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Board games, computer games, etc. I was blogging about games enough that I felt it needed a category.

Written By: Gary on August 6, 2011 4 Comments

So the last few times I’ve gone to lunch (at the park in the background) I’ve seen this car and I really like it. It’s not often that I like cars especially enough to take pictures, but I was pretty sure this wasn’t a new car and it’s really in excellent shape; this photo doesn’t do the condition of the car justice.


Of course I had to look at the back to figure out what kind of car it is (I know very little about cars). The back says:

Spider Veloce

Which (of course) I’d never heard of, so with aid of Google I decide it’s a Alfa Romeo Spider which makes it at least from 1993 since they haven’t made them since then. It’s a neat little convertible, something I’d probably never get unless I hit the lottery. Why? Because it’s not very functional and I’d need a place to store it. How about a hybrid version and then I could justify it, but I’d still need a larger vehicle to go with it.

This is my 31 photos in 31 days photo for today.

Written By: Gary on April 1, 2010 One Comment

Many Electronic Arts games appear to be on sale today. It’s looking like an Easter sale, up to 80% off, so it may be throughout the weekend; no promises though… scrabble-badge-notification.pngScrabble $2.99

  • Dragon’s Lair $2.99
  • Monopoly $2.99
  • BattleShip $1.99
  • Connect Four $1.99
  • Life $1.99
  • Boggle $0.99
  • Yahtzee $1.99
  • Spore Origins $0.99
  • And a few more.

    I only own a few: Scrabble is awesome (and lets you play over the Internet via Facebook) I did a review here, Boggle, Lemonade Tycoon and Sim City are all pretty good. Do you play any of the EA games?

    * These are affiliate links, so I get a (very) small kickback if you buy one of these. But it is a really good deal on some of these games.

  • Written By: Gary on March 30, 2010 No Comment

    This is one of the best deals for games at Target that I’ve seen in ages:
    Hasbro Games Monopoly Deal Card Game Hasbro Games
    Monopoly Deal (card game) and Bop It for $1.00; that’s Bop It for $14 ($5 manufacturers coupon and a $3 Target coupon) with the free (Hasbro purchases over $10) Monopoly card game (and also using a $5 off Monopoly manufacturers coupon). Need 3 coupons total.
    Connect 4 and Monopoly Deal (card game) for $2.00! That’s Connect 4 for $14 ($4 manufacturers coupon and a $3 Target coupon) with the free (Hasbro purchases over $10) Monopoly card game (using a $5 off Monopoly manufacturers coupon). Need 3 coupons total.

    So in essence, they’re paying you $5 to take the free Monopoly Deal card game (which is rated 5 stars at Amazon).

    Here’s a link to the coupons over at SlickDeals.net. Just so you know, you actually print these coupons come from Coupons.com and Target.com so they are legit and if you’ve never used either coupon site, they will want to install some kind of coupon printer application (for your Macintosh or Windows PC).

    Written By: Gary on December 28, 2008 No Comment

    So I really like playing dominoes and I don’t mean standing them all up on end and knocking them all down. Playing dominoes is like playing card games: you’ve got a bunch of “bones” instead of “cards” and an infinite number of games that can be played with the cards bones. Dominoes come in different sizes: double sixes (this would make the highest domino have a 6 at both ends), double nines, double twelves and double fifteens, think of them as playing a game with multiple decks of cards. Using double nines is my favorite for about 2-4 people and double twelves for 4 or more; double fifteens just have too many dots on them to look at. Oh, and I like the dominoes with the dots with different colors; it helps in avoiding mistakes after too many hours of play.

    And of course with all games everyone has their variations; in Euchre you’ve got ‘Ace, no face’ and you get a re-deal (if they play that way) and if no one picks trump do you ‘screw the dealer’ (make them pick a suit) or re-deal? And many people play Monopoly with their own rules, such as: put utility payments on Free Parking and whomever lands on it, wins the the cash. Dominoes is no different everyone plays every game slightly different.

