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What goofy things kids might have done today or whose kids / babies I got to play with, talk to, etc…

Written By: Gary on December 11, 2004 No Comment

So I made a visit to the funeral home today. I forgot how many people show up when the person is so young. He was about 24 and he had been a student in the school district where I work and his mother works there (in a position where many many people know her and trust her) so there there were just bunches of people. There were teachers who don’t even work there any more, people who knew mom and whose kids knew mom and it was really sad to see how many people were there. It was an automobile accident and there had been another death of a former student this past week (also an auto accident related) so everyone was even sadder than usual.

I didn’t think there’d be that many people I knew there and wasn’t really thinking I’d have to be social and make much real conversation. I usually say hello (and do the other stuff) and then I usually get lucky and find someone’s kids to entertain while I’m there. Most times I go to these things I generally don’t know the family or I don’t really know the deceased; this time my connection was to both. I know his mother from work and earlier this year I was complaining about our department being behind in some things and she did the mom thing and mentioned that he was between jobs and so he worked for our department for a little while doing some various tech jobs for us. She talked to me for a little bit about that today to me (I was surprised she even remembered in the state that she must be in) and the impact and the closure for him being around in the district and such. I seem to recall that someone told me he was more of the spiked hair type of kid when he was a student and that wasn’t the case now so he’d probably gone through a few changes since then…

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Imax.PolarSo I just got back from The Henry Ford and seeing the Polar Express and it was excellent. I knew it might seem strange but there were lots of action scenes. With the 3D with action scenes were wild. Oh and did I mention it was at the iMax IMAX?

If you have any interest in seeing this then go see it! Better yet, see it in 3D…

Kids would like this, my question is: Since the movie is about people doubting about Christmas, would it make some kids doubt it?

I really don’t remember the original story but it was great. Tom Hanks was the voice and model for several of the characters. Lots of music some new and some old. Be sure to pay attention to the Elf singing on stage at the end, he looks familiar…

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I liked this quote. I don’t have kids, but I hope someday I’ll help them to carry (or be) a message that is a good one.

It was someone’s signature on SlickDeals.net but no link to anything that I can attribute it to…

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Written By: Gary on August 31, 2004 One Comment

I was just writing something, it said, “I’ve been back in the Detroit area (Dearborn) for around six years now.” and then I realized it was exactly six years today that I started working back this side of Michigan (I had been in the Lansing area for eleven years). I can’t believe it’s been that long. A few homes, a few relationships (broken hearts) and a few jobs later I’m still around here.

My (only) complaint(s) – still single and childless. (I thought that was going to turn into a long list of complaints, but I guess that’s all I’m really missing.) That doesn’t sound too bad but I don’t think was much longer than that when I got here six years ago…

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911toySo what’s your opinion is this just a toy that was found inside a bag of candy? or was there some deeper thought put into it’s creation.

Oh, did I mention the part number of the toy was 9011? Here’s a link to the news story.

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So yesterday we got everyone together after Heather’s Ordination. Back at Mom’s (hers) to get everyone together, and I mean everyone. Heather knows people from all over and there were people from everywhere in the state, nearby states and even some really far ones. A few kids running around and a ten-month old baby, LaLa (short for Lavender), that I adopted for the weekend.

Then today she did the service at 8am and 10am (most of us went to the 10) and she was wonderful. Then a dozen of us went out to eat and we started our way home…

Heather is off to Evanston, IL to work for Northwestern as a campus minister. She’ll probably be living no farther than a block or three from where she lived when she went to seminary at Seabury. Evanston is one of my favorite towns, I almost always include it in my visits to Chicago (and I don’t always include Chicago into my Evanston visits). And I can take the train most of the way there!

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Lots of comings and goings at school this week. Training new teachers (they’re all super nice). Got to see a few of the kids who will be in daycare in my building, I miss them so much. And lots of meetings that had food which is always a bonus; especially when I don’t actually have to attend the meeting.

