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Thursday Thoughts #1

Written By: Gary on January 5, 2005 2 Comments

Thursday Thoughts is a new weekly meme. Don’t forget you can always links to all sorts of memes at The Daily Meme

Since this is the first of Thursday Thoughts, let’s start with first-time blogging.

1. When did you start your blog/web site?
Just over a year ago, December 2003.
2. Why did you start it? (Is there any specific reason?)
I had kinda been thinking about it and then one night after watching an episode of Joan of Arcadia, I started one up and rambled a bit about her and I’ve been going ever since.
3. What is your blog/site generally about?
It’s a little bit about everything. Me, my life, lots-o-memes, Joan, technology, blogs, movies, books, music, friends, travels and other stuff. Any day now, I’m going to start a separate tech blog so I can get a little geekier about tech; I’ll still mention tech I just won’t get too detailed, that’ll go in the new one.

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2 Responses to “Thursday Thoughts #1”

  1. tofallfromgrace says on: 6 January 2005 at 11:47 am

    hope you had a wonderful new year’s eve and that this year brings you much success with your blog(s)! i look forward to each of your posts.

  2. Diane says on: 7 January 2005 at 1:46 am

    Looking forward to reading that Tech Blog!

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