    One of the games I like is “Mexican Train” (which I’m sure has racist origins with it’s name), the nice thing about it is that it’s easy to teach, there is no math (except at the end of a round) and you’re really just (strategically) matching your dominoes from end to end. Here’s a good set of Mexican Train Dominoes instructions with some additional directions. It’s really too complicated to explain here which is why I provided a link to the instructions. Many sets are sold as Mexican Train sets but they just include a “train station” for the starting block and little train pieces as markers, we just use the starting block as the train station and pennies for markers.

    About halfway through we realized we that we forgot the mexican train part! That plus the few other parts we goofed up made me think that maybe we made up a new game?!?

    So I checked out the rules, trying to remember the parts we forgot and saw some different rules:

    • “In this first turn only, the player may play as many dominoes as they wish, so long as they form a valid train”, I’ve never seen anyone play it that way, we’ve always taken turns putting one down at a time per turn.
    • “If any player is unable to start their train – having no domino that matches the centre double – they do not draw from the boneyard”, don’t think we’ve ever done it that way either! Always make them draw one.
    • We also play that you have to announce when you are down to your last domino, if you don’t by the time the next player picks up and someone calls you on it, you pick up another piece (I don’t know if I learned it that way or accidentally transferred the rule from a different domino game).

    There were some other differences too, but some seemed to be tied into the earlier differences. But as long as you all play by the same rules, I guess it really doesn’t matter.

    There is another domino game game we play that I like (and don’t know the name) where you don’t score unless you add up all the ends of the pieces of the board and it’s a multiple of five, this one is a lot more confusing.

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    Written By: Gary on October 26, 2008 No Comment

    Just a quick tip on winning: The easy way to remember which pieces are the winning game pieces for this year’s Monopoly game is they are the last piece alphabetically in their set; except in the case of Boardwalk (which is the major winning game piece).

    Be sure to keep me in mind if you use this tip to win the big bucks ;)

    I believe this is the same system they’ve used in the previous five years (possibly longer).

    My problem with this is remembering the other pieces in the sequence to know if it’s the last one alphabetically…

    Water Works – $50 – Odds 1 in 639,000
    Mediterranean Avenue – $100 – Odds 1 in 5,701,000
    Short Line Railroad – $500 – Odds 1 in 311,389,700
    Vermont Avenue – $1,000 – Odds 1 in 106,921,400
    Virginia Avenue – $2,000 – Odds 1 in 106,921,400
    Tennessee Avenue – $5,000 – Odds 1 in 307,947,900
    Kentucky Avenue – $10,000 – Odds 1 in 307,947,900
    Ventnor Avenue – $25,000 – Odds 1 in 769,869,600
    Pennsylvania Avenue – $50,000 – Odds 1 in 769,869,600
    Golden Avenue – $100,000 – Odds 1 in 178,065,100
    Boardwalk – $1,000,000 – Odds 1 in 591,287,650

    Pretty slim odds, even for the low-end prizes.

    * FYI – This is what I found out from looking around on-line and is the system I’m using. I don’t have any connection with the official game/rules.

    Written By: Gary on March 20, 2008 2 Comments

    This is a great parody of “Rock Band” sung to the tune of “Roxanne”.

    Found at nehatiwari.com after catching her segment on PopSiren. A Revision3.com production.

    Written By: Gary on April 18, 2007 3 Comments

    2006-04-20 15-10-44.Img 0735So today’s LensDay dealt with flowers so this week so I submitted this photo that I took in Egypt. I thought most of the flowers from there seemedso bright and beautiful. The other people on the trip compared it to flowers in Hawaii but since I’ve never been there I attributed it to the Egyptian mystique…

    I just thought they all seemed so bright and beautiful….

    Written By: Gary on February 8, 2007 No Comment

    ToyspringhandSo imagine this: You’ve got some kind of handheld inviso-detecter-o-rama and through the viewfinder you can see the invisible creatures in your world. Better yet, if you can see them, you can shoot them. Now imagine this handheld device looks an awful lot like your Treo.

    ToySpring has created a game, called Arcade Reality, using your Treo that uses the live image from your camera to to superimpose the creatures on. So it appears as if you are fighting arcade creatures in real life. Here are some more screenshots.