And speaking of school (sort of) Heather graduated a few months ago. But now that she’s got a job she gets to be ordained! So it’s off to the ceremony tomorrow and hang out and then performs the service. Yeah! And she moves back to one of my favorite towns to work in.

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I’ve been blogging for nine months. I’ve accomplished part of what I wanted. I’ve got random people reading and finding my ramblings (random wasn’t a big mission, but I need at least a few people to read it). I started the first part as being very nice and never complaining too much. I migrated that to a blog for talking (and occasionally whining) but wondering is anyone listening? and occasionally finding out that they are.

At the same time I needed a 12 step program due to too much meme-img. To feed this addiction I created two small meme-sites (http://thedailymeme.com/ (and a sub-site of lost memes ) that list daily, weekly, monthly and other memes to help people find more. Some of the odd one-short of propagating things and some of the odder memes arein the lost section of the same site. This was a accidental byproduct of memeing.

I have my gizmoboy site and that’s all but ready to go. But just haven’t found the time to finish it and get it on-line.

I did do a London Blog for my recent trip which generated a lot of friend/family interest in that it was just for them. I separated the London info from my regular blog to keep the non-regular-readers from finding it by accident. If they want to read it, go ahead, but I’m not going to accidentally show them my “inner stuff” if they can’t find it…. or at least ask for it.

I’ve had in my head another idea that’s going to need some dollars to make it work, I’ve had it in simple terms in my head at different times. But I’d like to implement it. A site to get people to smile more and wave more to little kids more and be NICE. You”ll see more on this as time goes on.

Need some site to share some advertising with too. Need to be part of some networks for information.


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england04-24_09-08-52So while I was in England I got to hang out with Monika, Danielle and Alysha. They were a blast and the kids had these accents that were so cute it actually sounded like that they were pretending to have accents. I should have recorded them so I could add an audio clip here.

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1. Fav. Book as a Child?: I loved the Alvin Fernald books (A’s Secret Code, Mayor for a Day, etc.), always doing fun stuff and getting into trouble (and yet still helping out).
2. Fav. TV Show as a Child?: I loved the Wonderful World of Disney, Sundays at 7, I think… A different show/movie every week.
3. Fav. Movie as a Child?: The “Escape from With Mountain” movies, I loved Tia and Tony. FYI: Tia played Alvin’s sister on the Wonderful World of Disney movies (I didn’t realize how all 3 questions tied together until this second).
4. Fav. Food as a Child?: PB & J. Lunch and Dinner! I still remember mom getting excited the first time I at a hamburger.
5. Fav. Outfit as a Child?: Jeans and a T-shirt. I think it was always a white t-shirt.

From Chick Chat

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Today was a nice day, I’ve been working on my To Do list and adding things almost as fast as I can cross them off. But I’ve been getting lots done. The one annoying thing was buying an additional bathroom rug (which I thought I did a week or two ago but searched the house/car/house/car many times for) and after being home 5 minutes I found the one I already bought… Back to Kohls!

One of the High School teachers was having a barbecue and I got an invite which was nice, sometimes things like that just go out to the specific buildings and I don’t hear about them. I’m on that odd borderline of Administrator or Person, depends who you talk to, what their mood is and how upset people are with other administrators. It was a lot of fun, we grilled, played croquet ate and played with the kids. There were some babies, one that finally warmed up to me and let me carry here around, and some older kids. Got to meet some spouses and that’s always interesting. I felt bad taking off as some others were showing up but the allergies had been starting to kick in and and then the neighbor started mowing (cut grass is my kryptonite).

On the way home, talked to some older gentleman at Borders who was looking at the O’Reiley’s Essential Blogging book and hopefully I gave him some good info, he want to get into it but wasn’t sure where to start. I pushed Movable Type but suggested TypePad if he just wanted to try it out. I found a few winners myself: Two 2004 O’Reiley’s books PHP & MySQL and and Pocket Linux guide.

