay for them. It’s got to be causing some conflict for them, remember cell phones are a lot more these days than just phones they are e-mail, web browsers, PDAs, video games, calulators, cameras, mp3 players, etc… and some of those functions are standard these days. The Amish aren’t the focus of my entry but they are the round about source of the quote.

    Back to the quote: “Does it bring us together, or draw us apart?” – While it is a nice short evaluation on technology, the continuum between the two ends of the spectrum leaves a lot of grey area. But I’ve been thinking about it every since I read the entry. Computers (sans Internet) can take people away from the people they know. The Internet can bring them the world but also take them away from people they know. But for some it could be a creative outlet – photography, music, movies, art design. This could be what brings them out.

    My question is what are some very clear technologies that fit at one end of our spectrum or another?
    There is no research here, I’m just making it up as I go along (so don’t get upset with me).

  • Digital Photography – probably brings people together more.
  • Video games / on-line gaming – probably separates the gamer from live people (but more virtual friends).
  • Laptop Computers – possibly keeps you in touch but at the cafe and resturant and airplane you probably aren’t paying attention to the world around you (where the people are). This is probably true with handheld video games, cd/mp3 players, PDAs, text messaging, etc. also. You could probably say about regular old paper books too.
  • DVD Players / Home Theatre – this could be social or not just depends if you stay home instead of going out or if you have friends over. As the technology gets better, why leave the house?

    No big conclusion, just thoughts about the topic. If you think of any please leave me a note.

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