    Personally, I don’t see how they can get enough processing power out of these handhelds to do this, but the machine might have overlay capabilities that I’m not aware of (I’ve never tried to program a Palm like that). Or they might just be faster than I think. I have seen some zippy video games, I juse don’t play them that much these days…

    Written By: Gary on November 3, 2006 No Comment

    So check out LineRider. Just draw a slope (not too steep) and hit play! Hit stop and you can modify your drawing. It’s entertaining (at least for a few minutes)

    From Rocketboom.

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    Written By: Gary on October 25, 2006 No Comment

    rain delayAs we all know, I’m not a huge fan of sports, normally I’d be hard pressed to know who’s in the World Series. But being from the Detroit area I was curious as to how they were doing tonight. Unfortunately they’ve got rain, much too much rain to play so the game has been delayed. I’m not sure if they might still play tonight or not. Very sad for the sports geeks who had their whole night planned out…

    I know how I feel when Apple has a press conference and Steve Jobs doesn’t announce the product I was expecting…

    You can tell I’m not into sports that much when I’m wondering how “they are doing” and not how “we are doing”.

    Written By: Gary on September 12, 2006 3 Comments

    The new iPods have brighter screens and up to 80 GB hard drives (with a 60% brighter screen). It’s also set to play more games these days too (I’d like a nice Scrabble).

    The new redesigned Nano now goes up to 8 GB!!! I think the nano looks more like the old minis but smaller.

    I’m really thinking I might need me one of these. Mine doesn’t have the video and I’ve been thinking that might be a nice feature. At $349 for 80 GB that’s a nice price (I think I paid $599 for the 60 GB when they first came out). Usually these are about 5% cheaper for education employees but I’m not seeing the discount :(

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    Written By: Gary on April 3, 2006 4 Comments

    She had 1 penny, $400,000 and $750,000 on the board so they offered her $375,000. A very generous offer as the show goes. If she doesn’t take the money she has to open one more. She said she was a gambler so this should have been easy and Howie pretty much spelled it out for her that there were 3 options if she picked the case:

  • She could pick the penny and the offer would go up (probably to about $575,000, IMHO) and you could play between $400k and $750k or go.
  • She picks the $400,000 case and the offer stays at about $375,000 (the logical spot is the same amount, but I think Howie inferred it’d go up) and you should quit.
  • This is the worse option, she picks the $750,000 and the offer drops to $200,000 (Howie did the math for her on this one and I’ve never seen him be specific before) and you’d have to quit then.

    It’s all a win at that point, so to me you keep on playing. At that point even making a bad choice you still have $200,000!!! And the good choices (66%) are better!

    She would have been my hero if she kept going but even so she’s still a winner (and she really doesn’t care what I think anyways). She took the $375,000 and ran. I would have been tempted too, but the odds were pretty good to keep going.

    God they dragged it out, she had already started playing last week and they kept her going for another 75 minutes this week (lots of ads). Although they did show some behind the scenes stuff…

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    Written By: Gary on March 22, 2006 No Comment

    So I was going to finish up the followup to the Alex Rider post before I hopped in the sack but then I remembered I didn’t mention my dreams!

    So I’ve had odd dreams lately (the last two days) with lots of advertising. This is odd for several reasons, I generally don’t remember my dreams and when I remember them as well as I did this morning they’re usually normal, as in I’m not sure if the stuff really happened or not.

    So back to the advertising dream: I think I was in Cingular (which I actually needed to go to today) and there were people there in Dominoes’ uniforms trying to sell me a Dell. They made a phone call to their friends who were at Taco Bell and wanted to meet up with me and we were going to go eat and get eggs or omelets or something like that. Oh and I think the friend’s played on a baseball team, which I would assume is the Tigers since Dominoes’ owned them at one time.

    Written By: Gary on February 12, 2006 No Comment

    I was a little disappointed with the opening ceremonies with the olympics. A few neat things but I wasn’t enthralled, even with TiVo to get me through the slow spots. The fireworks and sparkler type things were awesome!

    And who’s this guy who’s doing some of the commentary for the skating? Dick Button? They act like he’s some hotshot but so far (IMHO) he’s just this dorky guy who’s annoying (seems kinda mean).

    Later: Okay, so I looked him up, he’s won a few gold in skating (over half a century ago), but he’s still kinda gruff for figure skating.

