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Veterans or Veterinarians

Written By: Gary on September 19, 2004 No Comment

Let’s start with a joke:

I received a sheet of mailing labels (with a request for a donation) and there are no instructions on how to attach them to my e-mail messages.

Should I scan them in?

Occasionally the confusion between Veterans or Veterinarians makes it into a sitcom or two. But I’m speaking of it because these have cats & dogs on them. From one of the Veterans groups. I just thought it was kind of humorous (since it wasn’t from the veterinarians). They are nice labels, I just wish I had a use for them. And I know if I send money they are just going to send me more… How to stop/fix they cycle.

Back to the labels. How many of these do I use a year? Basically none. I bet I don’t send out more than 20 things a year (other than at Christmas) that even require stamps (and most of those other mailings are rebates).

So the more I give the more I get from other organizations, how can we streamline this to so that they send out useful things (for me)?

  • Labels for floppies? Not so much any more…
  • Small round labels to go around the center of a CD that say “property of” or “Gary made this backup on”?
  • Pens probably cost too much to ship (not flat)?
  • Storage space for photos on-line (and they could even run small ads around the edge). They don’t lose if I don’t use.
  • Free photo prints depending on how much I donate.I understand I shouldn’t have to get to give, but that isn’t the marketing ploy they are adopting and I’m just trying to updated it for the 90s…

    The funny thing is the organizations I do give to (shelter, church, education foundation) usually don’t send out anything but notes and generally don’t give me anything in return so it’s always strange to get stuff from places I’ve never heard of. Although lately what I’m trying is buying tickets when they have fundraisers and have more people there to raise funds (and not have them be surprised when they get solicitations).

    Yes, I do understand at this point I’m totally off the V-squared topic.

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