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Why I hate the iTunes Music Store…

Written By: Gary on October 10, 2005 One Comment

Actually, I love the iTunes store. It’s the lack of packaging that I miss. I don’t have anything tangible to look at while I’m listening. I don’t even have anything intangible to read (like a pdf on the screen). I need to see who sings what, and what the lyrics are, but I can’t.

While iTMS is generally a pretty good deal, the times when I can go to the store and buy a new album for $7.99 (like Liz Phair last week) with all the extras make me wonder why would I want to buy the new album at the iTunes store for $11.99 without the actual disc and case with liner notes?

Actually, the ITMS did include an extra song but for $4 more. But at least offer me the extra song for a few dollars/ Sometimes I get albums as gifts and I want the extra track, but I’m not buying another copy…

It’s also slightly annoying to buy a pre-release of the song for 99 cents and then have to pay for it again when I buy the whole album later (at a B & M store or the ITMS store). Yes, this was true of singles (back in the day) but at least you could give the extra single away (and that was free advertising for the artist). But now all you have is another digital copy of the same track. :(

Otherwise I think the Apple iTunes Music Store is the best thing since sliced bread! And I’ll never give it up!!!

Did you know they have 2 or 3 free songs you can download each week?!?

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One Response to “Why I hate the iTunes Music Store…”

  1. Kevin says on: 11 October 2005 at 10:59 am

    I find I have to balance it out. I will actually shop around a bit and use price to determine if I buy it from iTMS or a bricks and mortar store. What’s nice is that if you preorder an album from iTMS, it usually comes with the insert booklet in PDF format. I got a PDF with both the White Stripes and Bon Jovi’s new albums. I’ve only looked at each once.

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