    Written By: Gary on December 17, 2005 No Comment

    So we played WhirlyBall again yesterday!!! I love playing this game. If you haven’t seen me mention WhirlyBall before, it’s kinda like basket ball but with a whiffle ball/scoop and you’re driving a bumper car!

    We were at WhirlyBall West in West Bloomfield, MI. I didn’t have any problems the few other times I played but I knew I was going to have a few bruises this time and sure enough the two spots where I knew I got bumped while bouncing around the car are looking pretty colorful.

    There’s a video on the web site that gives a sample of what a game is like. It makes the game seem pretty slow where it seems quite busy the whole time you play…

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    Written By: Gary on November 24, 2005 4 Comments

    So I was in the newspaper today (image of article) and they ran a photo too so that made it a even more fun. At least I assume the photo was in the printed edition. It’s the local paper by where I work so I’ll have to check it out next week, but I remembered to check on-line and there it was “Expert shares advice on technology deals”.

    Here’s the story, people always ask me what tech stuff to buy and how to get good deal on it. So a few jobs ago I started doing sessions for people who were interested and I’d get stuff together and they’d come with questions and I’d tell them what they “needed”. This job I started opening it up to the public for parents (I work for a school district) and residents and I do it near Thanksgiving so I can give them tips on all the Thanksgiving sales that’ll start on Friday. Then they can figure out if it’s worth getting up early for if it’s one of those killer deals. This year one of the paper’s reporters came and voila I’m in the local paper (she had mentioned the dates in the paper too).

    Written By: Gary on November 18, 2005 3 Comments
    1. Do you like board games? If so what is your favorite?
    While not actually a board, my favorite is actually Dominoes, which (if you’ve never played) is like playing cards, they’re a million games you can play with one set. As actual board games go Scrabble is probably my favorite regular old board game.

    2. Do you like card games? if so what is your favorite?
    Euchre is probably the only regular card game that I really like. I like Sequence too, but that’s more of a board game.

    3. Do you like computer games? If so what is your favorite?
    Not a big computer gamer. I play Solitaire or Scrabble on my Palm Pilot. I play SameGame on my TiVo (it’s a new option they’re testing) but I can’t find a rendition that playes exactly the same on my computer or Palm.

    4. Do you play role playing games? (EverQuest, MUDs, SIMS, Etc) If so, tell us about the game you are addicted to.
    I used to play the Scott Addam’s text adventure games (not the cartoonist). And I used to play SimCity and get addicted every so often, but not in a long time.

    5. If you do not play games.. how do you pass the time?
    Well, I do. But when I’m not I read, see movies, bike, rollerblade and surf the ‘net.
    Six. Okay, so there wasn’t really a 6 but I didn’t have a category for one of my favorite games.
    It’s trivia, has a board and requires a DVD player: Scene It? It’s the best trivia game out there, games are fast and it’s easy to learn.

    From Tuesday’s Tales via The Daily Meme.

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    Written By: Gary on November 14, 2005 6 Comments

    Why would they do this?!? Sugar Free? And the box looks the same! That’s just mean!

    So I was going to have a bowl of cereal as a little snack tonight and I was pretty disappointed. I don’t generally keep sugar around the house so I had to use powdered sugar. It actually worked pretty good, just don’t watch anything too funny when you eat it because if you laugh you might accidentally inhale some of the sugar…

    Think dry cardboard-ish Cherrios, but still in cool letter shapes.

    Written By: Gary on November 8, 2005 No Comment

    MegamillionsTwo-Hundred Twenty-Five Million dollars! The MegaMillions drawing is tonight. I’m off to spend a dollar (or two)…

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    Written By: Gary on November 5, 2005 No Comment

    Skylab10Centstamp-1So I got this package in the mail the other day (from a small mail order company). It had a Skylab stamp on it! It was only a 10 cent stamp (actually it had other old 10 cent stamps on it too) so that makes it about 20 years old. It was strange, I assumed if they had hundreds of these laying around it that it’d be better to sell them for a few pennies more than to actually use them. And it’s a nice Stamp I’ve always liked the way that one looked so it really caught my eys. My purchase was a $100 upgrade to something I had already purchased preciously so I’m assuming they weren’t scraping for loose change to mail this. It just struck me as strange…

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    Written By: Gary on October 11, 2005 No Comment



    I always thought he looked pretty creepy!

