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Written By: Gary on February 23, 2007 One Comment

So I went back to the doctor today to see what the verdict was today. And after a very long wait (I was about to go back up to the counter to remind them I was there, they were shutting down for lunch and I was the only one left not waiting for someone to come out) I got to see him. Unfortunately they didn’t have an answer for me. They can see something that looks like some kind of irritation on the bone, something that looked rough or worn, but nothing that looked broke. So they see some kind of unknown problem. Of course, this doesn’t help me any…They don’t really want to cut into me to look because some muscles and vessels are attached to this bone and there is always the possibility of risk when operating on that. So they don’t want to do that just for some kind of fishing expedition.

So “let’s run some blood tests” and see if we see something odd that might be causing/related it. It was a lot of tests, but not many tubes so I was okay with that. But I’m confident they wont find anything in my blood. Of all the quarts I’ve been drained of in my life, I can’t think of anything they’ve ever found. I really thought as a result of the bone scan they’d be able to fix this and I’m disappointed that while it was obvious there was something on the scan it’s not something (at this point) that they can fix.

BTW, the pot I’m talking about is a little piece of bone protruding from the palm of the hand, but I can’t recall the name right now.

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Written By: Gary on February 19, 2007 No Comment

So I’m at the pace to get a bone scan (actually this was last week, I’m just finishing up this post now). I think I mentioned I’ve had some on and off problems with my hand/wrist, I had a CAT scan the other week (nothing to see) and now I’m up to a bone scan. So this morning I had some radioactive “dye” (something that attaches to phosphates I believe she said) injected and they stuck me in some machine that watched me for a few minutes to see how it flows through my body. Then I had to come back in 3 hours to get more images taken, not so bad except the center is in Ypsi and I work 30 miles away (but I’ve gotten some e-mail done, an order done and picked up some supplies for work at Target).

Not related to the tests but in the morning I had someone in Nuclear Medicine named Kelly helping me out, now this was odd to me since I had an ex-girlfriend (fiancee actually) named Kelly who worked in the Nuclear Medicine department at a local hospital. A little bit of a coincidence, no…

So now I’m waiting to go back in. They have WiFi but I can’t get past the “accept their internet policy page”. And I left my book in the car, so I’m really bored now….So they finished the bone scan and while the image on the screen was only a few images high I could clearly see a glowing spot on my right hand where it hurts (the left hand didn’t have any spots like that) so I’m hoping they can diagnose the problem or at least know where to focus the search. I go back Friday for the results…

Another coincidence (making it a weird bigger coincidence) – the afternoon Nuclear Medicine person was also named Kelly!!

On a side note, since they injected me with radioactive stuff, they mentioned that if I have to pee that I should go and not hold it in any more than necessary. Kinda made me nervous. Certainly didn’t encourage me to go pee, I didn’t want the radioactive “stuff” pissing passing through that part of my body…

Written By: Gary on February 10, 2007 4 Comments

Do they intentionally just put the car door buttons for the locks / windows just out of reach of a coat hanger in case you’re fishing one through the window? Well, it sure seems that way to me…

I guess I should start at the beginning (actually a little before that). I’m the kinda guy who misplaces things but since I know that, I’m prepared for it. I keep spare keys for my car / house at home, work and with friends. And I label all my stuff like my camera, computer, pda, backpack, etc. Back when I used to really misplace things (I’m not as bad any more), I’d put post-its in the front of the books I read with my name and number on it so when I left them somewhere. I do still keep a spare tie and belt at work in case I somehow walk out of the house without one or the other. In essence, I never “lose” stuff since I always get it back :)

And if I ned to leave my car running with keys in it (to scrape windows or check mail or whatever) I open one of the smaller windows so if the car decides to lock it’s not a problem, normally I could start it without keys in it except that the remote start broke and I didn’t fix it yet (I actually had someone follow me the other day to drop it off, but the place went out of business, so I did actually try). Twice times at work I’ve had to call someone from my office to come meet me at one of the schools with my spare key (the other few times I was at my building so no one had to know). What happens is I end up dropping them while carrying something into a school with my hands full or answering the phone as I climb out or something else distracting like that.

This time it was different. I was leaving and I put my stuff in the car from the passenger door and thought, “gee it’s cold, I’ll start my car before I get my mail” so I started the car and pushed the little lever to open the tiny passenger back seat window. Then I got the mail, threw some out, put some in the house and went to get in the car (you saw this next part coming, right?) and it’s locked. Turns out I don’t sit in the passenger seat enough, there is not button for the back window, it’s just the front passenger window and the button for the lock. So pretty much all I did was lock the door. I was fine with it, stuff like this doesn’t upset me, even though I can’t seem find a spare for the car anywhere I look. And I start to realize everyone I know who has access to a spare key isn’t going to able to bring me one for hours. The problem is the car is running (and has a full tank of gas) and it’s parked in the garage.So I’ve got some options:

