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What is a Web Log?

Written By: Gary on October 24, 2004 One Comment

What is a web log (‘blog)? Ten years ago it was “What is a web site?”

A web log is a blog (also a ‘blog) it’s an on-line journal, a diary, a captian’s log. The next question is then “Why?” followed by a response of “Why Not? and the conversation goes downhill from there.

It gets grouped in with The Matrix and TiVo:

  • No one can be told what The Matrix is.
  • No one can be told what TiVo is.
  • No one can be told what blogging is.

    I’m not kidding, it took me the longest time to ”get it“ although part of my issue was I can do most of this already (the long way) so it wasn’t clicking. But once you get it….

    It’s so many things at once and it’s a little different than what people are used to; or it’s what they are used to and they just can’t see it. I’ve talked about some of this (all of this?) before but I’m here today since I’ve found a few good articles and wanted to mention them:

  • The Fundamental Elements of Weblogging.
  • When Blogging Goes Bad: A Cautionary Tale About Blogs…
  • Weblogs: a history and perspective (circa 2000)
  • Formation of Norms in a Blog Community

    A few more things. Depending on the ‘blog:

  • Readers can post comments
  • Other bloggers (who are readers) can easily link back to one of your entries.
  • Some ‘blogs can have multiple authors (although I’d say most have just one).
  • Topics can be sorted by category

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    One Response to “What is a Web Log?”

    1. Branille says on: 24 October 2004 at 11:13 pm

      :| I must point out that it’s weblog, not web log.

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