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To Blu-Ray or not to Blu-Ray (it’s sort of the question)

Written By: Gary on September 2, 2008 One Comment

I hadn’t really thought much about it but I see they’ve been releasing TV shows on DVD Blu-Ray, that’ll be nice when the prices go down. I think “they” need to announce when they plan to discontinue regular DVDs. I think they sooner they do this it’ll drive down the cost of Blu-Ray discs and Blu-Ray players and we can all be happier. With the TV format change next year, it seems like this couldn’t be done in the next few years, as long as someone would make an announcement. There has got to be some people holding back because of  this!

Speaking of Blu-Ray, Iron Man might be the one to get me to finally take the leap. The effects were so excellent, it’d be a great first one to watch on (my theoretical) new player.

I have purchased a few Blu-Ray DVDs when they’ve been way on sale but still no player for me…

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One Response to “To Blu-Ray or not to Blu-Ray (it’s sort of the question)”

  1. kapgar says on: 3 September 2008 at 1:53 pm

    There are movies that make me want to jump ship and this is certainly one of them. But that’s not going to happen until one of our home players dies. Considering one of them is now eight years old, it could happen. Don’t want it to as I don’t want to spend the money just yet, but if it does…

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