    And what’s with the subservient chicken?!? (That’s really what it’s called!)

    Written By: Gary on August 22, 2005 One Comment

    Brice Mellen is on G4 TechTV (Attack of the Show) right now. He plays Mario World and Mortal Combat and he’s blind. And in a few he’s going to play another sightless gamer in “the world’s first Sightless Gamer Mortal Kombat Challenge!” Here’s a link but they don’t really do show notes like they used to…

    Here’s a little more from USA Today, CNN and Wired.

    Plus they are going to show doom on the iPod (which I talked about last week).

    Written By: Gary on August 7, 2005 2 Comments

    SceneitboardSo I know I’ve mentioned Scene It? several times before. I’m going to plug it again? Why you ask? Because I’ve seen a few new editions and some old ones released differently. Personally, I own the Junior, TV and regular refill pack (the board is the same for them all). I’ve bought at least a half-dozen of these as gifts (maybe a dozen).

    Why is this game so great? It’s fast and easy to play; plus you can even fold the board in half to play an even shorter version. It’s got fun questions and about every third one is multi-media via the DVD player. Go directly to the Scene It? web site for more info and samples. Plus they give away a Scene It game a week.

    The different editions are:

  • The Harry Potter Edition is now out (this is new). Barnes and Nobel has a Deluxe HP edition but I’m not sure what the bonus is.
  • A Music Edition is now out too (at least I haven’t seen it before and I can only find it at Target so I guess that’s new).
  • The OO7 James Bond and Turner Classic Movies Edition have been available but are now out in new refill packs (007 or TCM).
  • As always they’ve got the regular and deluxe editions (and a Refill Pack to make the regular be deluxe).
  • Plus the TV Edition, Disney Edition and SCENE IT? Jr. are out.
  • While I was making these links I noticed the Sports Edition
  • I just found a HBO Expansion Pack too!

    FYI – I saw all these at Target today (just the refills for 007 and TCM but not the Sports or HBO).

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    Written By: Gary on July 2, 2005 One Comment

    So this is a little disturbing, yet somehow compelling. Grab the doll and drag/throw it (or it’ll seem like much isn’t going on). Even when the screen refresh rate slows down it seems to keep the momentum (literally) going.

    Stolen (title and all) from Rori.

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    Written By: Gary on June 28, 2005 4 Comments

    So not only is one of my favorite podcast’s back in business (he’s been busy for the past 5 weeks) but I got a mention for suggesting today’s word, “Voilà!”, be sure to listen to the the audio (it’s only 74 seconds). Scott does Today’s Podcast which is generally “A brief daily podcast of words and quotes”. He’s always looking for words to do and even has a phone number where you can leave comments or messages. Be sure to check it out…

    He does mention my new site that I’m migrating to (http://GarySaid.com/). It’s not 100% done yet but if you’ve got blogrolls or bookmarks please change them. It should be done by the end of the week. It’s (mostly) fully functional (and currently has the same new posts as the old site) but many links take you to the old site. It should be complete this week…

    Written By: Gary on April 15, 2005 One Comment

    Most Border’s Books and Waldenbooks are celebrating Educator’s Appreciation this weekend. This means 25% percent off most stuff and some various other freebies (books, food, contests, etc.). You just need a pay stub (they don’t have any way to check if you drive a bus or work in the cafeteria). They also give you a 20% off card for the year on books you purchase for classroom use.

    Written By: Gary on March 27, 2005 One Comment

    WhirlyballreachingJaialaiThe game is called WhirlyBall. Picture it as Jai Alai (with the the scoops with a whiffle ball) but you ride around in bumper cars and your trying to score by making shots in a flat basket on the wall. I really wish I had taken photos so I could illustrate this. This was hysterical to play, we had about twenty people and we played in shifts (8-10 minute games are more than long enough) and you play in teams. It was great! It was easy for all us to learn and lots of laughter! Thanks to Jenny and Susan for inviting me!!!

