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TTLB Ecosystem Near Me – revisited 2007

Written By: Gary on February 12, 2007 3 Comments

So I’ve done this before. Taken a look at the TTLB Ecosystem (a rating system for blogs based on links) and I’ve looked at the 10 blogs above me and below me and listed the ones that I liked. Today, I rank 908 (this always varies but I’m much higher than usual) and the list has about 43,000 entries at this time. I wanted to see what was “near” me at this time so I took a fresh look….

  • 898) Pesky’apostrophe – always better than an unexpected period
  • 899) First Draft
  • 900) Dane Bramage
  • 902) High Desert Wanderer
  • 903) Bettnet.com – Musings of Domenico Bettinelli
  • 905) Yankeemom
  • 906) Da Goddess – Friends are like bras, a good one never lets you down
  • 908) Gary Said… (This is me!)
  • 909) OPFOR
  • 910) My Splatter Painted Life
  • 911) Conservative Cowboy
  • 912) Roger Ailes
  • 915) BaylyBlog: Out of our minds, too
  • 916) Tennessee Guerilla Women
  • 917) Liberal Common Sense
  • 918) Bizinformer

    My criteria was pretty loose: looked okay, reads semi-okay and has been recently updated. I listed most of them except the one that I couldn’t see through the odd color schemes, ones that hadn’t updated in a while and one that wasn’t a blog. Like I said, I was just curious again. It’s strange I fall right in the middle of a bunch of political, war or religious blogs (although a few less religious ones than last time). Maybe the blogosphere consists of that high of a percentage of them, but I just don’t see them very often(?).

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    3 Responses to “TTLB Ecosystem Near Me – revisited 2007”

    1. Lisa Renee says on: 14 February 2007 at 3:43 am

      It does seem that way but if you check out technorati most of the higher ranked blogs are more tech in nature. I do think there is a large number of political or similar category blogs that are attracted to the ecosystem. I know that’s how I found out about it when I first started.

    2. High Desert Wanderer says on: 14 February 2007 at 6:38 am

      I’ve been #902 for a month or more. I was curious whether any of us in that area were really moving. Apparently some of us are, but just not me. Nice to know it’s not a static list.

    3. S. Weasel says on: 16 February 2007 at 5:52 am

      Actually, Wanderer, I think TTLB’s gone dark. Not only haven’t I moved in months, but my stats for the past month haven’t updated (you know, that chart of the past month’s hits?). I get today’s hits, but not the average for the month. Then I started poking around, and everybody’s seemed broken. So I started looking at the headline graphs, and a lot of stuff hasn’t updated since the end of December. It’s like some of the automated stuff is still working, but some of it has died, and there’s not a human around to kick it back to life.

      So then I started poking around Google to see if anyone knew what was up. That’s how I got here — it’s the most recent blog entry with TTLB in it.

      I would have thought any disturbance in the ecosystem would be big news, but nobody’s talking about it. Maybe I’m just…doing it wrong or something.

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