Plus I found out a person I dated was getting married soon. For some reason I always find that interesting when I find it out about someone…

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Schools Out. My babies are gone. I’ve got tomorrow off. I’m just about to get into bed. Okay, (since you asked) I’ll elaborate.

The last day of school for the teachers was today! My phone should ring a lot less with all the things that they’ve thought of the last 9 months that they want to remind me of as they run out the door. It’s still busy, our fiscal year ends in 3 weeks so lots of wrap up and then the new one starts and that takes time and then it’s mid-july and everyone is back in a month…

I want to go to England for a week in July, anyone have suggestions on where to get the best price from Detroit?

Okay, so they aren’t my babies. Day care for the district is in my building so I get to see all the little kids when they go for walks or play outside etc. But they are all wonderful and I already miss them. Whatever it is in the drinking fountains at school that causes the staff to get so pregnant so often also causes the children to be beautiful and smart and to generally like me. They are great kids and the department that takes care of them does an excellent job. It’s great to see them and they all know who Mr. Gary is. Speaking of the water in the district, one of my favorites’ became a big sister today as her mom had twins!

I’m all tuckered out from the last few weeks, so I took a vacation day tomorrow, made a list that maybe I’ll cross a few things off of. I’ve got the new Lee Child and Dean Koontz books from the library. The forecast isn’t great, maybe I can cross a few items off. And play outside on Saturday. Maybe I’ll rollerblade, I got my bike out the other day and it was great to ride around.

Bonuses today: Lots of end of the year/retirement food. Very few voice mails. Visiting teachers on maternity leave, which really means I got to see/hold/play with a few babies. Lots of hugs and handshakes from people leaving for the summer or forever.

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Two little girls (and mom) are in front of me in line at the store. They were probably 4 and 5 (and mom was holding a little one) and they were bouncing and I chatted with them a little bit. Then when they were checking out mom said they were going to Grandma’s and one of the girls said “which one?” Mom responded with “Regular Grandma” . What made the answer extra funny was the kids knew exactly who she was talking about…

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cootiecatcherRemember making these when you were kids?

It’s pitched here as to Predict Your Future. I don’t think we did the Magic 8-ball thing when we did it, I’m thinking we made them say not so nice things when we were little boys…

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myfirstdnaI’m not kidding this DNA kit is from http://discovery.com/ and is sold as the Discovery DNA Explorer Kit. “Ideal for budding forensic-scientists or secret agents, the working lab and tools are just like the real thing.”

Be careful of the warning if you live in Canada: “Two of the 10 experiments included in the Kit require the “Lambda DNA,” which does not ship to Canada.”

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The idea is to come up with twelve thoughts and one pic to describe your weekend. easter04b

  1. Chocolate.
  2. “Yes Mom, I have the ham”
  3. Lots of stairs (I’m on the third and fourth floors).
  4. “Gary! Watch me Gary!”
  5. Lots of Ordevores and Desserts.
  6. “Why do you have so many remotes?”
  7. ’13 Going on 30′ was really fun.
  8. Lots of Cleaning needed to be done. (Now I need to sort the piles I hid in the closet.)
  9. Four kids and eleven adults at my condo. That might be a new record.
  10. Lots of Coca-Cola
  11. Spilt Milk, down a flight of carpeted stairs and all over the wall.
  12. Chocolate.

From Baker’s Dozen.

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Written By: Gary on April 11, 2004 One Comment

It was a blast today, I had everyone over for Easter Dinner. Seven households from one to four people in each, fifteen total, four were kids. They were a blast and they liked all my computerized toys and remotes and such.easter04

After we ate, I took the kids down the street by city hall and they went nutty with me taking pictures. What a bunch of hams. Speaking of… we had a really good ham from the Dearborn Meat Company (or something like that).