  • Let the gas run out and having someone come by later with a key.
  • Take a cab somewhere that there is a spare key and come back, but that would cost more than the first option.
  • See if I can get the door open without damaging the car.
  • I tried to get the door open. After many trips up and down the stairs (my condo is on floors 3 and 4) trying to hunt for a hanger that was all metal (without the cardboard hanger piece). And after lots of bending of the glass windows in my car (trying to fish in a coat hanger) I managed to find and squeeze a metal rod (dowel-like) that I had bent enough to have a hook on the end so I could pull back the button that opens a window. Success!! Total time, about 35-40 minutes, most of that was trying to find things like a hanger and trying to find something to bend it and things like that. And I managed to not inhale to much exhaust fro the car too. All in all a mini-adventure for the day…

    From a security standpoint, I couldn’t have done what I did if the car wasn’t running. The windows don’t work if the key isn’t in the ignition, and once the car has been parked for a while if you unlock it from the inside it sets off the alarm so I feel pretty secure. I’m glad I never got around to using that metal rod since that would have meant cutting it in half!

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    Written By: Gary on February 7, 2007 No Comment

    I’ve slept great that last two nights!!! Today I got about nine hours and yesterday I only got 6-7 but I had to get up for work so I probably would have slept longer (but it was quality sleep). I just haven’t been able to sleep in on my days off lately and I think I’ve really needed it. I used to do a 12 hour day (or two), now it’s rare if I get an uninterrupted 5 hours…

    I’ve got a few things to do today. Most importantly to mail in my taxes! THey’re done, I just need to get them in a mailbox. This is an item from my 101 in 1001 list to mail them in on time. I always do them late (sometimes years late).

    Speaking of 101 list I got 1/2 an item done this week. I was going to change out all my exterior lights on my car. One of the back lights went so I change out all the bulbs on the back end. It’s really cold out, even in the garage, so I saved the front end until the next bulb goes out (I already have them all purchased so I’m ready to go) and it makes a little sense to wait until one’s bad too. I’m hoping to drive this car a few more years so maybe after that I’ll never have to change another bulb on this one ever again…

    Written By: Gary on February 4, 2007 49 Comments

    2000Bloggers2000Bloggers-GarySo I made the 2000 bloggers list that I mentioned last week. It was kinda hard to find my picture (the one to the left) buried in with the other (almost) 2000 but I found it. As of today it looks like there’s still room for about 400 or so more (nope see the update below).

    If you arrived here from a 2000 bloggers list PLEASE leave a comment! UPDATE: Due to all sorts of reason dealing with linking and indexing the 2000 bloggers list has been removed from the original site. Worries and threats of it being considered a “link farm” to trick search engines caused Tino to remove the original list. It’s funny because while the list was replicated, I don’t think anyone was told to replicate it (even though the code was easily made available). And some people were put on it without their knowledge so how can you penalize them? I just wanted on the list to generate some new viewers (and it has). Forget raising my Technorati, since my posts somehow don’t show up on their site (everyone else seems to index me), how does a higher ranking help me?!? Getting a few more readers (and being more findable) is one of the reasons I signed up on Technoriti, but without content, I’m not very findable (even if my rank goes higher). I’m not sure if anyone came here via Technorati (did you?).

    I’m not sure if the list ever actually made it to 2,000. Does anyone know for sure?

    Written By: Gary on February 2, 2007 One Comment

    So while I’ve done my share of dating (friend set ups, personal ads, on-line, etc.) my blog has never factored into dating. I don’t really mention dating on-line and I generally don’t mention blogging to people I’m dating. But when you look at some of the stats from QuantCast and the make up of what they think my readership is you’d think I might have gotten a date (or two) due to that last 3+ years of blogging or at least a little more flirting…


    Now these are stats probably mostly guesstimated from where people are geographically. And since my blog is definitely not a he-man’s sports/gambling/you-get-my-point blog they probably are semi-accurate. Although the Asian stats have to be off (maybe spammers?) since I don’t get any comments that make me think that guesstimate might be accurate.

    It’s just an observation, and some silly points to bring up the fact the the stats here are interesting in the way they present them. You can get a bit on your blog by just putting your site in the search box. Some sites seem to have more information than others, I’m not sure why but it must get some info from other sites.I did put the QuantCast tracker on my site a week ago so the daily stats are probably semi-correct on the web visitors, but I’m not sure how many users use blockers that might stop that tracking, but I’m sure it doesn’t compensate for RSS readers and stuff like that.

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    Written By: Gary on January 24, 2007 2 Comments

    Had a bunch of things to do and I think I got most of them done. I’ll have to check the list that I forgot and left at home…

  • See Doctor: to fix this congestion – got shot, got drugs!
  • Barnes & Nobel: Educator discount week – got three books and 25% off!
  • Dollar store: Get some spare reading glasses – selection stunk but I gat a tiny pair in tiny durable case to keep in the car and a tiny fold up pair (they fold up half the normal size). Actually they had some decent ones but just not in my size. The question is if they are reading glasses, why do they print the size of magnification so small on the glasses?
  • Target: pick up prescription – got it! Doc said it might keep me awake so not to take it late in the day, I’ll start tomorrow.
  • Staples: use that $10 off $10 coupon before it expires – I was just going to get some office supply “stuff” but I picked up tax software on sale.
  • Gas Station: get gas – Prices were heading back up so I filled it up.
  • Hair cut: get it cut – it’s shorter (all of them).
  • Dearborn Credit Union: they’re letting new customers open up a $1,000 CD with 10.47% interest – Most places are giving about 5% so this seems like an easy way to make $50. I did not accomplish this task.