    What else can I tell you: It was a little pricy, I’m guessing it was about $300 for the court for two hours (but that’s why you bring a bunch of people). The official site is http://whirlyball.com/ but they don’t list all the locations, I’m only listing it since it has some visuals. The scoops and the wiffleball is available as a kids game on it’s own (you basically just play catch) but none of us could think of the name of the game, we found it as a toy called Jai Alai but we thought the sport used much longer scoops (can anyone help me with the name of this kids game?!?)…

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    Written By: Gary on January 7, 2005 2 Comments

    Startrek.Exp-1So I had an opportunity to go on the Star Trek 4D “experience” today. I made contact with a friend just as I was about to go into the exhibition hall. There are 2 parts: The Borg Invasion and the Klingon Encounter; if you’re a fan at all, spend the $35* and see both. Actually there is a third part included, it’s the (future) history museum. Very cool stuff if you remember some of the details from the movies or some of the significant episodes.

    Back to the two main parts: I’m not going to tell you too much… See Borg first and then the Klingon one. If there is action going on look all around not just in front of you, the cool stuff may be behind you. And you can go on any of the rides as much as you want on the day you buy the ticket for it. I wish I had done the Borg one a second time, there was a lot going on.

    The (blurry) photo is a shot the shows the part of the upstairs (Museum) and downstairs (Quarks). My digital camera isn’t so good with low light.

    *The Jeffs’ had some kind of discount coupon they got south on the strip for 1/2 off, all I know is they got it at the giant coke bottle.

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    Written By: Gary on December 11, 2004 No Comment

    Chile-EasterSo this isn’t exactly a post about Easter Island, it more about the map of it at MapQuest. The 3 legged armadillo (3LA) did a post of useless roadmaps (post no longer on-line) )and I thought it was pretty funny. The amount of detail is incredibly lacking. One of the maps the 3LA links to actually has some detail, made me wonder if Mapquest is actually working on it as we speak…

    Written By: Gary on October 17, 2004 No Comment

    So I Roller-bladed all over “downtown” Evanston today and got some good breakfast McThingy to eat at Einstein Bros.

    Then I went up towards Northwestern and bladed around campus and they were having a huge run for breast cancer awareness month. It was chaos there! It was fun to watch and I got to sit down by Lake Michigan and see the water, hear the waves and see Chicago to the south. I love the campus there and the view is always so nice, I just wish it had been warmer out…

    All that and I was done by noon.

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    Written By: Gary on June 10, 2004 No Comment

    Schools Out. My babies are gone. I’ve got tomorrow off. I’m just about to get into bed. Okay, (since you asked) I’ll elaborate.

    The last day of school for the teachers was today! My phone should ring a lot less with all the things that they’ve thought of the last 9 months that they want to remind me of as they run out the door. It’s still busy, our fiscal year ends in 3 weeks so lots of wrap up and then the new one starts and that takes time and then it’s mid-july and everyone is back in a month…

    I want to go to England for a week in July, anyone have suggestions on where to get the best price from Detroit?

    Okay, so they aren’t my babies. Day care for the district is in my building so I get to see all the little kids when they go for walks or play outside etc. But they are all wonderful and I already miss them. Whatever it is in the drinking fountains at school that causes the staff to get so pregnant so often also causes the children to be beautiful and smart and to generally like me. They are great kids and the department that takes care of them does an excellent job. It’s great to see them and they all know who Mr. Gary is. Speaking of the water in the district, one of my favorites’ became a big sister today as her mom had twins!

    I’m all tuckered out from the last few weeks, so I took a vacation day tomorrow, made a list that maybe I’ll cross a few things off of. I’ve got the new Lee Child and Dean Koontz books from the library. The forecast isn’t great, maybe I can cross a few items off. And play outside on Saturday. Maybe I’ll rollerblade, I got my bike out the other day and it was great to ride around.

    Bonuses today: Lots of end of the year/retirement food. Very few voice mails. Visiting teachers on maternity leave, which really means I got to see/hold/play with a few babies. Lots of hugs and handshakes from people leaving for the summer or forever.

    Written By: Gary on May 23, 2004 No Comment

    Thought this was an interesting use of a photo-blog…

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    Written By: Gary on March 16, 2004 No Comment

    Just click the link, need I say more?

    Actually I do… Be sure to check out Maniac Mode!

    You can access this directly here.

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