No incidents, no broken bones, scrapes, fights, etc. Until they were leaving and one of the kids had a cup (with a lid and straw) of milk and dropped it down the stairs. I had splash marks 6 feet up the walls! My ‘little green machine’ wasn’t enough to have it, I dug out the rug shampoo machine I bought a few months back (but never used) and clean the stairs (and the walls) that probably needed it anyways. Can’t complain too much, last time they were over I accidentally rolled Kendall’s head up in the electric window in the car. I still feel pretty bad about that one.

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  1. What do you do for a living? I’m the Director of Technology for a school district, which means if it plugs in (unless it cooks food or heats/cools the building) it’s the problem of my department.
  2. What do you like most about your job? Getting people excited about using tech in their day. Getting some tool put together for someone to use that makes their life easier.
  3. What do you like least about your job? When I tell someone “I don’t know” and they reword the question a dozen different ways because the seem to thin I don’t. Telling someone the right answer (“I do know”) and them not believing that it is the way to go.
  4. When you have a bad day at work it’s usually because _____… There just isn’t enough time to get everything fixed.
  5. What other career(s) are you interested in? I love seeing the kids at school. I’d love to just do day care but I don’t think that would a good job to help me with my technology habit. Dream job would be to teach kindergarten in the morning and advance computers at the high school in the afternoon or be an astronaut.

From the Friday Five.

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Written By: Gary on March 29, 2004 One Comment

cat2004It’s still reading month so I got to be the Cat in the Hat a few more times today! I got to read to preschoolers, first graders and fourth graders. I read enough so that I feel that “I speak for the trees”! Green Eggs and Ham is by far the favorite Dr. Seuss book for any age. The flash didn’t go off so none of the pictures came out very well, technology isn’t perfect I guess…

Plus it was a baby weekend at work, we found out Dan and Patti had a baby boy Friday night and that Kristen had Triplets this morning!

And even with the weird weather today, there were rainbows on the way home (they didn’t photograph very well though, even with the new camera)!

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  1. Who’s your favorite person in your family? What makes them so cool? Emily and Nathan. They are the babies of the family. Not much is cooler than that!
  2. What’s your favorite meal of the day? Why? Breakfast! Bacon, eggs and cantaloupe. It’s a good start to start the routine of my day. Even if I get up at 2 PM I generally still have breakfast. Waffles are better but they take too much time.
  3. What’s your favorite search engine? Can it cook your meals for you? Google! I hear they are acquiring iHop so it shouldn’t be too long before the cooking starts…

Bonus: You’re given on day to do any number of favorite things that you choose. What would your day consist of?

  • Breakfast
  • Rollerblading (around MSU)
  • A picnic
  • Shopping (successfully) at Best Buy
  • Eat Chinese (at one of my favorite places in Lansing)
  • Some time at Borders and their Cafe
  • Stopping by the Apple store (have you been there, it’s the coolest store)
  • Finding a really good deal (or something free) on-line
  • Being with friends for all of the above
  • From 3x Thursday
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    So I’m getting a snack at BK and some sun, I’ve got a spot I like where the sun shines in the window. And a bunch of little girls who are celebrating a birthday came in. I’m not sure how many of them were the Mom’s that was with them but they were a handful. They sure ate a lot too. Mom kept threatening them with no ice cream if they didn’t shape up! It’s pretty much a disaster where they were although it’s the spot that faces the televisions (closed captioned) so all the kids always want to sit there.

    They just redid our BK in Dearborn and now it has WiFi. Isn’t technology great!

    I tried the new checken tender sandwich (lettuce, tomato and no mayo), it’s better than the old one but Wendy’s spicy is way better. Oh, and I won free french fries too!

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    “Everyone has a part of themselves that they don’t like… You carry it around like a weight. The lucky ones realize that when it becomes too heavy, you can choose to set it down. That’s when you can see things they way they really are.”