    Later: I did cehek my list at home and this is more than I had on my list :)

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    Written By: Gary on January 18, 2007 One Comment

    So I’ve just been behind with blogging and posting info from the trip to Costa Rica. Partially since I’ve been so busy and sick in the parts in between. So, some little tidbits:

  • $1.79!!!! – Okay so I’ve mentioned gas prices occasionally and that I get excited with great prices, but today I got it for $1.79, I think that’s my record since I started blogging…
  • Wine bags – So I was cleaning up today and put away bottle of wine that I received for the holidays. It came in a wine bag (which was really cool) but what do you do with the wine bags after you take the wine out? Do you re-gift the bag the next time you take a bottle of wine somewhere? I have more than a few wine bags and I just don’t know what to do with them (I’d probably reuse them but I never think of it when I’m taking wine somewhere).
  • Christmas cleaning – I hate putting away the Christmas stuff when the holidays are over. It’s a pain in the ass for one thing, but I miss the holiday atmosphere and the lights. Actually, it’s mostly the lights that I miss.The lack of blogging also ties into not feeling well, since I’ve been feeling yucky (I’ve been so stuffed up I cannot believe I’m getting enough oxygen to the brain) I’ve been tired. And when I’m tired my eyes get really tired and the screen looks fuzzy, so I’ve been computing less (Have I mentioned I’ve been wearing reading glasses? That’s another story). Today’s the best of felt in days and days so hopfully I’m on the mend so I’ll try and catch up when the weekend hits…
  • Written By: Gary on January 14, 2007 No Comment

    So I noticed they posted some new HoroSpoke forcasts over at GirlSpoke and mine doesn’t look to bad for the year!

    Now, my Virgos out there are going to have the most eventful year by far. In every facet of your life, you’ll be experiencing some sort of change, mostly in a good way.

  • Career? Check.
  • Love life? Check.
  • Financial bid-nass? Check.
  • So, because you’ll be having such a grand ol’ time this year, you need to make sure that you keep all skepticism and worrying at bay. With such strong forces in your world in 2007, worrying about these changes will be as smart as using an umbrella in the midst of a hurricane…

    You can see your 2007 HoroSpoke here.

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    Written By: Gary on January 1, 2007 No Comment

    So I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions any more. People generally don’t keep track and they tend to eventually fade away. I found out about the 101 in 1001 list on-line. What you do is make a list of 101 things you want (and can) to do and you have 1001 days to complete the list. They need to be measurable like how many pounds or how many miles you plan to walk per day. This gives you almost three years to complete the items you put on the list. It can be as simple as “taking a warm winter vacation” or “visit Costa Rica again”, or even do “taxes on-time”.

    I’m just bringing it up since it’s that time of year and I’m sure a few of you have already broken a few of the resolutions that you’ve already made. I’ve been doing mine for just over a year and I’ve completed 30%, and I still have 18 months to go. I’m sure I’ll hit 90% (at least 80%) and that’s probably better than the average person does on the old fashion list of resolutions.

    Here’s the link to the originator of the 101 in 1001 list with their rules.

    Written By: Gary on January 1, 2007 No Comment

    So I got too much sun on my arms today! Two hours on the scooter today (we had until 11 am to return them) and they look a little baked. I’m not sure why that happened today and not earlier :(

    I think I’m going to find some cooling/soothing lotion more sooner than later….

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    Written By: Gary on December 28, 2006 No Comment

    EgyptringI found my ring!!!! I lost it a few months ago and I realized this I was leaving my house. So I retraced my steps and dug through the garbage and everything. Plus, I examined my car from head to toe to see if I dropped it in there. But I never found it and it just had to be here somewhere…

    So, I was just digging through my laptop backpack and I found it way at the bottom. So I’m pretty excited about this.

    This is the ring that I bought in Egypt with the Hieroglyphic Alphabet all the way around it. It was always a little big, so now I guess I know it’s too big. It wasn’t very expensive but I’ll get it sized a tiny bit smaller. You can click the image for a larger view.

    Written By: Gary on December 20, 2006 One Comment

    So I gave up Coca-Cola for a few weeks for several reasons. It’s on my list of 101 in 1001 to try and see how if it makes me feel any better or sleep any better, etc. I chose this time just to hopefully have less sugar/caffine in my body to maybe stay healthier for the holidays (especially since I’m hosting Christmas for 25-ish people on Saturday). I’m not allowed to substitute other (inferior) caffeinated drinks or extra amounts of chocolate, etc.

