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TiVo will change the way you watch TV!

Written By: Gary on August 9, 2005 4 Comments

TivoaniI love my TiVo!!! I’ve seen other digital recorders but this is so easy to use with it’s excellent interface. I think it’s a great product. You can watch stuff when you want or start a show late and catch up to it by fast forwarding through the commercials. If you’re just watching TV live you can pause it or even rewind. It’s got season passes, wish lists, automatic suggestions (based on what you want), fast forward at 1 minute per second, on screen directory, you can schedule shows via the web and all sorts of other stuff. They have got to save shows to DVD. If you hook it up to your home network (you do have a home network, don’t you?) you can play MP3s and view photos that are on a computer somewhere else. You can share shows between TiVos in your house (if you have more than one). It really is a great tool to have for your TV watching (even if you don’t watch a lot).

If you’ve considered it, you should try it. At the TiVo web site they offer a 30 money back guarantee!

You can also enter to win a TiVo and portable video player. It looks like you can (and should) enter daily.

So why am I talking about TiVo today? I’ve spent a chunk of today upgrading my home TiVo to have more space (bigger is better). And trying to fix another old broken one (still working on that).

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4 Responses to “TiVo will change the way you watch TV!”

  1. Dave2 says on: 10 August 2005 at 3:11 am

    I’d be totally lost without my TiVo, but they’re falling behind…

    Can’t get a dual-tuner TiVo Series 2. Can’t output their video to a Mac. Can’t save your edited channel list. It’s all getting kind of frustrating.

    I’m just waiting for the day something better comes along so I can switch. Kind of a shame, because didn’t TiVo start the whole DVR thing?

  2. gemmak says on: 10 August 2005 at 9:22 am

    Hells bells! Ref. my latest post, you mean there is worse to come….I would be utterly lost and doubtless not have opprortunity to learn how to (wo)man-handle such an item! :o)

  3. erin says on: 11 August 2005 at 9:33 pm

    I absolutely heart my tivo and yes, I do have it networked.

    And to Dave2, you don’t need to get a dual-tuner; there’s a work-around involving a splitter. ;)

  4. Gary Said... says on: 28 December 2005 at 3:56 pm

    TiVo Deluxe!!!

    So TiVo rolled out (started rolling out) their new features in the music, photos and more section. These new features I think will pave the way for what you have to look forward to from your home entertainment center. They now have movie listings, traffic, weather, web photos, streaming Internet audio (Live 365), games (yes, I said games) and you can listen to podcasts…

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