    It was probably my least favorite episode. So if it was the first time you had a chance to watch Joan of Arcadia, you do need to give it another try. Too many people arguing and fighting, not the normal happy go lucky show that I normally praise so highly.

    Written By: Gary on February 11, 2004 No Comment

    They were both very beautiful and happy. They’re about six and half months now and very active. They sure keep Dave and Patti pretty busy. They were just bouncing and smiling (except for when Nathan was crying). They’ve both got hair and some teeth are starting to pop through (I think that might be tied in to the crying). They were just a blast to play with and my cousin Dave cooked us all dinner. Thanks Dave!

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    Written By: Gary on January 22, 2004 No Comment

    Little Kids are so funny. I’m not just talking about the normal little kid stuff. I’m talking about when you say “good-bye”.

    You can be walking away saying “good-bye” waving at little kids and and they’ll watch (generally very intently) and sometimes wave BUT it’s not until you disappear or close the door that they’ll start yelling “bye”. I saw some day care kids today and the twins* did this to me and it totally cracks me up. It’s even cracking me up as I write this. :)

    I can understand to them that saying “bye” after you disappear might make some sense. BUT if we always say “bye” when the can see us, why would they even understand the bye means “gone” and wait until we are gone?

    *The twins are not mine, nor are they twins, they are just two little girls that I think could be twins when I see them together.

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    Written By: Gary on December 25, 2003 No Comment

    The kids were hysterically funny tonight. So many presents… They got a million on Sunday and they were already ready for more.

    I had brought over a kit to make ornaments out of Lego-like pieces. They (4, 5, 7, 9 years old) were thrilled! They didn’t want to get up and go open presents. So if you see any of these on clearance tomorrow, be sure to pick some up.

    Got to drive around a bit and look at some lights. There are a few streets around that put the little tea lights out in front and it was very nice. (It’d be better if there was snow!)

    Written By: Gary on December 24, 2003 No Comment

    It’s here! I’ve been too busy to post (imagine that!) and I should be on my way to my Mom’s (my Aunt’s actually) but I needed to relax for a few minutes and thought I’d type for a few. It’ll be fun to see all my cousin’s kids tonight, I’m sure they have too many presents from Sunday but this give them some more to open. :)

    I’ve got a few more things to wrap, one more present to find (it’s somewhere here) and maybe one more to buy (I meant to get Mom a charger for her new cell phone) depending on the lines…

    Have a Merry Christmas to all! And please drive safe!

    Written By: Gary on December 21, 2003 No Comment

    It’s so much fun to watch kids open presents for the holidays! They get so excited, why do we (adults) make it so hard for them by making them wait? It’s really great, the holidays are so much better with the kids running around. All the kids were extra good this year with hugs and thank you’s and such, that makes it all worth it…

    And you never know what present is going to be the hit. Some 3D National Geographic ViewMaster-type toy made the rounds to all the kids and adults. So if you’re still shopping keep that in mind. :)

    Written By: Gary on December 15, 2003 No Comment

    Actually they are gone for now, but you can still Make a Flake and stay in the wintery mood! This is pretty neat/fun/unique. You can share and even browse the library.

    Technically this is supposed to be an ad for Jockey but the first link gets it full screen for you. (If the first doesn’t work, try the second.)

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    Written By: Gary on December 14, 2003 No Comment

    There is snow outside this morning! I guess it’s not really a snow day since there is no school to not go to today, but it looks really nice outside. This ties into a previous (unmentioned) complaint about there being no snow and viewing everyones holiday lights outside. There’s not enough to make a snowman or anything but it looks like it’ll stick around so I can see the lights reflecting off the snow!

    But for those of you not around here or who have ever been to it, this means the Wayne County Lightfest, several miles of blocked off traffic along Hines Drive when you can see all kinds go animated festive lights. So load of the kids and get one over there! Sure, they’ve been doing it since Thanksgiving, but with no snow, why go??

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