    Well, the health thing didn’t work out since I got sick a few days later (last week) and don’t know if I slept better due to the illness or the decrease of sugar/caffine. No friends or coworkers have noticed I seemed to be less hyper :)

    But I do get cravings for Coke, even when I haven’t removed it from my intake. But the other day at McDonald’s I got my number three which includes a drink, fries a Quarter Pounder with cheese, no pickles or mustard for those of you who may not know what a McDonald’s is, let alone what a #3 is. And as I took a drink of my soda I realized I was taking a really really long drink through the straw and it was tasting really really good. And then I realized why, I accidentally got a Coke. So while I hate to be wasteful, I went and dumped it out and got a Sprite instead. The Sprite just wasn’t the same…

    So I’ve got two more days to go. Actually, about two days and five hours. And I’m really ready for it. And I know I need to try this experiment again sometime, the getting sick really through off the results the “experiment”. But I think I’m gonna stick it out for a few more days just because I can. Maybe…

    Written By: Gary on December 16, 2006 No Comment

    So as I mentioned a few days ago it’s been 3 years I’ve been blogging. But here and the last few days I’ve been jotting down some odd stats:

  • 1379 posts so far (counting this one).
  • 1.25 posts a day is my average. Although, lately I certainly haven’t been keeping up with that. But usually it’s more like 2 or 3 a day and then I skip a day or two…
  • 1563 comments! I love comments!!! I’m averaging a little more than one per each post (but most posts get none). I should see which ones get the most, I haven’t noticed a pattern/trend but there may be.
  • 101 trackbacks. Actually, I accidentally deleted all the trackbacks a while back (which was 23) so I currently only have 78. This is unfortunate since trackbacks are so incredibly useful (although spammers have pretty much ruined them for everyone). A chunk of those are probably me making trackbacks to my previous posts, but that’s sort of what they’re there for…
  • 8,800 spam messages per month is what I’ve averaged per month lately. That’s almost 300 a day! The last time I reset my spam filter was May 21, 2005 and since then I’ve have 169,500 comment / trackback spams blocked. I still use MT-Blacklist in addition to to SpamLookup (included with Movable Type). More on this at the end of this post.

    These numbers are huge at least to me), I can’t believe I’ve been doing it this long. It’s a joy to blog, but I do always feel that if I let it go for a while it’ll just kinda die. I hate to blog just for the sake of blogging but I do always try to keep it up-to-date with a few details of life (or tech or TV or something) even if I’m not in an extra blogging mode. I’ve got some other points that make the blogging extra geeky/interesting for me but the list started to get too long, so I’ll finish and post that at a later day. I’m starving right now and need to get something to eat!

    OPTIONAL GEEKY SPAM STUFF: The reason I use both (MT-Blackslist and SpamLookup) is because the stuff MT-Blacklist knows is spam gets deleted without me having to look at it. If I just use SpamLookup, I’d still need to look at those 300 messages a day to make sure it doesn’t have any real messages caught up in it. As it is, I still need to look at the 50 that MT-BLacklist didn’t delete to see if SpamLookup grabbed something important. And sometimes SpamLookup does grab a few (a few a week). And once in a very long while a real spam gets through both and makes it on the web site, but that’s only about once a month (maybe longer).

  • Written By: Gary on December 6, 2006 2 Comments

    So my last post wasn’t to make you believe that life isn’t good, it was just pointing out the blah things and not being in the mood for blogging (or even much blog reading). Life has been good and even today in general has been great.

  • I got some gifts for a wedding and not only did I find somethings on the registry that I didn’t mind buying but I found things I wanted to buy for them and one was something I had even considered before reading the registry. I won’t list the items in case they’ve been keeping up on my blog.
  • I went to the library to pick up two new books I had on reserver and they actually had a third waiting for me! The items consist of: Brother Odd (Koontz), Next (Crichton) and Wild Fire (DeMille). These plus some other one week books are going to generate some nice fines for the library.
  • While I couldn’t get to sleep last night I slept like a rock once I did get to sleep, got a little over nine hours, if I can just do the same tonight…
  • While I was at the library I found a few 25 cent paperbacks which I’ll take on my next vacation (and not need to bring back).
  • Plus I drove by my local bar just as happy hour started and I popped in. So I’m currently blogging this over a Long Island Iced Tea and some and some free appetizers! Plus, it’s very Christmas-ish here thanks to Dawn.

    Other good things coming up: We’re celebrating Christmas at my place for the extended family in a few weeks and I’m way excited about that. I’m not exactly sure where I’m going to put 25 people in my condo but I’ll make it work. For the last few years my (Mom’s) extended family hasn’t celebrated Christmas anywhere near the 25th (we used to do it on the 24th every year) which is why I volunteered to have it on the 23rd. I actually sent out invites in April to make sure this would happen. And on top of that, next month I get to go on a warm sunny vacation to Costa Rica!

    In addition, many of the things in this post and the previous post gets a bunch of items off my 101 in 1001 list. I’ve completed 24 of 101 things done and I have 637 of 1001 days left to do them so I need to catch up a bit (23.76% of tasks done but 36.36% of the time had passed). The Costa Rica trip crosses off two (maybe three items), family Christmas knocks off two and the eye appointment is another. I might get a few more but those are guaranteed to be done in the next 60 days.

