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Written By: Gary on June 17, 2004 No Comment

I’ve started a few memes and never gotten done, so I’m grabbing the answers I’ve done and putting them together as a big mish-mash.

How often do you go grocery shopping?
Once a week, maybe every other but it still requires a quick stop somewhere for the perishables (cantelope, eggs, milk, etc.)
What do you like shopping for most often?
Electronic Gizmos.
Are you an impulse shopper?
Sometimes. Usually not for the expensive toys. Impulse on book purchases on offbeat topics that I might never use.
There’s a movie being made about your life! Which celebrity will play you? Why?
Tom Hanks or Michael Keeton. People always tell me I look like them. Casual and curly chair I hear Tom. In a suit I hear Michael (many times specifically referencing Bruce Wayne).
If you were president what would your top 5 priorities be? What would you like to accomplish?

  1. Education (bigger better smarter)
  2. Information Access Equity (Internet)
  3. Taxes (Push the burden higher up)
  4. Traffic Safety ($400 fine for not using your blinker!)
  5. Make it easier to prosecute people when the evidence is clear.


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