  • Written By: Gary on December 6, 2006 No Comment

    I just haven’t been in the mood to blog lately. I’ve had stuff to say but just not motivated to put it all down on (digital) paper. Just been kinda “blah” lately. I think part of it’s the darn weather: it’s just been swinging from cloudy and crummy to nice and sunny. I’ve been loving the nice days but just haven’t gotten used to the cloudy ones. Now, it’s not that I like the cloudy ones but with the darn daylight savings change and the weird weather I just haven’t adapted yet.

    Now we’ve had these great weather days, I don’t think I’ve every had the top down in the car as late as mid-November before but we just had those crazy nice days a few weeks ago! That usually makes me pretty perky. It’s just been strange lately. Everything else in life is great I’ve just been kinda run down.

    My arm has been bugging me (I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before) and it might be interfering with my sleep a little bit and bugging me a bit during the day (which probably cuts down on my recreational computer use), it might have a little to do with keeping me a little off kilter (I just had new x-rays today and have an appointment with a specialist next month). And the more I think about it my eyes have been bugging me a little more lately, I’ve got an appointment for that next week and I know that’ll result in glasses (I don’t currently have them). So the more I right here and think about it maybe it’s all these little things adding up.

    Although that’s all just a sign of getting older, right? Now that’s depressing…

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    Written By: Gary on November 1, 2006 2 Comments

    So I know I’ve got habits and patterns but you never know how much people actually notice them. I’ve been eating at Einstein Brothers lately and I generally get the same thing (Tasty Turkey on Asiago with no cucumbers, soup [cheddar broccoli or chicken noodle] and a bottomless Coca-Cola). And they’ve got great cellular reception so I’ll hook up the laptop and hang out for a while. While they don’t have my order down yet, the cashier pointed out to me today that there was someone at “my table”. I hadn’t realized I had established such a seating pattern at that place :)

    As I said, I do generally get the same things at the same restaurants:

  • Wendy’s – Spicy Chicken or Single with cheese (both with lettuce, tomato and onion only).
  • McDonald’s – A #3 (QP w/cheese) no pickle and no mustard.
  • Burger King – This is where I mix it up at my fast food places (woo hoo!). Generally a Whopper with cheese (no pickle, no mustard, no mayo) or a Chicken Tendercrisp (no mayo) but sometimes I get a Junior or a cheeseburger (no pickle, no mustard, no mayo on either of course)!

    The rule is generally no pickles (even on the side), no mustard and no mayo. Preferably with a Coke.

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    Written By: Gary on October 27, 2006 One Comment

    So I know I’ve mentioned Adam Curry a few times. I really enjoy his show The Daily Source Code. They’ve got a number where you can leave comments and I’ve put the phone number in my phone a while back. I don’t think I’ve ever left a comment until this week (and I think I’ve left three).

    Today I was listening and about 8 minutes in his was finishing this story about him flying a plane today (he flew solo from Belguim to England). At the end of the story I was wondering if everything in aviation was in feet (or maybe meters), his story used feet and he lives in England (although they use miles) but it seemed like there would be an international standard. So I called and left a voice mail as I hung up I thought, “Whenever I have something to say, I’m going to leave an message until he plays one of my comments”. So then I resumed playing the show and not 90 seconds later I hear my voice!!!! It was the comment I had left on Tuesday!!!

    It was a really long comment and I’m pretty sure he played the whole thing. Unfortunately, I forgot to mention my blog address in the message, that would have probably picked up some traffic here. But then that’s not why I left the comment but extra traffic is always nice. I’ve been pretty geeked about being on the show all evening…

    Here’s a link to the specific episode (and straight to the mp3), I’m about nine minutes in, shortly after the plane flying story at the beginning.

    FYI, I got my flu shot but forgot mention that also. Duh!

    I’ve been listening more often now that I’ve got my Treo. I’ve got a decent way to to get the podcasts on my Treo, and I can play those through the stereo on my car. It’s actually a notch harder than putting it on my iPod but my iPod doesn’t come into the house every night, the Treo does. Generally if I’ve got my PowerBook I’ve got the Treo with me, so I can do it easily at anytime.

    So here’s my question:
    Doesn’t the flu vaccine vary based on your location (they mix a different flu cocktail). I swear I’ve heard this before (and while it never made sense to me) I pretty sure it was more than once. I was certain of this when I left the comment but I can’t find anything to back it up. But searching for “flu vaccine” and “location” just tells me where I can get one…

    Written By: Gary on October 23, 2006 No Comment

    So I’ve definitely fallen behind in my 101 in 1001 list (23% of my tasks done and used 32% of my time.). I’ve got more than a few things lined up in the next few months.

  • I’m having the family Christmas at my house this year. This covers two items: 1) Having the Family Christmas and 2) Have the extended family over once a year.
  • If I go to Costa Rica this winter I cover several items: 1) Going back to Costa Rica, 2) A warm winter vacation, 3) Possibly deciding if I want to move there some day.
  • I could also succeed in doing one (or two) more Christmas related items: 1) Greenfield Village or 2) The Hines Drive lights tour.

    So I could start to catch up soon. It’s likely I’ll get five items just from the above list (maybe 7). I’ll likely get more done, but these are very likely to happen by January…

    Can you tell I’m feeling a little behind on the list. I’m not sure why, the purpose is to give more time to do these things. And if you consider most people don’t complete any of their New Year’s resolutions I’ve already got 23% of my list done…

  • Written By: Gary on October 22, 2006 2 Comments

    So I’ve seen web sites where they tell you how popular your first or last name is. This is the first on that I’ve seen that tells you how unique your full name is.

    How Many Of Me.com
    howmanyofme.com There are:
    people with my name
    in the U.S.A.

    How many have your name?

    What I don’t like about this is it sticks with the number I’m given today. If their list changes it doesn’t make another calculation query to the list. But how many more can there be like me?!?

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    Written By: Gary on October 6, 2006 2 Comments

    They’re gone!! They lasted about 32 hours on and off (mostly on), I’ve never had anything like that happen before (maybe an hour). Thank you for all of the suggestions, unfortunately not a single cure worked. My solution that always usually works is to get a full glass of water, put your mouth on the far side of the glass and drink from the far side of the rim; this has generally been my fail safe cure all but not this time…

    I really thought I was going to go to some 24 hour clinic last night, it was that bad (some weird burping got mixed into it too). I finally took a variety of stomach medicines (Zantac and Tums) and I really think the Gatorade helped. I was still hiccuping when I went to sleep but I’ve been fine so far this morning. Fortunately they were gone by the time I read Dave’s suggestion from Boing Boing from yesterday’s post (I’m not sure if I was that desperate).

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    Written By: Gary on October 5, 2006 10 Comments

    So I’ve had hiccups for almost 24 hours and I’ve tried all sorts of suggestions. None have helped. They’ve stopped occasionally, but not at any of the times I tried any home remedies…

    Starting and stopping seems to be completely random. Any thoughts???

    Things I’ve tried:

  • Drinking from the far side of the glass (this one always works).
  • Exhaling and drinking the water before inhaling.
  • Drinking a big glass though a few hiccups.
  • A big spoonful of sugar.
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    Written By: Gary on September 18, 2006 2 Comments

    So three weeks ago I started making sure I was drinking at least a half-gallon (2 liters) of water a day. I hear I don’t drink “enough” (whatever that is) and I drink lots of soda and juice (mostly Coca-Cola and OJ). I do drink more water now than in other points of my life (which used to be never). It was one of the items on my 101 in 1001 things list. After 3 weeks I’ve got some results/conclusions:

  • When I drink that much water, I drink less soda (which is probably good).
  • It makes me need to go to the bathroom more (duh!).
  • I think generally got to sleep earlier (maybe to to lack of caffeine or at least it being washed out of my system).
  • I think I slept better (although I attribute this to the lack of other caffeinated drinks more).
  • My neck/shoulders probably bothered me just as much as normal (I think OMT and Chiropractors recommend lots of water).
  • I have very mild psoriasis (dry flaky skin) which comes and goes and thought the extra water might help, but if anything during that period it’s gotten a little dryer.
  • My stomach seemed more (slightly)sensitive to spicy and junk foods than normal.
  • I think slightly overall, I did feel a little better.

    Once again it was only 3 weeks and I didn’t expect any miracle in terms of changes. And this wasn’t a double-blind experiment or anything, it was just me drinking lots more water. I didn’t intentionally cut out other drinks but as a result I probably drank less (but I know of some days I drank lots of soda and then I had to force the water down later). Some of the above could be attributed to being tired or stressed from work (it was the start of the school year). So no big results other than the sleeping I’ll be keeping an eye on that.

    I will continue to drink more out of habit (I already am today), but I won’t be forcing myself to catch up in the evening.

    I need to cut out caffeine (soda and candy) for one of my items but when I’ve tried in that past it didn’t help much. I still had some sleeping issues and everyone said I was still just as hyper. I’ll try not to look at what I just wrote here until I’m done with the caffeine experiment and see how they match up (although less soda means more water). If I see anything significant I’ll try a no soda with 1/2 gallon (or more?) for 3 or 4 weeks and see how I feel. I do enjoy soda so maybe I can limit it to no more than 32 ounces of soda a day and none after 2 pm or something like that (currently, I try not to have any Coca-Cola after 4 PM or so).

    My drink of choice is generally Captain (Morgan) and Coke but if I had a few cokes with lunch, I generally get something different (stronger) like a Long Island Iced Tea (I’m not sure if that’s better for me…)

  • Written By: Gary on September 10, 2006 One Comment

    So I have another birthday coming up this week (Monday actually). Last year was a milestone and didn’t bug me much at all, for some reason this one is. Maybe because it was a milestone I forced myself to ignore it or maybe it’s just ’cause I’m another year older, still single, still no kids, still still still…

    I’ll be fine, I’ve just been annoyed about it the last few days weeks, but good times with friends and family have stopped me from dwelling (and blogging) about it…

    I’m down at the Buzz Bar about to watch Blair (currently doing a mic check) and Audra and everything is great(!) but I’ve been trying to get this stuff down…

    Written By: Gary on September 2, 2006 No Comment

    Karen was talking about her lucky underwear on her blog and it made me think about mine. Unlike her, I will describe mine. And unlike her, I know where mine are!

    If you know me at all, you know I’m not much of a sports fan. BUT I have this pair of green boxers with footballs all over them which somewhere along the lines I started wearing on Saturdays since that’s when everyone seems most excited about football. I probably even wear them on Saturdays in the summer, but it’s not like I keep track or anything. How did I get these if I don’t care so much about sports? They were in the middle of a 3-pack!

    Yes, of course I’m wearing them right now, it’s Saturday!

    Written By: Gary on September 1, 2006 No Comment

    So I was watching a re-run of Grey’s Anatomy last night. It’s the one where the wife has the fork stuck in her neck; her and the husband were being adventurous since she has an aneurism and only has weeks/months to live. So they are traveling and doing all the things they’ve always said they’ll do some day.

    This ties back in with the meme from a few weeks ago about what would you do this six months to live. This also ties in with the new show Three Moons Over Milford where the moon gets hit with an asteroid and everyone knows it’s only a shot amount of time before the pieces fall back to earth. Several of the people and episodes are all about living life to the fullest.

    So back to my question: “Why wait?”

    If there is all sorts of stuff I want to do, what am I waiting for? What are you waiting for? Now I know some of us have responsibilities so that has all sorts of implications. But many of us are single with no responsibilities. Why not quit the job and just travel to those places that I’ve thought about? Go volunteer. Go move somewhere interesting and get a job for a while? I could probably figure something out so I could do some reasonable consulting via the net regardless of where I might live.

    I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. My best friend just keeps waiting for the day I call and say see ya, I’ve off to move to Costa Rica…

    Written By: Gary on August 29, 2006 No Comment

    I’ve been so so so busy with the start of school this year (our students started the 23rd!) which is normally busy, but we put in 1,000 new computers this summer and a few new labs and all sorts of stuff. So I’ve got tomorrow off. It’ll be my first day off that I get to sleep in and not have to rush about in weeks (the day I was sick last week doesn’t count).

    Sleep, shop, eat and catch up on reading some blogs (I’m way behind). Maybe some basic things like bills and stuff like that. Maybe a matinee? (I’m not sure what’s out that I want to see)

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    Written By: Gary on August 27, 2006 One Comment

    So as we all know, metric is going to take the word by storm one of these days). HA!

    The funny thing is I always thought of it as something that came over here from overseas, but the amount of signage in England that is in miles (and not kilometers) makes me laugh. I always chuckle when I see teachers teaching metric (I work for a school district) since it seems they are telling them the same thing they told me as a kid (and I’m still waiting).

    Actually it’s bottled water that’s the cause of this post. One of my 101 in 1001 things items is to drink a 1/2 gallon of water a day for three weeks and see if it makes me feel healthier. So I bought water today (it’s on sale at Target) and the bottles are a 1/2 liter so I needed to figure out how many I needed to drink. Here’s the thing they don’t list it in ounces, they listed it as “1 pint 0.9 ounces” so I had to think if a pint was 16 ounces or not. Why wouldn’t they just list it as 16.9 ounces?!?

    The real question is why are the bottling companies going along with this? Most people will pretty much pay the same for 16 ounces or 16.9 ounces, right? So it seems like they’re just giving away stuff (water, coke, whatever it might be).

    Although I just looked at the Mike’s Lemonade that I’m drinking and it’s 11.2 ounces. See and I thought I paid for 12 ounces :)

    Written By: Gary on August 21, 2006 One Comment

    I was tagged by RW to do this meme :)

    Four jobs you’ve had in your life:
    Web Programmer
    Computer Trainer
    Camp Counselor

    Four movies you could watch over and over:

    The Flight of the Navigator
    The American President

    The Cutting Edge
    A Christmas Story

    Four places you’ve lived:
    Berkley, MI
    East Lansing, MI
    Haslett, MI
    Dearborn, MI

    Four TV shows you love to watch:
    Gray’s Anatomy
    Dead Zone
    Kyle XY

    Four websites you visit daily:
    The Daily Meme

    Four of your favorite foods:
    Hot Wings
    Chicken With Pineapple (Chinese)
    Beef With Brocolli (Chinese)

    Four places you’d rather be:
    The Beach
    Costa Rica
    The Moon

    Four albums you can’t live without (for the moment):

    Avril Lavign
    Under My Skin
    Anna Nalick
    Wreck of the Day

    Tori Amos
    Little Earthquakes
    Indigo Girls
    Strange Fire

    I’m stopping at four (2 new & 2 old) but I really couldn’t stick to four…

    Written By: Gary on August 17, 2006 No Comment

    Creditreport2006BRW was talking about interest and credit recently and it reminded me it’s been a while since I checked my credit report. I’m generally pretty happy with my report, nothing I had to change (usually there’s a canceled that hadn’t been listed as canceled). Saving (and not wasting) money is a skill taught to me by my mother (mostly because we didn’t have lots) but it’s a skill I’ve managed to keep.

    You can get a FREE credit report 3 times a year (once from each of the three companies). I’ve mentioned this before so I’m not going to spend too much time on the details.

    On a side note (but related to credit), I’ve been helping my buddy with his budget since the beginning of the year. It’s been a struggle (mostly to keep from strangling him) but things are mostly under control. And as a result – six months ago we couldn’t get him a secured vehicle loan at a high interest rate (due to bad credit) and we just got him an unsecured loan (for more money than the previous request) at a pretty good rate!!!! Very cool! We used that loan to pay off other higher rate “stuff” and a few other bills.

    Written By: Gary on August 11, 2006 5 Comments

    Kyra asked these questions on her blog. She actually asked them two different ways: If you had six months and what if everyone had 6 months.

    If you knew you only had six months to live, and the world was guaranteed to end for you – how would you live?

    What would you do?
    Take it easy, relax, travel and lots more.
    Would you spend your money, or save it?
    Spend it. I’d clear out my 403b, 401k and IRAs! Heck, I’d stop probably stop paying my bills.
    Would you eat healthy/diet, or would you be into the ice cream and chips every day?
    Not healthy (not any less healthy than now either). Maybe more desserts :)
    Exer-what? Actually, I’d be running around so much I probably wouldn’t need any.
    Would you stay in your current job, or find something else to do?
    Six months? I’d quit! (I like my job but at that point what’s the point).

    Would you keep your current friends, or cut the ones who only waste your time?
    I’d keep them all.
    Would you talk to every single person that you consciously make time for? Or cut your loses?
    Status quo.
    Would you stay where you live, or move?
    I’d stay there but also travel.
    What things would you stop caring about, that you do now?
    Bills, upgrading the house (painting, furniture, etc.), stop saving for car, retirement, etc.
    Anything else?
    I’d throw more than a few parties and give away a lot of my stuff, I don’t need lots of it and and why make someone else decide who gets what later. I’d have to rush and finish lots of my 101 in 1001 list, just the fun ones, not the chores, those are the ones I really want to do anyways so why not… Since I’m dying in 6 months it probably wouldn’t do any good to tell some people about my secret feelings for them but you never know. It might get me more kisses or (goodbye) sex…

    I’m single and have no dependents so that really makes the options easier for me than some people. Sure I’d hook Mom up with some of my savings but she’s probably fine without it so that makes this a lot more fun list for me than it might be for some others.

    I’m not going to go the route if it was six months for everyone, I’d have to assume it’d be a bad place to be (chaos and all). But the new series 3 Moons Over Milford (free at iTunes at this point in time) is kind of a end of the world scenario (the moon breaks into three pieces in a degrading orbit) where it’s not chaos, I’d like to think it’d go that way.

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    Written By: Gary on August 8, 2006 2 Comments

    57422 Pe163006 S3So I’ve replaced my old tables at my place. They were old ones when I moved in 8 years ago. It was about time and it was an item on my 101 in 1001 list. Here’s the smaller one, the other one is just longer. The glass top is interchangeable with the wood, which I’ll never do, but I like the feature :)

    Plus I put in this looonnngg cabinet along the front of the room, it’s pretty much exactly what I’ve been looking for DVDs and CDs and “stuff”. It’s 77 inches long so it’s got room for a lots of items.

    Also, I finally put some curtains up in the living room (this is also on my 101 in 1001 list)

    It’s resulted in some movement and rearranging around the house. It’s never exactly what I want so I’m still thinking about the layout.

    I’ll need to get some photos on-line.

    Oh, and I got a hutch for the dining room. I’m trying to keep the laptop in there when I come home and I’m keeping the chargers for all my gadgets in there so that I’m not always digging them up and having them on the dining room table and then misplacing them :)

    I need to add an item to my list: No more shopping at Ikea!!!

    Written By: Gary on July 31, 2006 5 Comments

    (Pick the word that is familiar to you or add one of your own)
    1. Soda, Soft Drink, Soda Pop or Tonic – Soda
    2. Hoagie, Sub, Po Boy, Grinder – Sub
    3. Goobers or Peanuts – Peanuts (Goobers are chocolate covered peanuts around here)
    4. Candlepin or Ten-Pin bowling – Just Bowling
    5. Dungarees or Blue Jeans – Blue Jeans (or just Jeans)

    6. Shopping Carriage, Shopping Cart, Buggy – (Shopping) Cart
    7. Frappe or Milkshake – (Milk)Shake
    8. Jimmies or Sprinkles – Sprinkles
    9. Hot Dog or Frankfurter – Hot Dog
    10. Relative or Kin – Relative
    11. Soda Crackers or Saltines – Saltines
    12. Rubbish, Trash or Garbage. – Garbage (sometimes trash)
    13. Rotary or Traffic Circle – Traffic Circle (but we don’t really have them here so people don’t call them anything)
    14. Barbeque, Grill Out or Cookout – Barbeque/Grill
    15. Funnel Cake or Fried Dough – Funnel Cake (Elephant Ears are the same, right?)
    16. Flapjacks, pancakes, or griddlecakes – Pancakes
    17. Bedroom Suite or Bedroom Suit – Bedroom Suite
    18. Bundles, Sacks or Bags (of Groceries) – Bag
    19. Front Entrance or Front Stoop – Front Door (Porch)
    20. Frying Pan or Skillet – Frying Pan

    From Miss. Elaine.

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